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K.C. Taylor lives in California. She has been a sci-fi and fantasy lover from birth (she attended a showing of "Star Wars: A New Hope" while still in the womb).

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I've been a TV junkie all my life, a geek since age three, and doing live-blogging for discussion since 2008. My first online fandom was Angel in 1999. I was a volunteer at the Bye-Bye Buffy Bash in 2003 and an avid participant in the Save Angel campaign of 2004. Attended my first sci-fi/fantasy con in 2006. I'm a "spoiler whore", but I'll never post spoilers without warnings - I think that's really rude and inconsiderate.

For TV discussion, I hang out at the Fans of TV forum. If you'd like to join me, apply for membership. It's a closed forum.

Shows I'm watching in 2017:

Supergirl - October 9, 2017
The Big Bang Theory - Sept. 25
The Voice - Sept. 25
Gifted - new on FOX, Oct. 2

Flash - Oct. 10
Legends of Tomorrow - Oct. 10
Lethal Weapon - Sept. 26
This Is Us - Sept. 26
The Voice - Sept 26

The Blacklist - Oct. 4

Supernatural - Oct 12
Arrow - Oct 12
The Big Bang Theory - Nov 2
Superstore - Sept 28
The Good Place - Sept 28
The Orville - Sept 21

Blindspot - Oct 27
Marvel's Inhumans - Sept 29
Agents of SHIELD - Nov 17
The Originals - midseason
Taken - midseason

Elementary - midseason

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