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#Supernatural season 10 finale - "Brother's Keeper"

"Brother's Keeper"

SUPERNATURAL SEASON FINALE — Dean (Jensen Ackles) makes a shocking decision regarding the Mark of Cain that would change not only his life, but Sam’s (Jared Padalecki) too. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark Sheppard) and Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) face off and Castiel (Misha Collins) gets caught in the middle. Phil Sgriccia directed this episode written by Jeremy Carver (#1023). Original airdate 5/20/2015.

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Episode 23:

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#TheFlash season 1 finale recap - "Fast Enough"

"Fast Enough"

EPIC SEASON FINALE; VICTOR GARBER AND ROBBIE AMELL GUEST STAR — Wells (Tom Cavanagh) presents Barry (Grant Gustin) with a life-changing choice. Dr. Martin Stein (guest star Victor Garber) and Ronnie Raymond (guest star Robbie Amell) return to help the S.T.A.R. Labs team with this final fight. Dermott Downs directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Gabrielle Stanton & Andrew Kreisberg (#123). Original airdate 5/19/2015.

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Episode 23:

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#Grimm season 4 finale recap - "Cry Havoc"


05/15/2015 (08:00PM - 09:00PM) (Friday) : A HORRIFYING DISCOVERY SETS NICK ON A WAR PATH - JACQUELINE TOBONI AND NICO EVERS-SWINDELL GUEST STAR - On the heels of a shocking discovery, Nick (David Giuntoli) is hell bent on getting revenge and taking the fight to the Royals with help from Trubel (guest star Jacqueline Toboni). Meanwhile, Juliette's (Bitsie Tulloch) alliance continues to lead her down a dark path. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, Bree Turner, and Claire Coffee also star.

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Episode 22:

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#TVDFinale Season 6 Finale Recap - "I'll Be Thinking Of You All The While" #GoodbyeNina #GoodbyeElena

"I'll Be Thinking Of You All The While"

GOODBYE, MYSTIC FALLS — In the aftermath of Alaric (Matt Davis) and Jo’s (guest star Jodi Lyn O’Keefe) powerful nuptials, things take a dramatic turn when an uninvited guest shows up, leaving Elena (Nina Dobrev) in terrible jeopardy. Despite Matt’s (Zach Roerig) advice to leave town to protect herself, a defiant Bonnie (Kat Graham) takes matters into her own hands after finding herself on the receiving end of a twisted plan. As Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice Accola) reach an emotional crossroad in their relationship, a reunion with Liv (guest star Penelope Mitchell) leaves Tyler (Michael Trevino) faced with a decision that could change his life forever. Meanwhile, Lily's (guest star Annie Wersching) reckless actions cause Stefan to realize the lengths to which his mother will go to reunite with her “family.” Finally, after a devastating chain of events, Damon (Ian Somerhalder) is forced to make the most difficult decision of his life. Michael Malarkey also stars. Chris Grismer directed the episode written by Julie Plec & Caroline Dries (#622). Original airdate 5/14/2015.

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Episode 22:

Damon laying on the road. Elena asks him what is he doing? Waiting for you. Feeling symbolic. They kiss. She says it's bad, isn't it? He says you owe me a dance, Miss Gilbert.

The injured and dying. Damon feeds her blood. Alaric pleads for help. Elena's not drinking. Stefan, she won't wake up. I don't understand. Stefan says get her to the hospital now. Kai breaks his and Caroline's necks. Nothing personal. This is a family matter. Gemini chant against Kai. Kai says sorry, I don't want to compete with a future generation. Kai stabs his own neck.

Elena training with Alaric in the woods. He says I can't do this. She says don't give up like that. He says I have nothing left to fight for.

Elena in the hospital. Bonnie calls Damon. Kai's out. He knows. She says Kai took my blood. Damon says Jo is dead and Elena got knocked down and won't wake up. The doctors say there's nothing wrong with her. I don't know what to do, Bonnie.

Stefan and Caroline wake up in a car. Enzo driving them. Where are we going? Elena is in the hospital, Kai is dead, the Geminis are going with him. I grabbed you two to deal with a bigger problem. Lily looking for her friends. Stefan says Kai lied to you! You're wasting your time.

Geminis dying. Liv with Tyler. He says Kai is dead, Liv. Your coven is all in there dying. They hold hands. He says I love you, Liv. You need to know that. She says no, you're not dying, not after everything. It's a full moon. If you turn, it'll heal you. You have to. He says no. I'm not triggering it. She says you promised not to waste your second chance. I love you. Let me do this for you. He kisses her. She says don't waste it, and puts his hand on her mouth. He says I love you. He weeps while suffocating her. Then she stops struggling, breathing. He screams.

*Really? They kill Alaric's woman again? Really? Isn't that repetitive? I would get taking the babies, even hurting her enough that she can't have more children, but taking her, too is ridiculous. A gratuitous death.

Damon sits with Elena.

Tyler on the phone. He tells Matt I triggered my curse. Tell every vamp to steer clear. I don't know if I can control who I go after.

Stefan and Lily. He says those are random people you sired, not family. She says we spent a century and a half together, what other word would I use? Stefan asks her what did you give Kai in exchange? My blood.

Kai wakes. Cracks his neck. Brings his father to him. Here's to being different. He drinks a little of his blood.

Ric puts Jo in the SUV. Covers her with a cloth. Gets in the driver's seat. Gun in the glove compartment. He sees Kai. And shoots him repeatedly. Kai says I turned myself into a heretic. Ric holds the gun to his head. Tyler tackles and bites Kai. Kai tosses him. Tyler runs off. Kai says bad doggie. Ha!

Elena with Matt. At the bridge. Here lies Elena Gilbert. She has to find humor in it. The alternative is saying goodbye and I can't do that, yet.

Matt and Bonnie. She found a video in the kitchen. Kai says you're probably wondering why you're still alive? Bet you forgot about that rock of Bennett blood.

Damon is texted that Kai was bitten. Kai shows up and asks what's happening to me? Damon says there's a cure in New Orleans. Tell me what you did to Elena? I'm really not in a good mood, so I'll behead people I don't like. Fix her! Kai says she'll stay this way until she wakes. She's preserved indefinitely. As long as Bonnie remains alive, Elena will be asleep. Kai rigged it so if Bonnie tries to outsmart it, they both die.

Your betrayal really hurt me, Bonnie. Matt says Damon will kill you. You have to run now.

Kai says you have a choice, Damon. Of course, you kill Bonnie, Elena will probably never speak to you again. Damon throws a gurney.

Elena and Stefan at the quarry. This is where she told him she didn't want to be a vampire. He says a lot of good that did. She says you knew me better than anyone, which is why you know how impossible it is to find the words to say goodbye.

Caroline and Stefan with Elena. Damon left to track Kai. Caroline says you, you were soulmates, and I want to make sure you're okay. Stefan says she isn't necessarily my soulmate. She was also the only person to believe my brother is worth loving. Her faith in him brought me and Damon back together. I loved her, but I think in the end, I needed him more than I needed her. Is that why you feel you need to stay away from me? Afraid I haven't moved on? She says no. You and I..... I can't do this right now, I'm sorry.

Kai back at the wreckage. Anyone alive? I need blood. Bonnie says you need more than blood. He says maybe if you were funny, your friends would be cool with you living instead of Elena. She gives him pain. He says I can't undo the spell. What's done is done. I can't undo the spell, Bonnie. She says fine, I'll wait for the werewolf bite to kill you. Kai says I didn't know they were real until I got bit by one. Thing is, Bon, only way a guy turns into a wolf is magic, right? He siphoned the venom. Cures himself. Tosses Bonnie.

Damon says just dance with me. She pleads with him to say how bad is it? He says Kai linked you to Bonnie. You won't wake up until Bonnie dies. He won, Elena.

Damon gets to the barn. Bonnie wheezing. Kai says how dumb are you? I deliver you a dying Bonnie. She's about to croak. You don't have to help her. Walk away and you and Elena get to live the life you've always dreamed of. Act quick. Damon says I'm so sorry, Bonnie. He kisses her forehead. Stands. Leaves. Kai says the whole point is that this would torture him a while. You'd think he'd at least flip a coin. Damon beheads Kai Heads it is. LOL. Did you think I'd leave you alone? He feeds Bonnie his blood. Come on. He picks her up and carries her out.

*Oh! What if Bonnie becomes a vampire? She'll die, but live. Is it enough death to save Elena? And where are the Heretics so far? Twenty minutes left.

Daylight. Bonnie and Caroline come in the house. Everyone's there. Damon says let's do this. You two are up first. Caroline and Bonnie. Take her hand. Close your eyes. And let her into your thoughts. Elena in a coffin.

Bonnie and Elena and Caroline having a sleepover. Elena says take care of everyone while I'm gone, okay? Promise me, both of you, write it all down. Everything you accomplish. Write it down. So that one day when I wake up, I can read about you and feel like I was there. Bonnie says I'm so sorry, I'm so sorry. Elena says this isn't your fault. Caroline leaves them alone. Elena wipes Bonnie's tears. It's my time to sacrifice for you. One more favor. Okay. Feathers from the pillow. Can you do it one last time? Bonnie floats them and they laugh.

Matt scatters the flowers. Happy? She says it's your turn to be happy. He's a cop, huh? She says my hope is you spend the rest of your life fighting for people like you. He says I might never see you again. She says think of all we've survived.

Elena with Ric. Let the pain in. It's bigger than you. You have to drown in it, and then you'll swim. And every breath will make you stronger. I promise you'll beat it. Jeremy arrives! Ric hugs him. Jeremy takes Elena's hand.

She says you made it! Sorry, I wanted to be strong for you. He says I spent my life doing what I was born to do. I was happy.

Elena and Tyler. he's chained up. She says get out of here, figure out yourself, and fight for it. Embrace the wolf and let it be extraordinary.

Stefan and Elena. He takes her hand. Cries. They're at the quarry. She says thank you for bumping into me in that hallway. You quite literally saved my life. I love you so much. I can't wait to see what new life you choose in 60 or 70 years. Be happy. I'll see you soon. He says I'll see you, Elena. He lets go of her hand.

Enzo finds Lily still at the shipping yard. She says you must think me a monster. He says we're all monsters in some way. She says I never felt whole before I found these people. Can you understand that a little? Yes. He says I've been searching for that my whole life. He says that building wasn't there last night. They enter. Kai must've had this cloaked. She says it's our family! Hugs one of them.

Damon and Stefan move the coffin. Stefan wonders if she'll be safe here. Damon says Bonnie will spell it shut. It's time for me to say goodbye. Stefan pats his shoulder and walks out of the crypt.

He says you knew I would give you up to save your best friend. She says I knew you'd stand by your best friend even if you had to live without me a little while. She says don't sit around and wait for me. He was thinking of desiccating. Makes the time go faster. She says no, be happy. How about that dance? They dance, close.

Caroline in her house. Stefan's at the door.

Damonn twirls and dips Elena. They're doing the dance from that event.

Stefan says I get it, I haven't made it easy on you, but I made a list of how loving you changed my life. You made me laugh, made me dance, told me I'd find love again. I understand if I need to wait for you and I will. When you're ready for me, I'll be ready for you. He kisses her cheek and leaves.

Elena and Damon still dancing in the street. She says are you ready for this? Ready to spend the next 60 years without you? Who's ever going to be ready for that? I love you, Damon. I love you, too. They kiss.

Days go by in the crypt, outside it.

Mystic Falls is a wreck. Matt patrols as a cop. Damon stands on the clock tower.

#Reign season 2 finale recap - "Burn"


THERE IS ONLY ROOM FOR ONE QUEEN — Mary (Adelaide Kane) risks everything to take down Condé (Sean Teale), even as Francis (Toby Regbo) believes she is turning against France. Catherine (Megan Follows) makes a bold move and meets with Queen Elizabeth (guest star Rachel Skarsten) in a stunning plot to seek revenge on Mary. Meanwhile, Kenna (Caitlin Stasey) has a secret that will seal the fate of her relationship with Bash (Torrance Coombs). Celina Sinden, Anna Popplewell, Craig Parker, Jonathan Keltz, and Rose Williams also star. Fred Gerber directed the episode written by Laurie McCarthy and Nancy Won (#222). Original airdate 5/14/2015.

Image credit: The CW.

Episode 22:

Mary and Conde watch the men revel. He says you're safe now. I will protect you, and our child. We'll survive this. She says this coup? He asks what is it? She says Francis has cannons. Can we please just leave here? He says Francis must accept defeat and everyone you love will be spared. He tells his men to bring the siege engines forth. By tomorrow night, either I or Francis will be dead.

Catherine and Francis. Mary has gone to Conde. Are you so surprised? You trusted her loyalty and she betrayed you. She might even think you'll take this offer. You are too merciful to her! This act of hers will cost you everything. If Conde is king, if we die, it's at her hands, and if we live, I will never forgive her for this!

Madame Delphine? The maid in a dark room. She set the candle down. And screams.

Claude tells Leith you shouldn't be here in the dank places. There's a monster! I know what I saw. It's dangerous inside the walls as well.

Conde's men have been poisoned by the whores. We need to attack before this spreads. A woman is screaming it's the plague. He finds ashes on her. It's a hoax. Conde goes to Mary and she stabs him. He gasps Mary?

*Clever, Mary. Work this like a woman, in the ways men don't suspect. The prostitutes poison the wine to subdue the soldiers and you gain Conde's trust enough to kill him. Without a leader, a prince, the rebellion will die.

Conde pulls the knife out. And falls. She picks up the dagger. He says you planned it all to scatter my men, didn't you? And our baby was a lie as well? She says yes. You crushed the rebellion by yourself. She says I never wanted to hurt you, but I had to stop you.

Bash says Conde's men are scattering. Mary gave me a package to send to Greer. Francis says now is the time to attack. he leads the charge. They ride into the woods. Keep them on the run. Where is Conde? Find him! Francis goes in the tent and finds Mary with the body. She says a physician is coming. I don't know if he'll live. She says I couldn't let you die. He asks why not? You are my husband and my king. He's a traitor and I love you, Francis. I always have. Always.

Narcisse tells Catherine the coup is over. We're safe. The women leave. Catherine is shaking. He says you're alright and so are your children. She pleads to feel his arms. Of course. She says I don't want to lose you. Let's go forward together.

Francis comes back in victorious, to cheers. Mary says it's been a long time since I've seen you smile. He asks how she got Conde to trust her? She says I took advantage of his love. She thanks Greer. Greer wishes her ladies could be here to hear the thanks. Catherine says Conde is in the dungeon. He'll live long enough to lose his head. Francis says no. We'll offer him to his brother in exchange for him forsaking his claim. His death would enrage his brother. I'm ending the struggle with diplomacy, not war. She says I've made myself clear.

Renaude is taken to the noose. He tells Kenna to protect herself and her friends. Elizabeth won't stop coming after Mary. She'll never give up. Never. Renaude hangs. Kenna hides her eyes.

*Poor Renaude. He only wanted to save his son, but the law is the law.

Claude tells Bash about Delphine. The man that she did the ritual on tells Bash about Delphine's spell. Bash says I'll look into it. Hold your tongues. Last thing we need is panic. Kenna asks to talk. I miss you, Bash. If there's any part that feels for me, give me another chance. I called out to you and saved your life, not Renaude's. We are still husband and wife. We haven't undone anything, yet. They kiss. And go to bed. Good. Those two needed to fight for their marriage.

Conde tells Mary I'll sign away my claim. Elizabeth saved me, but would only protect me if I took the crown. I still want you. She says I did love you. He says you saved Francis because your love is deeper, stronger. She wishes he hadn't made her choose.

Francis is shown the baby blanket with blood on it.

Francis comes in and says you killed my son! The kidnapping was botched. You ordered them taken as ransom. You murdered my son! Mary says it must be a mistake. Is this true? Francis says I held John's blood in my hands. I should've killed you a long time ago. He swings his sword. Conde ducks and cowers. Conde swears I'd never harm your son! Francis says it doesn't matter what you intended. We will find Lola and you will lose your head before the day is done. Conde yells I did not harm your son! Mary is horrified.

Francis says we found one of the men and he gave up the plan to trade Lola and John for Conde. John fell during the escape. Mary holds Francis as he weeps. We can't find Lola anywhere. There's no sign of them. I sent them away to protect them. All I can see is his face, his smile. Narcisse bursts in. Lola is still out there. Let me find her. Francis asks what do you need? Men? Yes. Narcisse thinks someone in the castle was involved. Give me a day. No one outside this room must know I left. Mary says take what you need.

Bash tells Delphine I'll protect you, but a servant boy says you performed a ritual on a blood-stained shirt. She says she's innocent. Bash says I'll protect you. And I've decided to reconcile with my wife. Delphine says Kenna is pregnant.

Bash asks Kenna. How long have you known? She says a few days, a few weeks. he says so that's why you got me into bed? She says I want it to be yours. Please don't abandon me. Please claim this child. Bash says we are finished.

Narcisse bursts into a house and says who are you working for? It's not Conde. Finds Lola and the baby!!! She's surprised and relieved to see him.

The ax man comes for Conde.

Maid finds the executioner dead. The guards are dead, too. Mary comes in and says lock down the castle. We must find Conde.

Conde rides away.

*Thank goodness the baby is alright. Would've been horrible if they killed him off.

Bash tells Mary that Conde fled to the north. The assassin was English. She says Elizabeth protects Conde still. Bash sent men to the border. Narcisse says I need to speak to the King regarding his son. Mary tells the others to leave. She asks Narcisse what is it? Lady Lola is alive and unharmed. As is his son. The death was a ruse meant to motivate Conde's execution. Catherine. He knows Catherine's gestures, her mind. She backed down easily. I had her followed and found Lola. Mary says Francis is in an abbey praying for strength! How could she do this to him? Narcisse says in Catherine's mind, it was justifiable. Narcisse says there's something worse than being hated by Catherine - being loved by her.

Delphine with the dying servant boy.

Mary confronts Catherine. You are a heartless woman! Narcisse had your men followed and caught. Why would you do this? Catherine says Francis's plan was faulty. mary says you feel no remorse, do you? Catherine says Conde needed to die the moment he became your lover. We could've been slaughtered. Mary says this doesn't excuse the pain you've caused. Catherine says I did it for all of us! To save you and Francis! Francis doesn't need to know about this. Mary says we don't need more secrets. Catherine says ruling requires your hands drenched in blood. Neither of you are better than me! Mary says for us, bloodshed is a gruesome last resort, but for you, it's as easy as your next breath. I've sent word to Francis. God save you from his wrath.

Bash asks Delphine how this boy ended up in your chambers. She says I tried to save him. I didn't murder him or draw that pentagram. He says what are people supposed to think? She begs him to save her. Don't let them drown me, please, please.

Catherine brought to Mary and Francis. Catherine says they were never harmed. Francis says they could've been killed easily! You'd slit our throats in an instant if it profited you. You mean nothing to me. I strip you from your title, your income, your home. Catherine blames Mary. She will destroy this family. She will be the death of you. Francis exiles Catherine. You will never be welcome at this court again.

Catherine spits on Narcisse. Judas! Lola saw. Sighs.

Francis walks away alone. Because there is some truth in Catherine's words. Mary did bring a mess upon them.

Mary with her ladies. Kenna is going away. She'll give up the child for adoption. Mary found her a loving family to hide with. It's time for her to go. Let's remember the girls we were, the dreams we had. She hugs them all goodbye.

Mary finds Francis in her room. He thought they should take. He says you asked if I could forgive you. At the time, I thought it'd take years. She says I'll wait. Because I love you. He says you've proven that and more. She says we have made choices. Can we make another choice to commit our hearts to each other no matter what? It's terrifying and nearly impossible. We can't save each other. We can only love each other. They kiss! She draws him to the bed. They make love.

Kenna at her new home. A teen says I'm a king. My father just died. You should attend the coronation. She suggests they write to each other. And say, this winter, I could visit you. He says it's lonely being a king. She asks if it'd be okay if I brought my sister's baby with me when I visit you? Sure.

Delphine wakes Bash. She says I did a binding ritual. To nurture our bond. It worked without harming another. We're linked. They're burning me. He wakes. Looks out the window and sees her burning at the stake. She screams. Bash says I feel like I'm on fire. Men run away from Delphine.

Mary tells Francis I'll love you for the rest of my life. I'll never let you go again.

Francis hopes Mary is pregnant soon. It will protect her in France. He meets with Nostradamus. I'm dying. Yes. You are. Oh no!!

Elizabeth! Meets with Catherine. What a pleasure. You're lovely. Catherine compliments her in return. Elizabeth says you've come to ask for something. Catherine says no, I offer you the destruction of Mary, Queen of Scots.

Fall Schedules for ABC, CBS, and The CW

Fall 2015

ABC schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS.

8 pm Dancing With the Stars
10 pm Castle

8:30 pm Fresh Off the Boat
9 pm Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.

8 pm The Middle
8:30 pm The Goldbergs
9 pm Modern Family
9:30 pm black-ish
10 pm Nashville
8 pm Grey’s Anatomy
9 pm Scandal
10 pm How to Get Away With Murder

8 pm Last Man Standing
8:30 pm DR. KEN
9 pm Shark Tank
10 pm 20/20

Saturday Night Football

7 pm America’s Funniest Home Videos
8 pm Once Upon a Time
9 pm OIL

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Cristela, Forever, Manhattan Love Story, Resurrection, Revenge, Selfie, and The Taste

CBS schedule. New shows in ALL CAPS

8 pm The Big Bang Theory
9 pm Scorpion
10 pm NCIS: LA

MONDAY (after Thursday Night Football ends)
9 pm Scorpion
10 pm NCIS: LA

8 pm NCIS
9 pm NCIS: New Orleans

8 pm Survivor
9 pm Criminal Minds

8 pm Thursday Night Football

THURSDAY (after football concludes)
8 pm The Big Bang Theory
9 pm Mom
10 pm Elementary

8 pm The Amazing Race
9 pm Hawaii Five-0
10 pm Blue Bloods

8 pm Crimetime Saturday
9 pm Crimetime Saturday
10 pm 48 Hours

7 pm 60 Minutes
8 pm Madam Secretary
9 pm The Good Wife
10 pm CSI: Cyber

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Battle Creek, The McCarthys, The Mentalist, The Millers, Reckless, Stalker, and Two and a Half Men.

The CW’s surprisingly familiar schedule looks like this; new shows are in CAPS.

9 pm Jane the Virgin

8 pm The Flash
9 pm iZombie

8 pm Arrow
9 pm Supernatural

8 pm The Vampire Diaries
9 pm The Originals

8 pm Reign
9 pm America’s Next Top Model

NOT RETURNING NEXT SEASON: Hart of Dixie and The Messengers

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#Nashville season 3 finale - "Before You Go Make Sure You Know" #WillDeaconLive?

"Before You Go Make Sure You Know"

Juliette is laser-focused on finishing her album - and when she puts everything and everyone she loves behind it - Avery makes a decision that impacts their lives forever. Deacon's life hangs in the balance, but Rayna and the girls are by his side. With the clock ticking and the future uncertain, will they celebrate a life together? The season finale of "Nashville" airs WEDNESDAY, MAY 13 (10:00-11:00 p.m. ET) on the ABC Television Network. (ABC/Mark Levine)

Nashville stars Connie Britton as Rayna Jaymes, Hayden Panettiere as Juliette Barnes, Clare Bowen as Scarlett O’Connor, Chris Carmack as Will Lexington, Will Chase as Luke Wheeler, Eric Close as Teddy Conrad, Charles Esten as Deacon Claybourne, Oliver Hudson as Jeff Fordham, Jonathan Jackson as Avery Barkley, Sam Palladio as Gunnar Scott, Maisy Stella as Daphne Conrad, and Lennon Stella as Maddie Conrad.

Guest starring in the season finale are Aubrey Peeples as Layla; Ed Amatrudo as Glenn Goodman; David Alford as Bucky Dawes; Jason Douglas as Dashell Brinks; Rex Linn as Bill Lexington; Alexa Penavega as Kiley Brenner; Dana Wheeler-Nicholson as Beverly; Kyle Dean Massey as Kevin Bicks, and Nick Jandl as Dr. Caleb Rand.

“Before You Go Make Sure You Know” was written by Dee Johnson and Callie Khouri, and directed by Callie Khouri.

Image credit: ABC

Episode 22:

Read here. Or here.

Nashville EP on the Mystery Flatliner, Hope for Juliette, and Why the Hospital Wedding Almost Really Happened

#Supernatural episode 22 recap - "Prisoner"

"The Prisoner"

DEAN IS ON A RAMPAGE — When it comes to the Stynes, Dean (Jensen Ackles) decides to take matters into his own hands. Sam (Jared Padalecki) tries to come to terms with his decision. Thomas J. Wright directed this episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1022). Original airdate 5/13/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Episode 22:

#Arrow season 3 finale - "My Name is Oliver Queen" #crossoverepisode

"My Name Is Oliver Queen"

THE HEART-STOPPING SEASON FINALE — Everyone’s lives are in danger as Ra’s al Ghul (guest star Matt Nable) puts forth his final plan. Oliver/Al Sah-him (Stephen Amell) must decide if he’s strong enough to take on this new role and what it will mean for everyone on Team Arrow, and his soul. John Behring directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti & Andrew Kreisberg and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Jake Coburn (#323). Original airdate 5/13/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Episode 23:

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

#TheFlash episode 22 recap - "Rogue Air" #crossoverepisode

"Rogue Air"

STEPHEN AMELL, ROBBIE AMELL, WENTWORTH MILLER, LIAM MCINTYRE, AND DOUG JONES GUEST STAR -- As Wells (Tom Cavanagh) once again gets the upper hand on the S.T.A.R. Labs team, Barry (Grant Gustin) realizes he needs to make a big move and reaches out to an old foe, Captain Cold (guest star Wentworth Miller), for help. Joe (Jesse L. Martin) and Caitlin (Danielle Panabaker) warn Barry that Cold can't be trusted. True to form, Cold has his own agenda that involves the meta-humans trapped in the containment cells. As things seem to be going from bad to worse, The Flash gets reinforcements -- Arrow (guest star Stephen Amell) and Firestorm (guest star Robbie Amell). Doug Aarniokoski directed the episode written by Aaron Helbing & Todd Helbing (#122). Original airdate 5/12/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Ep 22:

#AgentsOfSHIELD season 2 finale - "S.O.S. Part One and Part Two"


Part One and Part Two – S.H.I.E.L.D. puts everything on the line to survive a war that blurs the line between friend and foe. Coulson and his team will be forced to make shocking sacrifices that will leave their relationships and their world changed forever, on the two-hour season finale of “Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D,” Tuesday, May 12(9:00-11:00 PM, ET) on the ABC Television Network.

“Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.” stars Clark Gregg as Director Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet as Agent Skye, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Nick Blood as Lance Hunter, and Adrianne Palicki as Bobbi Morse.

Guest starring on “S.O.S.,” Part One are Henry Simmons as Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie, Ruth Negga as Raina, Kyle Maclachlan as Cal, Jamie Harris as Gordon, Christine Adams as Agent Weaver, Mark Allan Stewart as Agent Oliver, Maya Stojan as Kara/Agent 33, Dichen Lachman as Jiaying, Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell, Kyle Mattocks as Agent Harris, Ryan Powers as S.H.I.E.L.D. tech agent, and Alicia Vela-Bailey as Alisha.

Guest starring on “S.O.S.,” Part Two are Henry Simmons as Alphonso “Mack” Mackenzie, Kyle Maclachlan as Cal, Jamie Harris as Gordon, Christine Adams as Agent Weaver, Mark Allan Stewart as Agent Oliver, Blair Underwood as Andrew Garner, Maya Stojan as Kara/Agent 33, Dichen Lachman as Jiaying, Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell, Brendan Wayne as Jiaying’s assistant, Robert Reinis as bartender, Daz Crawford as Kebo, Alicia Vela-Bailey as Alisha, and Anthony D. Washington as TAC agent #3.

“S.O.S.,” Part One was written by Jeffrey Bell and directed by Vincent Misiano.

“S.O.S.,” Part Two was written by Jed Whedon & Maurissa Tancharoen and directed by Billy Gierhart.

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