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#Grimm episode 5.6 recap - "Wesen Nacht" #JulietteAlive

"Wesen Nacht"

Nick and Hank investigate a wave of vandalism that results in a local business owner's death and the kidnapping of a friend of Monroe and Rosalee; Trubel tells Nick and Adalind what she's been up to.

Ep 6:

Mid-season finale.

Group of criminals. Wesen. They're going after some addresses.

Trubel dreaming. Nightmare. She gasps awake. Nick holding Kelly. Adalind says there's not a lot of privacy here. We named him Kelly. I'm glad you're okay. We're glad. Trubel asks how long have I been here? Last night. You've been asleep for around 25 hours. I'll take over for Nick so you guys can talk. Trubel gets out of bed. Nick asks how she's feeling. Sore and really glad to see you. She asks if someone in the hospital was Wesen. He asks if she's hungry. A lot.

Church bells rings at night. The Wesen cars stop. Bust into stores and vandalize things. Owners run, hide, get attacked. Killed. One woman paints the 4 claw mark symbol.

Trubel says Chavez knew you were a Grimm. They were keeping track of you. They want people like us on their side. They found me with Josh. Hadrian's Wall. Part of the gov't, but so secret, no one knows. They're fighting an underground war against Wesen all over the world. I had to help. HW needs Grimms. I worked with one in Lisbon and heard about one in Bangkok. Adalind asks if they pay. Trubel says yeah, in cash. Nick asks about Meisner. She knows him. Nick says Meisner helped us get you out of the hospital. He asks what did they do with Juliette's body? She doesn't know. She got sent away to do what Grimms do. They've been watching Nick. And Adalind. And they know about the baby. They don't want your kid. Nick asks about the motorcycle. Trubel says it's mine. He wants to see it.

She shows him what the buttons do. Even has internet and satellite tracking of cellphones. She gets emotional. I thought I'd never see you again. Hug. She's still sore. I can't believe you're a dad. Neither can he. Hank calls. She says hi. Hank says we got a big one. A lot of places hit.

Wu and Hank and Nick. 3 neighborhoods hit. 1 shop owner murdered, 1 badly beaten, and one missing. They killed the owner of the flower shop. Why were some shops targeted? Wu has a theory. in the bakery. The mark. Baker came to Portland 3 years ago.

Monroe and Rosalee. Watching the news. They know the baker. What the hell is going on? Knock on the door. It's Bud. He came right here from home. Eugene and Seattle incidents, too. Bud's freaking out.

Baker is taken into their lair. Show him a photo. He doesn't know them. Leader tells him don't lie to me. It's a photo of Monroe!!

Wu looking at witness reports. Hank says they were all wearing black shirts. Why are these gangs working together all of a sudden. Nick brings up the mark. Tells them about the wesen uprising. Rosalee calls Nick. All the victims we know are Wesen. Nick says we found another mark. Nick and Hank on the way to the house.

Adalind and Trubel in the garage. Adalind thought they should get to know each other a bit better. Trubel knows she tried to help Juliette, and that she slept with Nick. Are you in love with Nick? Adalind says that'd be really....too....I don't know what that'd be. Trubel says you're sharing a room. Adalind says we only sleep next to each other because I get scared. You know Meisner? I wouldn't be alive if not for him. Losing Diana was the worst thing that happened to me. Trubel says she'll be okay. Adalind says you don't know the Royals like I do. Did the organization want you to kill Juliette? You went to Nick's place for her, didn't you? Trubel says yeah. Nick doesn't know. Adalind says she won't tell, but you should. Kelly cries.

Monroe and Rosalie and Bud with Nick and Hank. Looking at the photos. Why are Wesen attacking Wesen. Monroe says Free the Hidden. Bud says it looks like a claw mark.

Wu talking to a shop owner. Shows her the mark. She says she doesn't know about it. He goes in the bakery again. Takes a photo of the mark. Hears a noise. Draws his gun. Finds the owner! Help me, help me, please.

Captain recording a video for the candidate. Andrew Dixon is honest, hardworking, and as concerned about this city as I am. Giving his endorsement. They ask him to relax more for the next take. Have fun with it.

The shop. Monroe shows them a riot in a book. Riots are frequently really a Wesen problem. Even the Boston Tea Party. Nick asks if your friend was in a group. No. Wu calls. I have Xavier. He's guarded at the hospital. St. Joe's.

He tells Nick and Hank he never got a good look at them. I ran and ran until I saw the bridge. The guy watching me fell asleep. I picked up a brick and hit him in the head. There was a lot of blood. I ran until I couldn't run anymore. Nick shows him the mark. Xavier says he doesn't recognize it. Nick says we know they attacked you because you're Wesen. He wogues. Eww. Not a pretty one. He says I've heard about you. Nick and Hank say we can protect you, but we need you to identify anyone you can. Wu says there's no hurry. Just say if anyone's familiar. Xavier lies. Then points out the blonde woman. Hmmmm.

Meisner in the bakery.

Nick and Hank update Sean. Nick says I met with Chavez the night she was killed. It was a setup. I tried to save her, but we were outnumbered. Sean says the FBI should never find out. Nick says Chavez said they're coming to Portland. It's war. Sean says bring the girl in.

Line-up. Xavier says he doesn't know. Sean says don't be scared. Xavier says he can't do this.

Have to let her go. Do you want to go at her directly? Hank says she's already asked for a lawyer. Sean asks if they're sure she's the right person. Nick says she's the right one, the witness is just too scared. Sean says get him unscared.

Wesen meeting at the shop. They're freaked out. Monroe tries to calm them. Rosalee says Nick is investigating. Phone rings. Nick. She says everyone's looking for answers. Nick says Xavier is too scared to identify one of them. Come and talk to him.

Nick with Xavier. Rosalee and Monroe arrive. Hank asks to talk to Nick outside. Nick is a friend of ours. He's a good guy, you can trust him. Xavier can tell them she's one of them. But they'll know and they'll kill me. Monroe says what's to stop them from doing this again? Rosalee says Nick will protect you. We've trusted him with our lives many times. Xavier struggles to keep his wogue under control. You really trust him that much? Monroe says you think we'd be here if we didn't? Xavier agrees.

Nick and Hank go at the girl. Billie, you've been positively identified in the kidnapping. She asks for her lawyer. Nick says you're not getting out of this one. Hank cites the charges she'll get. Nick says unless you make a deal. If we walk out, there's no deal. She has nothing to say. Nick says I know you're Wesen and you're friends are Wesen. She says you're a cop. hank says I'm a cop, he's a Grimm. She freaks and wogues. I'll start screaming! Nick says if I was going to kill you, it wouldn't be here and we wouldn't be talking. Hank says give us a name. Offers her probation and witness protection. Nick says one name, Billie. She says Dallas Cruise.

She calls Dallas. Says they let her out. He says meet me at the factory. Nick tells her to draw it. You're taking us there. She says no, you can't make me do that. Sean says yeah they can and wogues. Wu is startled. Poor guy seeing the Zauberbiest for the first time.

Nick asks where is the factory. Off Lombard. She marks the building. Where are the doors? She marks that, too. Windows? up high. Will they see you when you drive up? Not in the back.

Meisner says let's go. Let's a woman out of the cell. Hmmm.

Rosalee knows Dallas Cruise. Nearly killed her friends years ago. Monroe wants to go with Nick and co. Rosalee wants to take Xavier home. Wu will tell him. Sean says Monroe, you'll ride with me.

Rosalee and Xavier in the car.

They stop Billie's car. Ready to go in.

Rosalee asks if they told him why they took you? He doesn't want to talk about it. She says they'll get Cruise and the rest of them. Xavier says they're crazy. She says I thought you said they didn't talk to you. How do you know what they'll do? What's wrong? Tell me. He cries. Why did you let Monroe go with them. She yells at him to tell her right now what's going on. Xavier says I didn't have a choice, they made me! She stops the car. Did you set them up? You son of a bitch! She punches him.

Nick tells Billie she doesn'rt seem worried. Monroe gets a call from Rosalee. It's a trap! Billie runs. Wesen come out. Sean gets everyone in a building. Rosalee asks what's happening. He's attacked and drops the phone. She can only listen to the fighting.

They get in a room. Trapped. Wesen try coming in from above. Nick says we need to conserve ammo. They hear deaths outside the room. Then it's quiet. Nick's going out.

The Wesen are dead. Except one. And Cruise attacks Nick. He's levitated by.......and then dropped. A woman. Juliette in a wig! She disappears.

Next ep - A global plan. War. Council is dead. Find more keys. Going to the Black Forest.

Interview with Bitsie Tulloch.

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#TheOriginals 3.9 - "Savior" #midseasonfinale #Christmas


HOME FOR CHRISTMAS — When a dangerous affliction threatens to expose one of her siblings, Freya (Riley Voelkel) searches for a way to reverse the crippling curse even as she finds herself the target of The Strix’s latest plan. Elsewhere, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) keeps a watchful eye over Cami (Leah Pipes) while she attempts to help Detective Kinney (guest star Jason Dohring), whose life has begun to spiral out of control as a result of Lucien’s compulsion. Meanwhile, a confrontation with Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) causes Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) to reevaluate his decision to stay out of witch business, and Hayley’s (Phoebe Tonkin) attempt at a quiet Christmas with Jackson (guest star Nathan Parsons) and Hope results in an unexpected surprise. Daniel Gillies also stars. Matt Hastings directed the episode written by Carina Adly MacKenzie & Diane Ademu-John (#309). Original airdate 12/10/15.

image credit: The CW

Ep 9:

Mid-season finale.

Rebekah speaking. Being daggered is like a deep, dreamless sleep. But this dagger makes sure I feel everything. Elijah paid to have the box dredged out of the Gulf. They open the box. Elijah arrives. Kills all the men. Got blood on himself. He pulls the dagger out of Rebekah. She sits up. Hello, Sister. She says tell me I didn't miss Christmas.

Camille watching a woman bleed in a glass to feed Klaus. He says you seem better. She says yeah. Thanks. For giving me space to not talk. Why didn't you go with Elijah? He says it's not good for us to spend hours in confined spaces. Her phone buzzes. Vincent. She says I have to go.

Marcel finds Tristan in his bar. Tristan says what's yours is ours as a Strix. The bar is a neutral space. Marcel says no one's eager to step up as Regent. Tristan says we do not wait for that. He has a candidate. Van. I made an offer. He'll use his powers to do as I ask.

Camille is jumpy. Vincent says Kinney got fired last week. He's not leaving his house. She'll talk to him. Thank you.

Haley finds Jackson. She thought he'd eventually come home. He asks if she loves Elijah. Tell me the truth for once. I've fought for you, stood by you, loved you. And seeing you is the best thing I've ever seen. What kind of fool does that make me? She says I chose you and I choose you again every single day. Can't that be enough? It's our first Christmas. Haven't had a happy one before. I want a quiet night with you and Hope. I don't care if their house is on fire. Please, please come home. He says okay. I'll meet you there. Go on.

Aurora stumbles out. Tristan has been drugging her again. He says he's taking care of things. Following Freya.

Rebekah changed clothes. She's mad. Elijah's gassing the car. She says you don't believe the prophecy, do you? He might. She says I'd never harm you and he's the same. He trusts Freya. So that leaves Nik. Has he learned his lesson about backstabbing family? Elijah says he continues to learn it every day. Heh. She vamps. Says don't you want to rip out his heart sometimes? Gasps in pain. Reveals a mark on her arm. A skull like on the dagger. She wants a cure for Christmas.

Jack has a Christmas tree in the truck. He sees Freya being followed.

Freya takes out one. Another man breaks her arm. A third shows up and takes the medallion. Jackson attacks them. Beheads a vamp. One runs. He kills the 3rd. He picks up Freya.

Camille at Will's. Klaus shows up. She says I don't need a bodyguard. He says I'm here as your friend. She knocks again. Klaus listens in. Kicks the door open. Camille runs in. Drop the gun! Will wants to kill himself. Cami says it's Lucien's compulsion. Is there anything you can do, Klaus, please! He says invite me in.

Hayley arrives. Gives Freya blood. She says they took it. I was meeting with a witch. The only way to get rid of it is to use it. Elijah says we have an urgent problem. Rebekah says to be clear, I am the prettiest urgent problem you've seen.

Marcel tells Vincent that Van is ascending to regent for the Strix. Yeah, witches and vampires have been fighting for power, but we are New Orleans. He keeps poking Vincent until Vincent blows the lights. I've been holding back my power for a long time. Today that stops. I'm going to take back the Regency, Marcel, but you're not going to like what I do with it. Marcel grins.

Klaus talks to Will. There is beauty in the courage of the fragile fighter. Those who believe there is good in the world. Dark things find we need that light the most. He compels him You Do Matter. Have you a family? Will says a sister in Baton Rouge. Klaus tells him Go to her. Enjoy Christmas. In the New Year, your captain will welcome you back. Tomorrow will be better. Tomorrow better still. You will go on.

Freya tells Rebekah that the curse will turn her into a Ripper. Elijah asks if she can fix it. Freya says she needs time and a hell of a lot of magic. She passes out. Jackson says She was fine, Hayley healed her. Elijah finds a mark of poison. This is an assassination attempt.

**I do love when Klaus can be kind. He appreciates humanity when he's not being a monster. The complexity of all his facets makes him - and the other Originals - such good characters. When his heart is revealed, it shows what he could've been under different circumstances.

Freya wakes. I feel weak. Elijah says there is an antidote. Freya says what she needs for Rebekah. I'll channel Finn. Rebekah's thrilled. Freya says you and I are out of options, Sister.

Camille says Will is packing. Klaus says it was nothing. She says it was not nothing. Elijah calls him.

Freya chants over the amulet. Finn says it isn't worth it, Sister. She says it is. It's complicated.

Klaus will go to Lucien. Camille tells him to go. I'll be fine. He says no. I can't be worried about you. The safest place for you is with me. Please.

Hayley and Rebekah. Hug. Hayley says Cami has been staying the past few nights. Jackson and I have our own place now. Rebekah says cruel things. Hayley says this isn't you. Rebekah says where do you stand? Are you friend? Family? She attacks Hayley. Perhaps you've been a foe all along.

Freya keeps chanting. Finn says let them all go. It'll be the two of us again. She pleads to him. Elijah says stop, please. She says help me or get out. He offers blood. Finn says just this once for you.

Rebekah keeps taunting Hayley. Hayley pushes her. Rebekah laughs.

Finn says good luck, Sister. Jackson comes in. She's burning up. Elijah says a hospital won't help her.

Rebekah attacks Hayley again.

Freya coughs up blood.

Elijah grabs Rebekah. Control yourself. Hayley stands. Rebekah uppercuts Elijah. Knocking him out. Then attacks Hayley again, plunging her hand into Hayley's chest. Klaus stops her. Prevents Rebekah from getting to her or Camille. Camille gives Hayley a case. Rebekah says Camille will turn toxic, too. All the women you and Elijah bring around are poison.

Jackson plunges the antidote into Freya's heart. She gasps. Freya goes back to breaking the spell on the dagger.

Elijah and Klaus hold Rebekah down. Freya cuts out the mark while chanting. Rebekah screams, then passes out. Then comes to. Sits up. Well that was annoying. LOL. Klaus grins. Rebekah smiles back at him.

**That was nicely gruesome, heh. 20 minutes left. Intense episode!

Hope playing with something. Jackson asks Hayley if she's ready to go. She apologizes. I promised we'd spend the night alone. Yet here we are. He says today it was me that saw their house on fire and decided to not let it burn. He says it was instinct. They fought like hell to protect each other today and I respect that. I was born to love you, hayley, and if I have to deal with the Mikaelsons, okay. She kisses him.

Downstairs, Christmas around the tree. Hayley and Jackson come down with Hope. Elijah kisses Hope. Klaus thanks Jackson for helping Freya. Rebekah has a fire lit. It's tradition. Writing our wishes and burn them for luck. At the brazier. Klaus says they can't know we found you, Rebekah. She can't stay. She looks at the family. It's okay. My wish already came true. We have this moment. They hold hands.

Marcel cleaning up glass. Tristan says don't you have someone to spend the holiday with? Van has been rejected by the Ancestors. Who is the new Regent? Marcel says Vincent Griffith. Have a Merry Christmas, now.

Treats and toys. Rebekah has her coat on. Tells Freya to take care of our brothers. God knows they need it. Kisses Hope. Apologizes to Hayley. When I left last, I thought you'd hate Klaus forever. Hayley says even when you hate him.... Klaus hugs Rebekah. You're always leaving. She says I always come back. he says run far and fast. And should you meet some handsome fool, know your weakness. She tells him to run toward love. He and Camille exchange glances.

Freya snuck into a ball here 100 years ago. Talking with Elijah. I know this hasn't been your most elegant family Christmas, but it's the best I've ever had.

Klaus finds Camille on the balcony. She says don't say tired. He says he was going to say contemplative. Penny for your thoughts. She was thinking about what rebekah said. Is she right? I've lost count of the times you've saved me and the people you care about. Today you saved someone you don't. Why? He says because you wished it. I don't wish to watch you behind glass, Camille. She asks what does he wish? He kisses her. They giggle.

Freya has lost her amulet.

Vincent needs all the guidance he can get. Tristan congratulates him. I love cemeteries. Churches celebrate fairytales. Cemeteries hold concrete proof that you can't be saved from the inevitable. Vincent says he will enforce justice on vampires. So you keep watching me, but know for sure I'm watching you, too. Tristan says that's very brave. He has the amulet. Do as I ask, or Finn Mikaelson will.

Elijah with Rebekah. She called him.

Klaus and Camille at the bed.

rebekah shows him the mark is back. He says Freya can try something else. She says what if we run out of time? I don't want to run. Hide my body and don't tell a soul. Let Nick be happy for once.

Klaus and Cami making out.

Rebekah says when the year is over, have Freya cure me and throw a party. When I'm buried, the prophecy is over. Do it, Elijah! Do it! She forces him to dagger her. He weeps.

Cami wakes up and smiles at Klaus. He's asleep. She rolls over.

Aurora plays the piano. Tristan joins her. Beautiful. You should play more. She says I never stop. She had a good day.

Klaus wakes up. A bloody hand. Camille's throat is bloody. Klaus gathers her close and screams into the night.

Jan. 29 - Vengeance. Klaus says these attacks must stop!

#TVD #midseasonfinale episode 7.9 - "Cold As Ice" #Christmas

"Cold As Ice"

THE SALVATORES ARE COMING TO TOWN - With the holidays in full swing, a search for Julian leads Damon and Stefan to a small town outside of Mystic Falls. While managing a holiday toy drive at Whitmore College, Bonnie (Kat Graham) seeks help from Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne) and the two strike up an unlikely friendship. Elsewhere, Caroline (Candice King) does her best to navigate her new life as a pregnant vampire, while Alaric (Matt Davis) grows concerned that the pregnancy is effecting her more than she's letting on. Finally, after finding himself at odds with Damon, Stefan is forced to take matters into his own hands, setting off a tragic chain of events that leaves their lives changed forever. Geoffrey Wing Shotz directed the episode written by Brian Young (#709). Original airdate 12/10/2015.

image credit: The CW

Ep 9:

Mid-season finale.

Chicago, 3 years from now. Valerie tells Stefan he can't go. He is borrowing her car. She wants to go with him. He says no. She says if anything happens to you, I will rain hell on anyone responsible. He says don't be so dramatic. They kiss. I'll be back before you know it.

Today. Taking the body to the crypt. Stefan and Damon carry the coffin in the snow, in suits. Lower it into a hole in the ground. Nora and Valerie are there, too. Stefan asks about Julian. Nora says she hasn't heard from Mary and Julian in days. Valerie says Beau couldn't bring himself to be there. Nora says when I was a girl, I loved my mother. She turned her back on me. I thought I'd never find that love again. you proved me wrong. Thank you, Lily. Valerie says you knew me at my brightest and darkest. you always saw the light in me. I'll miss you, Lily. Stefan thanks her. The girls leave. Stefan says how many times do you get a second chance to deliver your mother's eulogy? Damon says you were a terrible mother when you were alive and a terrible mother when you were dead. You're right, that does feel good. He leaves. Stefan places flowers in the coffin. Says I'm so sorry. I promise I'll make this right. Closes the coffin.

Caroline gathering toys. I popped this week. I have a pot belly. On the phone with Stefan. She says she can handle this. She's hungry. She asks how he is. He says Damon is stopping by every pub they pass by.

Bonnie teases Caroline about her cravings. Ric arrives. Off to birthing class.

Damon and Stefan discussing Caroline and the babies. You'll make an amazing not-father. Kind of your thing. Stefan says your jokes have gotten quite sad. Damon says you need me. Stefan says I need your actions, not your words. Damon says he's armed up. Relax. Eggnog?

Valerie in the house. Mary says Julian's not here. Is he coming back? None of your concern. Valerie's just grabbing her stuff. Mary says this fracturing is your fault. Valerie says it's not a story. Mary says the timing is suspect. You only told it when it served you. Gained you sympathy. Valerie says Nora will blossom without you.

Bonnie drinking eggnog. Nora shows up with a toy. A Sorry game. Nora wants to be involved. She enrolled in classes. She was curious about college. you clearly need help. Bonnie says not from a Heretic that kidnapped my friend. Nora persists. Bonnie sends her to the collection booth WAY over there.

Damon and Stefan walking the town. Sunberry. Damon needs more eggnog. Into another pub. Full of dead Santas. Merry Christmas, Brother. Think we found him.

**Geeze, Julian, you kill a bunch of Santas of all things? Way to draw attention to yourself and make a spectacle. That'll definitely make the news when people find out.

**Pride, Prejudice, and Zombies movie commercial. Heh. February.

Damon turns the open sign off. Stefan says maybe if we hadn't stopped at every bar on the way here.... Damon says look around, Julian is clearly off the rails. Stop and think about some back-up. Stefan says you are my back-up! Damon calls Bonnie. He asks about a more accurate address. Need some info. Bonnie will text him in a bit.

Birthing class. Caroline has studied. Class is over. She says don't give me that look. The hormones making me crazy look. He proves he read the books, too. Her vamp hearing is working overtime. She gets vampy. Ric stops her from getting aggressive. She says it's just the hormones. Heh.

Nora and Bonnie. Asks who her Freshman English teacher is. Brings hot cocoa with bourbon. Apologizes for being harsh. A pity friend is still a friend. Nora asks what do you need? I wasn't born yesterday. Bonnie asks her about Sunbury.

Stefan asks Damon when the denial phase is going to end. Damon says death lets me care about her even less. Julian enters the pub. Hello, boys. I misplaced my cell phone. Finds it. Damon says we thought you had a maniacal plan, but you're just a drunk that lost a cell phone. Julian says it's been a rough few weeks. Stefan says she meant nothing to you. Julian says she meant everything to me! He brings out the sword. The completed sword transfers the vampire's spirit into this nasty stone. Creates your own personal hell. I spent over 100 years inside. I had Lily back in my life. She was the only thing that kept me sane. Damon says that was you sane? That it was. But now? These have been dark days for me.

Nora says this town is where he used to live. It's not safe.

Julian remembered his old life. A good life. I was surrounded by friends. People enter. Boys are outnumbered. Guess Damon was right about needing more back-up to go after Julian, huh?

Julian introduces Raphael from the 1600s. Robin from 1802. And Seth from the Gold Rush, and the last from last week in Portland. Damon says we miss Lily and she's looking up and wishing these boys wouldn't fight. Stefan's not leaving. Damon set off bombs and they run.

Nora giving a toy to a girl in a hospital. Christmas was always my favorite holiday. Bonnie says you and Mary Louise broke up. You need to move on and live in the present. She's dead to you. Am I? Mary asks to talk.

Caroline and Ric drinking. Caroline asks if the blood is okay for the babies? He says if it's good for you, it's good for the babies. You're doing a good job. Caroline hulks out and pushes him. Then runs off.

Nora and Mary Louise in private. Mary wants an apology. Nora says Julian is the reason Lily's dead. Mary says Valerie's story is responsible. Nora says he's a liar, why can't you see that? Mary is tired of fighting. Nora's done. It's over. Mary says you've been wanting this a long time. Took you no time to move on. Nora says you're too scared to change. When's the last time you gave out some charity? Mary says when I started dating you. Storms out.

Damon says we need to get in the car and go. Stefan doesn't want to. Julian is planning something. Damon says that's a hornet nest, a suicide mission. Stefan says Julian would've been dead already, but you wanted to punish Lily. How difficult would it have been to say something nice? She was dying, Damon. You're acting like a spoiled brat. A coward. You had a chance to make things right, and you still do. Damon says he's going home.

Valerie has the journal. Stefan calls. I'm headed home. Damon bailed on me. He thinks I'm overreacting. Valerie says I should've gone with you. He asks if she's seen Mary Louise.

She's at a bar. Stefan says you've had enough. You look like you could use a friend. Things with Nora didn't go well, did they? Valerie drugs Mary. Stefan snaps a photo. Stay with her until Julian is dead.

Bonnie finds Nora in her room. Crying. Bonnie asks what she sees in Mary Louise. Nora says she's loving, protective, kind. Bonnie says just to you. Nora says that's fair. Maybe I'm spoiled, or old-fashioned, but it's nice having that person that loves you and thinks you're amazing. Maybe you don't. Bonnie says I don't need someone to tell me I'm pretty. Nora says it does feel good to hear it. You're a kind person, and beautiful. Julian texts her that Mary has been taken hostage. I was wrong. You and your friends aren't nice at all. She grabs Bonnie and siphons her power.

Damon in the house. Fireplace. Julian asks where is she. i came alone. Where is Mary Louise? Damon is surprised Stefan kidnapped Mary Louise. Julian threatens him with the sword. Damon says we have no beef. Julian says right, you don't care. You're burning her clothes, trying to erase her existence. Damon needs closet space. Julian says I knew her love for you would get her killed. It's easy for you, isn't it. You don't have to take responsibility for her death. Damon says she killed herself. Julian knocks him down. I hope whatever Hell this sword puts you in, she's there. Stefan tosses Julian, saving Damon. Julian runs off.

13 minutes left. Stefan, if you ask Julian to come to the house, make sure you're brother isn't going to be ambushed, okay? Oy.

Caroline out in the snow. Visits her mother's grave with a wreath. This is my first Christmas without you. That sucks. I still got you something. 2 somethings. I'll spare you the details of how. But it's happening. I'm pregnant. I pictured this conversation much differently, obviously. I was human and you were alive. I know they're not mine. They're still my responsibility and I have to do this right, and I have no idea what I'm doing. All I want to do is sit on our kitchen counter and ask you a million questions. God, I miss you.

They find Julian in the house. Attack him. Julian throws Stefan, then beats on Damon. I would've killed you on sight if it wasn't for your mother. Stefan gets back in it. Julian stakes him. Damon tries to save him and gets stabbed with the sword. He falls. Stefan watches in horror. Julian says now I'll run. Stefan pulls the wood out of his gut. Damon? Damon?

7 minutes. Damon's in the Phoenix Stone now. Wonder how long he'll be in there?

Valerie waiting. Opens the journal. Someone opens a door. Who's there? She's in the hospital. Mary Louise is gone.

Caroline reaches Stefan. Oh my God. He says Damon wanted me to let it go. I should've let it go. I couldn't. She says she was your mom, Stefan. It's not easy to let that go. Let's figure out a way to save your brother.

Caroline calls Bonnie.

We need to call Valerie. Stefan says Damon won't make it in there.

Damon in the Civil War. He gets up. Gut shot. In the middle of battle in the woods. He's terrified.

She says he'll survive this. Nora says he'll be different. Just like you. She stabs Stefan with the sword!

Holy crap! Next ep in January. Bonnie brought Damon back 3 months later. Or did she?

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#Supernatural 11.9 - "O Brother Where Art Thou?" #midseasonfinale #Lucifer

“O Brother Where Art Thou?”

AMARA UNLEASHES HER POWER UPON THE WORLD — Amara (guest star Emily Swallow) unleashes her power on the local townspeople as she issues a shocking challenge. Dean (Jensen Ackles) tries to better understand the hold Amara has on him, while Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) come up with a plan that could have disastrous consequences. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Eugenie Ross-Leming & Brad Buckner (#1109). Original airdate 12/9/2015.

image credit: the CW

Ep 9:

A fountain. A man preaches to some gathered people. Amara is all grown up. You think God is watching? He says only the chosen will be raised to Heaven. She says He's not interested. Doesn't even seem to be around. I've searched. She turns the water to blood. Then a storm starts. He asks if she's God. She says He's not the only game in town. She zaps all the people with lightning. Burnt up corpses. Well?

Sam wakes in the cage. With Lucifer. Lucifer touches Sam's face. Vision. Sam sees a burning bush.

Dean says this is crazy. It's not going to happen. Sam says what else do we have? The visions only happen when I reach out to God! Listen, Lucifer touches me and I feel calm, like things will be alright. That's the last thing I'd think of. Dean asks why would God ask this of you. What proof do we have? Sam says there was a burning bush. Dean says sometimes bushes burn in the forest. Maybe there's something to it and maybe not. Sam says Lucifer was there when God ended the Darkness.

Sam talks to Crowley, with Dean. Is it possible to get to the Cage? Dean says the Darkness will pound on everything. Crowley says you couldn't control your girlfriend. Why did she insist on sparing you? What is she to you? Dean says God's sister. Crowley is surprised. Dean asks can Sam meet with Lucifer or not? Sam says in the cage. We can't let him out. Crowley says there may be a way.

The cage. Lucifer grins. Oh boy.

Crowley says if Sam enters the cage, he's gone. Need a secure site. A way to neutralize Lucifer's powers in Hell. Dean says if Sam isn't safe, it's not happening. Crowley says theoretically. The Cage was sealed by God Himself. The spells were recorded in the Book of the Damned.

A church. Bells toll. Priest greets people. Amara asks if he's in charge. I'm looking for God. An actual meeting in a room. Priest says this is the right place. The way to reach Him is through prayer. She kneels and prays, but says it's not working. Priest says He heard you. She says you've seen Him? He says no, no one alive. That's faith. She says you only believe what He wants you to believe. You don't know what He's like. The Priest says we do. God is the Light and it is the Light that vanquishes the Darkness.

Rowena in chains brought to Crowley. So, Fergus, think you've won? She threatens him. he says stow it, you lying bitch. If I wanted to kill you, I'd have done it. Dean and Sam enter. She says that's beneath even you. Dean says we have bigger fish to fry. She brings up the Darkness. I've heard whispers. Dean says we can cork it back up. She doesn't trust them. Crowley says none of us do. It's a devil's bargain.

Angel grunts want to stick together. The Darkness will come after Heaven. They says it's on God to make this right. You tell Him that next time you see Him. Ooops, He's not around. You don't think she wants to get even? Our leaders only pit factions against each other. This is in our laps. Spread the word. We stand united and move now!

Rowena wants to know what's in it for her. Crowley will make a deal. Pitch in and I'll call off my assassins. She needs the Codex and the code breaker. Dean says we need to open the Cage and how to protect Sam. She asks what's in it? Sam says Lucifer. She says let's get to it, then.

Church. Statues broken. People dead. Amara sucks the priest's soul. Then kills him, too. She talks up to God. Do you see what's happening? All your chosen are suffering! SHOW YOURSELF!

Dean at the church. Sam is with Rowena. Dean says the cops said the victims were talking to a mystery woman. Amara's upping her game. Dean asks if he's okay? Sam says no, but what choice do we have. Dean says wait for me. Don't do anything without me.

Rowena says you trust like a chicken. Sam says you think I'm going to set you free? Do I look crazy? Get back to work. We're running out of time. She says aha! I need some ingredients. Tell Fergus to bring a handcart. We're going to Hell.

Dean stops hearing sound. He walks to a park. Looks around. Hotdog man asks if he wants one. Sam calls Dean. Dean lets it ring. Turns around and sees Amara.

Rowena says Fergus is coming. Sam says I promised Dean I'd call. She says it's now or never.

Amara says you felt my presence. That's why you came here. She smiles at him. Then Dean is in the wilderness. He says you grew up. She says yes. This is her today.

Hell. Crowley and Rowena and Sam. She says it's not as scenic as I expected. Crowley says this is the furthest reaches of Hell.

A cage. Rowena paints symbols on it. Sam says the place suits you. Dark. Empty. The point of this is to save everyone's bacon. Hope she knows what she's doing. Rowena says we're about to find out, aren't we? She chants. Fire surrounds the empty cage. She chants to the Cage. Crowley says it begins.

Amara says you misunderstand my purpose. I had to get His attention. I tried praying. Calling out in need. He ignored me. He forced my hand. I had no other reason to harm His chosen. My issue is with my brother, not His creation. Dean says that's your mess. Between you two. You're taking lives. Souls. She says the souls are part of me. They live forever.

Fire rises. Lucifer in the cage. Glowing eyes. He comes forward. My old friend Crowley. You're too kind, to yourself. What do you want of me? Sam comes in view. Lucifer says my old roomie. How can I help?

Lucifer's in the dark about this meeting. Am I up for parole? Time off for bad behavior? I don't get visitors. Sam says if not the crisis topside, you wouldn't have one now. Rowena has a crush. Sam asks him about the Darkness. She's been released. She's on Earth. Lucifer asks how? Sam says she poses a threat to all that exists, including you. Lucifer asks where's the Big Burrito himself? Where's God? Sam says there are no current indications of His presence. Lucifer says figures. Sam says He's reached out to an interested party. Me. He answered my prayers. Lucifer asks what was Dad's suggestion? Sam says to seek out you. Lucifer says whodathunk it?

Amara doesn't blame Dean for the mistrust. He was so threatened by me. So He exiled me. Passed on stories that I was a threat. His way or the highway. Dean says some people find comfort in His rules. She says what if there were no rules? No pain. Just bliss. That feeling you have when you're with me. For everyone. Forever.

Lucifer says I get why you came to me. Can't ignore God, right? Sam asks if he's on board. Lucifer says I did help Dad all those years ago. She's prone to tantrums. I can see why Pop is laying low.

Crowley hopes Sam is smart enough to not strike a deal.

Lucifer says God's not the only circus in town. She has none of the experience of God. He's a master strategist. That's why you're here. Sam says and? Lucifer says I need a ride out of here. Sam says you want a vessel. Lucifer says one who's strong enough to hold me. handy and available now. Catch my drift?

Dean asks what's in it for her? She says everything. I'm the beginning and end. God was the light. I am the dark. Dean says then what? She says that's all you need to know for now. He tries to stab her. The angel blade shatters. She says you had to know that's pointless. I can't be resisted. She grabs his face. Kisses him. He kisses back!

Sam says did you really expect me to agree? I disappear while you take my body and walk the Earth again? That's certifiable! Lucifer says you passed certifiable 3 off ramps ago. Here I am, ready to pitch in. God sent you to me to get my help. Sam, your visions were the word of God, you can't say no to that.

Dean backs up. What was that? She says the future. The inevitable. We're bonded. You set me free. He says that was an accident. She says it was destiny. You and I will be together. Dean says no, that's not going to happen. She says we'll become one. Why wouldn't you want that? Angels arrive. You will submit to the judgment of Heaven. She says tell God to deal with me Himself. Angel says all o Heaven will strike the Earth if they have to. Dean says whoa, dial it down. You'll kill a lot of people! Amara attacks an angel. Then makes another stab himself. The third blows up. Dean asks what have you done? Storm clouds arrive. Dean says He will smite you. She says maybe now He'll hear me. She sends Dean away. Stands in the eye of the storm. Light power comes down on her.

**Crowley and Rowena are hilarious in the cheap seats.

Park. Dean by the hotdog stand.

Lucifer asks Sam if he has an invitation? Sam says no. I won't do it. There has to be another way. The symbols stop glowing. The fire dies. Crowley goes down there. Why did the warding fail? What's happening? Sam is in the Cage! Lucifer comes closer. You're calm given the circumstances. Sam says this is how God told me it'd be. Lucifer says it wasn't God doing the talking. The Cage was damaged. I reached out. It wasn't God inside your head, Sam. it was me. So you see. He's not with you. Never been with you. Just me. So I guess I am your only hope. Sam says it's never going to happen. Lucifer says settle in there, body. Lower bunk, upper bunk? Or do you want to share?

9:56pm. All that happened, and the ep was still not that long.

Next ep - January. Christmas! Jan. 20.

#Arrow midseason finale episode 4.9 - "Dark Waters"

"Dark Waters"

OLIVER TAKES ON HIVE — After the city is attacked again, Oliver (Stephen Amell) makes a bold move against HIVE. Malcolm (John Barrowman) checks in on Thea (Willa Holland) and leaves her with a warning. Things take a horrible turn when Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) retaliates in a brutal manner at Oliver’s mayoral holiday party. John Behring directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Ben Sokolowski (#409). Original airdate 12/9/2015.

image credit: The CW

Ep 9:

The bay. Oliver watching clean-up. People came to pick up garbage. Reporter asks him about inspiring people to come out. Oliver gives a nice line.

Diggle joins Oliver. Oliver says he promises to get Andy out of Darhk's influence.

Laurel and Felicity with kids. A drone starts firing! People run for safety. Diggle shoots back. Felicity tries to hack it. Oliver saves a little girl. Felicity makes the drone fall in the water.

News about the attack. Oliver turns it off. Some victims are still in surgery. No one died. Yet. Alex texts Thea. News wants comments from Oliver. He says he has none. Laurel says this seems like overkill. Oliver says the Bay is important to Damian for some reason. Talk to Andy again.

Lian Yu. Oliver and Taiana. She's tired. She wants revenge. She's a dive instructor and Oliver needs those skills.

Diggle visits Andy. Stubborn SOB. He brought pictures of Carly and Andrew Jr. Andy says it was HIVE. Diggle yells at him. You didn't care then, you don't care now. Darhk attacked a whole lot of people today. The drugs are out of your system. Andy says I'm not anyone's bitch. Not yours. Diggle asks about the drug running. Andy says he had to do what he had to do. Diggle says I'm giving you a chance to redeem yourself. One last time, what does Darhk want with the bay? Andy says he doesn't know.

Felicity goes home. Her mom is in the apartment. She decorated. Felicity doesn't know if the party is still happening. Donna screams. Finds the ring box. 3 carats. Felicity's shocked. Donna's over the moon.

Oliver and Team Arrow. Thea says we need the city's help. They all agree this is the right plan. Know the risks. Oliver talks to the press. For 6 months, we've been besieged by a nameless and faceless organization. But their leader has a name. Damian Darhk. HIVE wants this city to die. Oliver is distributing that photo to every news outlet and social media site in the country. There's also a hotline.

Damian is pissed off watching the news. One of his people says congratulations, you're famous.

Arrow Cave. Laurel manning the hotline. Felicity has Hanukkah decorations. They all tell Oliver that we're not afraid, and canceling your party is something you can't do. Oliver says ask Lance for extra security. Oliver wants to ask Felicity a question. Did we do the right thing? He's going to retaliate. She says when he does, we'll be ready.

Lian Yu. Oliver hands her the map. They overlook the water. Reiter is not the first person to come to this island since I've been here.

Thea dressed. Malcolm checks how she's feeling. She says she's great. Think I might be cured, Dad. Malcolm had his minions looking into it. He doesn't know why Damian affected her bloodlust. We're dealing with forces I don't understand, yet. Please be careful. She pinky promises.

The holiday party. Full crowd. Diggle used military contacts to get more security. Curtis brings his husband. Felicity rambles. Including about engagement. Not that I'm engaged. Maybe in another galaxy far away. Thea asks for Oliver for something. Felicity asks them how long they've been married. They tell how they got engaged. Curtis's husband says Curtis never would've found the ring if he hid it in a dessert like straight people do. He inhales cake. Felicity remembers the souffle.

Runs to her mother. Donna introduces Lance to Felicity as her boyfriend. LOL. He says Laurel doesn't know. LOL. Felicity doesn't want to know, either. Donna is happy. Felicity says Oliver was going to propose 3 months ago. Why didn't he ask since? She goes to find him. Oliver asks what's going on? She says my mom found the ring. He says it's not what you think. I didn't change my mind. I was going to propose, but then Star City and I needed time.....because what we're doing is dangerous. Felicity wants both. SHOTS FIRED. Damian and Ghosts come in. Damian compliments the wine. Your security outside is dead. He's here to have a word with Oliver. I told you there'd be a price to pay. Oliver says let these people go. Damian says punishing the ones someone cares about most is how to best teach them a lesson. Tosses Oliver. Says Take them. Diggle and Thea and Felicity.

Oliver comes to. Donna runs to him. They took Felicity. He says I'll get her back. Lance says it happened so fast. Oliver tells Alex to handle everything here. Stall the police.

Green Arrow attacks Ghosts. Looking for Damian.

Laurel says we'll find them. Hotline was no help. She says don't go there. Where you say it's all your fault. Olvier says you didn't sign up for this! She says we can take care of ourselves, including Felicity. You inspire people. He's going to find a Ghost that will talk.

Oliver's ready to swim to the ship. He goes in the water.

Laurel and her dad. A tip came through the hotline about you. He takes her in his office. Are you working for Damian Darhk? He says Damian threatened you. Oliver found out and understands that I'd do anything to protect you. Oliver texts him.

They get back to the Arrow Cave. Malcolm enters. Takes Lance's gun. Throws Oliver a satellite phone from HIVE. Oliver wants to trade himself. Lance says that's a stupid idea. Oliver says it's our only play. So, Lance knows Malcolm is alive now. And that's he's Ra's Al Ghul.

HIVE board came to see Genesis. Damian says Oliver Queen's campaign is a problem. He gets a text.

Meets with Oliver. You took my friends to make a point. You've made it. Damian says no, not yet, I haven't. That's ominous.

Damian takes Oliver in. Let my friends go. Damian says patience. Talks about the Nazis and the gas chamber. Why would the world tolerate those monsters so long? The world needed them. A reset for humanity. That time has come again. This is a demonstration. This is a life insurance policy for your loved ones. Damian sends a man into the chamber. Gas enters. He dies. Damian says we were using the harbor to make an algae to make this possible.

Laurel in costume. Malcolm says excellent, you have your bondage outfit on. LOL. Malcolm tagged Oliver so they can find him. He's not bringing the minions. The League can't go against HIVE. (At least not now.) Laurel and Lance argue about who's going. Laurel asks for a moment. Malcolm says gladly. He's seen enough daughter drama. Remember we're on the clock. Laurel says you've done things you regret to protect me, but I decide if I need protection. He tells her to be careful. If anything happened to you, I know what I'd do, and it'd be ugly.

Oliver brought to Felicity in a cage. Damian gives them privacy to say their farewells. She says please tell me you didn't trade your life for ours. Oliver says it had to be this way. Felicity says you are not the boss of me. I decide if I need protection. Oliver says he had more to say when we were attacked. She says here we are fighting through the danger instead of running. Isn't that the point of marriage? If you had asked me, I would've said yes.

Lian Yu. Oliver is in the ship. Finds a chest. And a map. Leaves the ship. Shark following him!

Diggle and Thea are in the chamber. Felicity is dragged in, too. Oliver says we had a deal! Damian says bad guy, remember? Oliver says if you kill them, you lose your leverage over me. Damian says wrong. As long as they're alive, you have something to fight for. Don't worry. It's painless. Mostly.

Diggle says look for seams. Damian says don't worry, I can have a blonde in your house in 20 minutes, one I won't kill. Black Canary and Green Arrow arrive. She cracks the glass with the Canary cry. Oliver gets Felicity out. Thea recognizes Malcolm. They get out. He confronts Damian.

Laurel asks where's Malcolm?

Damian levitates Green Arrow. Someone tackles Damian. Malcolm gasps for air on the ground.

Cages open. Canary cry. Lance arrives. They fight their way out of the faithful. Police with Lance, too.

Damian beats on Oliver. Or not Oliver. It had no reaction to being punched again and again. Malcolm shoots Damian and sets a bomb. Get clear! Damian says something in Latin. Explosion.

Laurel asks if Damian made it out. Felicity says these guys don't stay dead, especially when you don't find a body. Thea says aren't we supposed to go to a thingy?

Oliver got bit by the shark. Conklin finds Taiana and Oliver. Oh no.

Diggle and Andy. I met your cult leader. Andy says think what you want to think. It's a free country, for now. Diggle says this isn't you. Andy says you failed to see the man I really am, right in front you the whole time. Diggle says fine, I'll treat you like a ghost.

Damian's council is concerned. He leads them to a corn field. Seems so real. The algae enabled us to have breathable air. Phase 4 begins now.

Oliver and Felicity at a rally. Alex's idea. Oliver gives a speech at the tree lighting. Light a candle together, united. People cheer. I'm grateful for each one of you. One person in particular. Someone that's stood beside me when times were darkest. She lights my way. Felicity Smoak, you make me the happiest man on the face of the earth. She says yes. They kiss. People cheer. He puts the ring on her finger. They hug. Get into a limo.

She's amazed at the size of the ring. They kiss. Limo surrounded. Stops.

Damian goes to a woman and daughter.

Ghosts fire at the limo. Oliver shields her with his body. Crawls into the driver seat and floors the pedal. Drives away.

Little girl hugs Damian.

Oliver stops and opens the back.

Damian with his family at a tree. They put the star on top.

Oliver pulls a bloody Felicity out of the car.

Next ep - Felicity in the ER. Oliver's going to kill Damian.
See you in January!

Tuesday, December 8, 2015

#AgentsOfSHIELD midseason finale episode 3.10 - "Maveth"


S.H.I.E.L.D. and Hydra go head-to-head in a battle that will change Coulson’s world forever. While Daisy and her team of Inhumans fight to keep Hydra at bay, Coulson and Fitz take the ultimate risk, in the epic winter finale of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.,” TUESDAY, DECEMBER 8 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

Ep 10:

Mid-season finale.

The planet. Clear sky. Ward's team still has Fitz. Fitz looking around. Ward wants to know what's wrong. We have less than 6 hours to find the portal and go home. Fitz tells him to shut up and let him think. Hits Ward. Ward hits him. If I don't make it back, Simmons will be killed. That what you want? Fitz says Malick sent you because you're expendable. A soldier calls out he saw something. Hydra logo thing.

Quinjet. Returning to the bus. Mack asks what Coulson was thinking. Hunter says I was planning on jumping as well. bobbi says Coulson went to get our people. We only have to take control of the castle and open the portal so they can return. Daisy says get up here.

Trucks unloaded. Inhumans. 10 or 12 of those gel containers. New guy asks what's the plan. Hunter says this is the part when the plan turns to rubbish. Mack tells them all the shut up a second. The only way to take the castle is with no gunfire and no backup. 2 infil teams. One to secure the portal and one to rescue Fitz or Simmons. Go.

Malick and Guyera. Simmons says you're wrong. Calculations off. Malick thanks her. She says I'm not doing it for you. Malick says death is the only think coming through that portal.

Daisy wonders how they power the castle. Aqueducts. We can slip into the compound. Mack gives orders.

Fitz complaining. How do you find the hell beast? Blood, right. He says I think that's the ridge we're looking for. Simmons said that thing can drive people crazy. Ward says you're doing a good job of that yourself. Fitz drops into Will's bunker. Wakes him. Ward comes in. Fitz says this is Will. He's going to be our guide. Heh......

Coulson dreaming. Waking up with Ros. I thought I'd lost you. She says nope, I'm here. We overslept. Now you need to get up. He suggests staying here for a while instead. She says it's time. They need you, Phil, more than ever. No. Get up! He wakes up next to a skull. Looks around. I'll be damned. Tatooine. He takes off the parachute pack. Checks his gun. Sets out.

Fitz says you can't kill him! We're all dead without him! Only he can get us there in time! Ward asks how long you been here? Will says feels like forever. Ward offers him a gun. Fitz says grow up. Ward assk if he can walk on that leg. Fitz is let go. Will says I got attacked after Jemma left. Ward asks by what? IT. So you know how to find it. I brought a gift. We should go.

Mack and Bobbie and Hunter on one team. May with the others.

Jemma tries to free herself.

Daisy spots Guyera. Tells Joey to breathe and stick close. Lincoln takes the power out.

Jemma free. She gets out of the tent in the darkness.

Fitz and Will in the lead. Can you run? Ward works for the group that sent you here. Their real agenda is to bring the creature back. They're bleeding. Fitz wondered how it'd be when they met. Good news is, Ward needs us alive. We just have to lose them before we get to the exit. Will says follow my lead. Ward asks what's the hold-up? Will says we need to get through that canyon. Only way to make it in time.

Jemma finds the boxes of Inhumans. Hides from Hydra soldiers. Finds the module for Andrew. He says help me, please. Let me out.

Andrew asks where are we? She tells him. He says let me out, I can help. She says we didn't know the ACTU was Hydra. He says open this door and I'll protect you. I'd never hurt you, but Hydra will kill you. I'm the only one that can protect you. She opens the door. He takes out the soldiers.

Coulson wandering. Finds Fitz's jacket.

Ward says I saw a giant statue today. Will says It used to live there. Ward wonders who built it. Impressive how you've survived here. Couldn't have been easy. Storm coming. Will says gonna be a bad one. Fitz joins him. We're in the no fly zone. Will says stay close.

Mack and Hunter and Bobbi in the castle. Bobbi takes out the soldiers.

Will attacks a Hydra man. Then another. He and Fitz escape.

Daisy inside. Guyera finds her. Joey takes the hit. Lincoln zaps him. Daisy says we gotta go.

May finds Simmons. Jemma says Andrew saved my life. May tells Daisy they're heading her way now.

Ward finds the dead men. Coulson shoots. Ward says you won't find Fitz without me. Coulson hits him. Get up. You're going to lead the way.

Team reunites in the castle. We've sealed and barricaded the doors. Joey thinks he can reinforce them. Mack asks how the rocks work. Jemma says we don't have to do anything. Mack asks where's May? Jemma says Andrew is here. May must've gone back for him.

May finds dead Hydra. And the Inhumans in the crates torn apart.

Ward rambling. Coulson says save your breath. Ward says I've been where you are right now. I chose Hydra for petty, selfish reasons. For closure. But what I saw today gave my life meaning. I have a sense of satisfaction I never experience when I was seeking revenge. Coulson shoots him. Ward says this place isn't death. It's a new beginning. It's all meant to be. I'm part of a grand plan. I see that now. Coulson doesn't know what he's talking about. Ward says you will.

Jemma told them about the alien. Lincoln says what if that thing comes back, too. Mack thinks this is crazy. Bobbi asks if Jemma saw it. No. I felt it. The entire planet is a wasteland. The creature is the one responsible. Lincoln says we have to destroy all of us. Daisy says we can't leave the Inhumans behind. May says they're dead. Lash killed them all.

Malick finds the wreckage. SHIELD is in the portal chamber. We need to get you off the premises. He orders them to take control again.

Ward and Coulson. Coulson says stop. Looks through binoculars. Sees Will and Fitz. Ward says there's a timer on my watch. Coulson looks at it. We have to move faster. Ward says I could move faster if you hadn't shot me twice. LOL.

Hydra breaking in. Don't have much time. Mack says get out. I'll stay until the last possible second. Hunter gives an alternative. Mack says Coulson put me in charge for a reason. If I don't get out, May's the new director. Daisy says I'm staying with you. I can keep the portal open and I'm your partner. Mack orders the rest out of there.

Will and Fitz. Portal is close. Fitz says Jemma will be happy to see you. He spots an ancient civilization and takes photos. Will falls. Says there used to be 9 cities on this planet. They warred among themselves. They had a chance to become something great, but in the end.... Fitz looks at Will's leg. You seem to know a lot about these people. Will says I was there. Fitz says you're not Will. No, Will died saving Jemma from me. He kicks Fitz.

Fitz tries to run. It tackles him. They fight.

Quinjet lands on the bus. May gives orders. Hydra's in the castle.

Daisy and Mack hoping this works.

Coulson shoots Will. Ward tackles him.

Portal firing up. Mack tells Daisy to go. She's not. 1 minute left. You may have to hold this open.

Fitz sees the portal shimmering. IT staggers toward it. Fitz shoots it. IT falls again.

Bus team watching.

Ward and Coulson still fighting. Coulson kicks him. It's over, Ward. IT gets up again. Fitz fires a flare at it and burns it. That seems to work.

Daisy says we're out of time. Fitz yells at Coulson that the portal is closing. Leave him. let's go! We have to go! Coulson thinks of Ros. And kills Ward with his robot hand. Fitz is shocked. Coulson leaves his hand on the ground with Ward. Fitz runs to the portal. Something leaks out of the IT body.

May fires at the castle.

Mack says open the doors, I'm bringing them in. Jemma looks in the capsule. Lincoln kisses Daisy. May goes to Coulson for a hug. Jemma's crying. Runs to Fitz. Fitz and Coulson exchange looks.

Malick in the car. Ward is standing there with Coulson's hand. The IT is back!!!!

Next ep - March 8. Agent Carter Jan 19.

#TheFlash midseason finale episode 2.9 - “Running To Stand Still” #WallyWest

“Running To Stand Still”

MARK HAMILL, WENTWORTH MILLER, AND LIAM MCINTYRE RETURN; KEIYNAN LONSDALE JOINS THE CAST AS WALLY WEST — When Mark Mardon AKA The Weather Wizard (guest star Liam McIntyre) returns to break Leonard Snart AKA Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller) and James Jesse AKA The Trickster (guest star Mark Hamill) out of Iron Heights, Barry (Grant Gustin) must stop these rogues from taking over Central City during Christmas. Meanwhile, Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Iris (Candice Patton) meet Wally West (Keiynan Lonsdale). Kevin Tancharoen directed the episode written by Andrew Kreisberg (#209). Original airdate 12/8/2015.

Ep 9:

Mid-season finale.

Harrison running through the halls. He grabs a gun. Zoom grabs him by the throat. My daughter is innocent. Please let Jessie live. Say something! Soom says Merry Christmas.

Iris bought a Flash toy. But she couldn't find a Green Arrow one. LOL. Joe doesn't know what to get Barry. He wants to find something meaningful. She suggests a nice watch like your dad gave to you. He says his dad gave him the watch because he was always late. Like the free weights because she was skinny.

Barry and Patty kissing. Iris arrives. Ooops. LOL. Patty leaves. Iris is happy for him. Barry thought the Wells message would be true, but maybe I can be happy. She starts crying. She can't keep the secret anymore. Francine was pregnant when she left us. She had a son, my brother. Barry asks his name. Wally. Wally West. I told her to leave and never come back and never tell Dad, but I feel like I'm hurting him. I don't know what to do. Barry says you have to tell him. But we can tell him together. He hugs her. It's snowing. Maybe it'll be a white Christmas.

Jay and Caitlyn in Star Labs. Cisco tells them just kiss already. LOL. Think Cisco took Christmas off? Jay asks about Christmas. Caitlyn rambles. LOL. She tells Jay about the party. Cisco is going to find Harry. Harry walks in. Awkward......

Blizzard now. Windows blow out. Weather Wizard is back. He breaks out Captain Cold. Then follows a map to the Trickster.

Joe and Barry at the prison. No one was killed. He tells Barry that Mardon killed Patty's father. She won't be thinking clearly. She doesn't want to talk to Barry about this. He says I don't want to see you do anything reckless. She says I'm a cop. Going after criminals is my job.

Trickster singing awful Christmas lyrics. Cold asks why did you break us out? Mardon owed him. And the Trickster is crazy. We all want the Flash dead. He's vulnerable. He's weak. Cold says it's a mistake to underestimate the Flash. Cold wants to know the plan. Trickster tells the boys to play nice.

Star Labs. Cisco has an idea of tracking Mark. Barry tells them about the time travel. Create the wand and it works, so you just have to do it again, for the first time. Harry's grumpy. Barry tells Caitlyn he'll be back.

Joe finds Barry and Iris. We have something we need to tell you. Iris has something to tell, about Francine. When she left us, she was pregnant. Joe asks if she had the baby? Yes. His name is Wally. Wally West. Short for Wallace. Iris says I'm so sorry I didn't tell you sooner. She wanted us to know before she.... Joe thought Francine was out of surprises. I have to get to work. I'm sorry....let me sit with it.

Home. Iris asks Barry if Joe will be okay? Barry says yeah. Cold is in the living room with a mug. Ho ho ho.

Cocoa isn't cocoa without the mini marshmallows, and you're out. Barry grabs him. Cold threatens him. Barry lets go. Cold compliments Iris on her writing. He tells Barry that Mardon wants to kill you. I'm not invested like they are. Barry asks where they are. Nah. You and your friends love a good mystery. Barry says no, you can't stand owing me a marker. Help me stop them. Cold says sorry, not interested in being a hero. Merry Christmas, Barry.

Barry finds Joe. Joe thinking about a steak lunch 10 years ago. he got a feeling that something wasn't right. I called the school. Iris was on her way to the hospital when her appendix burst. Why didn't I feel that for my son? Barry says it's not your fault. Joe says yes it was. I could've found Francine. I was protecting myself. I hated not being able to help her, so it was easier for her to be out of our lives. But I was being selfish. That poor boy didn't have a father. To make him feel safe and loved. Who taught him how to be a man, Barry? I can't even say his name. What have I done? Barry says you have been there for me every day since I met you. You would've done the same for him if you could've. I'm sorry.

Captain asks Patty where Joe is. She doesn't know. Trickster on the TV. How is he doing this? Trickster says this is a time for disembowling our enemies. What do you say, speed freak? Want to roast chestnuts?

Patty is gone.

Jay spots something. Harry recognizes a toy in reflection. Cisco finds a warehouse.

Patty is already there. Flash shows up. A doll starts playing a recording. Dreidls out of C4. Flash and Patty surrounded.

Flash says hold me. Don't let go. He levitates them out of the explosion. She spotted the same toy. He says you came because of your father? You're being reckless. She says Mardon didn't kill my father. I did. I didn't show up to the store. I didn't call him to say I was ditching. So he brought the deposits to the bank instead of me. I've made my whole life about getting justice for my father. I don't know why I'm tell you this. Flash says even if you get the guy, it doesn't always make things better. She says it has to be better than this.

Barry leaves a message for Patty. Wand is done. Barry says Patty opened up to Flash, not me, so I wouldn't know what to say. Caitlyn says just being around you can help.

Trickster giving out presents as a mall Santa.

Zoom and Harry meet. Harry wants more time. Zoom says one more day. I'll tell you daughter you said hello.

**What is Zoom making Harry do?

Cisco says Mardon is in Central City Square. Flash confronts him. Mardon can't decide how to kill all those people. Barry threatens him with the wand. Mardon flies away. Jay tells Barry to get him. Barry runs after him. Gets Mardon. Trickster slides a box with a bomb at Barry. He's handed out 100 of them today. Mardon says a 100 children have taken home a box like that one. Barry says please don't do this. Mardon says let me end you, publicly and painfully and I let everyone live. Or, the casket makers in this town will have a very merry Christmas. So what will it be. Barry takes the punishment.

Harry says we find one bomb and then get rid of them all. Using a breech.

Mardon keeps firing at Barry.

Cisco directs Harry to a house. Harry tells a boy to give me your toys. LOL.

Mardon electrocutes Barry.

Harry got a bomb. We're using the drone to put the bomb into a breech above the city. We'll magnetize it to draw all the bombs with it.

Trickster gets a turn.

Bombs starting flying out of the houses. Into the breech. Barry, the bombs are gone.

He takes down Trickster and Mardon. Police arrive. Patty fires a cuff at the Flash to pin him to the ground. Takes out her gun and aims at Mardon. Barry pleads with her.

Patty says he deserves to die. Mardon says you don't have it in you. Flash says Patty, you pull that trigger, your life ends, too. Everything will be taken from you again. Mardon can't take anything else from you unless you let him. Please, please. She cuffs Mardon. Trickster says that was beautiful and starts crying. LOL!

Joe tells Barry everyone's heading to the house for Christmas. He talked to Francine. Wally still doesn't know. That'll come. He gives Barry his watch. One day, I'd give it to my son. And now I have. Marry Christmas. Barry thanks him and hugs. Love you. Love you, too. See you at the house.

Barry talks to Wells. You said I'd never be happy. You're still in my heart, how much I hate you for what you've done. But I don't want to hate you anymore. I can't hate you anymore. I forgive you.

Harry asks if Barry needs him for something. No. Barry asks him to come to Christmas. harry says it's a nice offer, but I can't celebrate without my daughter.

House Christmas. Caitlyn trying to hang mistletoe. Jay teases her. They kiss. The others smile. Patty arrives. Barry says I've been worried about you. She says sorry, but I want to tell you about it. I'd like to share with you. He's happy to hear that. Joe greets her. Knock on the door. It's Wally. Hi, I'm Francine's son. Joe shakes his hand. I'm Joe. This is Iris. Hi. Hi. Wally wanted to I don't know. You have company, so.... Joe invites him in.

Harry in an alley. Meeting Zoom. Time's up. Harry says I know why you keep sending villains. You want Barry to get faster, stronger, more powerful. More full of speed force. You're fattening him up like a Christmas goose. Zoom says you're going to help me. Harry says let me see her first. Jamie runs to him. They hug. Zoom takes her back. Decide in return for your daughter's life. Harry says I'll do it. I'll help you steal the Flash's speed.

Next ep - Barry will tells Patty he's the Flash. Tues Jan. 19.

Friday, December 4, 2015

#Grimm episode 5.5 - "Rat King" #Trubel


12/04/2015 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Friday) : THE WHOLE IS DEADLIER THAN THE SUM OF ITS PARTS - CARLSON YOUNG, JACQUELINE TOBONI AND DAMIEN PUCKLER GUEST STAR - Nick (David Giuntoli) and Hank (Russell Hornsby) are called to the scene when three Wesen go out on a hunt at a local dump and get more than they bargained for when two turn up dead after they encounter the mythical Rat King. Meanwhile, a very badly wounded Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni) is taken to the hospital and Nick finally meets Meisner (guest star Damien Puckler). Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner and Claire Coffee also star. TV-PG V

image credit: NBC

Ep 5:

Trubel staggers to Nick and passes out. He picks her up and carries her inside. He puts her in the car. Adalind comes down. Is she alive? He says he's taking her to the hospital, stay here, lock the doors, I'll call you.

Teens going out partying in the truck.

Trubel in the ER. Nick says she's an undercover officer. That works. They hand him her armor.

Truck stops. They're at the dump. They're Wesen. Three guys chase two others. One is tackled. They take his pants. The man hits one with a bottle. They beat on the rat Wesen, who pleads for them to stop. Then a huge shadow!!! They run from the Rat King. One gets away, the other two are killed.

Hospital. Nick waiting. He looks at Trubel's jacket. He finds her IDs, for Lauren Cole, and other names. Hmmm. A cell. Money. A knife.

Adalind at home. She hears buzzing of a phone. Answers it. Meisner? Yep. Asking if Trubel is alive. He hangs up.

Trubel's passport is stamped all over Europe. Phone rings. Adalind calling him. She tells him about the phone. Doctor arrives. Trubel is under observation for another day. Nick wants to see her. Body armor saved her life. Nick takes her hand. She says I knew if I could get to you, it'd be okay. I'm so sorry. He's happy she's alive. She's happy he has her jacket. Nurse comes in. Nick tells her to rest. Trubel wants to get up. Nurse says no, you've been given a sedative. Trubel gives her name as Lauren Cole.

Nurse gives Nick Trubel's clothes. He tells her to call if anything changes.

He brings the bike into the garage. Photographs the license plate. Calls Hank. Run the license plate fast. Hank calls Wu over. Nick says thanks.

Hank gives the number to Wu.

Nick at home. Adalind asks about Trubel. He thinks it's connected to Chavez. Adalind wonders how she knew to come here. She tells Nick that Meisner was on the phone. Nick's sorry this happened. Phone rings. Wu. Ran the plates. Registered to Lauren Cole. Hank asks what's going on? Nick says what he knows. Why is she Lauren Cole? No idea. Nick says check the apartment out of uniform. Wu says the motorcycle is at least $30,000. Adalind says this is getting complicated. Yep.

Nick looks at the bike again. Sits on it. Turns it on. Revs it. Finds buttons for weapons. Shoots arrows behind it! He shuts it off.

Nurse visits Trubel. Tries to get her awake. Slaps her a lot. Wogues. Trubel's eyes are black. Nurse tells her to go back to sleep. She calls someone and says it's her. We got her, then plays with the IV, upping the meds.

Morning. Hospital. Nick is back. Shouldn't she be awake? Doctor says no, it's not unusual. Hank arrives, too. They go in the hall. Hank gets a call. We got a case.

Wu checked the apartment. Couldn't get in the apartment. Lauren Cole seems real. Clean background check. Bodies are in the truck bed. Somebody really wanted them to suffer. Phone rings. Nick finds it. It's a girl. He answers. She's mad the guy hasn't been answering. Nick identifies himself. She says oh, God, what did he do now?

They talk to her at home. Robert and Chester were found this morning. She tells them they went to the quarry dump. She asks where's johnny. Wogues when she cries. Nick identifies her. She assumes he did it. Nick says it wasn't me and I'm not going to hurt you. She says they go to the dump to chase the rats. Hank asks where Johnny lives. She'll get the address. Hank calls Wu.

The dump. There's an underground passage. Rat home. Leader says he's gone, my prince, my poor boy. Find the other. He's going to pay for the death of my son.

Trubel dreaming. She wakes. Nurse is there. I'm Christy, your nurse. How are you feeling? Okay. She gets the doc to come now you're awake. Trubel says she needs to talk to the man that brought her here. Dr. Nicholson comes in. She wants to leave. He wants to do another CAT scan to be sure she's alright.

Andrew Dixon running for Mayor of Portland. Campaign ad. Shown to Sean. Sean thinks it looks good. Andrew wants to make him chief.

Nick and Hank get to the dump. Hank gets a call. Wu is back from Johnny's. Ransacked, tires slashed, no Johnny, no blood. They approach a man cutting up a car. Nick says you're under arrest for murder. Man wogues. Grimm don't scare me. Arrest me, I got nothing to say. Nick says we're not going to. Just wanted to know what we're dealing with.

He tells the leader that a Grimm showed up. We'll kill him, too.

Johnny gets to the girl. You need to hide me. The thing that attacked us was huge. The legend is true.

Nick and Hank tell Rosalie and Monroe. Can a Reinegan take on a Klaustrike? She suggests the Rat King. Monroe says it's not real. Just an old rat's tale. Nick tells them about Trubel. He calls the hospital. Nurse says Lauren Cole is not awake. I'll call you as soon as she is.

Doctor with Trubel. Wakes her up. We found something. There's swelling in your brain. We're moving you to ICU and we're going to have to operate.

**Oh, that's not good! Don't trust them!

Read a story about the Rat King. Monroe says the Rat King only forms when they're under attack. They join together out of fear. Cells merge together and the individual becomes part of the whole. Nick gets called by Selina. They're here! She's attacked and Johnny grabbed. Rosalie and Monroe go with them.

The dump. Hank grabs the shotgun. Monroe smells lots of scents. Nick hears something. Rosalie sees someone. This whole mound could be a nest. Where's the door? She finds it. A tunnel. Hank goes first. Nick in the rear. Stinks in here. Nick flips a switch. Johnny's dead. Hank has no cell service. Rosalie finds Selina. Where'd they go? She says everywhere. Let's get her out of here. Back to the car. Leader says leave her and go. Nick says you're under arrest. The rats are angry. They killed our prince! They run together. And form the giant rat.

Hank fires at the Rat King. Nick says run. Monroe says is not a good hiding place. Nick says we have to get it in the water. Need him tangled. He tells Selina to wogue. Nick yells at the Rat to come get her. It's coming. Shoot the power line. Zaps the Rat King. It falls. It's not moving. They're separate again. Monroe says there are no winners in this.

Adalind at home. Is that Meisner outside? She's singing to Kelly, putting him down. Alarm sounds. Motion detected. She sees him on camera. He talks to it. She lets him in. I don't have much time. i'm glad you're alright. I have to see her. Trubel. I tracked her bike's GPS.

Nick's phone rings. Meisner says Trubel is in danger. Adalind says Meisner is with me. I trust him. He says go to her. They'll find her. Nick says St. Joe's, I'll meet you there.

Trubel is on a gurney. Nick finds her room empty. Asks a nurse where's Lauren Cole? ICU. He's up there and looking. They get in an elevator. He takes the stairs.

They wheel Trubel out and Meisner confronts them. Nick reaches the fight. Meisner goes after the nurse. Nick has Trubel. She says that phrase again. He's sick of hearing that.

Nick gets Trubel home. She says I have so much to tell you. He says later. Nick asks Adalind about Meisner.

Next week - fall finale. War is everywhere.

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#TVD episode 7.8 - “Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.”

“Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me.”

U2 song title for this one.

A FRACTURED FAMILY - As Julian (guest star Todd Lasance) and Lily (guest star Annie Wersching) throw a party to celebrate Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane) and Nora's (guest star Scarlett Byrne) anniversary, Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Damon (Ian Somerhalder) set in motion a risky plan to eliminate a new threat posed by Julian. Meanwhile, following a major revelation uncovered by Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore), Caroline (Candice King) is forced to face her new reality, even as it threatens to destroy her relationship with Stefan. Finally, determined to do what's best for her family, Lily makes the most difficult decision of her life. Michael Malarkey and Zach Roerig also star. Leslie Libman directed the episode written by Brett Matthews (#708). Original airdate 12/3/2015.

Ep 8:

3 years from now. Damon wakes up. Still in the studio. A woman's voice. Who? He says come closer so I can sort of see you. Whoa, LILY???? Mom? Been a long time. He passes out again.

Lily awake next to Julian.

Stefan says Julian dies today. Everything has to be normal. Stefan says we get Julian's blood and a Heretic will unlink Lily. End of story. Enzo doesn't think they'll help.

Julian and the kids burning breakfast.

Enzo says the Heretics won't turn on Julian. Stefan says we employ the nuclear option. Valerie. She'll tell them the truth.

Lily asks what's the occasion? Mary and Nora have been together 133 years. Julian says it was Lily's idea to host your anniversary party tonight. The girls says she's boring. Julian says you're in for a wonderful surprise. Lily agrees.

Caroline writes about the twins in her journal to Elena. Phone buzzes. It's Matt. The stockpiled people are gone. He asks her to come with. She says Valerie was right. I'm pregnant. She hasn't told Stefan, yet.

Enzo finds Lily. Library? Lily's looking for a gift, a poem. The Nymph's Reply to the Shepherd. Enzo knows it, recites it to her. She's charmed. He hands her the book. He tells her to run, leave town with me, and let your sons carry out their plan. She says I can't run from this. it's my doing. He says you're not safe. Come with me. She says I can't. But if you could? If I could..... He kisses her. She kisses him back. He says good luck, Lily. You need it. And leaves.

Julian brings Nora and Mary to their party blindfolded. Full of people. They've all been compelled to see to your every desire. Let's have a drink to celebrate. Lily arrives and she's upset. Julian tells her to loosen up. She says the rule is that we feed on trespassers. Nora wants to bail. Lily makes an exception for a special occasion. Mary and Nora feed.

**Can Lily resist the temptation of all that blood? This is a very stressful night for her, poor thing.

Stefan gets a text from Lily. Damon, let's do this. Caroline shows up. Damon and Valerie come to the door. Valerie says Damon and I will go and Stefan can follow. Caroline says we need to talk. She gets him a drink. She knows the magical baby transplant is crazy, but..... He doesn't have words. Yeah. He says I have to go. We have to talk more, but we have a small window to get to Julian tonight. She knows it's bad timing. He says we'll talk about it when I get back, promise.

Mary pulls Julian away to show him an engagement ring for Nora. She's really nervous. Julian says it's tiny. You deserve something better. He gives her a ring from French royalty. I'm so happy for you both.

Nora gets the book from Lily. She thanks her. I love it. Julian says guess who. Nora leaves them alone. Julian asks to dance. Lily doesn't know how to dance to this music. The DJ switches songs. Julian asks if she recognizes it. Beau's voice! She says he used to sing so beautifully. Julian says almost like old times. You haven't been indulging in the real fun. She says I'm content with blood bags. He says you're afraid of going all in. That hope of being one big family is causing friction. You have all the love you need right here. Accept it. Come back to us, Lily. Let go. He brings a woman to her. Lily bites, then sees Damon. Wipes her mouth and looks guilty.

**Julian's an awful enabler of sins. I'd love to see Elijah deal with him. Wouldn't that be delightful?

Lily meets Damon outside. She says I had to. Have to convince them I'm on their side. Damon says the plan is postponed. She says no, no, no. Damon says Julian dies tonight, but it doesn't bother him if she dies, too. He's only here because Stefan is a Mama's boy. She slaps him. He says you're already dead to me. I moved on. I'd have left you in that prison world.

Mary and Nora. Nora reads the poem. Mary opens the ring box. Marry me. 133 years is not enough, Nora. I want eternity. Nora says yes! Of course yes! They kiss. She puts the ring on Nora. They kiss again. Valerie says I'm happy for you two. We need to talk, about the worst moment of my life.

Matt finds Enzo feeding. Enzo lets her run away. Matt says what the hell is wrong with you? Enzo says I didn't get the girl. Don't think the life saving business suits you, mate. Matt says no one wants you. What are you still doing here? Enzo asks him the same. You're overmatched. You've brought a knife to a gun fight and it's going to be the death of you.

Enzo gets shot outside. A crew grabs him and drags him into a truck. Who are these hunters?

Lily joins the girls and Beau. Julian won't be joining us.

Damon and Stefan find Julian.

Valerie tells her story.

Julian asks what are you doing here? Damon is glib.

Lily says I wouldn't have gone to Europe if I'd know about my grandchild. Valerie says we're Julian's army, not his family. They ask Lily if it's true. She says yes. I finally see Julian for who he is. I'm leaving him. Valerie says she needs her help. So who do you believe? Beau goes to Valerie and hugs her. Then Nora. Mary Louise is hesitant. This is a lot to take in. Nora says we stick together. We're family. Mary hugs Valerie.

Stefan and Damon are ready. Damon throws a dart at Julian's neck. The boys keep attacking him. Julian falls. Let's tie him up.

Lily asked Beau to give her his hand while she sat in a chair, bracing for the pain. Mary dabs at the first blood. Lily says It's about to get worse.

Stefan finds Lily. I got Julian's blood. She says they're waiting for it in the greenhouse. He says Caroline's pregnant. I didn't know what to say, either. She asks how? He says Gemini spell. Twins. Not mine. She says you must be overwhelmed. He asks for advice. She says tell her you love her and never forget what she's going through. Then be prepared for her to sacrifice everything for them. He says you can start over. She says it's too late. So much is lost. he says you haven't lost me. She says unfortunately, Damon doesn't feel the same way. He says Damon has put up a wall since you broke his heart. She says he's gone. He wishes me dead. Stefan says I've seen that look for 150 years. She asks for some advice in return. How do I get him back? Stefan says time.

Julian digs into Damon. Damon says stop talking. Valerie says don't listen to him. He's just wanting to provoke you. If you kill him now, you're the boy that killed his mother for all eternity. Julian provokes her. She spits in his face and tells him to go to hell. Mary joins them. Damon's playing pinball. Mary doubts Valerie. She puts Damon and Valerie down. Julian says that's why you, Mary Louise, have always been my favorite.

**Stupid girl!! Daddy and self-esteem issues will get everyone killed.

Caroline gets a call. Well, you're either really drunk, or calling to tell me you have a new girlfriend. Neither. He says I'm really sorry about early. I didn't want to say the wrong thing, so I bailed. She knows there's no right thing to say. I know this is happening to both of us and you stood by me with everything that happened with my mom, so I get it if you want to run for the hills. He says I love you. I'm not going anywhere. I'm here for you. We're going to get through this together. She asks if he's sure? He says positive. And I love you, too.

Nora finds Mary. She's been crying. Lily tells Julian to let them go. He says I can't, I love you far too much for that to happen. One lives, one dies, you choose which. She says no. He says you will. You've wanted the impossible. You're either a Salvatore or one of us, but you can't be both. Choose. Choose. He gives her a stake.

Nora asks how could you do this? Mary says Valerie lies! Nora says this is different. Mary says you'd side with a girl that kills her own brother? Nora takes off the ring. This doesn't represent our love. It's only Julian's manipulation. I don't want it.

Lily says this isn't you. You used to be kind. You're still suffering from that hell. Valerie says no, he was born this way. Damon says please, one swift stab straight through the heart. Let's get this over with. You've chosen Heretics every time. Why stop now? Valerie pleads with Lily. Lily says you're so strong. I'm sorry I didn't see it sooner. Lily says son, please forgive me. Damon says do it. Kill me! Lily has the courage to tell Julian he's wrong now. I can choose them both. She stabs herself. Julian catches her and pulls the stake out. He says My sweet girl, I've already unlinked us. Stefan runs in. No! Julian speeds away.

Enzo wakes. In a cage. Matt says save your strength. You're full of vervain. I can't protect Mystic Falls on my own, so I made some friends. Someone wanted you, after all.

Lily's dying. Nora can't get the splinters out. Tell me what to do! Stefan says say goodbye. She tells Lily she loves her and she's so sorry. Goodbye. Beau next. Nods to her. Kisses her forehead. Stefan next. Takes her hand. She says I guess only one of us gets the luxury of time. Promise me you'll use yours to the fullest. He looks to Damon. Damon takes a drink.

Julian smashes things. Mary says Nora gave me back the ring. What is all this? He says Lily....she staked herself in the heart. She thought killing herself would kill me. I thought breaking the spell would protect her. But..... Mary pleads that it isn't real. He can't.

Valerie forgives Lily for loving Julian. You wanted to love us all. There's no sin in that. She tells Damon to make the most of the time Lily has left. He walks to the bed. Lily says I'm truly sorry. Stefan says say something. Damon hands him the bottle. Leans down. You made your bed. Have a nice nap. Lily goes dray, dessicating. Dying. Stefan is horrified. He throws the bottle in the fireplace.

3 years from now. Mom? Are you still here? I'm so sorry. I don't think I can save you. You've been poisoned with werewolf toxin. Damon says while you're still here, something's been nagging at me a long time. I'm so sorry. She smiles. Mom. Wow. You must really be having a bad trip. You're mother's been dead for years. She kicks him in the chin.

Next week - Christmas. Dead Santas. Winter finale.

#TheOriginals episode 3.8 - "The Other Girl in New Orleans"

"The Other Girl in New Orleans"

TROUBLE IN CRESCENT CITY - After learning that Cami's (Leah Pipes) life is in danger and Aurora (guest star Rebecca Breeds) may be to blame, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is forced to engage in another one of her devious games and follows a series of clues she's left behind for him. Meanwhile, Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Freya (Riley Voelkel), and Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) take drastic measures against Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland) when they discover he holds a valuable piece of information they need. Elsewhere, Aya (guest star Tracy Ifeachor) gives Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) an ultimatum that leaves him with a difficult decision to make, while tensions between Hayley and Jackson cause her to reevaluate her involvement in Mikaelson family matters. Kellie Cyrus directed the episode written by Michael Russo & Michael Narducci (#308). Original airdate 12/3/2015.

Ep 8:

Car stops. It's Aurora. She opens the trunk. Camille is still out. Aurora says you have a big day ahead of you. Camille hits her. Aurora says that wasn't nice. We need to have a heart to heart conversation. Marcel's training church. Camille says let them go. Aurora introduces herself. Klaus took my brother captive. I took you. And these specimens are going to provide incentive. Once they're in transition, they'll need to feed. Klaus will have to give me what I want. Camille says don't do this. Aurora feeds a man blood and breaks his neck. Next?

Freya confined Tristan. We can enter and leave his will as we please. All you have to do is compel him to give you the location. Elijah says he says he's immune. She grabs a knife. Elijah says I like to choose when and how we violate the guests. She says fine, how do we proceed? Hayley arrives. With Hope. Which one will take Hope while I take my anger out on this pompous dick? Freya takes her. Hayley bite Tristan. Bon appetit.

Klaus comes to Lucien. He shows the security camera. Aurora gives a message. Klaus says it'll be the last mistake she ever makes. Lucien says this might be a trap. Klaus says she has neither the will or means to harm me. Lucien reminds him of the prophecy. I'm coming with you. Klaus says stay out of my way.

Aurora says it's odd you're Nic's therapist. Didn't he kill your uncle right here? Camille says it was a mercy killing. Aurora researched her. The internet is a marvel. Camille asks are you enjoying this? Do you get off on being cruel? Aurora is looking for the ways we're alike. Nic is infatuated with you. What is the overlap. Crazy brothers? Tristan likes to have me committed every so often. My latest diagnosis is bipolar disorder. I'm sure you're familiar. Tell me how you feel about Nic. Do bear in mind I'm a stickler for honesty.

Marcel orders someone to find Camille. Aya comes in. Insults him. Tell me about the witch Regent that was shunned by her own people. Davina. Have to admit, that's quite a coincidence. Marcel says the covens hate me. She says the Strix have no tolerance for insubordination. We have a favor we require.

Tristan says he cries out for grief over her beauty. He'll be forced to pluck out those lovely almond eyes. Elijah asks him again to confess. Tristan says the Strix will free me and burn your home to the ground. Elijah says he needs more persuasion.

Marcel says war is a suicide mission. Aya has a weapon. It will subdue them. I used it on Rebekah. You'll take this, go in the home, and drive the stake into Elijah's heart. Do this and you'll have proven your loyalty to the strix. Fail, and we'll revoke your membership and your life along with it.

Freya meets Mary. Hayley? Across the street. Helping with a family matter. Mary asks if that's Elijah's idea?

Hayley says Mary is family. i'll be there soon. She tells Elijah that I didn't go after Jackson because I thought you'd need me here. he tells her she's done enough. Go to your family. Please.

Klaus and Lucien in the street. Klaus wants him to shut up. Lucien says why bother playing this game? Klaus isn't playing for Aurora. He's quite aware of the dilemma. Lucien asks why he cares? Klaus says I trust Cami, which is more than I can say for you. Help or bugger off.

Aurora and Camille. Cami says we're not involved, but I do care for him. He wants to be more than he is. Aurora asks if you bring it out of him? He doesn't care about you. You're a thing he uses from time to time. Camille finds it interesting how angry Aurora is. You're beautiful and powerful and you have history, but you're worried he doesn't love you. Your mind is a bit damaged, isn't it?

Klaus spots something. A painting, the one he gave to Camille. He finds a message. The church.

Aurora says tell me your deepest, darkest secret. if you're holding back, you won't live long enough for Nic to get here.

Lucien keeps arguing with Klaus. This mortal girl affects your judgment. Let Camille die and all your vulnerabilities can die with her. Klaus snaps his neck.

Freya's made Tristan as weak as she can. Elijah says unless you want me to fetch the chainsaw, give me what I seek. He sees flashes in the mind. A word. What is it, Tristan? Marcel arrives. You and I need to talk. I'm here on behalf of the Strix and I'm not leaving without Tristan.

**Oh boy......Marcel, what's your plan?

Marcel says you don't have a choice. The Strix..... You can't even handle Tristan. He can withstand all your vampire mind games. If we lose him, we lose Rebekah. I can help if you trust me. Elijah says I won't release that filth.

Mary and Hayley. Jack doesn't know how to help you. You don't know how to help yourself. Hayley says they're my family Hope's family. Mary says your husband needs you, too.

Tristan appeals to Freya. She says I want you dead. He's poking for a weakness. He brings up Finn. Ask him about me.

Aurora says admit it! Camille says I was arrested for assault junior year of college. battery. It was some guy. He dated my roommate. He hit her. Broke her nose. I tried to get her to go to anybody, but she was too scared. I hated that he was getting away with it. I saw him one night hitting on a freshman. I smashed a beer bottle on his face. Then I was kneeling on his chest and pounding his head into the floor. By the time they pulled me off him, he wasn't laughing. Aurora says you're ashamed that you enjoyed it. you study to understand your own impulses. We've reached the inevitable, wouldn't you say, my love? Klaus says stop this game. She says you're in danger of losing me. If we can just dodge a few minor obstacles.... I can't overcome your affections for someone else. I won't share you now. Klaus says it surprises me your jealousies extend to the lowly therapist. She asks do you actually love her? He says you know I love you. She is glad he admits it. I wanted Cami to hear it before I rip out her throat.

Klaus says these petty displays are so beneath you. Cast you in a very unflattering light. Camille is no rival to you. Your fears are so ridiculous. Aurora says Camille isn't pure. There's a darkness in her. Why else would she be drawn to you? I might have my imperfections, but at least I'm not a fake. Cami is an illusion. Camille says she's right. Everything I said to you is a lie. Camille head butts Aurora. Klaus grabs Aurora. Camille is unconscious.

Marcel and Elijah arguing again. Marcel says I betrayed you before I got here. Strix surround them.

Aya stabs Freya. Your sister put up more of a fight.

Elijah puts Marcel down. Beheads other vampires.

Hayley hears the fight across the street. Mary says that trouble ain't yours. Hayley jumps across the street. Marcel stakes Elijah with the magic weapon. Hayley's surrounded in a corner.

**How much of this is the plan? What did Marcel choose?!

They come at hayley. Marcel rips their hearts out from behind. Leaves.

Aya gets Tristan up. He says Freya, you chose poorly. Marcel says get him out of here. Elijah's cavalry just got here. Go now! They do. Marcel feeds Freya blood. Remind your brother who his friends are.

Klaus dragging Aurora outside.

Camille wakes up. With a transitioning guy.....and more.

You care for her. Aurora says I have to kill Cami, then. Can she excite you like I can?

Camille tries to appeal to the man. He says Marcel told us. I feed or I die.

Klaus tells Aurora there's nothing between us now. She says I know I'm the one for you! You'll thank me for killing your little human pet. Eventually. Klaus says I will end you! But first make you suffer in ways you can't imagine. You will only associate my name with Fear and Pain. You, are nothing to me. He gets a flash. In her mind. All the use you were to me. So, what's to stop me from killing you now?

Camille protecting herself. Klaus hears her in trouble. She pushes a dead guy off of her. He helps her up. Hugs her.

Freya holds the stake. Hayley tells Elijah that Marcel is loyal. He saved me. freya says and healed me. Elijah says tristan is free and Rebekah is lost. The propheciy threatens us still.

Marcel gives Aya Klaus's blood to heal Tristan. Tristan says you have my gratitude. She says we have to go. Much to do. We'll be in touch. Marcel wants more. She gave me no choice but to declare war. Now I'm a marked man. today was proof you need me on your side. But if this is how you treat your friends, I might not be there. Tristan says he's right. Come with us. Aya's not happy about it.

Hayley comes home. mary asks if she's okay. You're damn lucky and damn foolish. You're 25, with a baby. You go out of your way to help them and you're tempting fate. Hayley says I fight for the people I care about and Jackson should do the same thing. He needs time, I get that. tell him when he wants to talk, he should come home.

Elijah tells Klaus that the Strix have an airline that specializes in cargo jets. We have the course, so all we do is match the path. He recommends something delightfully gruesome for Aurora and Tristan. Klaus says leave her to me.

Lucien sits next to Aurora. Klaus is an utter fool. Always has been. She's crying. So he does still care.

Klaus with Camille. Icing her head. She says I'm fine. All things considered. he wants her to stay, where I can protect you. What happened today....She says forget about it. it's not your fault. I have to ask. Right before you showed up, did you hear what we talked about? He did. He already compelled people to kill him. She says that's a joke, right? He says it doesn't have to be. She says don't kill anyone for me, please. He says whatever you want. She wants to sleep. He reaches for a blanket and covers her.

Freya lights a lot of candles. Holds her necklace. Chants. Finn! Sister. Finn. My brother. I believe it's time we had a talk. Okay, he's hotter than last around.

Next week - Rebekah's back. And out of control. Mid-season finale.