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#Grimm Season 5 Premiere Recap - "The Grimm Identity"


10/30/2015 (09:00PM - 10:00PM) (Friday) : NICK BURKHARDT IS A MAN ON FIRE - ELIZABETH RODRIGUEZ GUEST STARS - In the wake of his mother's beheading and Juliette's death, things have never been more chaotic for Nick (David Giuntoli). Having lost so much, Nick must dig deep and decide what type of person he wants to be, while also coming to grips with fathering a child with his once sworn enemy, Adalind (Claire Coffee). His search for the truth leads him to FBI Agent Chavez (guest star Elizabeth Rodriguez) and puts him at odds with those close to him. Russell Hornsby, Silas Weir Mitchell, Sasha Roiz, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star. TV-14 V
image credit: NBC

Episode 1:

Nick grieving over Juliette's body. Task force men take Trubel. Drug Nick.
He dreams about Juliette.
Juliette's funeral.
Nick comes home. Sits at the table. Sees his mother's head in the box floating in the air. Now it's coffins and boxes filling the house.
Nick wakes up on the floor. Phone rings. He remembers that Trubel was grabbed and looks for her. Phone ringing. It's Hank. Checking in on you. Where are you? Nick says at home. Juliette's dead. They took Trubel. Hank is on his way. The body is gone.

Rosalie and Monroe. Couldn't sleep last night. Rosalie was thinking about Adalind's baby. Nick calls. When did you last see Trubel? Juliette's dead, they grabbed Trubel, they took my mom's head.

Nick looks in the bedrooms. He's freaking out. Remembers Agent Chavez. Hank arrives. He tells him that Juliette is dead because she was going to kill me and Trubel shot her. Pros came in and they drugged me and took everything, even the crossbow. Chavez is the only thing that makes sense. They wanted Trubel as a Grimm to help them. They must've been tracking her. Hank says slow down. Nick wants to go after her. Hank says you'd be going after an FBI agent! Nick says she's Wesen, I'm taking her down.

New opening sequence.

Detectives say they have the Ripper. Captain asks what happened to the guy? They says a lawyer from Oslo is already requesting the body. Captain says good work.

Nick driving and almost crashing. He's NOT focused.

Wu and Hank go in the Captain's office. He's on the phone with the mayor. Hank says Nick has gone off the deep end. He thinks Chavez took Trubel. Trubel killed Juliette at Nick's house. And then Chavez took Trubel, the body, and Nick's mother's head. And nick was drugged. Nick is convinced. He's going to take her down. His words, not mind.

Chavez in the office. Det. Burkhart says he needs to see you. Send him up.

Wu says 2 bodies were found across the street from Nick's house. Captain says find Nick.

Chavez lets Nick in her office. He demands she tell where Trubel is. You took her! You took Juliette's body and my mother's head. Where are they? You're Wesen and I know it. Tell me where she is! She has Nick dragged out of her office.

Wu says he talked to the coroner. No bodies, or a head. Hank says another body was found across from Nick's. Nick calls. Chavez knows. I had a little chat. Hank says you have to come in. 3 of your neighbors were killed last night. Nick says okay.

Captain gets a call from Chavez. She says your detective made a lot of accusations. His behavior was unbalanced and threatening. If this happens again, he'll find himself in jail. Renard says he'll make sure it doesn't happen again. She says good and hangs up.

Nick gets to the precinct. Who was killed? Hank says no names, yet. Captain calls Nick into the office. What the hell were you thinking? You'll get arrested if you don't stop! Sean says you have to take some time. This is not a suggestion. If you don't, I will suspend you. Don't go near her again, or you'll be facing a lot more than a suspension. Hank chases after Nick. Nick thinks no one believes him. Wu asks now what? Hank says we need help.

Rosalie and Monroe at the shop. She's freaking out. Monroe says we're only getting part of the story. Take all this with a long grain of salt. She says Nick wouldn't say Juliette is dead if she wasn't. Who took her body?! Monroe says maybe who killed her. Rosalie says this doesn't make sense. Hank calls. Hank says Wu and I are coming over.

Nick looking up Chavez's address. Then he hears something. Juliette's voice. He races upstairs. It's empty. He starts crying. He says I can't do this.

Monroe and crew in the basement. Hank says Nick isn't answering. Rosalie says this is horrible. Monroe says better Juliette than Nick. Rosalie says this wasn't Juliette's fault! We were all a part of what happened to her. She doesn't get all the blame. Hank says it's a bad deal all around. Rosalie says this feels so final. Wu found stuff on Chavez. An address. Hank will head over. Monroe says no, I'll go. Hank says how do we find this secret agency? Rosalie says maybe the Wesen Council knows. But Chavez is the only name we've got. Wu says then we keep digging.

Chavez down in an underground prison. Of Wesen. Any changes? Not for the better. She says we're playing with fire. Was that Meisner???

Nick gets to the address. Rolls by. Parks around the corner. Monroe parks at the same time. Nick says I don't need help. Monroe asks what are you going to do? We've been through a lot together and I don't want to see you do something without me when you need me. Nick appreciates that, but you can't be here. Get out of here! He goes on to the house.

Bud serving breakfast to Adalind. He says Nick really tried. And you're not just eating for one. She says the feels uncomfortable. Like he's starting to....OMG, he's coming! Hospital, car, now!

Wu still looking into Chavez. Monroe comes back. Whatever Nick is doing, he's doing on his own.

Chavez comes home. Goes inside. Nick attacks her and they fight. I know you're Wesen. I'm a Grimm. She wogues. He knocks her out.

Chavez's parents were in diplomatic service. They were killed in Beirut. Phone rings. She picks it up. It's Nick. He's here. Back door. She lets him in, with Chavez! Nick says she's a Wesen like Trubel said. Who are you working for? You tried to recruit Trubel. You threatened her. If you were looking for a Grimm, it's me. Monroe and Rosalie wogue. You're not going anywhere until we get the truth. Chavez says my life doesn't matter. There's too much at stake. Bud calls Nick.

They're in the hospital. Adalind's in labor. We're at St. Joe's. Hurry up! Rosalie says you gotta go. Monroe says don't worry about her, she's not going anywhere. Chavez says you all know he's a Grimm? Wu says we do, and we don't like secrets much. Hank says he doesn't think Nick is over the edge anymore.

Hospital. Rosalie and Nick get to Bud. Her water broke on the sidewalk! Nurse asks Nick if he's going in to Delivery? Rosalie says of course. She'll go with him. You okay? Nick says it's happening very fast. Rosalie says the child will need you. The kid comes first. You're going be a dad. it's pretty special. Monroe and I will be there for you as much as can. Adalind pushing. She grabs Nick. Baby's heart rate dropping. They get Adalind on her side. They have to do a C-section. They move her to an OR.

Hank talking to Chavez. Her phone buzzing. She says if I don't answer, someone will start looking for me and it won't be the FBI. Hank says if I don't like what you say, no one will ever find you. She says I need to send my thumbprint so they know it's me. Monroe says how do we know she didn't send a distress signal? Chavez says someone has to start trusting someone. She tells the person on the phone that Nick is a Grimm and she wants to bring him in tonight.

Nick and Rosalie waiting. Hank calls him. Chavez wants to talk to you. She says this is your one chance for answers. Come alone. 20 minutes. After that, it'll be too late. Rosalie says go, I'll stay.

Monroe and Wu tell Nick they're not sure about this. Nick takes Chavez. Wu says we're just going to do nothing? Hank says for a couple hours, yeah. That's as long as my trust lasts.

They arrive at an industrial building. Nick asks who's in there? She says we're never all together in the same place. Things are happening. You have to be prepared for what's coming. I can't tell you any more. They walk into the building. It's empty, at first. Dead bodies! Their throats ripped out. Nick hears an attack. They fight multiple assailants. Nick kills one with re-bar. Then saves Chavez. Remaining bad guys get away in a truck. A claw mark symbol is left on the building. Chavez is hurt. She says you can't be tied to this. He asks where's Trubel? She says they're rising everywhere. Gives him a chess piece. And dies. Phone buzzes. Nick answers it. She's dead. Who is this? Who is this? Meisner says keep the phone.

Rosalie says the baby is alright. Adalind is exhausted, but okay. Nick says i can go in there, right? Yeah. He finds Adalind holding the baby boy. You okay? She says I don't know. I wasn't sure you'd want to be here. Maybe you don't. But at least you are here. Don't hate me anymore, Nick. We can't be like we were. I don't want to raise him by myself. He's as much you as he is me. Well, maybe he won't be like either one of us. She asks if you want to hold him? He won't break. Nick takes the baby. She thought of a name. Kelly. Nick says okay.

Claw mark on the city! That was startling.

Next week - War is coming. The Uprising has begun.

Interview with the stars.

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#SleepyHollow and #Bones crossover event October 29, 2015! Sleepy Hollow episode 3.5 recap.

"The Resurrection in the Remains" and "Dead Men Tell No Tales"

The official Fox synopsis for the Oct. 29 event says that in the Bones hour, titled “The Resurrection in the Remains,” Brennan, Booth, Abbie, and Ichabod must figure out how to work together to discover the identity of a 200-year-old headless corpse and how it is linked to a contemporary murder victim.


Emily Deschanel and David Boreanaz of BONES Guest-Star!

With Brennan (Emily Deschanel) and Booth (guest star David Boreanaz) in tow, Abbie and Crane set out to prove that supernatural forces are at play when a mysterious death plagues the FBI. As Pandora unleashes a force to awaken the dangerous Red Coat General Howe, both teams must find a way to save the town from the British Army of the Undead. Can the power of Booth and Brennan combined with Abbie and Crane be enough to stop Pandora's evil forces? Find out in the special, all-new "Dead Men Tell No Tales" crossover episode of SLEEPY HOLLOW airing Thursday, Oct. 29 (9:00-10:00 PM ET/PT) on FOX. (SLH-305) (TV-14 L, V)

Cast: Tom Mison as Ichabod Crane; Nicole Beharie as Abbie Mills; Lyndie Greenwood as Jenny Mills, Nikki Reed as Betsy Ross, Shannyn Sossamon as Pandora, Lance Gross as FBI Agent Daniel Reynolds, and Zach Appelman as Joe Corbin.

Guest Cast: Emily Deschanel as Dr. Temperance Brennan; David Boreanaz as FBI Special Agent Seeley Booth.

Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Recap, Part 1: The Leftenant in the Lab

Bones/Sleepy Hollow Crossover Recap, Part 2: It's All Greek Fire to Me

#TheOriginals 3.4 recap - "A Walk on the Wild Side"

"A Walk on the Wild Side"

THE STRIX – In order to uncover what his old acquaintance Tristan (guest star Oliver Auckland) is really up to in New Orleans, Elijah (Daniel Gillies) considers attending a gala thrown by a mysterious group of ancient vampires known as The Strix, while Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) invites herself to attend with him. There, Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) is approached with an enticing offer made by a mysterious woman named Aya (guest star Tracy Ifeachor), but he quickly realizes that things are not always what they seem. Elsewhere, when a vital component of Lucien’s (guest star Andrew Lees) plan goes missing, he and Klaus (Joseph Morgan) form a tentative alliance in order to find it. Riley Voelkel also stars. Matt Hastings directed the episode written by Ashley Lyle and Bart Nickerson (#304). Original airdate 10/29/15.

Image credit: The CW:

Ep 4:

Day time in New Orleans. Marcel on a run. Gets home. Picks up a glass. Cufflinks left for him. And a suit with a mask. His phone buzzes. Tristan. Aya is an exquisite beauty. The violence was my idea. This is an invitation. Every few years, we gather to celebrate our status. When we find someone worthy, we open our doors. We can offer you a global network. Marcel says maybe I'm happy with what I've got. Tristan says if you're curious, join us tonight and don't be late.

Elijah working out. He tosses the punch bag. Hayley asks about the Strix. She got an invite. He says this isn't your concern. She says it is. Cut the crap. He asks what do yo want to know?

Freya doing yoga at home. Klaus is annoyed that she comes and goes without notice. Hayley and Elijah come in. He tells Hayley about the prophecy. Grim stuff, not for the faint of heart. We're all on the chopping block. But cheer up, this witch claims her visions are evolving. Hayley wants to meet this psychic witch tonight.

Halloween party. Lucien feeding. Klaus finds him. Lucien invites him to join. Klaus says business before pleasure. I've noticed a lot of new faces at my favorite haunts. Lucien offers shots. I have some of the most brilliant minds developing technology you couldn't imagine. Klaus suggests seeing the seer again. If you're prepared to share your resources. Lucien says of course.

Lucien's home. Alexis? Her room is empty. The TV is still on. Tea not drunk. Lucien says she doesn't go outside unless she has to. She's too sensitive. If she's gone, someone took her!

Lucien barks orders on the phone. Klaus calls Freya. Lucien says we need your help. We must find her. Our lives depend on it. She says please tell your creepy friend that just because he's good looking doesn't mean I won't kill him. Klaus says please. She agrees.

Elijah gives Hayley a dress. Your husband is fine with tonight's little adventure? She says yeah. He knows I can handle myself. Elijah says that's not what I meant. She knows. She asks what she's walking into tonight. Elijah says the most dangerous congregation of vampires the world has ever known.

The gala. Everyone in their finery. There are dancers, too. Aya greets Marcel. Please, allow me to make introductions. They have actors, artists, politicians.

Elijah and Hayley arrive. Why are they all staring at you? He says I'm kind of a big deal around here. She figures they're in his sire line. Most of them, yes. He wanted to create a new brotherhood, but abandoned them when he realized he'd made a bunch of sociopaths.

Aya and Marcel. She says we have the top of the food chain and get what we want. Tristan wants to help you reach your full potential. You'd be the first member sired by Klaus. you could help us put this sire line war to bed. If you're the man we think you to be.

Freya arrives. Says this place stinks. Klaus gives her Alexis's hairbrush. Freya starts her spell. The witch is at Tristan's mansion. Lucien asks how you propose we fight our way into a secret society of ancient vampires? Klaus has a plan.

Marcel meets Aya's mentor. Who doesn't shake his hand. Mohinder feeds on vampires he's bested in combat. Such is his discipline that he can go long lengths of time without blood.

Hayley wants to meet Tristan. Elijah spots Marcel. This isn't a party, it's an initiation. Champagne is served.

Tristan addresses the society. Welcomes Marcel. They applaud. Tristan says there's one small bit of business. Determine Marcel's worth. Marcel's daylight ring is gone. Tristan says deduce the thief and take back your ring. It won't be easy. We're still a rather violent bunch. Victory or death. You have a few hours before dawn. I wish you the best of luck.

**Hayley's dress is a beautiful color, but it doesn't quite fit right. It would fit so much better if she was wearing a bra. Most structured clothes actually look so much better with supportive undergarments. Otherwise, the bodice droops or folds etc. They could've easy sewn a bra in if they didn't want to have her wear one separately.

Hayley and Elijah at the bar. Tristan comes over. Sometimes the new candidates surprise us. He knows who Hayley is. She pulls her hand away. He's surprised Elijah came. What do you think of Marcel? Elijah says he should fit in perfectly. Hayley says she doesn't like bullies. Tristan offers to enlighten her during a dance. She accepts.

Tristan is glad she came. Tonight, we'll allow you to make up your own mind about us. You won't be able to call us liars.

Elijah tells Marcel I could've warned you. Marcel says I didn't tell you because Elijah says I wouldn't have allowed it. Marcel says at least they don't treat me like a sidekick. They offer options. Elijah says those options are a death sentence. Perhaps I'll have to ruin this suit after all. Pity as I've had it over a hundred years. Marcel says he'll handle it. That is a nice jacket.

Marcel goes after Aya. My guys have rules. We don't kill each other. Loyalty. She pins him on the wall. Death is inevitable. Makes life intoxicating. Marvel kisses her. She says a fine effort, but I don't have your ring. Do hope you find it, though.

Tristan calls Hayley a novelty. He knows she's a hybrid. You are one of a kind and a true beauty at that. Elijah watching them dance. Lucien and Klaus invade drunk with young women, including Freya, who goes upstairs. Finds Alexis. I'm your knight in pink armor. Alexis doesn't need a savior. She says I watched them fall, burn, every soul they've ever turned. Lucien is doomed. I watched his sire fall and I know exactly how it's done.

Freya says we're in a rush. We're going now. Alexis says she cast an aphasia spell in anticipation. Freya is choking. I've seen a thousand ends to this confrontation and none are favorable to you. She kisses Freya and gives her a vision. Poor girl. Family will be your undoing. Freya says you're right, I am a Mikaelson. She punches Alexis.

Tristan tells Klaus you're not welcome here. Klaus says no, you're not welcome. Tristan insults the girls. Lucien teases Tristan. Elijah comes over. You're hammered. Find the nearest exit, and take your playthings with you? Klaus says I used to find it insulting to be barred from this club, but now I realize I lack the flexibility.....I could never get my head far enough up my own ass. Calls the champagne cheap. Let's go. He and Lucien leave.

Marcel with Hayley. Aya asks him to come with them. He goes. Hayley veers off.

They bring Marcel to the conservatory. Tristan pushed up the clock an hour. Do you have an answer? Marcel looks at each vampire. Aya took my ring. She says I don't have it. Marcel says you took it, I didn't say you have it. You have it to Mohinder. Tristan says well done. But that's only half the challenge. Let's see how he does. Mohinder says there's no shame at dying at the hands of one's superior. Marcel says there's no glory in it, either. They start to fight and Marcel ends up on the ground in short order. Uh oh.

**The drunk rouse is always entertaining. Very few opponents won't fall for the distraction, especially uppity ones like Tristan. He won't embarrass himself by engaging with them.

Marcel gets up. He's losing this. Mohinder bats him around easily. Marcel rallies. Mohinder bites him. Prepared to stake him. Embrace the nobility of this end. Marcel says you must've tasted it in my blood. Wolf venom. We're both dead men walking.

Hayley bit Marcel's arm.

Marcel says I don't know why they want you dead, but they do. I'm done picking up your breadcrumbs. All he's done to deserve death is pick his friends poorly. Hayley helps Marcel. Tristan goes to Mohinder and rips his heart out. You chose well. He did deserve it. He's been plotting unspeakable crimes. You couldn't have known. Your rare see, this was the test. Gives Marcel his ring. Welcome to the Strix. Provided you survive your own gambit.

Klaus and Marcel. Klaus is angry. You assumed I'd be willing to heal you? We cannot tell friend from foe and what are you doing? Marcel says my interest in the Strix is because of you! Whoever comes for you, comes for me. That's all I need to know. Freya says Alexis is awake. Klaus gives his blood to Marcel. But they also may come through you, Marcellus. Remember that.

Alexis tells Lucien I'm sorry. I saw it. I saw him die. Did you see the weapon? What is it? She says to understand, it must be seen. Offers her arm to Hayley. And Elijah. They bite. See some images we've already seen. Then spit out her blood while she bleeds from the nose. Something's wrong! Alexis is poisoned. Lucien holds her as she dies. He's deeply upset.

**Hmm, is that anger or grief from Lucien? Did he care for Alexis, or more about her abilities?

Marcel and Aya on the street. She says patience. He asks what would she have done if he didn't figure it out? She says clean up your burning husk and never think of you again. Ouch.

Elijah and Tristan chat. Removing Lucien's allegations was the only move left to make. Elijah says your words are no more compelling than his. I want proof. He leaves.

Morning again. Marcel jogging.

Elijah comes home. Hayley got Hope to sleep. We'll have to explain this familyl to her some day. I think about that some times. I will never lie to her. But you know what I'll start with? Always and forever. Elijah smiles.

Marcel jogging.

Elijah says I'm sorry, I should've told you what was happening. What was your impressing of Tristan? Hayley says he seemed incomplete. Elijah says he has a sister, Aurora. His devotion to her his dangerous. Hayley says loyalty doesn't make people dangerous.

Aurora arrives in New Orleans.

Next week - Klaus and Aurora see each other again.

#TVD 7.4 recap - "I Carry Your Heart With Me"

"I Carry Your Heart With Me"

HEAVEN & HELL BALL — Just as Damon (Ian Somerhalder) thinks he’s gained the upper hand in his fight against Lily (guest star Annie Wersching), an unexpected turn of events leaves him scrambling for a plan B. Elsewhere, when the fallout of Damon’s actions gains the unwanted attention of Mary Louise (guest star Teressa Liane) and Nora (guest star Scarlett Byrne), Stefan (Paul Wesley) and Caroline (Candice King) are forced to spend the night distracting the girls at Whitmore College’s Heaven & Hell ball. Finally, after suspecting that she’s up to something, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) sets off on a mission to find out what Valerie (guest star Elizabeth Blackmore) is hiding, while a plan set by Alaric (Matt Davis) and Bonnie (Kat Graham) leaves their worlds turned upside down. Zach Roerig also stars. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Neil Reynolds (#704). Original airdate 10/29/2015.

 Image credit: The CW

Ep 4:

3 years from now. Alaric working on something. Trying to fix a doll. Twin girls! He tells them to go brush their teeth. Josie, help your sister find her PJs, okay? Girls? He grabs a shotgun from a cabinet. Damon's at the door. Ric says stay behind Daddy. Damon says someone will die if you don't do what I want. So, gonna invite me in?

Today. Ric looking at the Stone. In the morgue. He tells the guy I need the place to myself tonight. Is this enough to buy some privacy? The guy says this is the body's last day. Preserved bodies have an expiration date.

Damon and Lily on the phone. She wants to speak to Oscar. Damon finds Oscar gone. Oscar? I smell the blood on you. He's dead in a cabinet. You've gotta be kidding me.

Bonnie up in the dorm. Caroline wakes. Sit. Hi. They hug. Bonnie will work on unraveling the spell. Caroline says let's go shopping for Halloween costumes. Bonnie tells her about Jo. Caroline says our lives are weird. Tell me about it. LOL.

Stefan asks how the hell did you let this happen? Damon says don't blame me. Stefan says you're making all your bar decisions about Elena.

Valerie cooking a mushroom omelet. For Oscar, not you. Enzo is impressed. Lily says Damon never showed up. Asks for a moment alone with Valerie. He leaves. Lily brings up Stefan. Valerie says it was puppy love. Meant nothing. You told him you were coming back for him and he believed you. Valerie says I was a foolish human back then. I'm sorry. Lily says if you have something to tell me, now is the time. Valerie says I have nothing to hide.

The lesbians visit Damon. uh oh. University housing is sad. Nora starts breaking stuff. Damon says Oscar knocked me out and took off. Nora doesn't believe him. The girls leave. Damon and Stefan had Oscar hanging out the window! A woman walks in with n paper. Message from Nora. For every hour Oscar is not returned, a Whitmore student will die, starting now. The girl kills herself. Oh boy.

A Mystic Falls monster tour. Matt tells them to pack it up and get out. Enzo arrives. Matt says get out or else. Tells Enzo I'll shoot you right here if you touch these people. Enzo says he's been losing sleep. I have a Heretic to track.

Stefan brought Caroline coffee. He hasn't spoken to Valerie, yet. Caroline says you're not curious why she left you hanging? She's the reason why I literally can't touch you. Stefan says the lesbians are a bigger problem. The Heaven and Hell Ball will be a good distraction. Caroline says it'll only work if they think it's their idea. Caroline gets a flyer in their hands. Sorry, no Heretics allowed. Nora says we're going. Caroline says to a college party? Good luck with that. You'll fit in just fine.... Nora says don't leave. Mary Louise takes one of Caroline's dresses. Caroline says in exchange, siphon off this silly spell. Mary says you don't get on Valerie's bad side.

Nora says the same thing. Stefan says that's not the Valerie I knew. Nora says maybe that obsession with you is why she's a walking funeral dirge. Mary comes in. Nora says it's okay. But... Nora tears the neckline of Mary's dress to show some cleavage and pisses off Mary, who stabs a student. Stefan gives the kid his blood. The lesbians run off.

Bonnie and Alaric in the morgue. Bonnie says don't rush me. Damon drags Oscar in. We have to bring this guy back to life now.

**It's a nice note to have at least one of the Heretics more comfortable in the past than with modern times. Mary Louise is still self-conscious about showing skin.

The party. College kids dancing. Caroline arrives dressed as an angel. Stefan says nice costume for 2 hours notice. Did you forget to invite me? She says I didn't forget. I just didn't think it was first date material. What do you think it is? He says torture. They spot the lesbians.

They order drinks at the bar. Nora is obsessed with Pinterest.

Bonnie chants over Oscar. His eyes open. Then close. Scratch that one off the list. Damon's getting testy. Bonnie says shut up! The Stone works. I just have to find the right spell. Stefan calls and says we've managed to save 3 people. How much longer? Oscar's body catches fire. Damon says we're close.

Enzo carries home a college girl. Valerie asks if he's accusing her of something? He says you were at Whitmore last night. Valerie says forget everything you think you know. He says enlighten me. Maybe I'll just ask Lily. Valerie confesses. I had to prevent him from bringing Julian back. you don't know? Guess Lily doesn't tell you everything. Julian is someone to keep as far away as possible......if you want Lily to love you like you love her.

Caroline and Stefan watch the lesbians. Once a slow song comes on, Nora and Mary Louise dance. Caroline is scared of him getting back with Valerie. She says I'm too sober to talk about this. Nora and Mary Louise are gone.

Mary finds Nora feeding on the bartender. Mary rips her heart out. You're so desperate for attention! Nora says I don't need your protection! I'm not struggling to adapt, you are! Mary says do what you want. I'm going to finish what we came here to do.

Bonnie chants again. Oscar sits up screaming. Damon says Bonnie, you're officially the most terrifying person I know. LOL.

**Man, Mary Louise is insecure. Quite a temper when she gets defensive. Nora's overtly psycho, but what you see is what you get. It's Mary that's more dangerous.

Damon supporting Oscar out to the car. Smile for Mommy! Bonnie gives Oscar a blood bag. Bonnie says if hunger is the worse consequence, we got off easy. Damon asks if she still wants to do this to Jo. She says go get your girl. I'll go get his.

Enzo asks Lily who is Julian? She says Julian was a saint. The love of my life. Was? Or is? She gets the photo from Damon.

Mary Louise in the party. Stefan stops her from attacking a girl. Shows her the photo. Where's Nora? She says I don't know, we had a fight. He says I'm sorry. She says don't pity me. He says I don't. She asks if this is how relationships go in the modern era? He suggests a therapist. She's not interested. He tells her about Caroline's insecurity. All over this spell that you can remove. He knocks her out.

Oscar is still hungry. Damon says that's the last blood bag. Oscar demands more. Stop this thing! He breaks out of the car and runs off. "Damn."

Matt finds a crashed car. Dead driver on the hood. Damon says don't shoot. Oscar did it. Matt says ghost tours are going through Mystic Falls every 30 minutes. Matt says I'm going with you. Damon says you're human. Please don't commit suicide tonight. I don't need your death as one more thing that's my fault.

Stefan and Caroline make Nora siphon. Caroline breaks Nora's neck. Then Stefan and Caroline make out.

Tour bus. People want this to get scary. Oscar grabs the guide out of the front seat. The tourists clap. Then Oscar attacks them. It's a bloodbath. Lily finds him. Enough! You're not yourself when you feed, you know that. Remember our ways! Damon breaks his neck. Now I get it. Your favorite sons are the ones with the Ripper problem. I highly recommend detox and intervention. Now, where's Elena?

Nora wakes on Mary's lap. She'll find them and rip their heads off. Mary's smiling. You're adorable. They kiss. Nora says I'm sorry. Mary says no, I'm sorry. I forget this world was meant to be enjoyed, not feared. Help me remember that. They slow dance. Nora says we should get home. Mary says tonight is ours.

Stefan and Caroline in her room. Caroline says this can't happen, yet. I'm not some insecure, jealous girlfriend. Sometimes I overthink things and say things I don't mean. Stefan says I'm thinking about you, not Valerie. You and I have more history in 5 years than most people have in a lifetime.

Matt finds Valerie. She says join me for a drink? He says go by the count of 3 or I shoot you. Enzo stops him. Enzo tells her you're welcome. She says I came to be alone. He says tell me how we prevent Julian from coming back into Lily's life.

Damon burns the tourist van. Lily says you'll find Elena in the ruins of the old mansion. Damon says I'm moving back to Mystic Falls. She says you're going to help keep order? Refusing to let Elena go will only make you lose her.

Damon writes to Elena. I'm writing it all down. Thanks to a bottle of wine. Appreciating its beauty didn't make the time go faster. I convinced myself no sip of that wine would ever taste as good as the real thing. That's why I drink bourbon. I don't know who I am without you. Tyler shows up with a truck!

Bonnie chants on Jo.

Stefan and Caroline asleep in bed.

Lily with Oscar.

Damon and Tyler load the coffin in the SUV. My heart is right there in that coffin with you. Until you come back to me.

Jo is awake!

Next week - Stefan and Valerie talk.

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#Supernatural 11.4 recap - "Baby"


NOBODY PUTS BABY IN A CORNER — Seen entirely from the point of view of the Impala, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) go on a road trip to fight monsters and demons. Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1104). Original airdate 10/28/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Ep 4:

Chuck's voice talks about the 1967 Impala. The most important object in the universe.

Impala hears a train. There's blood everywhere. Dean unconscious and handcuffed.

Dean washing the Impala 48 hours earlier. Sam asks what's with the shorts? it's a free bunker. LOL. Anything? Sam has no leads. Sam grabbed a sponge and joins in the washing. Sam has a possible case. Dean rinses the car.

They talk in the car. It's raining. Sam reads the case in Eugene, OR. Maybe a werewolf. Sam reaches in the cooler. Dean asks what is that? A smoothie. Dean asks where's the beer? Under the smoothies. LOL. Cas calls. He hasn't found anything that matches their case. They tells Cas to focus on healing. Relax. Watch some Netflix. What's a Netflix? Sam says go to my room and turn on the TV. Cas says alright. He hangs up.

Dean stops at a roadhouse. Sam says even Swayze wouldn't come to this roadhouse. Dean says you don't remember this place? Heather? He texted her. We have a ton of driving left to do. And good times heals all wounds. Sam says knock yourself out. He'll find a diner. Dean says learn to have fun. it's pathetic.

Daylight. Dean comes out of the Roadhouse. Gets in the car. There's a blonde in the back. Sam says good morning. Could you give us a minute? Dean says you kids take your time and gets out of the car. She asks Sam if he's seen her hairpin.

Dean puts music on. Lipsyncs to the song. Sam says this is ridiculous. Dean says it's one of the greatest rock writers of all time, Samuel. Dean just looks at him. They sing the chorus. Sam laughs. They got food. Driving along the coast. It's dark. Dean teases Sam about the girl. Look at that, you're finally not a virgin anymore. LOL. Sam says I tried to give her my number. Know what she said? Dean quotes Bob Seger. LOL. Sam asks you never wanted something more? Dean says have you looked at us? Sam says you've never thought about something with a hunter, someone knows our life? Dean says you're exhausted. Get in the back and sleep.

Sam wakes in the passenger seat. Sees his dad! You okay, pal? you look a little spooked. Whaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaat?

Young John says it's nice to be behind the wheel again. Sam asks if this is a vision? My father is dead. John says I never wanted this life for you boys. Sam says we turned out okay. John says yeah. That was on you, not me. Sam says this isn't real. John says I never could fool you, could I? Sam says I prayed in that church and saw something. And now, here you are, whoever, whatever you are. What the hell is this? John says the message is still the same. The Darkness is coming. Only you boys can stop it. Sam says okay. How? We need help, not visions of dead people. John says God helps those who help themselves. Sam asks who are you?

He wakes up in the back seat. Dean gives him a beer. You were singing in your sleep, that song that Mom loved. Sam says when you saw The Darkness, you weren't sure if it was real or a vision.... I think I'm having visions, too. I had a vision of Dad, but Dad when he was our age. Someone pretending to be Dad. He told me everything I wanted to hear. He had a message. The Darkness is coming and only you and I can stop it. God helps those that help themselves. Maybe the visions are from God. The first was after i prayed. Dean asks why? Sam says I was infected. I'm not anymore. What'd you pray about? Sam says looking for answers. Dean says this is a side effect from the infection you didn't tell me about. That quote was from Aesop. That wasn't a vision. And I dream about Dad all the time. We're in the car, and there's no monsters, no hunting. He's teaching me to drive. I'm 16 and he's helping me get my permit. We park at the house. I have that dream every couple of months. Kinda comforting. Sam dreams about a normal life with Mom. But this wasn't a dream. Dean asks why? Why Dad? Sam says maybe the opposite of The Darkness is talking to me. Maybe it's not God, but..... Dean says The Darkness is on us and no one's going to help us, certainly not God. But until we figure it out, we hunt. This case, for starters. Sam says Night, Jerk. Dean says Night, bitch.

Daylight on the road. Sam and Dean in suits. Dean saw the body. Werepire. Sam's not saying that. LOL. Dean called Cas. Sam says Deputy Donnelly gave him his report. Deputy thanks them for stopping by. Dean asks if there's a motel near. Deputy recommends one and a restaurant with steak.

Dean comes in, and it's valet parking. Sam says live a little. Dean tells the attendant not a scratch, okay? She gets in the car and speeds off with it. Calls someone and says spider caught a fly. She picks up another girl. They joyride. Take selfies. Do donuts in a dirt lot. Driver gets a call. Yes, sir. I'm going to get fired. She drops off the other girl. Comes back to the restaurant. Parks. Dean gets in. Sam gets in. Dean pays her. So what's next? Sam wants to talk to the sheriff's widow. Dean wants to check out the crime scene.

Phone ringing in the car. Dean comes back. Cas calling. He's confused about Orange is the New Black. LOL. He found a creature. A Whisper. Silver will kill it. Might want to decapitate to be sure. A truck pulls up behind. Cas keeps talking. The Whispers are stealthy attackers. They only feed during a solar eclipses. Dean gets attacked. Gunshots and blood spray. Cas calls for Dean. Dean gets in the car. Turns out I did shoot the deputy. It's alright. Silver bullets worked. Nope, it's up again. Dean gets back out and decapitates it. The head is still alive! Cas says it's not a Whisper. Dean shoots it again. And hears the head making noise still. He looks in the cooler. Dumps the cooler out and puts the head in it. LMAO. The noises!!! He takes a photo of the head. Cas, you there? Silver slows it down. Sending you a picture of its fangs. Never seen anything like it. Sam called. He got jumped. He's okay for now. They were attacking Mrs. Markham. He took her to a nearby house. I'll text you the address. Dean drives to him.

Sam updates Dean. Cas calls. It's a ghoul and vampire hybrid. They just need to be reminded they're dead. Place a coin in their mouth and sever the head. you need a copper coin. If you kill the alpha, everyone they turned will revert to normal. Sam says a penny minted prior to 1982. Thanks, Cas. Mrs. Markham wakes up. Dean asks do you know something about why they attacked you and your husband? She nods. She opens the cooler. Dean explains. LOL. He taks the cooler out and puts it in the trunk. Dean asks if she's okay? She says you'd do anything for family, wouldn't you? Anything else is meaningless. Now I've ruined everything. I put my family at risk. They were right to attack me. I know how to make it right. She attacks Dean. What did you do with the body?! He fights with her in the back seat. She beats on him and gets in the driver seat. Sam chases the car. Shoots through the back window.

Dean is cuffed in the back seat. She's with the deputy's body.

Car moving again. Dean spots the machete on the floor. He's pulled up. You're awake. You're a hunter. Dean says thought you guys like to keep a low profile. She killed her husband because he wouldn't join. Dean picks up the hairpin. Alpha says my people weren't going to kill you, Lily. He's turned 16 in the last month. I need help. Every strong hand I can find. I need an army to fight The Darkness. It's coming for all of us. Dean asks do you know how to stop it? Alpha says no, just trying to buy some time. Your brother will make a fine addition. I texted your brother from your phone. He's heading into a trap. Your death won't go to waste. You'll be your brother's first meal. Dean attacks him and crashes the car.

Dean comes to. Alone. Picks up the machete. And a girl's purse. Rifles through it. Coin purse. Alpha attacks him. Drags him out. More broken glass. Woman comes to and grabs Dean. Bites him. Alpha hits Dean. Dean hits back and stuffs a coin in his mouth. Drags him out of the car and uses the door to decapitate him. Baby, I'm so sorry. Woman wakes. Oh my God, what have I? My kids, he turned my kids. Dean says get in. He turns the key and the engine struggles. Finally comes to life. Dean backs up the Impala and turns it around to go after Sam.

**Poor Baby needs a LOT of work. The radiator has a hole now, it won't take long to start overheating.

Driving, looking. Sam is standing with the children. Sam and Dean get in the car. Sam says even the monsters are scared. Dean says we'll end this now. Sam says tomorrow? Dean says deal. Dean says I'll get Cas to fix you up. Sam says only if he fixes you, too. Dean struggles to get the Impala started again. Something's squealing now.....sounds like a loose belt. Poor car..... Let's go home. We are home.


Next week - Lizzie Borden.

Supernatural Stars on [Spoiler]'s Surprise Return, The Darkness' Origins

#Arrow 4.4 recap - "Beyond Redemption"

"Beyond Redemption"

LAUREL DEALS WITH THE AFTERMATH OF NANDA PARBAT - Laurel (Katie Cassidy) must deal with the repercussions of taking Sara (guest star Caity Lotz) to Nanda Parbat. Meanwhile, Oliver (Stephen Amell) asks Captain Lance (Paul Blackthorne) for a favor and while he's not surprised at the response, he is surprised at what he finds out next. Lexi Alexander directed the episode written by Beth Schwartz & Ben Sokolowski (#405). Original airdate 10/28/2015.

Ep 4:

Criminals. Drug deal? PD comes in and neutralizes them all. Detectives come in. And get killed. The fakes stole the money.

Dust at Oliver's new secret lair. With windows. Laurel and Thea checking it out. Laurel says Sara needs more time and I don't need Oliver's judgment. Diggle arrives. Oliver and Felicity arrive. Thea asks what do you want to tell us? Oliver says it's my campaign office. I'm running for mayor. Don't everyone congratulate me at once. You're serious? Yes! Diggle asks why you? Laurel asks what about staff or money. Felicity will fund it. Diggle asks what's your platform. Oliver thought they'd be more supportive. They say you're maybe in over your head. Felicity says maybe the other announcement will go over better. Into the secret elevator. Blood had a lair down here. Felicity fixed it up. Oliver turns on the lights. Cisco and Star Labs helped. WOW, this is shiny. Diggle says it's amazing. Oliver says we could use a little more space. Felicity has an alert system. 2 dead officers. Diggle says Thea and I will do recon. Oliver says he'll talk to Lance.

Police dept. They're lacking man power. Oliver arrives. Lance asks if these visits are going to be a weekly thing? Oliver says I've decided to run for mayor. Lance laughs. Laurel texts him. Lance gives the evidence to Oliver to be analyzed.

Island - Oliver gives instructions to the woman he saved. She asks why? He says it's complicated. She says those men have a bond. You're not one of them. Oliver says you have to do something for me and you're not going to like it.

Curtis wondering who the Green Arrow is. Felicity says she's not telling him. Felicity shows him her phone. He says I'm not sending you 2 year old code. But it's elegant, and familiar. Why is Ray's prototype OS sending texts to your phone? Curtis says Mr. Palmer's last recorded message could be a clue to how he died. She says I don't want to open that wound. I know how he died. She gets a text from Oliver.

He gives her the sim card. She says it has GPS. Oliver says gear up.

They check out a building. Diggle thinks he found something. A locked door. They bust in. It's weapons, equipment... Thea wonders if it's the Ghost's armory. Oliver finds a SCPD vest. Cops are killing cops.

Laurel brought her father to a basement. I swore I wouldn't keep secrets from you again. Shows him Sara. She's still feral and in chains.

**Curtis, please keep digging into that software. Someone needs to get Ray back to normal size.

Lance asks how is this even possible. Laurel says the Lazarus Pit. He says this isn't back, Laurel. Laurel says your daughter is alive. It's okay. She'll remember who she is. We just have to be patient. She shows Sara a picture of their family. We're your family. We love you. Sara asks who am I? She attacks Laurel. He gets Laurel away. Laurel says she just needs more time.

Felicity and team. Lights go down briefly. She says still working out the kinks. Oliver says let's talk to Thea's former drug dealer. We need some money.

Thea and Diggle talk to a dealer. He says he might have a hook-up. He doesn't take credit cards. I'll make a call.

Oliver tells Lance your detectives were killed by cops. All the equipment was SCPD issue. We're keeping the drugs in a warehouse. I need you to get the word out. Lance wants to bust the bad cops himself.

Island. Oliver gets back. Says he killed the woman. Richards got blown up by a landmine. Boss wants to see the body. Oliver says okay.

Diggle and Thea with the van. She says the drugs, the club remind me of high school. Diggle hates raising a daughter in this city. Everyone's in position. Lance complains about not having a code name. Oliver calls him Detective, then. Bad guys are firing as they come in. Team Arrow is losing against a superior force that seems to be ready to go against them. They aren't using police weapons and have advanced fight training. They get away with the van of drugs. Oliver asks Lance if he's okay. Lance says those weren't cops, and no, I'm not okay.

**So, are these Damian's forces, or another group?

Arrow Cave. Lance is impressed. Felicity argues. Oliver says Captain Lance isn't one to worry about. Laurel says these were not police issue. Lance says yes, they are from a task force. Lights flicker again. Lance will give them access to the precinct computers.

The bad guys. They argue about killing Captain Lance. Woman says no. We're not criminals. Let's remember that. We went this route to provide for our families. She says Lance is a solution.

Felicity and Curtis. He needs help getting the password for the software. You know the password. She says I don't want to hear my ex-boyfriend's final moment before he died. Curtis doesn't understand why she wouldn't want to hear his voice. His brother died of cancer and to be able to hear something from him, God, I'd give anything.

Lance meets with Damian. I need your help. It's my daughter, Sara. She's back. The Lazarus Pit. You used to be a member of the League. Lance says she's not right, she's crazy. Damian says it's a miracle she came back at all. Advice father to father. If it were my daughter, I'd put her down. She doesn't possess her soul. The most loving act you can commit is to return Sara to her final rest. I'm sorry.

Oliver does the salmon ladder. Shirtless training. Felicity approves. She gives him a file. Sgt. Warner has money in offshore accounts. Felicity turned on all police cameras in the city and has facial recognition looking for her. Oliver sees Lance meeting with Damian Darhk. Dun dun dun!!!

Lance gets home and Oliver is there. For years, you've looked at me with contempt and disdain. Do I have that same look on my face now? I'm talking about you and Damian Darhk. Lance sits down. Oliver says you know. Lance says it's complicated. Oliver says no it's not. Lance says you don't get to pass judgment on me! Oliver says you were better than me, until tonight. Lance says it's been 2 months. Started benign. He said he wanted to help and we needed the help. But the time I found out what he was, he threatened Laurel. Oliver says Laurel can take care of herself. Stop hiding behind your daughters! They'd be ashamed. I didn't expect to find out what kind of man you really are. Lance asks what are you going to do? Oliver says I don't know.

Island - Oliver says he strangled the woman. Boss says you don't sound like a guy that committed his first murder. I see it in your eyes. What? You're one dark bastard. Something cold in you ad you're terrified of it. Oliver says shouldn't you be afraid of me? Man says no, I'm the same way. If you're lying to me, you'll find that out.

Oliver at the office. Thea joins him. Oliver remembers going to Sentinels games as kids. Every person cheered. United. I wanted to be a leader of that city. I don't know if that city exists anymore. Might be beyond saving.

Sara rocking on the floor. Lance takes out his gun, aims at her. I'm sorry baby, you're not her. You're not her. Laurel comes in. Dad, what the hell are you doing? He sobs I have to do this. She's not my daughter! Laurel says it's Sara. He collapses. What am I doing, what am I doing? I'm sorry, baby, I'm sorry. He runs out.

And gets confronted by the bad guys in the apartment hall. Laurel sees him being dragged away and fights one. Another tazes her from behind. She's unconscious.

Police warehouses....contraband disposal facility. Lance says it requires a captain for access and that's not happening. She makes him open the door.

Felicity's computers still glitching. But she figured out he's at the facility.

She tells Lance we're leaving the city like everybody else. Canary arrives. The Speedy. Green Arrow says Sgt. Warner, you have failed this city. He ties her up. Diggle fights with others. Black Canary and Speedy takes out the rest. Warner gets Green Arrow by the throat. Lance says this isn't you. You're not a murderer. We've all been desperate. Done terrible things. But I've got to believe there's redemption. That the city can be saved. Maybe... We save our home by saving ourselves first and that means facing justice. Ask yourself, do you still believe? She lets Oliver go. Lance arrests her.

Lance comes home. Oliver there again. You saved my life. I didn't know you had such a way with words. Did you believe what you said? Lance says every word. I'll turn myself in this morning. Oliver says I'd like you to stay on the inside. They shake hands.

Island. Oliver leads the boss to the cave. And the woman's body. Stone cold killer. He tells Oliver to get rid of the body. This cave might be useful for something. He leaves. Oliver wakes her. You're okay. I haven't always been along on this island.
Boss finds a hidden bag. Oliver's contact box.

Campaign office. Full of staff. Oliver shakes hands. So surprising... He asks Thea if she hired these people? She says they're interns. She contacted them on social media. And wrote his speech. Get your suit out of mothballs.

Oliver gives his announcement speech. I know I'm not the obvious choice. I didn't graduate college, though I did go to 4 of them. After 5 years in Hell, I returned wanting to save this city. We will overcome our challenges with help from out friends, family, loved ones.

Felicity finally listens to the message.

Oliver says we do so together. United.

Laurel in the basement. Bringing food. Sara is gone. uh oh!

Next week - Constantine!

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#AgentsOfSHIELD episode 3.5 - "4,722 Hours"

"4,722 Hours"


"4,722 Hours" - After her dramatic rescue from another planet, Simmons is still reeling from her ordeal and reveals how she had to fight for her life in a harsh new world, on "Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.," TUESDAY, OCTOBER 27 (9:00-10:00 p.m., ET) on the ABC Television Network.

"Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D." stars Clark Gregg as Director Phil Coulson, Ming-Na Wen as Agent Melinda May, Brett Dalton as Grant Ward, Chloe Bennet as Agent Daisy Johnson, Iain De Caestecker as Agent Leo Fitz, Elizabeth Henstridge as Agent Jemma Simmons, Nick Blood as Agent Lance Hunter, Adrianne Palicki as Agent Bobbi Morse, Henry Simmons as Agent Alphonso "Mack" Mackenzie, and Luke Mitchell as Lincoln Campbell.

Guest starring is Dillon Casey as Will Daniels.

"4,722 Hours" was written by Craig Titley and directed by Jesse Bochco.

Ep 5:

Fitz asks Simmons to dinner. 6 months ago. He leaves the room. The rock takes Simmons in. She lands on the alien planet. Screams for Fitz to help her. Takes out her phone. No service, of course. She runs up to the top of a hill. Sees the other moons.
6 hours later. She talks to the recorder in her phone. Air is breathable. Gravity seems to be slightly stronger. Terrain is barren, desert like. No immediate sign of life, vegetation, or water. Fitz will find a way. We're going to dinner.
13 hours. She decides to sleep. Uses her jacket as a pillow.
22 hours. Wakes suddenly. There has to be a sunrise eventually.
71 hours. Where is the sun?! I want the sun!! She's breaking down. I want to go home.
79 hours. She needs to search for water. Leaves her necklace on a rock.
81 hours. Still talking to Fitz, dreaming of their dinner. What if we run out of things to talk about? She slips and falls.
99 hours. She's crawling now. Desperate for water. Sandstorm coming for her.
101 hours. She unburies herself. Stumbles toward a pool and drinks. Laughs. Cries.
109 hours. She's floating in the water. Then gets grabbed. She swims to the ends and beats off the tentacle. Ewwwww.
111 hours. She eats it. Grimaces.
492 hours. 3 weeks. If I don't eat, I won't make it. And the only source of food also thinks I'm food. She hunts the tentacle thing in the water. Goes under. Then comes up and drags more tentacle on the sand. Tries to make a fire. Finally gets it started. Cooks and eats the thing, and belches. LOL. She wishes Fitz could've been here......No, I don't. I wouldn't wish that on anyone. Read my mind. I'm alive and I'm terribly alone and afraid. I really need you to come and get me, okay? I know you won't give up so I won't, either.
752 hours. One month. Conserving battery power. Lost her way to the entry point. She hears a noise. Creeps along with her weapon. The rattling of tree trunks in the wind. She falls down a hole and lands hard.

761 hours. Simmons wakes in a cage. She's been left food and water.
783 hours. She's curled up in the corner. The man says, you're still here. She yells at him to let her out of here now! He walks away.
824 hours. She exercises. She gives him her name. If you let me out, I can help you. We can help each other. He leaves more food.
851 hours. You poisoned me. Why would you do that? He opens the door and she hits him in the head and runs. He chases. She falls and cuts her leg on a rock. He says it smells blood, and ties a bandage on, then drags her to a hatch in the ground. Move! They hide underground. She asks what's out there? He says death. It's evil. This whole planet is evil. She says no, planets have ecosystems. He says this planet doesn't have rules, it has moods. He has a first aid kit. He locked her up because he didn't know if she was real. She asks his name. Will. Then if he has alcohol. Sure, I'll run down to the drugstore.
853 hours. She says you came here prepared. He asks if she came alone. Yes. He doesn't know how long he's been here. What year is it? 2015. She follows him into another chamber. There's an astronaut suit. He came in 2001. 14 years! Will says it's hard to keep track. You'll see.

855 hours. She finds a map. He's amazed by her phone. She turns it off to conserve the batter. He says NASA sent power, but it's solar, so.... There's a natural source of heat coming from below the rock. He makes food. NASA was curious about the Monolith. A group thought it was the affordable future of space travel. She says she's with SHIELD. He was an Air Force test pilot. Volunteered first to come here. Came here with 3 scientists. He was to keep everyone alive. She asks about the others. He says It. It makes you crazy in the head. 2 of them committed suicide. The 3rd attacked him and he killed him to survive. He survived mostly by luck. He says you have no idea what the hell is going on here.
She apologizes for implying he went crazy. Suggests they start over. Work on getting home. There's always hope.
1490 hours. They miss real food. Gourmet food. Miss the sun. She shows him a video from her birthday. He says you talk about Fitz a lot. His name is your favorite word. She asks if he has someone. He thought there'd be time later. She turns in for the night. Thanks for dinner. Says goodnight to Fitz on her phone. Goodnight, Will.
3010 hours. She's getting frustrated. Still no closer to an answer. She wants to go to the no-fly zone. He says no. She says there could be something there. he says you are not going.
She goes on the surface. Spots a light. finds a sword stuck in the sand. And a knapsack. And a box with an astrolabe. Sandstorm rises. She tumbles into some dead bones. Something's coming! She runs from him, it. Hides behind a rock.
Will sees her running. She says open the door, it's coming! They get underground. She says you were right, I saw it. He says you could've been killed or worse. She says you knew about that place? He says yes. That Thing has been killing people here for centuries. She says sending people here with no way back is like sacrifices. But....she knows how to get them home.

Simmons works on the map. 3022 hours. The portal is fixed. The planet rotates. Track the stars, and see the rotation rate. She will use her phone battery to power his equipment. He says if this doesn't work, it's the end of Fitz and all your friends. She watches the birthday vid one last time.
More hours pass. She gets it working and hugs Will. Then the computer dies. She's got a location. 18 days from now. He says it's impossible to cross, we'll never make it.
3561 hours. He asks why science. She says scoliosis. She had surgery and her dad would wheel her out to see the stars. She says the portal won't stay home long. We'll send a message in a bottle. She says we have to leave tomorrow. He'll shoot a grappling hook across the canyon.
3575 hours. Eat, shower, or sleep. He'll eat. She'll eat in the shower and fall asleep while doing it. He says geologists think this used to be a Paradise. He brought a gun, one bullet left, in case they see IT. They get to the canyon and it's not 30 yards across anymore. The portal is opening. He'll try to shoot the bottle into it. It closes and the bottle shatters.
Back in the cave. We're never going home. Will says maybe this is our home now. She says this is Hell. He holds her while she weeps. You were right. There's no hope on this planet. He says that's what I used to think. Then you showed up. She kisses him.

4720 hours. She puts her necklace back on. Kisses him. They go outside. Good spot for a sunrise. It'll only last a few minutes. He has wine from the graveyard. To the sun. It's about time. She drinks and spits it out. That's pure vinegar! LOL. She suggests using it in their cooking. Says I think my dad would've liked you. There's a flare!! She says we're going home! They run to it. Will says tops, get back here. No, not now. He tells her to go. She's in sand and loses sight of Will. Then she sees a spacesuit. Will yells at her to run. Don't trust it! IT is here. Will finds her. Looks at me. Run, go, you can make it. She hears a shot. Then hears Fitz yelling her name. She wanders to him, hoping Will will find her again.
She doesn't know if Will is alive or dead. But I never would've survived without him. Talk to me, Fitz, please. He gets up and leaves. Ouch. She goes in the lab, after him. Fitz understands. Then why won't you talk to me? What are you doing? He shows her the computer screen. We're going to get him back. She cries.

Will looks at the sunrise. Tosses the empty gun away. Sun goes down.

Next week - May is back. Bobbi's ready to go back in the field. Too bad Hydra saw them coming.

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#TheOriginals episode 3.3 recap - “I’ll See You In Hell Or New Orleans”

“I’ll See You In Hell Or New Orleans”

FLASHBACKS TO THE FIRST VAMPIRE EVER SIRED — With tension running as high as ever, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) are forced to come together in order to uncover Lucien’s (guest star Andrew Lees) true motives in New Orleans. Cami (Leah Pipes) is caught off guard when she finds herself face to face with Lucien and is surprised when he reveals some unexpected information about his past with Klaus. Elsewhere, a mysterious figure presents an enticing offer to Marcel (Charles Michael Davis), while Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) turns to an unconventional way of coping with her current situation. Finally, an old acquaintance from Elijah’s past arrives in New Orleans and delivers some startling news involving the growing threat to the Mikaelson siblings. Yusuf Gatewood also stars. Michael Grossman directed the episode written by Declan de Barra & Michelle Paradise (#303). Original airdate 10/22/2015.

Ep 3:

1002 AD, Marseilles. Klaus's memory of Lucien was at a time of the family being happy. Klaus carves a horse. Lucien asks a favor. Deliver this to the Lady Aurora in secret. Klaus says my family needs you. Aurora and I can run with you. You need not fear Tristan, or anyone, so you can go near him.

Klaus told Lucien that Aurora would not accept his note. He caught Klaus making out with Aurora. Guards are coming. She says Tristan will learn of it. Go, Niklaus, please! Tristan finds her with Lucien.

Elijah and Klaus discussing Lucien. Klaus wants to kill him. Elijah says there are certain questions that need to be answered. Why is he here and why would he lie to you about wolf venom? Klaus asks if you've forgive me? Elijah says when Hell freezes over.

Detective visits Lucien.

Camille and Vincent discuss Lucien. Det. texts Vincent that Lucien is at the station.

Hayley yells at musicians to be quiet. Hope is crying. She tells Jackson that Hope was having a nice nap until that noise. Everything for me is heightened! I wanted to be with her so badly and now I am and I feel so off. He calls Freya to babysit. He's taking Hayley out for the day.

Marcel tells his crew no feeding in the city. Ride this out, and we'll back to business in no time. A woman says no, it'll get worse before it gets better. Good news is I can help. Marcel says I don't have time for this. She takes out 2 of his vampires. I was instructed to not leave until you hear my offer. Will you hear it or not?

Klaus and Elijah go to Lucien's. But Lucien is at the station with Det. Kinney. Elijah says perhaps we should entertain ourselves here.

Lucien is shown photos of the murders. Camille and Vincent watch through the one way mirror. Lucien expects his lawyer to get him out soon. I hate to be bored and you bore me. He compels Kinney. I'd like to talk to Cami O'Connell alone. uh oh!!

Jackson takes Hayley to the church gym. He wants to spar. She says I can't cut loose with you, you'll get hurt. He hands her a staff. She says she's not in the mood for a half-assed sparring match. He knocks the staff out of her hands. So she engages with him. That's my girl.

Vincent doesn't want Camille to go in there. She says Lucien won't kill her in a police precinct. Vincent goes in with her. Lucien says I didn't have anything to do with this. Cami, if you knew me, you'd see we were the same. Caught up in family Mikaelson, but all lived to tell the tale. Each of us have our scars.

Tristan whips Lucien. Klaus says I'm sure this is a misunderstanding. Tristan says you're a guest. Klaus says steps away from him now. Tristan says I know what you are. Demons in the night. The Lord Kol is a beast. You're hiding. You're afraid. Something out there is even more savage than you. Klaus grabs Tristan's throat. Tristan says if anything happens to me, my riders spread news of your presence here. Elijah says release him. Please. Klaus does. Tristan says we're not so different. You want to protect your family. I want to protect mine. He cuts Lucien's face.

Camille says you reenact your trauma after all these years. Lucien says I share a story meant to garner sympathy and inspire kinship and all you take away is an admission of guilt? Vincent isn't convinced. Lucien says these murders are to disparage my name and weaken my ability to help Niklaus. Someone that wants to kill Klaus.

She says Marcel held his own quite well. But she's 3 times his age and is here to give him an offer. Let's take this to a more suitable location. She cuts his face. Drugged him.

Klaus asks how much longer will this take? Seer says I've already shown you. Klaus wants to see what Elijah will see. They bite her. Visions of Marcel and Lucien. Klaus says find Marcel and question him. I'm going to find an old friend before he gets his teeth into my therapist.

Hayley and Jackson in the ring. He gets her off her feet and says focus! She says every full moon, all I could think about was Klaus. And what about Davina? All I can think about it ripping everything apart. He says then get it out. Are you going to keep feeling sorry for yourself? She hits him and cuts his cheek. He says he's not leaving. Not afraid. She licks his cheek. Then bites his neck. He picks her up and puts her against the cage. They start losing clothes.

Elijah asks Josh what happened here? He says this woman.....she said she had to talk to Marcel in private. You can see this went quite well. Did she have a name? Uh....Aiya? Elijah says I sired her. He picks up her card and it starts melting.

Camille asks Lucien why me? He says now I know why he's so taken with you. I need him to trust me. Time heals all wounds and my wounds healed 1000 years ago.

Flashback. Klaus brings Lucien water and frees him. Lucien takes Klaus's blood and heals himself. Klaus says my blood healed you..... Lucien says I'm like you! He finds Tristan and is stabbed in the back by a guard.

And so I died for a little while. Talk about the humiliation. I will never again stand for such judgment. But I will declare my innocence. Why would I risk my safety by leaving a trail of bodies? Camille asks who is framing you? Klaus arrives. We're leaving. She says Lucien says he knows what who the killer is. Lucien says Tristan is the guilty one. Klaus asks for privacy.

Marcel awake. Aiya says she scratched him with a toxin. gives him a blood bag. My friends and I can help with your daylight ring situation. Marcel says now you have my attention. Let us help you return New Orleans to what it should be with you as its king. Who is we? She says she's part of the oldest vampire society out there, called The Strix. Elijah arrives. She says you have to break rules if you want to build a new world. Elijah grabs her heart. I know you're not alone. A man says Let her go, Elijah. Elijah says there he is...Tristan.

Elijah pulls his hand out. Tristan gives him a handkerchief. Tells the others to leave. Your sire line, your life, is at stake. Elijah asks Marcel to leave. Do be careful who you associate with. Marcel says you should remember who your friends are. You're going to need them.

Klaus tells Lucien he will interrogate him, then perhaps give him a painless death. Lucien says I'm trying to help you. Who would benefit from me being unstable? Tristan. Klaus says I don't need your protection. Lucien says but who looks after your family, your friends. Such associations make you vulnerable. Kinney comes back. We found another body. Mr. Castle is free to go. Don't leave town. Lucien says do think about what I said, Nik.

Elijah insults Tristan. Watch your tongue. I am not the patient fun-loving social butterfly you might recall. Tristan says my line has wreaked havoc on Lucien and so he's desperate to exterminate us. He might find someone else to kill you, like Niklaus. With Lucien whispering in his ear.... How long before the logical thing is to kill you? Tristan says Lucien's seer still has info. If Lucien dies, we'll never find the object that can kill us all. If you want any hope of life, Nicklaus needs to be stopped.

**Hmmmm......Lucien says it's Tristan, Tristan says it's Lucien......what if it's Rebekah's line?

Klaus outside. Camille joins him. Lucien said something about rising like a phoenix. What did that mean?

Flashback - Elijah and Klaus ready to burn the dead Lucien. So our blood only heals the living? Peculiar. I know this can't be easy, brother. Lucien gasps awake. Klaus is just as surprised.

So he's the first person you turned. Lucien leaves the precinct. Camille says you don't have to kill him. Klaus says that you're so eager to keep me from a mistake I might regret means more than you know.

Klaus follows Lucien. Elijah stops him. I have new information. Klaus says Lucien has to die. Elijah says Brother, if you wish any kind of reconciliation with me, stay your hand. Klaus pauses.

Flashback. Lucien feeds for the first time. He's invigorated. Klaus stops him. Now we'll have to leave! Lucien says we are like brothers now, are we not? Seems so. Then teach me. Teach me to be what we are. Klaus says gladly.

Home. Klaus says I should've killed Lucien in that chapel. We made each other what we are. Elijah says once we have the weapon, we will end him and Tristan. Klaus says it's good to hear "we" again. Elijah says let me be clear, this is not forgiveness. Klaus says perhaps I did stray too far from the shores of reason. I want you to know you will never fall by my hand. Elijah leaves the room. Ouch.

Josh scrubbing the carpet. Asks Marcel if he's okay? Marcel says I don't know what's more annoying - Strix or Elijah dismissing me like some kid.

Camille and Vincent wonder what they're really dealing with.

Tristan looks at the murder scene. Gets a call. Shuts it off. Aurora leaves him a message. I'll be in New Orleans shortly. Don't start the party without me. She killed all the monks.

Next week - Elijah and Hayley go to a ball. Marcel, too. It's an initiation.

#TVD episode 7.3 recap - "Age of Innocence"

"Age of Innocence"

FLASHBACKS TO 1863 - In the aftermath of a clever plan orchestrated by Lily (Annie Wersching), Damon (Ian Somerhalder) sets off on a road trip with Bonnie (Kat Graham) and Alaric (Matt Davis) in search of leverage they can use against his mother. Meanwhile, Caroline (Candice King), who is being held hostage by the Heretics, learns some shocking information about Valerie's past, while Stefan (Paul Wesley) learns a few unexpected details about his own past from Lily. Finally, Alaric turns to Bonnie for her help after coming clean about a secret he's been keeping. Michael Allowitz directed the episode written by Melinda Hsu Taylor & Holly Brix (#703). Original airdate 10/22/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Ep 3:

3 years from now. Tyler gets a call from Stefan. My scar opened up, I don't have much time. Get hold of Caroline. Take care of yourself, Tyler. Stefan torches his little red car. But not before saving the journal.

Today - Bonnie writes to Elena. She gets a flash into the Stone again and passes out.

Ric has the Stone and is reading. Damon walks out of the shower. How long are you going to stay here? Damon says it's just until we track down the Heretic and trade him for Elena. Bonnie arrives and asks about the Stone. I had another vision. 10 minutes had gone by. Ric lies about melting the stone in acid. Damon's heading to Myrtle Beach. Anyone up for an old-fashioned hostage swap?

Caroline reads Stefan's journal. Then Nora and Mary Louise troll her. She spots a cellphone on the floor. Stefan calls his phone and she picks up. He says I'll convince Lily that I hate Damon and get you out. Stefan asks about Valerie. Valerie breaks the phone and knocks out Caroline.

Lily doesn't drive well. Or parallel park. Stefan tells her to tell those spoiled brats to stop torturing Caroline. He says Damon and I aren't speaking now. You did us both a favor by convincing him to leave town. She says then I will tell the girls to mind their manners. He asks about Valerie. She knows he met Valerie in 1863. Valerie was a nurse in Lily's TB ward.

Flashback. Same song used in "The Civil War" by Ken Burns. Valerie and Stefan meet. He asks if she's new to town. She says just passing through. He hopes not too fast.

Caroline asks Valerie about Stefan. Valerie says I was the first love of Stefan's life.

Stefan fixes Lily's flat tire. Lily sent Valerie to check on him back then. She says it took me a long time to get over losing you. She had been invited to Europe by her boyfriend Julian. He was nothing like your father. The man you're not supposed to fall for. So of course, I did.

Flashback. A kissing booth to raise money for the war effort. He sees Valerie and Stefan talking. She introduces Julian. Julian is not my father. He pulls her aside. Lily gave us strict instructions to keep a distance.

Valerie tells Caroline that Stefan was sweet and gorgeous. I was just a witch, then, not a vampire. Rejected because I had no power of my own. The only power was in an amulet to be used in times of need.

Flashback - Stefan tells Valerie about himself, including losing his mother at age 10. She uses her amulet to allude Julian.

Caroline knows why you put that vervain spell on me - so Stefan can't touch me.

Flashback - Stefan and Valerie in the woods. They kiss. He's a virgin and asks permission to undress her. They kiss again. She sheds her dress and turns for him to unlace her corset. He kisses her neck.

Valerie tells Caroline I'm sure you've been someone's first, so you know what it's like to have an unforgettable place in someone's mind. Caroline says yes. As Valerie thought.

Alaric and Bonnie and Damon working on the plan. The Heretic Oscar recognizes Damon and invites them in. He hugged Damon and said good to see you. Ooooookay.......

**Caroline, don't let her get to you! You already knew Stefan had a past like you do as well. What matters is how you feel for each other now. Obviously, it's never comfortable to hear about your love's first time with another in detail. That sucks. But you can't dwell on it.

Oscar says you caught me in the middle of a 72 hour social gathering. We met in a bar near Gettysburg. Lily couldn't move on until she knew her boys were okay, so she sent me to find you. She wanted to know you were happy, Damon. She loved you. Damon asks does my mom know you're here? Oscar just laughs.

Stefan and Lily in the car. She says Valerie told her he had moved on from Lily and practically forgotten her. He says you don't move on, you find distractions.

Flashback - Stefan shows Valerie his mother's grave. he places flowers there every day, for 6 years. She had consumption and her coughing wouldn't stop. I was sent to get flowers, but she'd been sent away by the time I got home. If I'd run faster, the tonic would've helped and she would've lived. Valerie says these flowers wouldn't have saved her. They have no medicinal properties. Your father sent you on a fool's errand. You were only 10. Her death is not your fault. Julian says time to say goodbye. We're leaving for New York now. Stefan asks her when will I see you again? She promises to make her way back to him.

Caroline says it's like The Notebook, only you never returned and he forgot all about you. Valerie says Julian told her to lie to Lily. And Julian could be very convincing.

They ask Oscar why Lily sent him here. Oscar loves the freedom of not being under Lily's thumb. Bonnie asks for a favor. Damon explains. Siphon the visions and we won't tell Lily we saw you. Oscar says okay. He works on Bonnie. Asks where's the Phoenix Stone? She asks how he knows. He asks how she knows. What are you people up to? Alaric tries to shoot him. Oscar uses his magic and disables them all.

Damon wakes Bonnie. Oscar is gone and took the Stone. Did you know Ric still had it? Damon says I didn't lie, Ric lied. You sort this out, I'll go find our lost Heretic. Bonnie and Ric argue. He says Jo is the love of my life and if I don't take the chance, I'm going to wish the rest of my life wishing I stayed dead.

Lily and Stefan. He's advising her driving. He says Valerie was using me. Lily says no. He says maybe she doesn't care about you or anyone else. She sent me a telegram. She'd been gone a few months and to meet her at Friday at noon. I showed up 2 hours early. I sat around all day like an idiot, after nightfall, and she never showed up. Lily says surely you're not still angry with her? He says it was 150 years ago.

Valerie hands the journal back to Caroline. Caroline asks how could you do that to him? Valerie says there was a change in the plan. I'm done talking to you about this.

Flashback - Julian catches Valerie. She doesn't want to go to England. He takes her amulet. Lily won't leave without her precious children and I have to go. Do I frighten you? I can hear your heart beating faster, both your hearts, actually. Does Stefan Salvatore know you are pregnant with his child?

Damon finds Oscar. I do remember you. Oscar compelled Damon to take sick leave. No, I couldn't compel you back then. Oscar doesn't want rules. He just wants to have fun. A lot of people want the Phoenix Stone. You'll end up dead. Damon doesn't want the Stone. He attacks Oscar. Oscar defends himself. Bonnie saves Damon. Damon knocks Oscar out. Bonnie picks up the Stone. Tells Ric never lie to me again, and gives it back to him. Damon says let's go make a deal.

Lily asks Caroline if Valerie is here. Caroline heard her leave. Lily asks about Caroline's mother's death. I was curious about dealing with loss. Caroline says Stefan wrote about you all the time. You can read for yourself. He loved you, missed you. Lily calls for Nora to let Caroline free. Caroline asks if it's a trick. Lily says no, it's a reward for Stefan's honesty. Caroline thanks her and speeds off.

Stefan sits on the bench. Valerie sits with him. In the prison world, I came here every day to think. It's comfort. It's strange to be here with you, finally able to tell you the truth.

Flashback - Julian hits Valerie. She reaches for her pendant. He beat her near dead, long after that little heartbeat had stopped. She regained consciousness on the ship to England. Lily healed her with her blood. But Valerie didn't want to live under Julian's rule. That night, she drew a bath, drank laudanum, and went to sleep, but I died with Lily's blood in my system and became the first Heretic.

She tells Stefan You don't know how sorry I am about everything. She disappears. Stefan leaves the bench. She says maybe you never were.

Ric and Bonnie. He has nothing about the Stone. Bonnie says are you sure you understand what you're trying to do? This is necromancy. Ric takes her to the morgue. He wheels a body out. Jo is still in there. She has to be. I can't do it alone. At least tell me you'll try. She says I'll try.

Lily gets a call from Damon. He says you should've come to Gettysburg. I was supposed to be your son. Don't worry, Oscar's in the middle of a vervain detox. Give me Elena and I won't kill him. I get it, you moved on to a new family. So did I. Give me Elena and you get your son back.

Stefan and Caroline. Still can't touch her. Lily let me go. Today is full of Valerie-sized surprises, huh? He says I was just a kid when I met her. Young and human. Caroline says so was I when we met and I remember the first time I saw you. Do you remember when you saw me? She says I'm sorry I asked. He says things have changed. Different circumstances. I don't care about the past. All I care about is you're here and safe. You're with me.

Oscar wakes. Valerie is there. Where am I? A college town near Mystic Falls. Lily doesn't know. I used a locator spell. So, have you found Julian, yet? Oscar found him months ago. Wanted to live a little before he came back. She knows he'll leverage Julian's location for his freedom. She says you've been good to me and you have a sweet soul, but I can't let Lily bring Julian back. He's the devil. She rips out Oscar's heart.

Next week - Oscar's back from the dead and scary.

Wednesday, October 21, 2015

#Supernatural episode 11.3 recap - "The Bad Seed"

"The Bad Seed"

JENSEN ACKLES DIRECTS - While Rowena (guest star Ruth Connell) tries to consolidate her power to protect herself from the Winchesters, Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) search for a missing baby connected to the Darkness. Meanwhile, Castiel (Misha Collins) struggles to heal and Crowley (Mark Sheppard) tries to find a way to use the Darkness for his own personal gain. Jensen Ackles directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#1101). Original airdate 10/21/2015.

Image credit: The CW

Ep 3:

Rowena lights a candle and talks to 3 witches. We should be known as the Mega Coven. LOL. The Grand Coven has fallen apart. They say cut the crap, you're just looking for protection from the Winchesters and all your other enemies. Rowena says I killed the King of Hell and compelled an angel to do it. They say Crowley isn't dead. You're delusional. Rowena chants and kills the witches.

Dean remembering The Darkness again. Sam gets his attention. You okay? Sam says no one saw anything the day the baby disappeared. Cas says the Darkness is almost infinite power. Sam says it's possible God's closer than we think. Cas is in chains. Sam says you know who we might need. Dean says don't even say it. Cas is struggling. Sam says Rowena is the only one that can remove it. It's getting worse.

Crowley's told that his mother has been found. Then annihilate the treacherous bitch. Amara is being tutored. Crowley says make sure no one gets near her. She's watching Hitler's speeches. Crowley gives her a break since she's doing well. Amara just wants to be saved from God. He tricked me. He sealed me away. She doesn't want to talk about it. Crowley says if anyone can protect you, it is I. She thanks him.

Rowena with more women. Younger witches. Recruiting for the Mega Coven. They're not impressed. Rowena says she has the Book of the Damned. Written by crazy Agnes herself. They're making me a force of nature. They ask if she'd share these secrets? Rowena says I've always been a giver. Demon attacks. Rowena gets away.

Dean leaving messages for Crowley. Cas says Crowley won't help. Sam says Metatron is off the grid. No incidents involving Cas's crappy car. Cas? Where would Metatron hang out? Ummmm, he likes waffles. Cas gets a seizure and falls.

Cas says it was like I was in a blender set to puree tomato salsa. I blacked out for a lot of it. I couldn't control it. They get him in the chair again. Dean wraps the blanket around him again. Cas says it's difficult with these voices. I'm hearing angel radio. They've been looking for me and the perp. Metatron. We better find him first. Sam reads about the attack at a cafe. One dead witch, one survivor, and one vanished.

Amara looks at photos of Earth. Then gets up and look at herself in a mirror. Talks to the adult her. What God did is no excuse for what He did to us. As you become stronger, your true destiny will become clear. I am what you're becoming. We are stronger than God. Crowley comes in. Amara says she's going to bed soon.

A demon and an angel talk. Something's here. Something big. They rant about Heaven and Hell. We could be out of work. Someone's gotta do something. If management won't, it's up to the little guy. Power to the people, my friend.

Dean and Sam meet with the surviving witch. Dean says you should be scared. Crowley is going after Rowena and every witch she hangs out with. We are the only thing between you and Crowley's ninjas. She says I'm nobody! Sam says you know how to scry, right? She says I don't have my crystals. Dean opens her compact. This should work. She chants at the mirror. I see her. She's packing a bag.

Crowley brings Amara a gift. A dress. And a book. She likes Dante's Inferno better. She's been thinking about doing the world better. Crowley asks, any specifics? Amara is hungry. He brought treats. She sucks the soul of her tutor. She thanks Uncle Crowley. You're welcome.

**Funny that Crowley keeps bringing her things suited to a normal little girl, like a book about bunnies and cupcakes and ice cream. But Amara's only little in size. She's not a child.

Rowena's wearing a blonde wig. She recognizes Dean. Sam gets a cuff on her.

Cas looking for his car on the computer and brings up Asian porn instead. He flashes back to attacking Crowley.

Amara eats another soul. Crowley reminds her about their conversation. She says God made a world where people have to suffer and die. Why would they want to live in such a world? Crowley says you and I can shape the world to our view. She says you'd be happy if everyone was evil? He says well, not really. No challenge. She says it all seems so unimportant. I don't think you're seeing the big picture. I'm hungry!

Rowena is chained up in the cell. Sam asks where is the book? She says like I'd run around with the Book. She admires his plucky stupid optimism. Dean tells Sam to get Cas. Rowena says you do recall our deal. I despell the angel and I go free. Dean says our deal says whatever i want it to say. I have your son on speed dial. She says call him. If I'm dead, you have big fat nothing. Your eyes, so burdened. What happened when I removed the Mark? The Book wasn't specific. What new Hell has Dean Winchester unleashed on the world? Sam comes back and says Cas broke free. He's gone.

Cas in an alley.

They have Rowena in the car. Tracking Cas's GPS. She says I could do it faster. Sam says we're not taking the cuffs off.

Crowley. Commends the demon on the role of new nanny. Amara clearly responds to you. Demon asks if there's nothing else I can do. Crowley says no, since you failed to kill my mother! Amara is growing at leaps and bounds. I need you to stop overfeeding her. We don't want a generation of entitled, pudgy kids, do we? Tell her we're cutting back on her soul food for her health.

Rowena's bored. Should never make deals with Winchesters. They never hold up their end of the bargain. Sam agreed to kill my son if I removed the Mark. You didn't know? Sam says I was going to tell you. Rowena says I wouldn't have had a reason to cast the spell on Castiel if Crowley was already dead. I'm just glad I got the conversation going. Family relations are a specialty of mine. Cas has stopped.

Cas following a woman. She screams and runs. Dean and Sam stop the car. They go in 2 directions to look for Cas.

Woman goes into a building. Cas searches outside. Then beats on the door. She runs deeper into the building. Cas gets in.

Dean hears noises and investigates. Goes in the building. Cas finds the woman and chokes her. Dean pleads with him. You can beat this! Let her go! Cas lets go. Dean tells her to run. Cas attacks Dean. Beats on him. Rowena says a word. Sam says finish it! She chants. Cas shakes and collapses. Dean tries to wake him. Cas opens his eyes. Dean pulls him up. Rowena gets free. Why take chances?

Bunker. Sam brings Dean a beer. Cas says there aren't words. Dean says it's fine, you were under a spell. Sam says we have the codex, it's a start. if we killed her, the Book would be lost. Cas wants to fix Dean's wounds. Dean says I had it coming.

Crowley finds the nanny dead. Amara's a teenager now. I'm hungry. Crowley says of course. But maybe we should have a chat first. She says I SAID, I'm HUNGRY.

Next week - Name the monster. A werepire? LOL.

#Arrow episode 4.3 recap - "Restoration"


LAUREL TAKES HER SISTER TO NANDA PARBAT - The growing tension between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Diggle (David Ramsey) puts both their lives at risk when they go after Damien Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough) and a H.I.V.E. deployed meta-human. Meanwhile, Laurel (Katie Cassidy) talks Thea (Willa Holland) into returning to Nanda Parbat to ask her father (John Barrowman) to put Sara (guest star Caity Lotz) into the Lazarus Pit. However, Laurel is surprised when Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law) refuses to do it. Wendey Stanzler directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Speed Weed (#403). Original airdate 10/21/2015.

Ep 3:

Lumber yard. Diggle chasing bad guys. Shoot at each other. He gets knocked down, and the ghost didn't kill him. Green Arrow comes in on motorcycle to get the other guy. Felicity, we need eyes on our target. She uses a crane to trap one. Diggle pulls out his tooth, yells at him about HIVE. Gets tased for his trouble. Arrow pulls him up. Diggle says we need more boots on the ground.

Nanda Parbat. Malcolm and Nyssa sparring. She says she's not sparring. he knows. That's what makes it so much fun. She says next time, I'll take your head off. She managed to cut his neck. Thea and Laurel arrive. I want you to bring my sister back to life. Malcolm says no. Laurel says you took her life, you have an obligation. He says you have no right to demand anything. Nyssa says she never asked her father because bringing back the dead only happened in legend. Malcolm says And even if Sara went in the Pit, it would not be Sara anymore that came out. Laurel, I'm sorry, truly sorry, but the answer is no.

They give Felicity the tooth. She suggests margaritas. Diggle leaves. Guess he needs more time. Oliver says he's done waiting for Diggle to come around.

Lian Yu. Oliver patrolling. Woman says people gossip about him. There's a runner. Oliver tackles him.

Diggle comes home to an open door. A man is in the apartment. He's ARGUS. Lyla sent me. Took him a while. ID on the woman that hired Floyd. I'll contact you with a location.

Damian meets with Ms. Fayad. Your partners in HIVE asked to take steps re: your vigilante problem. Damian has the ghost brought in. The newcomer kills him with cards. That one was free. The Green Arrow and his friends? That'll cost. Damian says "deal."

Nanda Parbat. Laurel thought Nyssa would support this. Nyssa says the Pit gave my father life that he paid a dark price for. Like Thea is now. Laurel says I have to try. Nyssa says to have your sister return a monster? You're doing this out of grief. She's gone, Laurel, forever. I've accepted it. You have to, too.

Felicity working on the tooth. She has no idea what's going on here. This DNA has half the markers it should have. Alert goes off. Oliver says have Diggle meet me there.

Diggle watching Fayad. Doesn't answer his phone.

Felicity tells Oliver he shouldn't go without back-up. He says I have you.

Lian Yu - Oliver is told to not show restraint. Doesn't go well here. Solider says some Slam is missing, a whole cake. Other soldier says Round them up.

Oliver vs. the card thrower. He peels them off his skin.

Diggle gets caught. He fights the guard. Others start shooting at him.

Green Arrow and card guy fight.

Fayad gets in the car and drives away.

Oliver has a card in his arm as he runs away.

Thea and Malcolm talk about the Pit. The waters take life for life. It needs souls. She asks him for a second to pretend to be a normal father! He says there's a man high in the mountain that has a way with the ancient arts of healing, though I'm not sure. Does that qualify? She says enough. He says get some rest, we'll start at first light.

Felicity patches up Oliver. Cisco says the guy was Double Down. Diggle arrives. She yells at both of them. You nearly got killed tonight because you didn't have each other's backs! You're going to sit down here until you settle your issues. Do you understand? Yeah. Yeah. She goes to Palmer Tech. Oliver starts. Diggle says this isn't about forgiveness. I don't know how to move forward from this. I don't know if I'd take a bullet for you now like I would in the past. Oliver gets it, but why won't you give me a chance to earn your trust back? Diggle asks if this meta is connected to Darhk. Oliver says I don't know. He mentioned a woman, Fayad. Diggle says we need to go.

Lian Yu - Soldier says tell who stole the product, or this man eats a bullet. Silence. He kills the man. Oliver says I've been on this island 3 years. Learned some things. Like pain.

Felicity and Curtis. She says my phone keeps acting up. She gives him the card. I need to know everything you can figure out about it. She found it in a casino. I will check back in on you later.

Diggle's place. Remember Russia? Floyd told me he was hired by HIVE to kill my brother. Shows Oliver his notebook. That woman hired Laughton to kill my brother and I bet she hired that meta. Oliver says 2 years and you didn't tell me. We have more in common than you think.

Damian with Double Down. He's not happy. Mr. Darhk chews out Fayad. He wants a demo. Show me. Try to kill me. Double Down throws a card and Damian stops it in the air. He kills Fayad with the card. Then takes it and throws it at Double Down. This is a demonstration to show how I process disappointment.

Thea is awakened by assassins and kills them. Malcolm asks how do you feel? She says there's no mountain, no cure! He says no, there never was. You will feel like this until you kill the one that hurt you. She says I can't, Ra's is dead. Malcolm says then you must feed the blood lust. You're welcome, you won't feel the hunger for weeks now. She says you sacrificed your own men? Malcolm says there's nothing he wouldn't do for his daughter.

Felicity on the computer. Diggle and Oliver waiting for her to track Fayad. Her phone is at Redmond and Eighth.

Lian Yu - Oliver tortures a man. A woman comes forward and admits she took the drugs. You're working us too hard. I wanted to give something for the pain. Oliver stops the soldier from killing the woman. Says he'll make her disappear. They'll never find the body.

Thea wakes Laurel. We need to go. Malcolm follows. Thea says he's not going to help Sara or me. She says you are the reason I'm like this in the first place! Stay the hell away from me! He says we're bound together forever, father and daughter. Let me prove it to you. He will restore Sara to heal Thea's conscience. We should prepare Sara's body for the ceremony.

Green Arrow and Diggle find Fayad dead in a chair. Oliver says I'm sorry. Diggle says don't be, it's my fault. I should've told you, trusted you, and then she'd be alive and we'd be getting answers. Oliver says we'll get answers. You're not alone now.

Felicity in the lab again. He says it's not a playing card at all. She asks if there's a way to track the owner? He says the ink is magnetite. Double Down finds them. First one to tell me where I can find the Green Arrow gets to live. She drags Curtis into the secret elevator. Tells him she works with the Green Arrow. To the basement lair. She grabs guns. Fires at Double Down without aiming. But he does get hurt. Curtis is unconscious on the floor.

**Felicity, it's better to aim with your EYES OPEN! Someone needs to take that girl for some range time.

Oliver and Diggle get back. You fended him off? She says don't look so surprised. She traced Double Down to the expressway.

Sara is lowered into the Pit. Nyssa pleads with Laurel to not do this. Sara goes into the water. It takes a moment. Then Sara stands. She leaps out of the Pit, wild. Malcolm drugs her. Laurel goes to her.

Green Arrow and Diggle stop the car. Double Down gets out. Tell us about your employer. Diggle asks about the ghosts and HIVE. Double Down attacks Arrow. Diggle knows him out. Oliver took the cards to the chest. Kevlar helped. Diggle says you took a bullet for me. Playing cards. Still counts.

Restaurant. Felicity toasts Original Team Arrow. Double Down won't talk. So we should think about lair 3.0. Oliver says he's been working on something. Not a secret. A surprise.

Lian Yu - Oliver moves the woman faster. Gets her clear of a land mine. You need to trust me, or we're both dead.

Curtis cleaning up the lab. Felicity asks if he's okay. Yeah. She thanks him for not revealing the secret lair in the basement. He says he came to Palmer Tech to make the world a better place. Do you know how excited I am that my boss is doing just that? Felicity gets a coded message on her phone.

Laurel with Sara. Sara's still wild. Malcolm says we're in uncharted waters here. Prepare yourself for the worst.

Nyssa destroyed the Pit. Laurel asks why. Nyssa promises she will kill Malcolm. And now when I do, there will be no coming back. Malcolm orders her taken away. She tells Laurel that what's happening now is on your hands.

Next week - Lance and Damian are caught meeting up. Quentin asks Damian for help with Sara.