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#Castle Mid-Season Finale recap - "Mr. & Mrs. Castle" #Caskett

"Mr. & Mrs. Castle"



"Mr. & Mrs. Castle" - Castle and Beckett investigate the murder of a cruise ship entertainer, only to find themselves trapped at sea with the killer. "Mr. & Mrs. Castle," the winter finale, will air on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 23 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET/PT) on the ABC Television Network.

"Castle" stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, with Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers. For Season 8, Toks Olagundoye ("The Neighbors") has joined the series as Hayley.

Guest cast: Sunkrish Bala as Vikram Singh, Arye Gross as M.E. Perlmutter, Kristoffer Polaha as Caleb Brown.

"Mr. & Mrs. Castle" was written by Christine Roum and directed by Jeff Bleckner.

Ep. 8:

Legends of Tomorrow - coming Jan. 2016! #Arrow #TheFlash #LegendsOfTomorrow

Legends of Tomorrow

Watch the trailer.

The Arrow and Flash spin-off is almost upon us! Legends premieres Jan. 21 at 8pm on The CW.

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#Grimm 5.4 recap - "Maiden Quest"


11/20/2015 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Friday) : A MAIDEN QUEST TURNS DEADLY - MADELINE ZIMA GUEST STARS - A wealthy mobster sets three young men on a quest to win his daughter Elena's (guest star Madeline Zima) hand in marriage and earn his fortune. As they work toward accomplishing their task, bodies start to pile up and Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are on the case. Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Nick try to adjust to home life but a surprise visitor shakes things up. Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star. TV-14 L, V

Ep 4:

The warehouse flat. The baby crying. Nick cooking. Adalind can't get him to calm down. Nick can't, either. She wants to call Rosalie.

Monroe and Rosalie having a quiet dinner. Phone rings. It's Adalind asking for help. Rosalie says fennel sometimes helps with colic. Kelly quiets with the phone near.

A man talking to 3 younger ones. His daughter is his only child. They need to prove their worthiness for her hand. Let the griffin choose. They wogue and take a feather from the statue. Isaac draws the longest feather. His quest is to kill Frankie Atkins. Bring me the head. Isaac tells Emily he's loved her for years. Now I get to prove it. you'll make a beautiful bride. She's not thrilled.

Adalind and Nick eating. He thinks it's good. She agrees. Says your mom was a good cook. He says until she disappeared when I was 12. She says her dad took off when she was 4. She thanks him for taking care of them. I don't like relying on people. I ran into an old colleague and there's a job. I feel better knowing there's a job out there. I need to contribute. She asks him to stay in the room again. I feel better knowing you'll kill anything that comes in.

F-bomb club. Isaac enters. Man leaves with a woman. Isaac knocks out the driver. Then hits Frankie. Isaac gets tackled and killed by another Wesen. Frankie is horrified, hiding under the Humvee.

Sean has a meeting at a coffee shop. They want his support for a mayoral candidate. Sean wants to know what they plan to do.

Wu updates Hank and Nick at the crime scene. Isaac is the son of a defense attorney. Frankie's inside. The girlfriend at home. Nick and Hank talk to Frankie. He describes Isaac's attack, then the attack by a guy wearing an animal costume. I stayed under the car until the cops came. It was like a nightmare. That guy in the costume saved my life. I owe him big time.

Hank says Isaac had a record. Why was he trying to kill Frankie? Nick suggests talking to Isaac's mother. They tells Sean about the case. Amanda's not his favorite. He'll go with them.

Adalind tells Kelly he has a big sister, Diana. I hope we can all be together some day. She gets a call. Rosalie checking in. She's putting together a basket. Adalind wants to come to her. Getting a little fortress fever.

The old man with the two candidates. Don't turn your back on each other. Eli, it's your turn now. Good luck. But first, we drink to Isaac.

Emily tells Eli this tradition isn't worth it. I didn't kill Isaac, but I knew he couldn't kill Frankie. Don't worry, babe. This is our time. We'll make lots of kids. Just worry about how to raise them. He kisses her. It'll be fine.

They talk to Amanda. She's surprised Isaac would've assaulted someone. Sean tells her Nick is a Grimm. She wogues. Nick says I'm trying to figure out who killed your son. She says I hoped I'd never have to see a Grimm. She says Isaac was invited to Daniel Troyer's house.

Sean says Troyer was investigated by the FBI.

The shop. Monroe going to a repair. Rosalie gets a letter from a guy in Seattle. She finally opens it. Carlos died. I'm going to miss him. He meant a lot to you at one time. I still remember the song he wrote for you. She says I don't need to read more. I'd rather forget that part of my life. Monroe says me, too, for my life before you. Awww.

Nick and Hank visit Troyer's house. Emily answers the door. Lets them in. He's by the pool. Do you you know Isaac Proctor? He heard what happened. It's sad. I knew him as a kid. He was here last night. Came to see Emily. She says he was a friend. We'd known each other since we were kids. Nick asks about Frankie Atkins. Isaac tried to kill him last night. They says they don't know about a connection. Did you stay home after Isaac left? Yes. Was anyone else here? No. It's was just us.

Hank and Nick leave. Nick gets called by Wu. Puts it on speaker. ME found a feather during the autopsy. A golden feather. Nick wonders what it means. Hanks says I think we're grasping at feathers. LOL.

New guys for Frankie. He's hired more security. Eli is one of them.

The warehouse. Nick worried about Trubel. Adalind says Kelly is asleep. How was work? Wait, you don't have to tell me. Nick keeps staring at Chavez's phone. She hopes Trubel is okay. Me, too.

F-bomb club. Frankie leaving the office. Goes through the club with his security force. Out the front door. Into the Humvee. Eli in there.

Nick in a passageway. Below the warehouse? Finds a safe door. It won't open. He comes back into the flat. Closes the hatch. She was heading for the bathroom. Kelly threw up on her. She asks if he found where the tunnel goes. He says there was a door. Probably hasn't opened in 100 years. She forgot clothes. Anything without puke is fine. Nick tells Kelly's it's not nice to throw up on your mom. LOL. He hands her one of his shirts. She thanks him and closes the door. He tells her to buy clothes with the credit card he gave her. She feels awkward. He says not having clothes is awkward. He goes in the bathroom. Takes his shirt off. Her bra is hanging on the wall.

Frankie gets home. Eli knocks out a guy and enters. Employee making a sandwich. Eli knocks him out, too. Frankie turns around and there's no Luis. Tells Eli to go back outside. Eli hits him. Then gets tackled by a Wesen. His throat is ripped out after a struggle. Frankie hides under the bed, terrified.

Daytime. Wu says someone tried to kill Frankie again, and he was saved again. Frankie's beginning to unravel. He's a bit medicated. Frankie says my bodyguard tried to kill me with an ax. This freak saved me again. You don't forget that. Sharp teeth, yellow eyes, pointed ears, stripes in the hair. Kills and leaves. Nick asks who would want to save your life? Frankie says plenty of the opposite. If he knew who, he'd take care of 'em himself. He knows it's just a mask. Wu says yep, just a mask. LOL.

Eli Temper is the victim. Made Eli is connected to Troyer, too. Another golden feather. Maybe Wu was right.

They tell Monroe and Rosalie. The killer and victim are the same Wesen. Rosalie says we could be looking at the maiden quest. 3 bachelors have to prove themselves worthy. It normally doesn't end in death. But now the goal is Frankie's head. Troyer and the suitors must all be Vetinogen. This won't end without Frankie. Monroe says he'd slay a flock of dragons for her. But no armor. He has a nickel allergy. LOL.

Troyer toasts the final bachelor. Amos says I swear I didn't do this. My mother made me come. I don't want Emily. I'm gay! Troyer says no one backs out. Bring me Frankie's head or I kill you myself.

Amos leaves the house. Nick tells radio to grab him. Wu and officers stop him. Amos swears he hasn't done anything. Nick finds the feather. They take him to interrogation. Amos says he didn't know the victims. Troyer is a friend of my father's. I wanted to see Emily. Asks for a lawyer. Nick brings up the quest. We know Emily is the prize. Amos wogues. Okay, yes, I was a part of it, but I didn't have anything to do with their deaths, I swear! Talk to Troyer!

Frankie in his office. Amanda Proctor arrives. I know who wants your head. Daniel Troyer. One of your goons killed his son. He's responsible for the death of my son and I want him dead.

Troyer on the phone. Frankie sneaks in the house. With a gun. Put the phone down. You don't want to dial 911 too early.

Hank and Nick get to the house and see Frankie's car.

Troyer says there's a mistake. Frankie says your boys tried to kill me twice. Troyer vogues at him. Frankie is attacked by a Wesen. It's Emily!! Troyer's been shot. Hank calls the ambulance. Frankie freaks out. Emily says I never wanted this. It's their tradition, not mine. Troyer says the quest wasn't for them. I had to make sure you had the strength to take over. It was your quest, not theirs. You're more worthy than any man. She says I killed people, my father didn't. Hank says you saved Frankie's life. Makes it hard to prosecute.

Nick gets home. He takes Kelly and puts him in the bassinet. She was worried. About you. Everything that's happening. Nick gives her a hug. Hear a car outside. He goes out with his gun. There's a crashed bike. Hears a woman's Trubel! She's hurt. Collapses in his arms.

Next ep - Rat King. REALLY BIG RAT.

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#TVD episode 7.7 recap - "Mommy Dearest" #Thanksgiving

"Mommy Dearest"

SECRETS FROM THE PAST — In order to get through to Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) about Julian’s (guest star Todd Lasance) manipulating ways, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) confront their mother with painful memories from their childhood. However, when Lily reveals a dark secret she’s been harboring for over 160 years, Stefan and Damon are left questioning everything they’ve ever known about their family. Determined to prove himself to Lily, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) comes face-to-face with Julian and challenges him to a duel, but an unexpected twist threatens to complicate things. Elsewhere, Matt (Zach Roerig) finds himself in the middle of a deepening mystery involving the residents of Mystic Falls, and Caroline’s (Candice King) world is turned upside down when Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) reveals some life-changing news to her. Kat Graham and Matt Davis also stars. Tony Solomons directed the episode written by Chad Fiveash & James Stoteraux (#707). Original airdate 11/19/2015.

Ep 7:

3 years from now. Damon and Ric in the car. Ric says it's a trap. Damon knows. They reach the TV station. Damon says pump Stefan full of vervain when he shows up. Damon goes inside. Caroline's pleading. It's pre-recorded. He gets shot with vervain darts.

Today. Caroline has a pregnancy test. Ric says we'll find out in 3 minutes. She says this is crazy. How would it be possible? I'm dead. He says your heart beats, you breathe, it's not out of the realm of possibility. She says why would the Coven want me to? He says the Geminis didn't have a choice. They put them in a body that wouldn't die.

Stefan made cornbread. Pre-Thanksgiving. Damon reminds him about Julian. Stefan says Julian knows I want him dead. We'll only have one more shot on this. Doorbell. Mom has cranberries. Damon's face, LOL.

3 minutes up. Look at the test. Negative. Ric doesn't understand. Caroline says Valerie was wrong. I trust that more than I trust her. I'm sorry. I know how much you wanted this. Matt calls. Bonnie and I found 2 dozen people compelled to be at the high school last night. She says Bonnie is with Enzo. He says the people can't leave. Now he finds more in the Grill!!

Stefan tells Lily that he wants them to start over. I want to convince you why you need to help us get rid of Julian. Hear me out for a second. He says I got Valerie pregnant in 1863. Julian beat her until the baby was no longer alive. Your grandchild was murdered by Julian. The truth is too important. You need to know what kind of man he is. Lily says Valerie lied to me about you for over a century. Killed Oscar and tried to kill Julian. Do yourself a favor and don't lose any more sleep over the words out of that girl's mouth. Stefan says joke's on me, then, right? He pours drinks. Here's to moving on, then. They toast. She collapses. Concentrated vervain. Damon likes his style. Best. Thanksgiving. Ever.

Bonnie and Julian at the county impound. Looking for Oscar's car. She says you just want Lily. Stop treating her like a prize to be won. Try flowers, dinner, listening. She finds the car. Enzo opens the trunk. Finds a blade. Bonnie recognizes it. Will do research. Lily won't fall hopelessly in love with someone that murders her sweetheart. He says she might if it looks like self-defense.

Lily wakes up tied up with vervain ropes. It's a pattern, Lily. You can't see it with Julian like you couldn't see it with Giuseppe. Remember Thanksgiving 1851? Damon says the year Father made me kill my pet turkey.

Flashback. Dinner. Not the same Giuseppe actor. He toasts. Damon can't eat. Stefan asks why? Damon doesn't want to eat his pet turkey. Father tells him to eat or spend the night in the root cellar. Damon appeals to Lily. She says you heard your father, Damon.

RIP, Sammy. She says I kept you from wasting a perfectly good meal. I don't see the point of this. They tell her you have a pattern of ignoring abuse. Stefan says you're going to listen to every word, and then by the end of the day, you will help us kill your boyfriend.

Matt and Caroline. The people are being fed, but not fed on yet. Someone's fattening the cattle for slaughter. Caroline throws up. She blows it off. Matt's skeptical. She says stop looking at me like you've never seen a vampire throw up before. He doesn't know how to break the compulsion short of turning them into vampires.. She says maybe someone can siphon it.

Enzo comes to the house. Looking for my guitar. Julian says perhaps Lily threw it out. Enzo says I doubt that. She sometimes begs me to play. Julian says I hope you're not suggesting something untoward. We should settle this like gentlemen. But I promised Lily no bloodshed in the house. Enzo says what about outside?

Valerie says siphoning the compulsion out of all these people will take a long time. Julian will just replace them. Says a pregnant vampire shouldn't be wandering around this town. Caroline says I'm NOT pregnant. Alaric is probably still staring at that test waiting for the other blue line to show up. Valerie says if my magic isn't satisfactory for you, then I'll leave. Caroline apologizes and asks nicely.

Julian says bravery is knowing you will lose and doing it anyway. Enzo starts the duel. Julian grins.

Lily says these are quite painful. Damon pushes. Try being 12 and helpless.

Flashback. Damon finishes dinner and asks to be excused. Giuseppe asks Lily to get a bourbon. He says I discovered a lot of money missing in the bureau. Asks the boy if they know where it went? Stefan hands him a lighter. Which one of you did it? Confess like a man. Who took the money? Damon says it was not us. Father says do you want to put your mother through the heartache of finding out she's a failure at raising you? Damon finally admits he took it. Father says have you learned your lesson? Then he grabs Damon's hand and burns it with the cigar.

Damon didn't take the money. He confessed so Stefan wouldn't be hurt. Lily knows what kind of man Giuseppe was. I was married to him for 20 years! Knew what he did to Damon. She heard the scream. Saw Damon run past her clutching his arm. Damon says and you did nothing? You did nothing? She says No, I-- A cut appears on her neck. Someone's trying to kill Julian. We did a spell. We bound Julian's life to mine. If he dies, so do I.

Enzo brings out the other blade. Julian runs away.

Caroline compels a man to leave Mystic Falls and forget what he saw here. She looks at her stomach in the mirror. Matt asks sure you don't want to talk? Caroline says it's impossible. Literally defies the physics of the universe.

Valerie and the Heretic man. Matt shoots at him. Valerie stakes him, then gets Caroline out.

Enzo looking for Julian. Sees blood on a rock. Julian attacks from behind. Throws Enzo into a tree.

Lily looks at the cut in a mirror. Stefan gives her a cloth to clean up. She thanks him. She says I took the money. I had no means of my own. Your father controlled everything. He says you didn't confess, then stayed another 5 years? She says I was going to run away with you boys, but your father was always one step ahead.

Flashback. Lily looks in a book and it's not there. Not in the bookcase. Giuseppe shows her 3 train tickets. She says you ruined my fun. I was going to surprise you. He hits her. You dare take my sons from me? Attempt this again and I will take the boys far from here. You will never see them again. understand me?

She says he was a monster. I stayed to protect you. Everything I did back then was for you.

Enzo gets backed into the crypt and disarmed. Damon knocks out Julian. Helps Enzo up. Next time you try to kill an ancient vampire, pick a weapon that isn't from the Junior section. Enzo Says that sword was forged for this very thing. Incoming. Damon stabs Julian. Twists it.

Lily has blood coming out of her mouth. Staggers in pain.

Bonnie finds Alaric drinking. She came to get a book. I'll do my research here if that's okay? He says my office is your office. Want to talk about it? Nope. She tells him about the sword. Found it. Shows him the book. Does that look like the Phoenix Stone to you? Yep. The Stone gives the sword its power. Without it, it's only a blade.

Enzo and Damon. Linked himself to your mum? Damon says yeah. Enzo says tell me you did not just kill Lily. Julian gets up and attacks them.

Valerie and Caroline. Why do you know so much about this? Valerie says like you care. Caroline says I'm willing to believe you. Be 100% honest, please. How do you know so much about this spell? Valerie says because I used it. I was pregnant before I turned. Julian made sure it didn't survive. I tried everything to save that life. Caroline says the baby was Stefan's? Valerie says you have a chance to see that your friend Alaric's story has a better end. Caroline says the test was negative. Valerie says test again.

Lily reaches Julian. Julian says Damon stabbed me. He was under impression it would kill me. Stefan asks what is he talking about? Damon says it doesn't matter. Didn't work, anyway. Lily asks Julian to take her home. Stefan glares at Damon. Damon says "What?" LOL.

Matt in the car. Bonnie calls. I needed your help. Tyler and Jeremy took my call, they think they know how to help, and I'm looking into it. He hangs up. Enzo sits with Bonnie at the bar. She says you're giving up? He says when 9 Russians tell you you're drunk, you lay down. She says you're better off without Lily.

Damon says I'm not going to change, Lily won't change, and you won't change! You'll never stop looking for a speck of redemption. Our mother went out of her way to forget us forever! She tossed us aside without a concern for what would happen to us. As far as I'm concerned, she deserves what she gets. She deserves what she gets.

Julian wants a warm bath. Lily ask what were you doing in the woods with Lorenzo? He says I never resist a sword fight. I'm not one to lose. She says this isn't red wine on my shirt. He says it was silly. She says Valerie was once pregnant with Stefan's child. According to my sons, you beat her until she lost the child. He says I would never have done something so revolting. You must've been so upset today, and here I am, rambling on like it's nothing. Will you forgive me? She says of course.

Flashback. Lily sitting at a mirror. Giuseppe says I was drunk and not myself. The thought of losing you and my sons brought out a rage in me. Will you forgive me? She says of course.

Of course. Julian says come here. Look at me. I love you, darling. He caresses her cheek. I would never hurt you. He hugs her. She's not convinced.

Caroline with a doctor. Ultrasound. Doctor doesn't see babies. No heartbeats. Caroline has a scar on her stomach. Sorry. I'll leave you alone. Caroline says I'm so sorry. Ric says I'm sorry. Sorry I put you through this. Caroline says for a second, I thought it was true. Valerie comes in. Puts her hand over Caroline's belly. Caroline grabs the wand. Valerie says they cloaked the babies. They see and hear them now.

Lily visits Damon. May I come in? Stefan asks what's going on? She says you were right. You were right about Julian. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. I won't let him hurt us anymore. I have a plan and this time we won't get caught. Yeah!

Next ep - Dec 3. Heretic murder party.

#TheOriginals episode 3.7 recap - "Out of the Easy"

"Out of the Easy"

LIES, DECEITS, AND BETRAYALS — With a dire prophecy looming over them, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) invite Lucien (guest star Andrew Lees), Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland), and Aurora (guest star Rebecca Breeds) to a Thanksgiving gathering in an attempt to negotiate a truce. When Aurora reveals that she has powerful leverage over Klaus, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) take matters into their own hands, leading to a deadly three-way confrontation. Elsewhere, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) and Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) are forced to take drastic measures when they realize Davina (Danielle Campbell) may be in over her head, and Cami (Leah Pipes) finds herself face-to-face with a dangerous new threat. Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Beau DeMayo & Michelle Paradise (#307). Original airdate 11/19/15.

Ep 7:

Night. Cami asks where is Klaus? Freya says he's pursuing a lead. Elijah bleeds in a bowl. Freya chants. Hayley and Marcel are there, too.

Klaus with Aurora. She kisses his neck. He grabs her and kisses her. She sits on the bed. He crawls after her.

Freya working her spell. Dammit. Rebekah's cloaked by a strong spell. Freya says go. I have my work cut out for me. Elijah tells Marcel to stop Davina from activating the weapon. Hayley wants to kill someone. Elijah will kill many, but first we must determine where allegiances lie.

Elijah at home. Your sister is missing. Aurora says she's not missing. Behave yourselves and I'll tell you where she is. Elijah says give me my sister or I'll visit Tristan. Klaus and Aurora cozy. he tells her to go on. He needs a word with his brother.

They chat. Klaus says keeping Aurora close is what we need. Elijah says she'll always protect Tristan. Unless we break their advantage. Klaus asks what do you have in mind? Elijah says invite them to Thanksgiving and destroy their alliance. I can feel the holiday spirit already. LOL.

Tristan gets a coffin without Rebekah. Aurora says I have other plans. He says what am I to do with you? She says trust me. He says I know you arrives days ago. She says next time don't leave me in a monastery. He asks what you did with Rebekah? We needed her as bait to lure them. She'd be safe. You'd be safe. She prefers to control her fate. He thinks the invitation is a trap. She says you're my family. You've always taken care of me. Allow me to return the favor.

Party on the street for Thanksgiving.

Cami still in Lucien's. She's sulking. He's using her phone. Provided a meal. He says I'm invited to dinner at the Mikaelson's. He texts Vincent. She says someone will notice I'm gone and they'll track me here. He says not in the next few hours. A knock. That's the nanny. This is Anton. Very loyal and very dangerous. He tells Anton to kill her if he doesn't hear from Lucien tonight.

Marcel's place. Davina arrives. He brings up the Strix. Please, D, let me help you get out of town. She's not leaving. I don't run from anyone. She leaves.

Hayley with Jackson on the balcony. He's not happy she wants to go to the Mikaelson's. She says Rebekah kept Hope safe for months. He says you let Klaus do things his way. This dinner will be a bloodbath. Babe, it's Thanksgiving. I don't see why this has to be a fight? She says it doesn't. I hear you.

Tristan brings flowers to dinner. He and Lucien bicker. Aurora arrives. Greets Lucien. He says it's been ages. Klaus says she looks ravishing and kisses her hand. Elijah welcomes them. I wish it was under better circumstances. Says Rebekah's capture is unnecessary. Let's begin with honesty. Your clandestine alliance. Klaus expects an honest and productive negotiation this evening. Elijah says shall we begin? They sit at the table.

**The courtyard looks lovely. Whoever decorates the compound is very good at their job. The poor unsung servants.....

Band plays on the street. Marcel joins Vincent in a bar. Vincent's moping. Marcel doesn't care if you don't like me. Some vampires want Davina on their side. If she isn't, they'll kill her. Vincent says there's a way, but you won't like it.

Elijah enjoys Thanksgiving. The lies, the deceit, the betrayal. Perhaps we should begin with confession. Klaus asks who would like to begin? Tristan says we sought to remove suspicion by maintaining appearances. Elijah insults Klaus's stuffing. LOL. Tristan says you saw how quickly Marcel joined our ranks. Lucien says a police investigation comes in handy to find a private collection. Elijah says you're referring to the medallion. Lucien says it was in the hands of Camille. But I'd never allow harm to come to her, knowing the great affection you have for her.

Anton tells Camille to shut up and get him a beer. She rolls her eyes and does so. He says I will hurt you. Heal you and do it all over again. Next time, that's how this goes down, got it? You're not going anywhere.

Klaus says hand it over. Elijah says and release Rebekah. Lucien says Aurora has Rebekah. Elijah wants to compel them all to give them what they want. Aurora and the boys laugh. We won't allow ourselves to be vulnerable. Elijah says compulsion is not my only talent. Tristan says you can imagine how many young upstarts have discovered the sire war. Let us seal you away forever and eliminate the threat. Klaus says the world is far from perfect.

Freya isn't having luck. Marcel says you can't give up. She says she's not.

Davina and Vincent. She says this is witch business. You don't practice anymore. I'm not afraid of the Strix. He deals tarot. I'm trying to warn you! She says you walked away from being a witch. He says I'd best be careful. Are you going to kill anyone that disagrees with you? She says I took care of a threat and I'll do it again. Vincent exposed her sin to the witches. Dun dun dun.

Elijah presses Aurora. Klaus says she'll do anything in her power to oblige. Freya arrives. Aurora gets pissed off. Freya asks what did you do with her? Aurora says I can't trust Rebekah with any of you, or herself. I put her somewhere safe. She's perfectly fine. At the bottom of the ocean. Oooooooo

Klaus says you're bluffing. Tell me you're bluffing. She says you should thank me. She's never been safer. Tristan threatens Freya and Elijah grabs Tristan. Freya puts Aurora out. Elijah asks which one do you want to torture first? Klaus says take the stable boy. Tristan and I will catch up. If anything happens to Camille....

Davina says I was trying to stop a mutiny. Vincent says for what you've done you deserve to be shunned.

Klaus and Tristan. He'll force Aurora to watch while he tears Tristan limb from limb. Tristan says the Strix will descend on you. Let your siblings fall for a year and you stand guard over them. It's your only choice.

Lucien says you're angry. Rightly so. Cami will be fine provided I'm allowed to leave. Elijah says give me the medallion and Camille and then we'll discuss your head. Lucien says he's only been himself. You give me too much credit for being clever. Aurora is making your tension with Klaus worse. Elijah says Niklaus will always put family first. Lucien says really? He's not inclined to make her suffer for it. Wonder why?

Aurora wakes. Freya made a spell so no one can hear what goes on here. Hayley says we're going to have a lot of fun. Aurora asks what are we doing here? Hayley says tell us where to find Rebekah, or we're going to kill you.

Vincent says by law of the ancestors, Davina is banished, her title revoked, and no more contact with the Ancestors. It'll be as if you were never born. I'm sorry, Davina. It's time. They turn their backs on her as she walks through the cemetery. She loses contact as she passes through.

Aurora isn't giving in, yet. Freya keeps giving her migraines. Aurora hasn't felt pain since the 1700s. Kinds tickles. Hayley offers a werewolf bite. Freya says Klaus won't heal your brother. Bite him instead. Aurora says you need him to get Rebekah back.

Klaus and Tristan. Tristan says I hold influence over Aurora. Klaus offers to dagger Elijah. Perhaps you think I'd be an easier target alone. Tristan says you can wake them in a year if you choose. Klaus says that's bold. Perhaps I should kill you now.

Aurora says I don't know where Rebekah is. Old friends did it for me. Then I killed them.

Tristan says the location is in 2 envelopes. Each of us has one half of the coordinates.

So tell me, girls, who has the advantage now? Hmm?

The table. Tristan and Aurora toast. Elijah wants to tear out his eyeballs and feed them to his sister. Klaus says enough. Elijah was right. We must make difficult choices to ensure our collective survival. I have every confidence that my choice will be the right one. He attacks Tristan. Tells Aurora a sibling for a sibling. She says you will regret this and storms out. Lucien, you will take me to Camille and surrender the medallion, or you'll meet an end so cruel, the Devil will weep.

Cami and Anton. She says the chances of Lucien coming back are kinda slim. Klaus is the most ruthless vampire in all of history and he kinda likes me. He calls her a bad drunk. She cuts off his ring finger. She's free with the sun out. In the elevator is Aurora. Uh oh. "You must be Cami."

Klaus attacks Anton. Lucien says if Cami had done as she was told, she'd still be here, so it's her fault. I needed your full attention. Shows Nik the medallion. Klaus asks why hand it over? Lucien says proof of my loyalty. Take it. It's yours.

Davina in a restaurant. Vincent watches. Marcel asks if he can help her. If she lets me. Marcel says she's alive, that's what counts. Vincent says we'll keep telling ourselves that.

Klaus at Cami's place. He calls her phone. Leaves a message. Call me back please.

She's in the trunk of a car. Aurora has bitten her. She's pleased with herself.

Hayley gets home. So sorry. I thought I'd be back in time. He says Hope is asleep. She cried a bit. Finally went down. He says I asked for one thing today. I should know by now. Whenever the Mikaelsons come calling, you'll be there to answer. He's going out the Bayou with his family. She grabs his hand. He brushes her aside and leaves.

Klaus and Elijah on the phone. Klaus says Aurora has no choice but to bring our sister home. Elijah asks if he loves her? Klaus says my feelings aren't the point.

Elijah sees the table and remembers if was part of the prophecy.

Next ep - Klaus vs. Aurora. Hayley bites Tristan.

Wednesday, November 18, 2015

#Supernatural episode 11.7 recap - "Plush"


SHERIFF DONNA RETURNS — Sheriff Donna (guest star Briana Buckmaster) calls Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) for help after a horrific murder with supernatural elements happens in her town. Sam continues to have visions and asks God for help, which frustrates Dean. Tim Andrew directed the episode written by Eric Charmelo & Nicole Snyder (#1107). Original airdate 11/18/2015.

Ep 7:

Game on the TV. Woman in the kitchen. She asks Stan to take out the trash. It stinks. He says your cooking stinks. The game is in OT, can't it wait? She grabs the trash bag and takes it out. Behind her is ..... nothing.

Stan asks for a beer. But it's a man with a bunny head on! He kills Stan. She comes back in. Screams.

Sam praying in his room. The visions aren't making a whole lot of sense. Please....what are you trying to say? Dean says really? Really? Sam says have you heard of privacy? Dean says you want privacy, close your door. Don't count on God. Count on us. Sam says this is all Cas could gather. Half is in Aramaic. Donna calls Dean. What do you mean, killer bunny?

Boys drive out there. Cottage Grove, Minnesota. Hey, Sheriff. Donna hugs them. Killer bunny is real strong. The bunny head won't come off. It's really stuck. Sam says you did the right thing. Dean isn't sure this is our type of case. But if you've got a wild hare..... LOL. They meet Doug Stover. Deputy says we're lucky to have Donna. Well, back to work. Dean says someone might have a crush. Sam says he's nice. She says he's a cop named Doug. Not going there again.

She takes them to the bunny in a cell. He's just sitting there. Wife is the witness. No ID. No prior record of his prints. Doug says Clive has an emergency. She leaves. Dean asks what's up doc? Be easier all around if you just talk to us. Sam says careful. Dean asks what happened, pal? Drop too much molly? Sam makes a Roger Rabbit joke. Bunny grabs Dean's head. Sam pries him loose. Minnesota Tech shirt. Kylie forever tattoo.

They go talk to Kylie Jennings. Do you know this rabbit? She says he's my boyfriend. Do you know why he'd stab someone? She says why would Mike stab a complete stranger? She says he was acting weird yesterday. he found a bunny mask at the costume store. He put it on and stared at me, then walked out without paying. Left his cell. He put the mask on and was like a completely different person.

Donna and Doug taking the bunny to the hospital. They sedated him. She tries to lift him on her own and can't. Dean calls her. Bunny stands up. Doug shoots him to protect her. They see Mike and the head is off him.

Dean asks Donna if she's okay? No. Sam says Doug just did his job. She knows, but the kid was innocent. If the mask was cursed, then he was just a puppet. He was a victim, too. Sam says no one else dies. Hands her matches. She lights the bunny mask on fire. They watch it burn.

Men in the gym lifting weights. Coach and a young man. Lay off the HGH. You might have to pee in a cup. Coach leaves the kid. Kid puts earbuds in. Frost breath. A jester walks in. Grabs a kettle bell. Goes to the coach. Hits him with the weight. Kid runs to help. Kettle bell drops to the ground bloody.

Crime scene. Coach is alive, but in a coma. Doug is wigged out. Donna says copy cat killer. Dean says damn social media. Sam asks if they talked to the kid? Dean asks Rock what he saw. Kid says not much. Coach got hammered by the mascot. I hold the state bench record and he was strong. Sam asks about any weirdness. The weight room did get cold.

Sam and Dean figure ghost possession. Donna asks how do you unpossess someone? Dean says iron and salt. Donna has salt. Dean brings out the shot gun. Shoots salt pellets. The girl asks what's going on?

Donna says she doesn't deserve to be locked up. Sam says let her go. No one saw her face. Donna tells Ann she's free to go after a few questions. She says she picked up the new costume, tried it on, then was in jail. She didn't want the coach dead. The costume was donated.

They talk to Rita Johnson. Her boy asks why the police are there? Donna takes him to look at the cop car. Dean and Sam go inside. She says the costume belonged to her brother. He committed suicide a couple months ago. His costumes made her sad, so she donated them. She says Chester was cremated. Sam asks her to make a list of the costumes. Dean asks about Stan Hinkel, Phil Evans, anyone......Did he have unfinished business? She says no, not that she can think of. He didn't know those guys.

They update Donna. Sam gives her the list of costumes. Dean says ghosts come back for something personal. They need to look into the victims for motive. Sam will go back to the school.

Clown brings balloons to the coach's room. Has a scalpel. Slits his throat! He bleeds out.

Clown in the hall. Still holding the bloody scalpel. Sam is in the elevator. Clown turns to him. Sam attacks. The clown tries to strangle him. Sam touches him with iron. It's an old man. Who the hell are you?

The body is wheeled out. Donna asks if Sam got a story. The man was playing dress up with his grandson. Doesn't know how he got to the hospital. Doug arrives. What the heck is going on in this town? Donna says copy cat killers. Whatever you say, Sheriff. Sam says cut the guy a break. You're not giving him a chance. Donna says mind your own beeswax. We have a case to solve.

Dean talks to the widow of the first victim. Did your husband and the coach know Chester Johnson? Yes. He makes her sick. She has nothing nice to say about that man.

Sam calls Dean. Dean says Stan and the coach accused Chester of crossing the line with their kids. They went to the house, and got Rita instead. She told them to go. Chester killed himself before they confronted him.

Dean goes to Rita's house again. Max is home alone. He invites Dean in. Max was working on a card trick. My uncle was cool. I miss him. What those men said about him wasn't true. Rita comes in with Sam. She tells Max to go to his room. Sam says we know the coach and Stan confronted you. Your brother is connected. We need to know the truth! People's lives are at stake. She says a couple of months ago, Stan and Coach came by. Said Chester did something inappropriate. I told them to get lost. They didn't have evidence. But then she had doubts. What they said got under her skin. Chester was always a little off. Only got along with kids. I spent my whole life sticking up for my brother, but what if I couldn't see him for what he was? What if he was hurting Max and I didn't know? I had to face my biggest fear. I should've gone to him first. Instead, I called Stan back. They said they'd take care of it. She told them where Chester was working.

Chester puts his costume head in his car. Stan and Coach grab him. Chester calls for help.

She says they promised they wouldn't hurt Chester. Just scare him.

But they held Chester off the bridge. Chester says I'd never hurt kids! Let me go, let me go. They lose grip and Chester fell in the water.

She says they said it was an accident, but I wasn't there. I didn't know what to believe. I wanted to go to the cops, but Stan said we'd go to jail. I couldn't do that to Max. He couldn't lose me, too. So I didn't say anything. Fear cripples you. Makes you do nothing.....or worse. Makes you do something you regret. I should've trusted my brother. Phone rings. Donna said she tracked down all the costumes. Sam asks about a deer head. It's on Max!

Sam tries to get to Max and gets tossed. Max attacks his mother. Dean touches him with iron. Dean tosses the deer head to Sam. Burn it now! Sam takes it outside. Dean gets salt from the kitchen.

Ghost attacks Sam.

Dean makes a salt circle. Stay inside. Wrongful death spawns a vengeful spirit. Chester attacks Dean. Max tells him no!

Sam wakes up.

Chester grabs Dean.

Sam douses the head in gas and burns it. Chester drops Dean. Burns up. Disappears.

Sam tells Donna it's time they leave. She hopes something nicer brings them back next time. Like cheese curds. She says I don't know how you do it. One big poopfest. Dean says spoken like a true hunter. Really? Sam says you earned it. She hugs them. They leave. She tells Doug she appreciates his hard work. Sorry if I was tough on ya. He says it's okay. I got baggage, too, Donna. You can call me by my middle name, Lonnie. Eww. She says Doug is just fine. LOL.

Dean and Sam in the car. Sam says I keep praying to God because He's showing me something I don't know what to do with. The cage. Lucifer's cage? Yeah. What if I have to go back. If it's the answer to beating the Darkness. Dean says that cage is suicide. So no. Not gonna happen. Sam says okay. But his face says he's not convinced.

Next ep - Dec 2. Sam's imaginary friend is running wild.

#Arrow episode 4.7 recap - "Brotherhood"


JAMES BAMFORD DIRECTS — Team Green Arrow’s ongoing battle with Damien Darhk (Neal McDonough) is complicated by a shocking revelation. Thea’s (Willa Holland) bloodlust returns and she loses control in front of Alex (guest star Parker Young). James Bamford directed the episode written by Speed Weed & Keto Shimizu (407). Original airdate 11/18/2015.

Ep 7:

Transport truck. Ghosts on motorcycles. They're going to rob the armored truck. Make him crash. Black Canary stops them from killing the driver. Diggle and Speedy join the fight. Green Arrow gets the driver safe. Ghosts burned the money. Feds had sent it to prop up the city bank.

Arrow Cave. Thea wonders what HIVE has to gain? Oliver says a base of operations. Felicity still can't figure out the tooth. Oliver suggests asking Ray. Diggle shows Oliver the file on Andy. HIVE had Andy killed because his criminal activity conflicted with theirs. Oliver says there has to be a reason....he deserves the benefit of the doubt.

Conklin and Oliver on the Island. Oliver figures someone put Vlad up to attacking him. Conklin says that was Taiana's brother.

Ray and Felicity at her place. She suggests getting his company back. Ray asks what can I do for you. John pulled this off a ghost. She asks why he won't come back to PalmerTech. He says the DNA has been degraded by a specific compound.

Campaign HQ. Alex tells Oliver to attend the PBA. Thea says we need a way to say the police need our help without throwing them under the bus. She gets a call and turns off her phone. Alex says cleaning up the bay is a hippie crunchy program. We need to focus on crime and jobs. Oliver says it will add jobs. He leaves for a call. Then comes back and says we have to go. Felicity called about the dental problem.

Team Arrow. They're after the compound. Oliver says incoming. Ghosts at the north entrance.

Black Canary and Diggle look for the compound. She finds it. A ghost shoots. Diggle saves her. He tells her to go. He's going for an ID on the ghost. Pulls the mask off and it's ANDY. Andy escapes.

Diggle says nothing makes sense. Oliver says we don't know anything, not until we hear it from Andy. Felicity remembers a ghost had a chance to kill Diggle and didn't. Diggle says that HIVE member was nothing like my brother. He'd dead.

Oliver tells Baron that Conklin put the prisoner up to attacking him. Baron asks why did you kill him? Because he attacked me. Conklin says he didn't put him up to it. Baron says you're lying. The wrong should make things right.

Darhk summons Lance. After our meeting last week, I had an unpleasant meeting with the Green Arrow and his associates. Lance says your security guys don't trust me. What about you? Damian says tread carefully. The death of your daughter is not the most terrible thing I can threaten you with.

Thea gets a call from Malcolm. I don't want to talk to you. He's there in the apartment. I want to help you. The effects of the deaths are wearing off. He gives her a file on a pedophile. Lives 3 blocks down. She says I'm going to go out and if you're still here, I'm calling the police.

The Benefit. Is Oliver ready? He gives his speech to honor the police dept. It's never been easy, and never been more difficult then right now. These people protect us, and I've never been more grateful. People clap. Lance says no bad. Oliver asks for a favor. Lance says Darhk called me into his office. He saw something about Slip 52 at the docks on Damian's desk.

Diggle and Laurel chat at the bar. She says appreciate that your brother is actually alive. After Andy died, part of you died, too. Now is your chance to heal. Diggle doesn't know how to do that. I had to tell my nephew he would never see his daddy again. I would've done anything to get Andy back. Those months after his death were the darkest of my life. Would've traded my life to get him back, but I would've been trading it for a stranger.

Damian asks Oliver for a minute to talk. Offers connections, funds. The levers of powers have changed. Oliver asks what do you want? Damian says leave the Bay as it is. Oliver asks what if I refuse? Then you'll no longer be unopposed.

Arrow cave. Felicity listing all of Oliver's terrible ideas. Oliver wants to use him to get at HIVE. She says remember the last time? What about your mayoral campaign? He says taking down Darhk is more important. She says you ran for mayor to give the city hope. Don't lose sight of that. Not even for John.

Island. Conklin on his knees. Baron says his punishment comes from the one he sought to hurt. Gives Oliver a whip. Conklin begs. Oliver whips him. Baron says harder. Oliver keeps striking.

Thea and Alex's date. He gets a call. A man comes over to her. You look like the kind of girl where no means yes. She attacks him and beats on him. Alex comes back. What the hell are you doing?

Diggle at home. Lyla sits with him. He says how am I supposed to tell Carly? She says she has a right to know. He says when he first heard about the Lazarus Pit, he'd daydream about having Andy back. I never thought it'd actually happen. Knock on the door. She gets it. It's Oliver. May I come in? Sure. She gives them privacy. He asks Diggle how he's holding up? As good as can be expected. Oliver says the pier has been shut down for the night. Diggle will go, but just us. Thea and Laurel sit this one out.

Damian having a meeting with men. He gives them yellow pills. They make you cooperative. They're volunteers, but there can never be too much compliance. Perhaps a demo. Kneel. They do. People of this city, what's left of them, call you Ghosts. They have no idea how right they are. Oliver and Diggle spotted. Andy says kill the green one. Diggle and Green Arrow fight the ghosts. Flash bang knocks Oliver out. Diggle grabs an arrow, grabs Oliver, and gets them out of there before the arrow explodes.

Felicity bandages Oliver. Diggle wants a sec. He says Oliver, let this go. You almost got yourself killed. Andy made his choice. Oliver says you don't know that. You saw those men tonight. Diggle says Andy let his son and wife believe he's dead for 8 years! There's no excuse for that! Oliver says you don't know. Hold out hope. I need that hope. I need to believe that we can come back from that! Diggle says that thinking is what got you in the League last year. Oliver says we're going to take this guy down and no idea is off the table. Diggle says let's take the SOB down in the light of day!

Island. Taiana making roasted lizard. Oliver sits. Guilty. I have to tell you something about your brother. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry. She grieves.

Felicity finds Ray in her place. He's still working on stuff at the table. She tells him you're stalling. You're supposed to start living again. He says I've been catching up on the last 6 months, and no one cares. Look at Star City. My company is on life support. She says self pity is not a good look on you. He says it's self reflection. I need to figure out what I'm living for. He worked on the tooth. Can't ID the DNA. But he found sodium fluoride. At a facility with too much. A psychiatric center. She says not bad.

They tell Diggle they have a location. He says I'm not letting you get killed for Andy. Felicity says we need to get Andy out. Diggle doesn't want them to risk their lives for someone that doesn't deserve it. Oliver says that's not your call. The team has decided to go with or without Diggle.

Team Arrow on site. Felicity says there's a hell of a lot of Ghosts here. They have new fancy cameras. Un mask our Ghosty friends. They get in position. Oliver says it looks like a staging area.

Speedy's spotted. Black Canary, too. They fight. Andy grabs Thea. She fights him solo. Into an elevator. Doors open. Into another corridor. She shoots him with an arrow. I could use a hand.

Ray joins Oliver in the Atom suit.

Thea runs into Damian! You're trained by Ra's Al Ghul. How is Malcolm doing these days? He grabs her, then is in pain. Hmmmmmm. She runs away.

Black Canary has Andy, but she needs help. Oliver tells Ray to go help. Diggle shows up. My brother needed me - the green one.

Arrow Cave. Diggle thanks all of them. Ray says it feels good to be useful. He's going to take some time and figure out things. But he'll come if he's needed. Diggle is ready to talk to Andy. Oliver says you were right about Darhk.

Island. Taiana says she was a dive instructor on a charter yacht. What happened? He says Conklin. She wants to kill him. Oliver says he's not the problem, he's a pawn in Baron's plan. This is a map of Lian Yu. He needs a detailed survey map of the island. I need your help.

Malcolm arrives. Do you have the SCPD in the kitchen? She says don't be so paranoid. I'm still not taking your advice. I found a different way. What? She says Damian Darhk. Last night, we went into HIVE and I ran into Damian. His powers backfired and my bloodlust was gone. Help me figure out a way to make that permanent.

Andy in a cage. Diggle says I don't know where to begin. Can you help me understand? Is what's in this file true! Andy, answer me. Andy looks at it. Gives it back. It's true. All of it. Turns his back. Sits on the floor.

Oliver and Alex at the dock. Thea arrives. Sorry I'm late. Alex says we're just getting started. She asks him to be patient with her. Oliver gives a press conference. Damian is there. Oliver says I wouldn't be here today if I wasn't confident this could solve problems. The fight to save Star City is going to be fought in the light of day. I'll never stop fighting to save this city.

Next ep - crossover. Vandal Savage is immortal. Hawkman and Hawkgirl meet. Heroes Join Forces.

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#AgentsOfSHIELD episode 3.8 recap - "Many Heads, One Tale"

"Many Heads, One Tale"


"Many Heads, One Tale" - The S.H.I.E.L.D. team discovers dangerous truths about the ATCU, and Ward's plans to destroy S.H.I.E.L.D. take a surprising twist, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, NOVEMBER 17 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." stars Clark Gregg as Director Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Nick Blood as Agent Lance Hunter, Adrianne Palicki as Agent Bobbi Morse, Henry Simmons as Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, and Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell.

Guest starring are Blair Underwood as Andrew Garner, Constance Zimmer as Rosalind Price, Andrew Howard as Banks, Powers Booth as Gideon Malick, Mark Dacascos as Mr. Giyera, Nelson Franklin as Steve Wilson, and Astrea Campbell-Cobb as flight attendant.

"Many Heads, One Tale" was written by Jed Whedon & DJ Doyle and directed by Garry A. Brown.

image credit: ABC

Ep 8:

Sushi dinner. Ward and the boss. Ward isn't crazy about octopus. Boss says the vault doesn't exist. Ward doesn't believe him. Boss says your vendetta doesn't fit with my plans. You don't live on top of the food chain. Men comes in the kill him. Ward takes them all down. Well fought. So, he wanted me slaughtered. They say we're not helping you. Ward says who's on the bottom of the food chain now.

Coulson and Mack load Andrew on Rosalind's truck. She says we'l keep you up to date on everything with him. Coulson says May will talk when she's ready.

Fitz having a rough day. He's brought on books. The ram's head sidgil. They see May come back.

Lincoln and Daisy. He asks if they need to talk about the kiss. She says no. See what happens. And Coulson only lets people stay that have a role in his game plan.

Mack is concerned that Coulson and Rosalind are sleeping together. Do you have feeling for her? You're bringing her into our hidden base? Coulson says the spies without trust issues are dead. I'll talk to her face to face. The rest of you go behind her back. He says this is Mission Spotlight. Bobbi and Hunter go in. Extraction is May and Lincoln. Coulson wants to know Everything. Daisy asks why now? He says the head of the ACTU trusts me and I'd like that to be mutual. Coulson asks Mack if that settles his questions. He says it raises all new ones.

Ward still torturing the soldiers. He drags the middle one out and holds a butane torch against him. The other says we don't know. He uses different people to go to Germany. Ward tells the burnt man to be proud, you stayed quiet.

Coulson brings Ros into SHIELD. Flew her in circles for 6 hours. Her phone was disabled. Coulson screens it.

Mack gets the data upload from her phone.

ACTU. Andrew's box.

Mack gets a call. Says he's FBI. We've dispatched a rapid response team to your location. It's Hunter and Bobbi. LOL. Daisy is feeding him the hacker language. Bobbi says he's the best consultant we have. Hunter says hardware was smuggled in. The man says we haven't brought in anything except.....I need to make a call.

Coulson showing her the lab. She gets a call from IT. He tells her about the problem, and the containment module. She says we have to shut that down. Tells Steve to play nice and fix it. She tells Coulson he's cute.

Jemma with the books. Fitz says you're procrastinating. She says Will was sacrificed. I have that sinking feeling again.

Ward with a flight attendant. She says I'll be in Moscow soon with a day off. He says he's not going to Moscow. Tells her to buckle in. Then tells the passengers to buckle in. From all of us at Hydra, thanks for flying the friendly skies. He blows the plane door and dives out with a chute.

Fitz looking at the book. She says there's nothing here on how to open the portal. You have to stop! Stop trying to do the right things, it's too much! She storms out.

Rosalind looking at Coulson's memorabilia. He studied history in college. You've never known anyone in SHIELD? She says only in passing. She's surprised he has so many analog things. She likes the smell.

Hunter and Bobbi in the facility. IT guy gives him a log in. Daisy tells him what to type. He's a slow typist. He's logged in.

May, you're up. Mack tells Lincoln to move your ass. Mack directs Bobbi. She gets a call. She's off to the lab while Hunter wastes time.

May and Lincoln in the Quinjet. She's not talking to him.

Fitz confronts Jemma. She says get angry! He says I am! But not at you. The bloody cosmos wants us apart. Do you love him? She doesn't know. Yes. Fitz says of course you do. You think I didn't look for dirt on him? I can't hate him. She says you dug a hole in the universe for me! He kisses her. She kisses back. He says we're cursed. Awwwwwwwww. She looks down at a book. Is that what I think it is?

Bobbi looking for the lab. Enhanced Specimen Control.

Andrew meets Gideon Malick. I advise the President's staff. We're going to help you. Did anyone ask if you want treatment? No. Gideon says SHIELD didn't protect anyone. Good intentions, but they have questionable methods. I can help you. But first, I need to know what SHIELD has been hiding from us.

Bobbi says no Inhumans have been held here. What are they doing? She asks about meds. Those look like fish oil pills. She opens a freezer.

Hunter babbling. IT guys leaves for coffee. Hunter asks for tea. Then sees Banks has shown up. Time to go. I don't have a handkerchief to cover my face. Which would be weird.

Daisy says supplements are given to their employees as mandatory treatment. ACTU is Playing the odds. They don't want a cure. They're turning Inhumans! Bobbi finds cases of remnants.

Coulson takes Ros to one of the cells. He says convince me you're not Hydra. Otherwise you're never leaving this room again.

She asks what the hell are you doing, Phil? Is this a joke? Coulson says stop lying! What are you hiding? She says I wasn't playing games. You have no emotions. This was all a plan? To take advantage? Or you stopped trusting me as soon as you slept with me. He says you lied. Andrew isn't being held at your facility. She says of course not.

Lincoln tries to appeal to May. She says I do want to apologize to you for Andrew. I'm sorry. I should've known. He says I should be thanking you. Daisy says Hunter and Bobbi need a distraction.

Bobbi asks Hunter to get to her. Hunter runs from Banks. Banks chases. Daisy gets Hunter through the door. Bobbi fights with a couple guys.

Coulson says stop with the mind games! You slipped up. TAHITI. I hoped you had a source in SHIELD. But you had none. She says I'm not sharing with you anymore. Except this. I did fall for you. But you're impenetrable. He says at least I didn't use the story about your dead husband. He says Enhanced Specimen Control. Intentional infection. She says I get weekly reports from Malick. He's a friend. He.....gave me the TAHITI intel. Ding ding!

Daisy has a catalog of Inhumans. But not all are in stasis.

Hunter reaches Bobbi. Inhuman comes in. Levitates guns and starts shooting. Hello, Mark Decasco.

Bobbi and Hunter take cover. She powers up her batons. Fights with the Inhuman.

Ros says your agents are in serious danger. If you don't let me on the phone right now, we lose everything.

Hunter knocks out the Inhuman. Banks says come with me, I'll get you out of here.

Ros says he'll lead them to the northwest parking lot.

May sees them in an air bay.

Ward gets in the vault. Malick is already there. He's impressed. I only got here a few minutes before you and I have my own jet. He pours drinks. You just might be Hydra's second hand. Ward says I should kill you. Malick says then you'd miss that history lesson. Red Skull followed the principle Hydra was built upon. We're much, much older than that. As ancient as this stone. Passed down for a hundred generations. This was cut from a monolith that possesses otherworldly properties. it's a portal to another world.

Fitz shows them the logos. The ram became the Hydra octopus.

Malick says a thousand years ago, a being was banished. Destined to rule the planet. Hydra has taken many names. But every generation sent men through the portal. Now we're building an army for it to command when it returns, and you and I will rule beside it. Ward asks why should I believe a word. Malick says you don't have to. Help me learn how SHIELD was able to bring someone back through that portal.

Agent Carter heads to Hollywood in January!!

Andrew wants to talk to someone. How long will you keep me in here? I need to talk to someone about what's going on! Ward says okay, let's talk. Nice to finally meet you. He turns some gas on. This isn't sedation compound. It's mustard gas. We want to know how to turn the monster back on. Thank you for helping me find closure. You....May thinks I'm a monster, but you become one. Guess we know her type. Andrew screams.

Next ep - war against Ward has received critical mass. Coulson's after him personally.

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#Castle episode recap 8.7 - "The Last Seduction"

"The Last Seduction"


"The Last Seduction" - In order to hunt down the brutal murderer of a grifting seducer, Castle & Beckett must investigate New York's elite. Meanwhile, Castle plans to surprise Beckett on their one-year wedding anniversary. "The Last Seduction" will air on MONDAY, NOVEMBER 16 (10:01-11:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Castle" stars Nathan Fillion as Richard Castle, Stana Katic as NYPD Detective Kate Beckett, Tamala Jones as Medical Examiner Lanie Parish, Jon Huertas as NYPD Detective Javier Esposito, Seamus Dever as NYPD Detective Kevin Ryan, Molly Quinn as Alexis Castle, with Susan Sullivan as Martha Rodgers. For Season 8, Toks Olagundoye ("The Neighbors") has joined the series as Hayley.

Guest cast: Sunkrish Bala as Vikram Singh, Lindsay Price as Lindsey Trent, Sheldon Bailey as Anton Ford, Andrea Roth as Nancy Underwood.

"The Last Seduction" was written by Rob Hanning and directed by John Terlesky.

Ep 7:

Man comes home. Gets a beer, and a knife is missing. He grabs a bat. No one in the bedroom. Then he's stabbed from behind.

Espo and Ryan in therapy. They're still arguing about Ryan accidentally shooting Espo in the butt. She recommends that they split as partners. They don't want that. She says use a buffer.

Castle says tomorrow is our 1st anniversary and I want to create a little surprise for Beckett. They admit they need someone to be their buffer. They'll help with his surprise.

Murder scene. Lanie says there are 9 entry wounds. The weapon was left there. Espo and Ryan arguing again. Castle suggests role playing to each other's POV. Lanie says she got a hit on the prints.

Kate sees a calendar reminder that tomorrow's her anniversary. Ryan and Espo tell her about the case. Anton and the victim fought repeatedly over women. Hayley arrives for the stolen painting. Kate tells her where. Hayley says it's nice Rick is working cases again. Ooops. Ryan says he's our buffer. And that's our suspect. They are confused how Scott beat up that mountain of a man. Kate says good luck on the interview. Ryan asks her to do it with her. Castle takes Kate's office to set up the surprise.

Anton's very loud. Kate shows him a picture of Scott McCoy. Your fingerprints are all over Scott's apartment. Anton weeps that they're friends. "Oh Scott...."

Castle has confetti and a banner in the office.

Anton says he was the wingman. Scott would come to the girl's "rescue". Scott was into married women. He paid me not to ask.

Espo tries to distract Kate. Ryan says we'll look into Anton's alibi. Ryan says we should get Anton with a sketch artist. Castle sneaks out of the office. Kate goes in there. Castle peeks. Happy anniversary box. With a balloon. Have dinner with me tomorrow? She says this is very sweet, very you, but I don't think that'd be a good idea. She'd love to, you have no idea how much, but I'm worried it'd be unfair. No matter how great dinner would be, I still need the time out. He just wants to have dinner. She says she'd love to. Vikram brings in the financials. The payments line up when Scott picked up women. Vikram rented an expensive place a year ago. What was he in to? Confetti goes off. And the banner. Surprise..... LOL.

Ryan and Espo and Castle at the fancy apartment. Drawers are empty. Espo says maybe this is where he was sleeping with the married women. Castle suggests they write down comments instead of blurting them out. Espo finds a hidden camera. It's wifi enabled. Ryan prints a photo at the printer. Tattoo on the woman. Anton's sketches came in.

Vikram tells Kate that going to dinner is a mistake. She knows the risk. Espo says we got something.

Annika Smythe. She's going through a nasty divorce. So are two other women. They even hang out together. Going to a spa date, even. They band together to kill Scott for ruining their marriages. Kate says you have no proof. Espo says we need to get them on something before they scatter. Kate needs a partner to go to the locker room. Hayley. How about a day the spa?

Spa. The ladies arrive. Kate and Hayley go in the steam room. Hayley suggests getting a tattoo. The ladies say Ivan's a genius. Kate is recognized. Fine. What were your relationships with Scott McCoy? We've got something on one of you. A tattoo on your butt. Lady runs. Kate chases. Grabs the towel off her. Found the tattoo. Hayley wants the number of the tattoo artist. LOL.

Ryan getting Hayley's statement. Espo, too. Kate gives her a voucher for the painting. Espo and Ryan tattle on each other. Castle went home. She says figure this out. Ryan's writing.....Espo's writing......LOL.

Kate and the woman. Our husbands hired Scott to seduce us to divorce us. I didn't kill him. Kate says you were standing outside the building just before Scott was killed. She says the night we had together was special. I went to confront him, but he confessed and apologized. Something upset him on his last job. He'd screwed over a good person and wanted to make it right. Espo says Nancy's driver confirms Scott was alive when she left. Ryan says all the husbands used the same lawyer. Kate will talk to the DA in the morning. Espo and Ryan ponder. Ryan suggests a seduction of our own.

Tell Castle to pose as a divorce client. Martha doesn't think it's a good idea. Alexis asks what do you want him to do? Castle would need to look at the lawyer's log book.

He goes to see Lindsey Trent. She takes him to her office. He's wearing camera glasses.

Kate asks what are they doing? What are you watching? She sees the live stream. Ryan says we were trying to protect you. She says this could blow the entire case!

She watches Castle, though, in her office. Lindsey says you get to choose how this ends. Are you set on divorce or is there still hope? Castle asks for some water. And spills it on her desk. Lindsey leaves to get some towels. Gets a call. DA office was trying to get a warrant for my client log, and that's your wife! Castle is thrown out of the office. Alexis takes photos of the log. In and out as the mailroom girl. Ha!

George Keller is the new suspect. He's used Scott's service before.

Keller is interrogated. Your wife recognized him. Lindsey arrives. Kate asks what's going on here? Lindsey gets mad. Kate counters. Keller says my wife and I are renewing our vows next weekend. And I'm giving her a $2 million ring.

Kate asks Espo and Ryan to tell her about Keller's alibi. Kate says her gut is hiding something. Castle offers to put some feelers out. Says Ryan and Espo will work it out. They they hear them yelling at each other. They want new partners! We can't leave them like this. Rain check on dinner?

Castle talks to Ryan. Kate talks to Espo. She says a strong relationship can survive anything. Castle says no relationship survives secrets and lies. They both say you need to apologize. And let it go. Ryan and Espo say they can't.

Castle gets a call from Francis. George is involved in a fight with Penelope, his mother. He hired Scott.

Kate talks to her. She had no idea her son hired Scott. George wants to send manufacturing overseas. She considers their people family. Kate says Scott wanted to change his ways. She says I couldn't find my card key to the office. Maybe Scott took it?

It was used that night. Espo says it doesn't match the facts. Scott left at 11:40. Keller left at 3am. Kate asks Espo to get phone records.

Espo and Ryan talk to the law firm. Espo with Lindsey. You're under arrest for the murder of Scott McCoy. She says that's crazy. Espo says tell it to the judge. We're looking through your apartment right now. Blood residue can be a stubborn SOB. She points a gun at him. Espo says if you pull that trigger, you go away forever. She shoots and Ryan jumped in front of Espo. Kevin's out on the ground.

Ryan gasps. I'm okay. The notepad stopped the bullet. Espo says you saved my life. They chase after Lindsey. She falls down the stairs.

Kate with Ryan and Espo. She says they picked up George at the airport. Lindsey confessed they were in on it together. Kate asks if they need those new partner requests? No. Espo hugs Ryan. Kate gives them a moment. Ryan asks him to come over and watch UFC.

Kate shows up at Castle's flat. Brought takeout. He kisses her. She says this doesn't mean.... He knows. Time in? Yeah. They kiss. Went to bed. She says when you were in that lawyer's office, I was watching. When she asked you if there was hope and you didn't say anything.... He says I've never given up hope. That will never change until you tell me it should. She says then never change. Ever. She says I have to go. She takes her clothes into the bathroom. Phone buzzing. Castle looks at it. Text says get somewhere private ASAP. He tells her I think your phone buzzed. Oh. Everything alright? She says yeah, fine. Kisses him and leaves.

Next ep - mystery at sea. Castle and Beckett winter finale.

ABC Midseason Schedule - 2016


 8 pm Galavant (Season 2 Premiere)

 8 pm The Bachelor (Season Premiere)
 10 pm Castle (winter premiere)

 9 pm Marvel’s Agent Carter (Two-Hour Premiere)

 8 pm The Middle (Winter Premiere)
 8: 30 pm The Goldbergs (Winter Premiere)
 9 pm Modern Family (Winter Premiere)
 10 pm black-ish (Winter Premiere)
 10 pm American Crime (Season 2 Premiere)

 8 pm MY DIET IS BETTER THAN YOURS (Two-Hour Series Premiere)
 10 pm Beyond the Tank

 8 pm The Muppets (Winter Premiere)
 8:30 pm Fresh Off the Boat (Winter Premiere)

 8 pm Grey’s Anatomy (Winter Premiere)
 9 pm Scandal (Winter Premiere)
 10 pm How to Get Away With Murder (Winter Premiere)

 8:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Sneak Preview)
 9:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Sneak Preview)

 9 pm THE FAMILY (Sneak Preview)

 8 pm Once Upon a Time (Winter Premiere)
 9 pm THE FAMILY (Time Period Premiere)
 10:00 pm Quantico (Winter Premiere)

 8 pm Fresh Off the Boat (New Time Period)
 8:30 pm THE REAL O’NEALS (Time Period Premiere)
 9 pm Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D (Winter Premiere)
 10 pm OF KINGS & PROPHETS (Series Premiere)

 10 pm American Crime (Season Finale)

 10 pm Nashville (Winter Premiere)

 10 pm How to Get Away with Murder (Season Finale)

 10 pm THE CATCH (Series Premiere)

Friday, November 13, 2015

#Grimm 5.3 recap - "Lost Boys"

"Lost Boys"

Ep 3:

"I think I had a mother once."

Movers carrying boxes out of Juliette and Nick's place. He knocks in the guest room. Adalind is almost ready. She asks how long he lived in the house. 6.5 years. He says he didn't know he was a Grimm when he bought it. You were the first wogue I ever saw. Scared the hell out of me. She says scared the hell out of me, too. Never seen a Grimm before. Movers take the crib. She takes Kelly to the car.

Nick goes downstairs, one last look, and leaves.

**Didn't Juliette own that house before Nick was her boyfriend? That's what was implied when Juliette had no memory of Nick and Nick moved out. It had been her home.

Monroe and Rosalie happy with the receipts of yesterday. She spots a bullet hole from the incident with Juliette. I know this is going to sound weird, but I miss Juliette. The old Juliette. Monroe misses her, too. She says I'm more glad the bullet missed you.

A woman runs from kids. Falls and hits her head. The kids were screaming Mother, come back! Come back! Mother has left us. We loved her. Maybe we didn't love her enough. I loved her more. The big kid takes some of her hair. A truck stops and finds the body. The Wesen kids watch. We find another mother.

Imperial Paints Paint Factory. Nick says it looks nicer on the inside. He stops the SUV. Adalind isn't impressed. Nick punches in the alarm code. And then, in a loft. He says the furniture is in storage. no one knows where we are. He shows her an escape hatch to the tunnels below the city. This room is for you and Kelly. She says it's not charming, but it's safer than the other place. There's only one bathroom. Nick will sleep on a bed across the room. He gives her a key, a credit card, Juliette's car key..... Hank calls Nick. He leaves. Down the elevator.

The orphan camp. Big kid says it was my fault Mother got away. I was on watch and I fell asleep. He puts the lock of hair in a box of trinkets. It's because of what we are, isn't it? Other kid says real mother's don't abandon their children no matter what. She got what she deserved. He gives tea to the girl, who is sick. She says I can't sleep. It's hard to breathe. 3rd kid says she needs medicine.

The death scene. Wu updates Nick and Hank. No shoes. Marks on her wrists. Wu says she's a missing person from over 2 years ago.

Captain. Meisner in his office. We should catch up. Afraid you were dead. Meisner says Kenneth got here just the right time. He says the King fell out of his helicopter. Diana is safe. She's with friends. Victor's on the throne, then. Helicopter is gone. Meisner doesn't know where Diana is. I was never here and you don't know any of this.

Kids at a drugstore. Look at the cough medicine. See a mother yelling at her kid to behave. Decide to leave since there's a security guard.

Hank and Nick tell Sean about the dead woman. Husband was the suspect. Not enough evidence. Sean says tell the husband about the body.

The shop. Kids ask for stuff for a cough. She suggests things depending on symptoms. Kid asks how much. Big kid breaks something. Other kid tries to steal. Rosalie catches him, says I'm calling the police. Kid wogues.

She puts him down on the ground. Hid says it's for my little sister. If I had money, I'd pay for it. She asks where are your parents? He says I don't have any. Please, it's for my little sister. She's really sick. She gives him the herbs and says don't ever try that again. Monroe arrives. She says I let him go. He didn't have any money. It's for her little sister. Goldenseal isn't the end of the world. Monroe is skeptical. Kids are lying little bastards. She asks about him feeling like ours like that? He says stop being such a softie, except with me. She calls him a softie. He says only for you. So sweet.

Husband weeps when they show him the woman. He last saw her the day she disappeared. Nick asks do you have any idea why she'd be on that road? No. No answers. They searched my house, my office, my parents' house. I didn't kill my wife! Where has she been? Who would do this to her?

Big kid says the lady had pretty hair. Little kid says she wasn't scared of me. Maybe she's seen others like us.

Adalind strolling with Kelly. The car we're driving belongs to the woman that tried to kill me. I tried to kill her, too. It's complicated. She runs into an old colleague. He says she looks great. Thanks. Offers her a job back. And ask for more money. Boss will pay. She thanks him.

Rosalie on the phone with Monroe. She wants to close early. He can leave in 20 minutes. Little girl in the shop. With the cough. My brother said you were really nice. So, you care about us? Rosalie says sure. You're not here all alone, are you? Where is your brother? Girl says he's here. They grab Rosalie. Drug her with a cloth. Don't hurt her! the girl urges. Monroe hears her scream on the phone and hurries out.

Monroe gets to the shop. Her phone is on the floor. He keeps yelling her name.

Hank and Nick update Sean. Monroe calls Nick. She's gone! Someone grabbed her! I heard it on the phone. Nick says on our way.

Kids in the car. Rosalie tied up. She wakes. Peter says no one's going to hurt you. Don't be afraid. We need you. We're taking you home.

Nick and Hank get to Monroe. He tells them about the shoplifting kid and then the kidnapping. Rosalie thought he was homeless. He wogued when he tired to get away.

Kids stop the truck. Rosalie says this is right. You need to take me back. You are in a lot of trouble. People will be looking for me and you don't want them to find you!

Hank looking at street cam. No help. Nick says play it again. Sees something. There' Doesn't that look like the truck from the Wendy Henry case? Hank says it's the same truck. Nick says they're using the girl as bait Monroe asks what happened to the woman. Nick says we found the body. Where? They tell him. Monroe will use the dead woman's scent to track them. They take him to the body. Got it. Let's go.

Rosalie looking at things. Peter brought her a blanket. I know this is hard at first, but you'll get used to it. to what? He says being loved. She says you don't kidnap loved ones. He says If you think of running out on your children, I'll find you and kill you myself. He wogues. You're in our world now.

**Why hasn't she wogued and shown him she's an adult Wesen? We know she's strong when she wants to be.

To the road. Monroe sniffs around. He says it's a little stale. I can smell you here, too. He wogues. Picks up the trail. She came from up there.

Food for Rosalie. Aren't you going to eat? Please, Mother. She picks up a blackberry.

Monroe says she wasn't alone. This way.

Peter says time for bed. Girl shows Rosalie that her bed is next to hers. Kids want a story. A good long one with fighting. Rosalie tells them about the Grimm and the Wolf. They hunt Wesen. The story begins with a boy. He changed into a wolf when he got angry. His parents told him never to get angry in front of strangers. You can never tell if a Grimm sees you until it's too late. He was Blutbodden. He didn't listen to his mother, and that's always a mistake.

Monroe says it's getting stronger.

She says once the boy wogued, he saw the Grimm's eyes turn black. The Grimm cut off the boy's head. The parents wanted revenge. They set a trap.

Monroe triggers a trap. Hank saves him.

The kids fall asleep. Rosalie wogues and frees herself.

Monroe finds the camp. I've got Rosalie. We're close!

Rosalie tries to creep out. Heads into the woods.

Girl wakes up. Mother? She left us! The kids chase.

Rosalie falls in a pit trap. Kids find her. Why did you do that? They pull her out. Peter says we warned you! The kids wogue. Rosalie wogues, too. "This has gone far enough!"

**Looks like Peter knows about Wesen, but the other kids don't know what they really are. As their leader, he's led them down a bad path. Poor kids don't know what they should. They stick with Peter because they don't want to go back to foster care.

She says don't make me hurt you! The girl is a fox, too. She hugs Rosalie. You're the same as me! They hear someone. Monroe. Nick arrives. Rosalie stops them from hurting the kids. Just scared kids.

Precint. Rosalie signs her statement. Now what? Child services takes over. They go back in the system. She goes to them. I'm sorry I couldn't be your mother. This world isn't fair sometimes. I wish I could make it better for you. Lily? Maybe I could write to you. The girl says I never want to see you again. I hate you. Rosalie goes back to Monroe.

Adalind at home. Nick in bed. She opens the door. Sorry. Couldn't sleep. Nick.....I don't want to be alone right now. Maybe, just for tonight, you could sleep in our room? Sorry....that's too weird. He gets up. They lay on the same bed. She thanks him. Oy......

Monroe tries to comfort Rosalie at home. She says I told them the story my Mother told me. These kids have no idea what they are. Really? No. They know they're different, but no idea what our reality means. I hope they find the help they need.

The kids face a warden. Lily is well. You think you're tough? I know what you are. Show me! He's Wesen. They wogue. Good. Boys, I'm offering you a chance to join others like you. To stop hiding what you are. You have a new family. Uh oh......

Meisner gets the prisoner out. It's Trubel! She's bruised. "It's time"

Next week - Nick in danger.

Thursday, November 12, 2015

#TheOriginals episode 3.6 recap - "Beautiful Mistake"

"Beautiful Mistake"

Ep 6:

Aurora in Klaus's bed. She wakes. What are you doing over there? Come closer. he says it's best if you remain out of arm's reach. She says let me take away that scowl. I'll tell you everything I know.

24 hours earlier. Freya scrying. She takes a shot.

A drink with Rebekah. Exchanging info. A metaphysical meeting. Rebekah says she might know someone that can raise Kol. Freya says stay safe. Rebekah toasts to family.

Freya back in her body.

Rebekah gets her throat slit!! The Strix. Her witch body dies.

Freya comes home to a mess. All the evidence of Elijah and Klaus's fight. They're in the dining room. Klaus bleeding into a glass. She asks what happened? Klaus says we had a chat about the past. Elijah says Tristan and Lucien are allied against us. Freya asks what understanding did you come to? Elijah says that we eliminate our first sired.

Kinney taking Camille outside. He says prove you're the victim and I will protect you. Lucien knocks out Kinney, then chokes Camille asleep.

hayley calls Davina. I'm running late. On second thought, I'll be a little longer. She walks into an alley. She's being followed. The man stops a paint can. She's behind him. He says my talents lie elsewhere. Attacks her. She bites his hand.

Elijah gives Freya a drink. It's Aurora. Her influence frightens me. Freya says what chance does Nik have. Elijah says none. Freya doesn't get why Tristan and Lucien are working together. Elijah says hatred is a hell of a thing. She asks what exactly did you do? Elijah compelled the vampires to be the family. Father was hunting us mercilessly. The told them to run. Father hunted the decoys for the better part of a century. Then we were daggered and here we are. Under threat, we take action. For better or worse. She says their days are numbered? He says if they're working against us. She says something's wrong. Call Rebekah now!

Aurora compels a woman to give her a necklace. Klaus says will you be taking candy from a toddler next? He says come with me. I won't bite. He wants to show her his city. I'd love to know what side you're on, but it'd be rude of me to ask without buying you lunch. She says that'd be lovely.

Camille wakes. In Lucien's penthouse. There are a LOT of boxes. All the items from her secret stash. Lucien took off her handcuffs. Offers a drink. She says I don't like you. He drinks it. Later on, I hope you'll remember this could've gone so much easier. He compelled Kinney to make food. Did you know he comes from a line of chefs? He texted Vincent. He thinks you'll be at home tonight watching a Real Housewives marathon. Tells Kinney to throw the blade at Camille. Then stops it in front of her face. He says he's looking for a dark object. I'm asking nicely since you're on vervain. Or the parlor tricks will get less fun. Camille opens a box.

Elijah says she's not answering. Freya chants. Bloody hands. She's gone. Her witch body, her connection to magic has vanished.

Rebekah wakes in her original body in the coffin. "Bloody hell."

Rebekah says you stole my bloody phone. Aiya says hello. Rebekah says clever, but ill-advised. Now you owe me. Aiya says I don't own you anything. I met Marcel Gerard. Maybe I'll send one of your heads as a souvenir. Rebekah says enough of the chitchat.

Lucien likes Kinney's cooking. Camille says you've been compelled. It's like hypnosis. Vampires use it to make people do their bidding. She says what you're looking for is not here. Lucien says it's hidden in something else. Find it! Cami says and then what? You're mad because Klaus took your girl? Lucien says Klaus took a lot more than my girl. He took my life for 100 years. He compels Kinney to slice the artery in his ankle. Tick tock, Camille.

Aurora finishes feeding. What would you like to know? Klaus says it's quite simple. I find you intoxicating. Do you feel the same? She says I'm not your enemy or Rebekah's. But I do hate Elijah. The three of us spent 100 years working and running together, believing we were the Mikaelsons. And when the compulsion ended, it was like someone peeled off our skin. We were nothing but a red herring. And Mikael was still after us. So the 3 of us made a pact of vengeance. But Lucien and Tristan never got over their hatred of each other. Klaus says if we die, so do all of you. She says that's the beautiful mystery, isn't it? She wants dessert. Perhaps you can take me for a walk.

Hayley brings the guy to Marcel. That's an 800 year old vampire.

Freya ready to do a spell to find Rebekah. Elijah's worried. Freya chants.

Rebekah and Aiya fighting. Just getting warmed up. More vampires arrives. She's outnumbered. I guess I should be flattered. Freya's avatar shows up. She chants and breaks all the vampire necks. Rebekah asks now what? RUN.

Lucien walks out, on the phone. Kinney is gushing blood into a bucket. Camille takes a napkin and Kinney picks up a knife. She can't help him. He says this is what happened to your brother, isn't? No one should have to go through that. Listen....I have a sister. If I don't make it.. She says no, we're walking out of this. She looks through the stuff.

Klaus brings Aurora to the cemetery. What are your intentions? She says over the long centuries, I'd dream of you. Kindred. Love I haven't felt since. But if only if it were real! This is really an interrogation. Klaus says my desire for answers is only fair. But if you doubt my feelings, we have one more stop.

Marcel calls Elijah. I need your help. Hayley caught of one Tristan's guys. It's Shen Min. Elijah says execute him immediately. Before he wakes, tear that heart from his chest.

Freya chants. Brings Elijah to Rebekah. It's time to come home, Rebekah. Freya says the Strix are making their move. Elijah says give me your word. Come home now, no detours. Rebekah says fine, but Marcel and Hayley better be alive when I get back.

Shen is awake. Hayley says now we can get started. Shen says yes, we certainly can.

Hayley appeals to Shen. Why were you following me? He says you'll never know. It won't matter. He threatens her. Marcel says calm down. Shen calls Marcel filth. I will end you, but not before you watch her die, screaming. Marcel tries to kill Shen and Shen gets fre. They fight. Shen has both of them dying. Elijah stakes him. Asks Hayley if she's okay. Marcel says I'm fine, thanks for asking. Elijah says next time I ask you to take out the trash, try not to dally.

Rebekah says I can't go home with nothing. Freya says arguing with you is a waste of precious time. Rebekah says see? You're fitting into this family like a glove.

Klaus brought Aurora home. Upstairs. The brick wall. Life it like a city. The foundation remains. He opens the wall. A painting of Aurora in his art studio 200 years ago. I thought I could free myself of you. In all my years, I've never been more wrong about anything. She kisses him.

Marcel says I don't know if you have time for answers. Elijah says let's make the most of it. He compels Shen to talk. They want Davina. Tristan needs her to activate a weapon against your family. Shen kills himself before saying more.

Lucien asks Camille if she's found it, yet. She says you've made your point. Heal him now. Lucien bleeds into a mug. Kinney drinks at her urging. She shows him a skull. It's the only place it could be. Lucien picks it up and collapses. She doesn't get a chance to stab him. Lucien knew she lied. Tells Kinney to put a knife to his throat. Camille hands it over. Lucien gets the medallion.

Rebekah and Freya look for the witch. Where is she? Rebekah says this is the spell. Freya says we need to go now. The witch comes in and chants. Aiya enters. The spell is on fire. And Rebekah is trapped. Freya can't do magic here. Aiya has a stake. Freya is cast to her body. Rebekah says the whole time it was a lie. Aiya says the spell is very real. This won't kill you. Just put you to sleep for a very long time. Rebekah says when I wake, you'll be the first person I kill. Aiya daggers her. Time to get you back to New Orleans.


Kinney cleaning up. Lucien says go tell your superiors you found the wrong suspect. Compels him to hate himself for never solving the mysteries. Camille says don't do this. He says he'll compel her to forget, too. Against vampires, humans always lose.

Klaus caresses the sleeping Aurora.

Freya wakes. Does a spell.

Elijah and Hayley. She says all I wanted was to find my family. Then once i did, all I wanted was a home. New Orleans is that home. The Strix are trying to take that, aren't they? Elijah says we won't let them. Marcel comes in with Freya. She says we need to call Klaus.

Aurora asks Klaus to come closer. He says it's best you stay out of arm's reach. She says I'll tell you everything I know. There's a Seratura. An awful device. An unbreakable boundary. They want to use it to put you three in a prison where no one can harm you. She says I took measures to get Rebekah away from them. Don't worry, my love. She's perfectly safe. You have my word. Now, come back to bed.

Next week - thanksgiving. Elijah can feel the holiday spirit already.

#TVD episode 7.6 - "Best Served Cold"

"Best Served Cold"

Ep 6:

3 years from now. Damon in Alaric's. Ric asked when did you talk to your fiancee? Damon says she's not answering now. Stefan is being hunted again and Caroline will be used as the bait to lure him out. A bloody Caroline on the news, with a message for Stefan Salvatore.

Past. Stefan teaching a little boy how to load a rifle. 11 year old son. Aww. Let's go find a deer. Stefan says never take your eye off the target. Jacob is gone. Stefan yells for him, searching.

He wakes up from the dream. Caroline asks who is Jacob? Why are you on the couch? Valerie used the shower. You're out of shampoo. I'm going to put clothes on. Caroline says explain. Stefan tells her about Julian. He'll come after Valerie. Trust me that I know what I'm doing. She says, Valerie needs to disappear. He says no. Caroline says I'll drive her to the airport myself. Kisses him. Valerie interrupts. Says the Phoenix Stone turns people mad and I need to be far from him.

Julian fencing with the male Heretic. Lily suggests the backyard. Julian says Beau insisted. She says take it outside, please. Julian kisses her. She says tempting, but I have another idea. We have enemies here. I'm referring to my sons. He says I have catching up to do.

Stefan and Damon receive an invite to Lily's dinner party at 5.

Ric and Jo's wedding video. He gets a call. Bonnie. She says Jo is at Skull Bar. Be says he's taking a break. She says we can't leave her unattended. I have to go to Mystic Falls. Get here now.

Stefan dressing. Damon says he's not going. Stefan says you're going. Damon says Julian makes her happy. It'll be more tragic in 6 months when I tear his heart out. Stefan says I plan on killing the bastard tonight.

Caroline says Seattle looks nice. Valerie isn't in to rain. Caroline suggests Indonesia. Let's talk names. Matilda! You could totally pull off Matilda Pettigrew. Valerie says I'm not a victim. When Stefan kills Julian, I can put this whole mess behind me. Caroline asks what mess? Valerie is surprised. Never mind.

Nora showing Julian how to play Candy Crush. He says this era suits you, Nora. Nora says Lily keeps us in the town border. He says she doesn't want another Valerie on her hands. He'd talk to Lily. Mary Louise comes in. Nora insults her dress. Julian says you look stunning as always.

Stefan arrives with wine. Lily says the cleaning lady was too expensive. There are a lot of people. Neighboring towns. None of these people are in danger. Damon is there already. I can't let you redecorate. Lily has to fall in love with it. Stefan says the furniture Lily purchased is psychotic and needs to be eliminated permanently. Julian introduces himself. Tells Beau to get them a drink.

Matt arrives. Tells Nora to leave Mystic Falls. Mary Louise comes over in a new dress. Nora takes Matt inside.

Enzo and Bonnie arrive. Knock. He says you're my date. LOL. Lily is glad he came. he kisses her cheek. Lily hopes Bonnie will start fresh. Bonnie says I hope you're joking.

Stefan and Julian at the pool table. Damon arrives. Tells a story about a vampire, a guy, and a pool bet. The guy didn't get to stake the vampire. Another vampire stopped the idiot. Stefan says that's a wonderful story, Hemingway. Damon says thanks and walks away.

Jo looked at WebMD. Ric with her. She tells him she figured out she has amnesia. An intern says hi to Jo. How was your honeymoon? They lie. Jo's nose is bleeding. Ric asks the girl to get some tissue. Jo coughs. What the hell is wrong with me?

**Nice shot without looking, Ian. My grandfather was a pool shark. Always amazed me that he could run a table with both hands.

The party even has a jazz singer. Lily introduces Julian. My family is finally complete. I hope we can accept each other and restore this town to a state of peace. Cheers.

Julian with Beau. My time away might have affected my head a bit. There's something that would bring me great relief. Oscar had something. Could you find it in,, maybe, his automobile? Enzo listens in. Then introduces himself. Julian says your staff does fantastic work. Enzo says he'll extend the compliments. Bonnie comes over. Enzo says he'll find Oscar's car. She fixes his tie. you wanted to make Lily jealous, right? Maybe a little. Enzo says I got what I came for. Have a nice night.

Jo still coughing. Caroline offers her blood. It'll heal you. Jo drinks, then throws up. Valerie says a vampire soul in a human body does not a match make. You're a decomposing mess. Caroline reams Valerie out. Valerie apologizes. Caroline says sit down quietly while he says goodbye.

Julian and Mary Louise. She rants about Nora. Julian compels a maid to stand still and say nothing. Tells Mary to feed. Mary says Lily would have my head. Julian says you've lost your swagger. No wonder Nora's bored. He bites the maid. I wo't tell if you won't. Mary feeds.

Mary Louise finds Nora and kisses her. Bonnie prepares to leave. A man asks where the high school is. Over and over. Can you tell my boss I quit? Bonnie tells Matt we should follow the guy. He says I'll meet you at my truck.

Damon's room. Where's my bed, and my flatscreen? Stefan says Lily took the room. Damon finds lingerie. Damon says Mom's happy. Another couple months is when we strike! Stefan says they need to go and Julian is the start of that! Damon says you know something. Spit it out! Matt comes in with booze. Damon takes it away. Drinks and it's poisoned. Matt drugs him. Stefan says take Bonnie and get out of here. It's about to get ugly.

Stefan attacks Julian. Lily comes in and douses the flames. Now Stefan faces both of them.

Damon wakes up.

Lily asks what did I do to make you hate me so much? He says it's not about you. She says answer me. What did I do wrong? Damon arrives. She says sit down, both of you. Damon suggests leaving. Julian says sit or I seat you myself. They sit. Julian talks about the Stone. Takes his jacket off. Every day, I try to escape, but I kill the person I love the most. Over and over, I drive a stake through your mother. But when you're over 475, you know it's not real. I'd never harm your mother. If I did snap......I wouldn't be a man. I'd be a monster. He starts throwing weapons at the boys. Then beats on Stefan. She screams at him to stop. Boys, out, now.

FauxJo wonders what WebMD says now. A woan stabbed me with a sword. It shouldn't have killed me but it did. I think I'm Florence. Ric says it's nice to meet you, Florence. I'm so sorry I put you through this. She says it's okay. I wish I was her. She was a lucky woman. you would've been an amazing husband. He says it's been so nice to hear her voice again. Thank you. Thank you for allowing me to say goodbye. Goodbye, Ric. She dies. He closes her eyes. Kisses her head. Caroline watched it all.

Bonnie and Matt at the school. Searching. Find the waiter walking with an IV. They follow him. Find several people the same. Matt says please stand up, we're going to get you out of here. Bonnie says someone compelled them to be here.

Ric finds Valerie watching the video. Caroline says turn it off. Valerie recognizes the chant. They were trying to save the Gemini twins. I think your babies are still alive.

Damon's drinking. This is why there's a hard line between good and evil. I don't cross into your territory and you don't cross into mine! Stefan says don't start with me. Damon taunts. Stefan attacks. They crash through the coffee table. Then says I got Valerie pregnant in 1863. Julian beat her until the baby died. I could've been a father. Damon asks why didn't you tell me? Stefan says and watch you brush it off with a joke about it happening 150 years ago? It still bothers me. I want him dead, Damon. Nothing will stop me from killing him. Not months or years from now. Now.

Valerie says the transfer is a failsafe. It's rarely used, but used nonetheless. Caroline says I don't want you to get your hopes up for something insane. Valerie takes his blood. Your blood will travel along the map and ignite when it's near the babies. She chants.

Stefan and Damon. Stefan asks if Julian reminded you of anyone? Damon says father. Stefan says Julian's right hook has more heft to it. Damon says Elena and I talked about a family. Stefan asks if it scared you, that you might turn out like our father? Damon wants to be a great dad to spite him. Stefan says I've done so much, but my only regret would be not having a kid. Damon will help him. Tomorrow, tonight, now - I'm in.

Julian and Lily. She asks what the hell happened down there? you were in a blind rage! He says they tried to kill me. She says tonight was about peace. He says I don't recognize you anymore. She says this version has no desire to see her children dead. If you have a problem with that, we have a problem. He says perhaps I was affected more than I want to admit. My mind is not right. I'm frightened I'm not the Julian you remember. She says I'll fix it. We'll fix it together. Promise me nothing like that will ever happen again. He nods. In the meantime, I need to feel safe. Your kids will strike again and I need to protect myself. She says it'll take the cooperation of the entire family. He says they love me.

Valerie chanting. The blood is moving. Caroline says I don't think it's working. The blood drips on the floor. Caroline tries to wipe it up and it catches on fire. Valerie says it's not possible. The babies are here. They're not on the map, Caroline. They're inside of you. WHOA!!!!!

Next ep - Stefan is hosting Thanksgiving. The family is linked. Julian dies, Mom dies.