Wednesday, October 5, 2016

#Arrow Season 5 Premiere - "Legacy"


NEW BEGINNINGS — After Laurel’s (Katie Cassidy) death and the departures of both Diggle (David Ramsey) and Thea (Willa Holland) from Team Arrow, Oliver (Stephen Amell) takes to the streets solo to protect Star City’s citizens as the Green Arrow. With Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) guiding him from the bunker, Oliver is forced to deal with a city that has become overrun with both criminals and a slew of new (and painfully inexperienced) vigilantes. Watching Oliver try to balance his jobs as both the mayor and also the protector of Star City, Felicity suggests he form a new team, but Oliver resists. However, when a deadly new criminal, Tobias Church (guest star Chad L. Coleman), enters the picture, Oliver realizes the best thing for the city might be a new team of superheroes. Meanwhile, the flashbacks take us to Russia where Oliver faces off against the Bratva. James Bamford directed the episode with story by Greg Berlanti and teleplay by Marc Guggenheim & Wendy Mericle (#501). Original airdate 10/5/2016.

Episode 1:

night. Oliver is late. Thea with the police captain. Anti-Crime Initiative.

Green Arrow fighting with a man. They fall through a floor. He found the bomb. Felicity says that's 4 bombs. Anarky is up and fighting him again. Green Arrow sticks him to a pillar with an arrow through the hand. Arrow knocks him out. Then throws a vigilante from it. Green Arrow hard on the guy in a hockey mask. Make a donation to the police dept. Shoots the guy in the leg. I don't want to see you out here again!

Thea stalling. Oliver arrives. He wants reform. Thea moves him on. Police Dept. gala. He says being mayor is a means to an end. She says it didn't start that way. He says I can't focus being mayor because I'm flying solo as the other guy. She gives him instructions and she's off to drink.

Krasnoyarsk, Russia. Underground fight club. Oliver fighting a big guy. they're both bloody. He breaks the guy's neck.

Oliver doesn't care about the money from winning. Oliver has learned Russian. He wants what was promised if he won tonight. A meeting. Man says you weren't supposed to win tonight. Oliver is tased by Bratva.

Curtis and Felicity working on computers. She hands Oliver a file on Wild Dog. She's thinking you might recruit him. Evelyn Sharp, Mr. Ski Goggles. She says we're shorthanded. He says Thea and John will come back. Get some sleep.

PD bursts in on some criminals. They kill them and take the money. A new batch of criminals enters. He punches one cop and another is killed. He beats the hell out of the mouthy one. The others give up. Big black guy is in charge now.

The crime scene in the morning. Tobias Church is in town from Bludhaven. heh. Captain and cop discuss Lance.

He's back in town. Oliver visits his apartment. Lance back a couple weeks. Donna is in Vegas. They broke up. Lance says a drunk needs a reason to stay sober. Fresh out, my friend. Oliver says taking the city takes priority over running it. The team could include you. Lance isn't interested. Oliver tells him about the ceremony to honor Laurel. Lance doesn't want to embarrass her memory.

Russia. Oliver awake and tied to a chair. You're Russian is terrible. Accent American. What are you doing so far from home? The book of names. Oliver says put that back in my bag. The Russian says the book is the only reason you're still breathing. Oliver says it's my father's. I'm waiting to use it, to be ready. Russian pulls a gun.

Felicity tells Oliver he should be at City Hall. They discuss Tobias Church. She says the crew is not coming back. For 5 months, you've been frozen. Things won't go back the way they were. You need to move forward. Oliver tells her to find him. Curtis arrives. She asks him to check out Wild Dog for her. Fine.

Tobias' truck of goons. He wants the Arrow. Don't fish without bait.

The ceremony. A statue at the water. Oliver giving a speech. Lance showed up. Black Canary statue. it's not the best likeness. Quentin weeps. Bad guys charge in with guns. Many people fall. Oliver has to give up. they shove him in a police van. Thea and Quentin watch them go.

Arrow Cave. Curtis says we're blind. Felicity asks Thea to suit up. Thea doesn't.

Tobias has multiple kidnapped. Oliver says you want the Green Arrow? He's not coming. you're wasting your time. He's tied up right now. I have connections. Let these people go and I'll make something happen. Do we have a deal. Tobias says we do not. Oliver says I think you're stupid. Tobias orders him to be taught some manners.

Anatoly saves Oliver in Russia. Oliver wants his book. Anatoly and Oliver happy to see each other. Anatoly dislocates Oliver's thumps so he can get out of the ropes. Then puts them back. LOL. Oliver says he's here to kill Constantine Kovar.

Lance gives Thea photos. She says you need to go do something. He says that's my line for you. She says I'm feeling like myself again. A normal version of me. After everything that happened with Laurel, I needed to know life like this was possible and I don't want to give it up. Lance knows where's she's coming from. I listened to Oliver's speech and I can't hit pause. Even if that life isn't what I want it to be.

Policeman and Oliver. He's punched. Twice. Oliver says if you hit me again, I'm going to kill you. He's free. He kills the man. Speedy shows up. Oliver spots trip wires. If we try o get down there, we'll blow up. They take out more bad guys. We'll come back for the hostages.

Arrow Cave. Thea confronts Oliver over murdering criminals. He says he could've killed Damian before that night at Iron heights, but I didn't. That's a mistake I'll never make again. Malcolm is right. I do whatever is necessary or not at all. She says that's why I can't be. Ever again. Putting killing back on the table is a huge step backwards and I don't want anything to do with it.

Felicity asks Oliver if he's okay. She reminds him about recruitment. He says they can't replace Thea or Diggle or Laurel and I don't want to. She says they're already out there. He's focused on Church. Let me know when you find a way around the kill cordon.

Anatoly and Oliver. Anatoly is a Bratva captain. Oliver asks if he can get close to Kovar? Anatoly says Kovar has an army. The shark that does not swim, drowns. You're not swimming. this old promise is in past. You need to move on. Oliver asks if you're going to help me or not? Anatoly agrees.

Curtis looking for Wild Dog. Felicity tells him to come back. Curtis is attacked.

Oliver calls John and leaves a message. Hope everything is going well over there. No pressure, but I have a question. Be well. He's at the statue. Lance, too. Oliver accepts that Thea and John aren't coming back. He's been thinking about the shark proverb a lot lately. Lance says you'll die if you take on Church by yourself. Gives him a file of trustworthy officers that can help. Quentin is ready to move on. Oliver agrees.

Laurel's promise. Please don't let me be the last Canary. That way a part of me will be out there with you. Oliver promises.

Good cops going in. Lance on the comm. Felicity is jealous that he got Oliver to work with a team so easily.

Tobias with the hostages. Green Arrow arrives. thugs shooting. Tobias and Green Arrow fight.

Cops have issues.

Oliver insists on taking Church. Tells the cops to get the hostages out. Felicity says you have 5 seconds. The whole building blows up.

Tobias in a helicopter. Green Arrow attacks. Boxing in tight quarters. Tobias pushes him out. Green Arrow saves himself with a parachute arrow.

Mayor Queen addresses the people. He'll embrace the ACI. Commending the good 4 officers. Anti Crime Unit will report directly to me.

Tobias addresses a group. Green Arrow cannot be stopped unless we work together under a singular command. Him. It took him less than 12 hours to get inside all the crime orgs.

Felicity with Oliver in the Arrow Cave. She's still pushing the new team. Lance told her about the Russian proverb. Oliver says she might be right. He's been looking into Wild Dog. Curtis arrives. He was jumped by 2 guys with knives. Recruit me, too.

Anatoly and Oliver. Bratva is the only way to Kovar. Initiation. So I survive this and I'm Bratva? Anatoly says begin the process of becoming Bratva. fight starts.

Diggle and Oliver on the video call. John asks if he's alright? Oliver says yeah. Tells him about her idea for the new team. John says it's a good idea. Oliver is surprised. Or not surprised. I need to make peace that things won't go back to how they were.

Felicity goes home. And a man massages her shoulders. New boyfriend, the cop.

Officer heading home. On phone with the wife. Hears a noise in the alley. Archer shoots him. He fires at him. runs and takes an arrow in the leg. Green Arrow? No, i'm not Green Arrow. Prometheus kills the cop.

Next ep - training. City terrorist attack.

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