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#BATB 4.9 - "The Getaway" recap

"The Getaway"

VINCENT RISKS BEING EXPOSED – Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) fight to reclaim some normalcy to their lives, even as the threats of a beast bounty and a DHS manhunt loom. Meanwhile, Tess (Nina Lisandrello) takes a huge risk by protecting Vincent from a nosy reporter. Austin Basis, Michael Roark, and Nicole Gale Anderson also star. Stuart Gillard directed the episode, written by Benjamin Raab and Deric A. Hughes (#409). Original airdate 7/28/2016.

Episode 9:

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Thursday, July 21, 2016

#BATB 4.8 - "Love is a Battlefield"

“Love Is A Battlefield”

ANNALYNNE MCCORD GUEST STARS – Vincent (Jay Ryan) goes undercover with a sexy operative (guest star AnnaLynne McCord), who Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discovers is an assassin. Vincent has to play both sides, while Cat has to convince DHS she can still be trusted. Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Michael Roark, and Nicole Gale Anderson also star. Farhad Mann directed the episode, written by Vanessa Rojas (#408). Original airdate 7/21/2016.

Episode 8:

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Police station. Cat meets with Tess and Heather. Everyone's whispering behind my back. Tess says you have to live with your decision. You want us to help you. Cat hasn't heard from him in a week. She's worried. DHS is shutting her out. New heavy hitter won't trust me. ADA calling Tess about drinks tonight. Heather asks if she's dating again? Cat can't figure out the TV because Vincent changed the remote. LOL. Cat wants him back alive.

Vincent sparring. Trying to prove he can be trusted. He takes down all the guys. Man wants his emotions in check. I can't risk it. Tells Nathanson to go. Vincent argues. man tells Nathanson to go. Then Vincent to get his head straight. Don't need a jilted hot head screwing up my operations.

Cat confronts the boss woman. They're investigating Greydahl. Cat says I can help. Woman says you were too emotional. Not fit to negotiate surrender. Cat says she's ready now. I still care. Woman wants to put Vincent in prison. Cat wants him back alive. I know him. He will prove his innocence. But the longer this goes on, the longer he's risking his life, and I'll do everything I can to save it.

Heather visits JT. He asks why she's here? Heather says Cat is a wreck without Vincent. JT can understand. Perfect couples don't stay perfect apart. She says Tess is dating. Drinks with an ADA. Speed it up a little bit. He says you're meddling. She leaves. Vincent calls JT. Can't find him. Vincent says that's good. Asks how is Cat? He pours alcohol on an unconscious man. Can't sleep without her. Can't think straight. Let Tess to pick up Nathanson. Hold him and question him. I don't have time to explain. JT asks anything else? Vincent needs to see Catherine.

Cat asks if this is safe? JT says it's okay. No activity in the area. It's safe. She says every agency is looking. JT says he begged me to make this happen. She says call me if anything happens, and enter a greenhouse. Vincent kisses her. Checking on each other. He says you don't have to worry about me. They kiss again.

JT sees trouble.

He calls Cat. You have to get out of there NOW. Cops arrive outside. They run in separate ways.

JT wants no more surprises. Cat arrives. Had to dive into a ravine. Wonders if poison ivy is in Central Park. JT says DHS was using NSA drones, too. He has rigged up more power. He'll hack NSA to see what they see. Cat says maybe you shouldn't be doing this. JT is single, unemployed, and without a purpose, so. Cat's going to talk to Tess. Call me.

Vincent asks where he was last night. He says he was ducking drones. Boss says you have to be more careful if I'm going to send you out. Nathanson was busted. So you're in. Asks if Vincent had anything to do with it? Heh. Diane will fill you in on our covers. Party starts at 11. Cover is husband and wife.

Vincent and Diane at the party. She's suspicious of him. Wants to know why he's there. Says he better act like her husband or she'll kill him.

Tess and Cat. Nathanson plead the 5th. He's already in DHS custody. Cat freaks out. JT texts her.

JT got into the drones. One drone is climbing. Going to Long Island. Hovering over a party. See Vincent and Diane kissing. Cat is NOT happy. JT says at least he's okay. Heh.

JT and Cat. He's trying to reassure her. Cat says she's not jealous. Tess was right, this was crazy. If we don't communicate better, it won't work. She leaves to warn Vincent.

Vincent wants to know who they're looking for. Diane gives names, and we're stealing their watches. The watches are fobs. We have to switch them out to get in their home. Shall we?

DHS ready to go in. Cat arrives. Pleads to help. Boss agrees. You're with me.

They meet the targets. Chat. Have you visited the silent auction, yet? Vincent and Diane separate. Vincent sees Cat. Grabs her. They bicker. We have to figure this out now. He can't leave without Diane. Cat asks about the kiss. Vincent tries to kiss her. LOL. Cat says I'll get you out of here. Vincent says Diane will get suspicious. They know we're not doing well without each other. Cat sees Diane with Cat's boss.

Agent asks Diane where Keller is. Diane attacks her. Cat tackles Diane. Gun goes off. Vincent pushes Cat in the pool. Diane and Vincent escape. LOL.

Greydahl. Diane and Vincent bickering. She doesn't believe in coincidences. Boss asks about the watches. Vincent asks why were we after them? After this, put me on a real mission, or I'm out. DHS is getting closer so I have to make enough to disappear and fast, get it? He leaves the room. Diane asks why the risk on Keller? She says he helped, but he kisses like a married man. Boss tells her to figure out of we can trust him one way or another.

Cat visits her boss in the hospital. Agent says you're not responsible for your husband's actions. I need you to push. Diane is a hitman. Not the best way to prove he's innocent. No, it's not.

Cat calls JT. JT and Heather. He wants her to look at social media. Vincent was almost caught on Long Island. We're playing catch up. Figure out where they're going before DHS does. Heather got it. The Lewis'. JT will keep checking the tech side. She says Vincent is lucky to have a friend like you. She can't stop meddling with him and Tess, lol.

The Lewis house. Vincent and Diane inside. She safe is over there behind the art piece. She hits the panic button. Hmm. Tells him to open the safe. She takes something. He wants to leave. Guard comes in.

Cat in the car. JT and Heather send her to the home. JT says the camera just went out.

Guard down. She pulls the gun on Vincent. Kill him or I kill you. Uh oh!

Vincent says this is crazy. Let's get out of here. She says we can't leave witnesses. Something doesn't add up about you. Lots of questions and only one way to answer them. Vincent gets the guard on his feet and puts him in a choke hold. Until he stops struggling. Then drops him. Now can we go? She checks for a pulse. I was wrong about you. A noise. Vincent tells her to check it out. I'll get rid of the guy. He works to save the guard's life.

Cat and Diane fight.

Vincent doing CPR.

Diane has a knife. Cat throws her. Diane lands on the knife!

Guard breathing and conscious again. He runs away. Vincent asks if she's okay? Cat asks what are you doing? He says I had to kill him, it's a long story. I have to go. She says no. We have to communicate better. I can't keep chasing you without knowing what's going on! Vincent has to leave now or he'll get caught. She agrees to cover for him here. Vincent kisses her and runs.

DHS. Cat returns. Boss lady is in her office. She seems pleased with Cat's work. Vincent saved the guard. Guard says that, but after Vincent tried to kill him. Agent says it's curious. I only care about bringing him in, understand? Cat does. The assassin got in my way. Boss will put Cat on point. Don't let me down or I'll take you down along with your husband.

Greydahl. Vincent returns. Boss says shut the door. What the hell happened? Vincent tells him. We got in, got in the safe, and a guard showed up. He asks what happened to Vaughn? Vincent is glib. Boss wants to know what happened. He's mad. Vincent gives him the prize. I'll be back for my take tomorrow. If you don't have something better for me next time, consider this my final mission.

JT enters a restaurant. In a tie. Clean clothes. Looking for Tess. She's surprised. Asks why he's dressed up? You knew I'd be here. He says okay, maybe. There hasn't been time. She asks for what? He says I know we're not together anymore, but I don't want you to start dating, okay? I'm finding myself, I know, but I still think we have a chance-- I'm such an idiot. He runs off.

Vincent and Cat in bed. She wants to be home. He does, too. But this is better than nothing. True. They kiss. She wants to talk. Now. Up. What do we do about this? She thinks it's a big mistake. He says we don't have another choice. She says it's the riskiest thing we've ever done. I can't keep playing catch up. He reminds her we have to be together even when we can't be. She wants to check in in person. And communicate. And teach me to use the remote. I can't work the TV. He says it's a deal breaker, I'm sorry. LOL. And kisses. And under the covers. She says definitely more of that. Giggles.

Next week - Vincent and Cat in a cabin and Vincent screams her name.

Thursday, July 14, 2016

#BATB 4.7 - "Point of No Return" Recap

“Point of No Return”

VINCENT GOES INTO HIDING – With Vincent (Jay Ryan) in hiding and Cat’s (Kristin Kreuk) job on the line, they must re-group about how to bring down the people hunting beasts. Vincent tries to infiltrate a private army, while Cat scrambles to obtain information and hopes that no one at work discovers her ulterior motives. Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Michael Roark, and Nicole Gale Anderson also star. Jill Carter directed the episode, written by Gillian Horvath (#407). Original airdate 7/14/2016.

Episode 7:

Thursday, July 7, 2016

#BATB 4.6 - "Beast of Times, Worst of Times"

“Beast of Times, Worst of Times”

VINCENT AND CAT END UP ON OPPOSITE SIDES – Vincent (Jay Ryan) and Cat (Kristin Kreuk) discover that there is another nemesis out to get Vincent, which brings the gang closer together in more ways than one. Cat and Vincent are forced on opposite sides of the law, which puts their relationship in jeopardy. Austin Basis, Nina Lisandrello, Michael Roark, and Nicole Gale Anderson also star. Norma Bailey directed the episode, written by Patti Carr (#406). Original airdate 7/7/2016.

Episode 6: