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#Arrow episode 4.20 - "Genesis"


DIGGLE IS CONSUMED WITH GUILT AND SEEKS REVENGE – As Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) look for a magical solution to defeat Darhk (guest star Neal McDonough), a vengeance-driven Diggle (David Ramsey) gets a lead on Andy’s (guest star Eugene Byrd) whereabouts and heads off to confront his brother. Meanwhile, Alex (guest star Parker Young) takes Thea (Willa Holland) on a vacation that quickly turns into a nightmare. Gregory Smith directed the episode written by Oscar Balderrama & Emilio Ortega Aldrich (#420). Original airdate 5/4/2016.

Episode 20:

HIVE meeting. Arguing about Damian. Damian and Malcolm arrive. With Andy and the sewn shut mouth guy. Damian reflected in prison. Did my incarceration delay Genesis at all? Of course not. It's bigger than one person. Damian kills Milo, then the woman that tries to run. It's time to begin the final phase of Genesis.

Police report on Milo, and Phaedra. They were HIVE. Team Arrow discussing Darhk. Oliver says I can't risk losing anyone else. He got in touch with Constantine and put me in touch with someone that can teach me to stand up to magic. Thea wants to go away for the weekend with Alex. Oliver says good idea. Everyone should take some time.

Diggle visits Lyla. She's been in the bunker for 2 weeks. He tells her about Oliver leaving and it's too dangerous to go after Damian or Andy until he gets back. She's stir-crazy. John says it's too dangerous. He picks up Sara. She says Oliver has his point. HIVE is too dangerous, John. Asks him to get diapers. Back in an hour? He says or less.

Felicity finds Oliver. His stuff is in storage. He doesn't need much. She wants the details. Don't talk to me like I'm other people. Oliver says this magic has turned good people dark, almost inhuman. There is no length I won't go to to avenge Laurel and end Damian Darhk. She's coming with him. Fueled the jet and booked rooms.

John gets diapers. And a location for Andy. He goes there. Runs into a homeless man. Get out of here now. Cards burning in a trash can. Andy shoots at him. John shoots back. Andy takes off. John reloads.

Lyla calls John. Sat track picked up Andy. How soon can you make it here? She says 5 minutes. he says too long. I can't let him get away, not again. She says your judgment is compromised.

Oliver and Felicity in eveningwear. An underground casino. She goes to the blackjack table.

Thea wakes up in bed alone. Alex? She looks for him. Hello? Alex? Downstairs. He's in the kitchen. Making breakfast. She fell asleep 5 minutes after they left the city. Hmm. He made eggs Benedict. They kiss.

Felicity is doing well. She offers chips to the other woman at the table. Oliver thinks it'll be a no-show. It's the woman, not a guy. John Constantine owes me money.

John knocked down from behind. Andy says Bravo. You played the script perfectly. Knocks John out.

John doused with water. Hanging by his wrists. Andy says Mr. Darhk is on his way. I'm supposed to prep you. Andy has a lot of sharp weapons. John eggs him on to do what he's going to do. Andy says there is that temper I remember. John says how could you do this to everyone for a second time? Carly and Andy Jr. Are your family! Andy says my family is HIVE and starts torturing John.

Woman is an immortal shaman. Blackjack is a hobby. Oliver is impatient. She opens a door and they pass into a cave. Felicity is impressed. We've left that plane of existence. Lian Yu is a nexus like Star City. She stays out of the affairs of men. An idol here. Oliver knows the idol channels death. More people Darhk kills, the more powerful he is. She says the opposite is light and hope. If you can channel that, you will repel Darhk's magic. He's here to learn. She says if the darkness inside you overpowers the light, you will only make Darhk more powerful.

Thea has no cell signal. She wants to call Oliver. No signal on a pretty street? Thea says do you hear that? Alex says nature? She says that's not it. Sounds like everything is on a loop right now. He says let all that go. Be happy, okay? I sure am. She says okay.

Andy says it's time. This isn't personal. Just what has to happen. john breaks free and kills soldiers. Gets a gun on Andy. And doesn't shoot. Only reason you're breathing is because one of us is still human.

Shaman will give Oliver a small part of Damian's magic. That tattoo does many things. Tells felicity to take some steps back. Tells Oliver to focus on the light. His eyes are white when he repels the first wave. She sends more. He's engulfed. You're only fighting yourself. Merlyn. Deathstroke. Damian. Resist your darkness. Oliver sees all the deaths. The pain. Shaman says he's not ready. Oliver says I can do this. She repeats what she says about the darkness. What could I teach you that could change what you saw? Felicity says it's over? Shaman says there's nothing more I can do for you.

Thea says it's not getting dark. it's 8 o'clock and raining and still light. How can you not here that? 3 chirps, then a bark, then it repeats twice! Just listen! He opens a pill box - of yellow pills. From Ruve. I needed to stay healthy. She asks where are we? Did you drug me?? He says you're talking crazy. She runs out.

John gets to Lyla. She's mad. Sara cries at the noise. John knows he messed up and his head is not right. But he's my brother and Laurel was like a sister. She says I know, but you're acting like the man I divorced. Bring Andy to justice, but do it the right way. he swears he will.

Felicity says we'll find someone else. Oliver says she was right. You are the one that brings the light. Fortuna showed me who I really am. It's not a pity party, it's acceptance. You said it yourself. I'll always revert to that person on the island. She says I said that when I was hurting. You're not perfect. None of us are. But all of us can change.

Damian finds Andy. Put a tracker on John. Time for one last family reunion.

Lyla cleaning up John. He's confused. Why not kill me? Proximity alarm. Rocket fired at the semi.

It's on fire on the outside. Lyla calls ARGUS. Andy firing at the truck. Ghosts on motorcycles coming. John figures he's tagged with a tracker. HIVE is attacking ARGUS HQ. We're on our own. She says the rig can withstand just about anything. Damian stops the truck with magic. Lyla says he wants me. You need to leave now. I need you both safe.

The driver is killed. John rides away out the back. Damian tells Andy to get him.

Lyla throws a grenande out the door. Damian takes her. And looks for Sara.

She's strapped to John. Who is being chased. YIKES. He's surrounded. Then a van arrives. Felicity says it's been a while since I hit anybody with this thing. He gives Sara to her. Andy runs. John goes after him.

Damian hurting Lyla. green arrow intervenes. Damian says I'm going to enjoy killing all your friends. Oliver says no. Never again.

John gets to Andy. Pulls his gun. Andy taunts him.

Damian uses his magic on Oliver. After Laurel, I let you grieve. I was being nice. I hate being nice. Oliver repels Damian. He disappears. Lyla is unconscious.

Andy says I'll get out again. Taunts John about Sara and Lyla. John tells him to shut his damn mouth. Andy says this is war. Genesis is coming, John! You don't have the guts to do what's necessary to protect your wife and child. John shoots Andy.

John closes Andy's eyes. Oliver finds him. How's Lyla? Oliver says she's fine. Felicity's taking her and Sara back. Darhk's in the wind. John, what happened? Diggle says he was never going to back off, Oliver. My family would never be safe.

The bunker. Felicity finds Oliver. You okay? He says it worked. She asks how? He says I heard your voice in my head. Reminding me of the good things. Thea. John. Laurel. Telling me to keep fighting, never give up, telling me to have hope.

Lyla's still out. John caring for her. She asks where's Sara? She's fine. She knows something's wrong. He says I had to put him down, Lyla. Andy. I had to kill my baby brother. She says he wasn't a brother you to, Johnny. Not in the ways that really mattered. What happened? John says I didn't have a choice. She notices the chip in her arm is gone. Darhk took it.

Rubicon. Until Shadowspire tried to steal it. A subdermal implant. Darhk ripped it out. Prevents any country from firing a nuclear missile.

Thea wandering and wandering.

Damian destroys the world, then what? Be ruler of nothing. John says Genesis. Lyla says Biblical. Oliver says the flood.

Thea runs into Ghosts.

What's the ark?

Thea finds a forcefield. She's stuck inside. The underground biodome.

Next ep - Not enough time to get everyone out.

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