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#BATB 4.11 - “Meet The New Beast”

“Meet The New Beast”

VINCENT AND CAT CONSIDER LIFE ON THE RUN – When Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discover they lost control of their secret, they finally admit it might be time for life on the run. Vincent realizes he must face his past, while Cat worries about how much they have to lose. Austin Basis, Nicole Gale Anderson, Nina Lisandrello and Michael Roark also star. David Makin directed the episode, written by Patti Carr and Lara Olsen (#411). Original airdate 8/25/2016.

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Episode 11:

JT got Vincent a fake ID. Vincent thinks it's crap. JT says it's impossible in this day and age. Vincent says Cat doesn't know he's here. They're going to talk about their options. Will you help us, or what? JT will, but remember, there's another Beast out there.

Cat making muffins. Heather there. Cat made them for Tess, and wrote a heartfelt card. I need Tess. Who is at the door. She brought Scotch. Tess hates muffins. They leave it all with Heather and go for wine.

Cat has no right to ask for favors, but there's the B word. Tess is in a tough spot. There has to be rules. Trust the system. I arrest the man. Cat wants to see what she has. Client of Graydal. Who bought Muirfield. Eklund won't talk about Beasts to the cops, but Vincent could loosen his tongue.

Vincent is skeptical. Cat says what other choice do we have? He says JT is getting us new identities. Cat says we can pursue both plans. Eklund bought Muirfield. He speeds off. Like she expected.

Ecklund's building. Cat catches up to Vincent. he says something was just here.n There's a blood trail to the car. Is that Ecklund? What's left of him. Plan A just came to an end.

**Only 3 eps including this one, so it's going to be a pretty dynamic ending, huh? Don't have a lot of time for Vincent and Cat to get their happy ending.

They meet with Tess. Vincent sensed something, but it's like he's camouflaged. Cat found a cell phone. Albert Gerris. Head of a medical company. Vincent says Muirfield 3.0. Tess says the rich friends have lawyered up since Braxton's murder. Cat says that's why you don't announce Ecklund's murder yet. They'll bolt.

Heather meets Kyle. He has roses. We need to talk. I'm worried about you. Talk to me. She has to go meet someone. Sorry. I'll meet you after work and give you an answer then. He calls Dylan. Cat and Vincent are still in the city.

Cat wonders how Billionaires talk to each other. She sends a short text. Vincent says remind me to tell JT to make us filthy rich. Heh. There's a reply. 4:30, Pier Side Market.

Heather gets to JT at Cat's. Brought Cat's sophomore yearbook. She asks questions. He says we're doing nothing. Heather is not happy. JT says all I can do is create new identities so my best friends can run away forever. Ooops.

They're at the Market. Cat sends the text. Vincent picks him out. Cat approaches Gerris. Ecklund won't be able to make it. He's dead. Gerris has a Beast warning device. He sets it off and runs. Gets away in a boat. He dropped it. High-pitched frequency dropped Vincent to his knees. Cat says now he thinks you're the Beast. Ooops.

***Wonder if those roses are bugged?

JT's place. They update Tess. Heather asks them about their runaway plan. Cat and Vincent explain. JT says we need to find people recently deceased to make the IDs. Heather runs off mad. Cat chases after her. Heather says no matter what, I lose you. Cat says whatever we do, we do it together. Heather says I've lost so much to this Beast thing. Mom, Dad, I don't want to lose you, too. Cat agrees. I want you to be happy. If we have to leave, know wherever I am, I love you.

Tess asks Vincent if he's okay. Yeah. Hell of a day. Tess makes Vincent feel better, he compliments her, and he hugs her. LOL.

Vincent and JT. JT loves this stuff. Vincent teases him. I'm your only friend. Tells JT to promise to get his life back. And get Tess back, too. Love their banter. They get in to the lab. Everything is here to make new Beasts. Like Muirfield on crack. Including Braxton's beast cage.

Tess can't find Gerris anywhere. Cat is still hopeful. Tess and Cat know they will never find better partners or better friends. Find Gerris. Uh-oh.

JT says they were enhancing Muirfield, not just replicating it. Cat calls. Gerris is in the building. JT gets locked away from Vincent. Vincent gets shocked. JT reminds him to not kill Gerris. He's the only one that knows about the new Beast. Vincent says he'll live, and he'll talk.

Gerris in JT's vault. Vincent checks him out. Gerris says you can't protect me. You have no idea what it's capable of. Vincent says I'm the only chance you've got right now.

Heather finds Kyle. I want to move in with you. He's happy. Kisses her. Let me grab my jacket and we'll celebrate. Heather steals a file and leaves. Kyle comes back.

Gerris tells them what happened. He improved the formula. Armored, smarter, camouflaged. State Dept. approved this? There wasn't time. But they opened an investigation. Cat wants the names. He says I only knew them by their numbers. Braxton says the prototype was destroyed. Vincent says those people were murdered and that prototype will seek revenge on you. you took away innocent lives, Doctor. Vincent tells Cat that I can't stop it this time. She says saving Gerris is the only way to save you. Tess got a text from Dylan. Vincent cuts Gerris. I'm using you as bait.

Back in the lab. Vincent spreading Gerris' blood around. Cat's nervous. Vincent says we'll be fine. Cat thinks this might be a suicide mission. He says we don't have a choice. This is our last chance at making a deal with DHS.

Dylan and Tess. Tess trying to explain. If I can bring Braxton's murderer in, it'll explain everything. Give me an hour and we'll have what we want. Dylan says off the record, I believe you. But the Secretary was very clear. There will be no deal, no mercy. For Keller or anyone protecting him.

Heather brings the death certificates. JT hugs her. Gerris tranqs JT so he can leave.

Vincent and Cat have company. Get in the cage! Lab blows up. Why would a Beast use a grenade? Is he gone? Tess calls. Gerris got a text and ran. Vincent says the Beast sensed it was a trap. He runs.

And finds boots.....and Gerris bloody. Cat catches up. We're too late. She asks what do we do now? He says we're out of options.

**And Tess hasn't had a chance to tell them there will be no deal from the Secretary of Homeland Security. Only chance would be to go above the Sec's head, and they don't have that kind of connections.

JT's place. Cat isn't willing to give up, yet. Tess says it won't work. Tells them what Dylan said. JT gives them the new passports. Heather got the files I needed to get you out of New York. Cat says we still have time. Tess says it's over. We lost. JT says at least you'll be safe. Heather says the only thing left is to let you go. She and Cat hug. Cat's crying.

The apartment. Cat.

JT and Tess drinking in her office. We'll make new friends. He says Vincent's wish is we get back together. Or at least have sex one more time. She laughs. He says and get a life. Tess wonders how she'll do that without her best friend? He says I'm available.

Heather apologizes to Kyle. He says he loves her. You're life's not going to be crazy anymore. Whatever happens next, I did it to protect you. I turned the names of those files over the DHS. You're in over your head. She runs out.

Cat and Vincent at the airport. Business class tickets.

DHS and cops on the way.

Vincent's having second thoughts. Will we ever be free? Cat and Vincent are surrounded by agents and arrested. Separated.

Next ep - Sept. 8. Vincent taken away. They know about the super soldier program. He's injected with something. You're never breaking loose.

Why is the CW breaking up the episodes again?!!!

#BATB 4.10 - "Means to an End"

"Means to an End"

VINCENT IS FORCED TO PROVE HIMSELF - Vincent (Jay Ryan) is forced to undergo a series of tests orchestrated by the mystery buyer in order to keep from being exposed. Cat (Kristin Kreuk), JT (Austin Basis), and Heather (Nicole Gale Anderson) work to exonerate Vincent. Nina Lisandrello and Michael Roark also star. David MacLeod directed the episode, written by Melissa Glenn (#410). Original airdate 8/11/2016.

Image credit: The CW

Episode 10:

Coffee shop. Cat and Heather. Haven't heard from Vincent in 3 days. Cat knows she can't control everything, so she is embracing the path. We made a plan. Once we figure out the buyer, I'll inform DHS and they'll arrest them. She's suspended. Heather wonders if she should move in with Kyle. Cat thinks that's early. Heather agrees, especially because I have to keep lying to him. Tess arrives. It's awkward. Tess reminds them the less she knows, the better. Be careful. Heather says that was really awkward. JT calls. DHS is raiding Graydal.

Looking for Vincent. Boss says we don't hire fugitives. Agent says search everywhere.

They've been in there 20 minutes. Heather will make tea. DHS coming out. Didn't find Vincent. If he's not there, we don't know where he is.

Graydal boss activates a wall. Hidden door. Vincent hooked up to sensors. You're safe. Until I can prove you're everything he needs you to be, I don't get paid and you don't leave. My job is to find out what kind of beast you really are. He shocks Vincent. Vincent Beasts out with the pain.

How are you feeling? Vincent says how do you think I feel? Now what? Graydal says you're free to go. My client seems satisfied, but he still has questions. Vincent has questions, too. Graydal says you're not paying me, he is, so I do what he says. You're free to go. DHS is your problem, not mine. Vincent threatens him. Boss knows killing him doesn't help Vincent. The buyer will contact you with the next test. This has all been recorded. It'll be released to the press if you don't cooperate.

JT and Cat freaking out. Vincent walks in. She hugs him. JT asks where he's been? Vincent says tunnel access to the Beast cave. Cat asks if they hurt him? He says they did tests. And the buyer wants to see more. Phone buzzes. A text. They want him to steal case evidence from Tess' precinct. Braxton has Vincent on tape, so he'll be exposed if he doesn't go through with this.

Vincent in the shower. And a towel. Yum. Cat says JT will erase Braxton's tapes. Vincent says in 2 hours? Cat takes his towel. She's going to the precinct. Mmmm.

She gets it from evidence. Cop asks if she has authorization. She says no, but I was hoping you'd let me borrow it for a day or two. He says you still gotta sign for it. She does. Thank you, Frank, I owe you big time.

She tries to get out of the precinct. And runs into Tess. Hoping to bump into you. Tess says this is weird. Cat doesn't want to make it Tess' problem. I don't want to have to bust you for something.

JT isn't having luck with the hacking. Phone rings. It's Heather's. She's avoiding him. JT tells her to go. Man deserves an answer. She doesn't know how. JT says this is my life, at least until I help exonerate Vincent. Heather thanks him and leaves.

Vincent waiting. Cat finds him. He says the 2 hours is almost up. She says it's from the last case I did as a detective. The perp will walk without it. Maybe we should reconsider these tests?

They're testing us, not just you. I'm on the hook now, too. We have to figure out how far we're willing to go? He asks how far are we willing to go? She says our worst fear is being exposed, so. He gets a text. He has to go to Chinatown. The triad. Vincent apologizes. You should've married Evan in the first place. Heh. He kisses her.

JT can't hack Graydal without going in the building. He thinks this is what he's supposed to do. Cat says she loves him and be careful. He promises.

Heather and Kyle. I still don't trust this guy. Why would he be in so many episodes if he wasn't part of the plot? JT shows up. He needs her help. Cat does. Can you let the alarm company in to Cat's office? Kyle wants to come. JT says no, that's not necessary. She tells Kyle she'll call him later.

Vincent at the meet. Car stops. Young Chinese man. Vincent shows the box. He wants info before handing it over. They don't agree. He gives Vincent a paper about a test. Thank you. It's my favorite gun. Vincent is photographed!!!

DHS comes to Tess. Wants help on Vincent Keller. Gives Tess photos of Vincent with the Triad. They landed on her desk. She doesn't care about Eric Lee. Only Keller. Tess says Lee is about to go to trial. Agent says only if you have the evidence.

Cat and Vincent on the phone. Vincent has a claim ticket for a dry cleaner across town. She's got financials, but there's too much to sort through. Someone knocks. They tell each other they love each other. Hangs up. Tess arrests Cat. Cuff her.

Tess reads Cat her rights. Cat says you don't have to do this. I didn't have a choice. Tess leans into her. Cat was trying to save Vincent. That's the truth. I don't want Eric Lee to walk and I'm going to do anything I can to fix it. I hoped to let the little fish go to catch the big fish. Tess says you're not a cop anymore and you don't know who you're looking for. Cat says no one does all this if they're not doing something huge. They will expose Vincent unless we cooperate. He's forcing us to do these things. If we don't, everything is lost. Tess tells Cat about the photos. Cat says we're being blackmailed. They want Vincent to do something he doesn't want to do. You have to let me go. You know I'm telling the truth. As a cop, you should want to stop whoever this is. Tess gives her 48 hours and that is it.

Kyle walks into Cat's old office. He sees a board with photos. Agent Dylan says she thought Professor Forbes was dating Heather Chandler. Apparently, they're married.

JT and Heather at Graydal. He spent all night to make their covers bulletproof. Charm Braxton and keep him from his computer. She wonders if this will really work? They're taken to Braxton.

Vincent picked up plastic explosives at the dry cleaner. Cat says this is where we draw the line, right? He says of course. She says all roads lead to Graydal. There's a connection......or there isn't one. It doesn't make sense. Unless the buyer doesn't exist. Braxton caged you and tested you. What if I can't find a client because Braxton is the Beast buyer. Phone rings. JT is at Graydal. It's Braxton. We've got ourselves a problem.

Cat regrets letting JT go in there. Vincent is supposed to blow up Cat's DHS office. Vincent says maybe we use leverage ourselves. Maybe we can force a confession. All we have to do is make DHS believe they're busting me.

Dillon is told that Vincent is in Grand Central Station. Don't lose him!

He's on the phone with Cat. She's outside Graydal. She tells him to not get caught. He sees cop cars and runs.

Braxton is told that DHS is chasing Keller. I think to us.

Vincent in Graydal. DHS charges in.

Braxton in his secret room. Cat puts a fire extinguisher in the gap. Pulls a gun on him. Drop it now. Heather and JT run to her. Cat says don't test me. Braxton has a bigger plan than blowing up the office. Vincent arrives. You just confessed. JT stops recording. Braxton says you'll be exposed, too. Vincent knows. But they won't let innocent people die. Braxton wanted Vincent to stop something only a Beast can stop. If I'm arrested, you won't know how to stop him. Vincent says he's lying and they leave. Braxton is locked in. Insisting "You're the only one who can stop him."

Tess arrives. Dylan thanks her for the backup. Keller got away. She's got Braxton. And Eric Lee implicated. Tess brings up that maybe Keller isn't so bad. Maybe more to this than you know. Dylan says maybe.

Cat and Vincent in bed at home. You should go. Only a matter of time before they find you here. He's done running. I'm screwed either way. She says it's not fair. You're a good man. We've sacrificed too much to have it end like this. He says he'll be exposed. We can't stop it. She suggests running. Anywhere. All I care about is that we're together. He kisses her. We could, you know. We did what we set out to do. She wonders if Braxton was telling the truth. Someone's knocking. it's Tess. You need to come with me.

The morgue. All she found. It's Braxton. Happened in jail. So there is another Beast on our hands. Cat wonders how that's possible?

Next ep - A new Muirfield.