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#Supernatural episode 11.20 - “Don’t Call Me Shurely” #ChuckReturns

“Don’t Call Me Shurely”

ROB BENEDICT RETURNS — Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) unleashes a dark fog on a small town, causing everyone to go mad. Dean (Jensen Ackles) and Sam (Jared Padalecki) realize this is a stronger version of the original black vein virus Amara previously unleashed. They team up with the sheriff to protect the town but their old remedy no longer works. Meanwhile, Chuck (Rob Benedict) returns with an interesting proposal. Robert Singer directed the episode written by Robbie Thompson (#1120). Original airdate 5/4/2016.

Episode 20:

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Dog outside a dumpster. Metatron scrounging for food. Dog whines for a bite. Metatron tosses him the meat. Looks for more food. I give up!

And is in a bar. We aren't on Earth anymore. One patron sitting in a booth. Chuck!! Carver Edlund? What is this place? Metatron knows this is one of God's constructs. Calls Chuck a hack writer. Tell me the beer is real in here. Chuck says you think I'm a hack? Metatron says he's read it all. Doesn't even crack the top 10,000. Chuck says you didn't like any of them? Metatron says too much melodrama. Chuck says still doesn't excuse you from burning Tall Tales. Put these on. Snaps his fingers. Metatron says've come back. Gets on his knees. Sucks up to Chuck. Chuck says stop, makes me deeply uncomfortable. Call me Chuck. Metatron needs a stiffer drink.

Dean in the kitchen ironing. Sam brings a tablet. Hope Springs. A guy killed a coworker. Snapped. Dean hands him the shirt. Dude, quit ironing my shirts with beer!

Chuck traveled. Blogged with pics of cats. And Snapchat. Started Revolution. I don't think it's going anywhere. Metatron says maybe titles aren't your thing. Chuck says maybe so. Acting is fun. Likes hiding in plain sight. Metatron says how did anyone not know? The amulet... Chuck turned it off. You'll never guess where it's been this entire time. Metatron doesn't care. You see and hear all. You know what a piece of garbage I've been. Did you bring me here to destroy me? Chuck says music and nacho is magic. Created in this space. Amazing musicians got their start on this stage. I hope we can finish what I started a few months ago. God's autobiography. I'm stuck. Every writer needs a good editor. Metatron asks if he gets to be an angel again? Chuck says no. Metatron agrees that's a good call.

Dean and Sam visit the sheriff. No one can figure out why Wes did this. Witness heard him before he took his life. Every negative thought spilling out.

Sam talks to a deputy. Black veins. He asks about weird stuff. She says no, it's always sunny in Hope Springs.

Metatron editing with a red pen. Chuck looks over his shoulder. First impressions. Metatron says it's good, real good. Chuck says you hate it. Come on. Metatron says details make a story great. This is lacking in some details, like all of them. You weren't alone in the beginning. Your sister was with you. Chuck says who cares about her? Metatron says me. She's out and about. That's why you're back, right? Chuck says this isn't her story. it's mine.

Deputy gets home. Fog coming. She tells her hubby to get inside while she calls it in. She calls in to dispatch. The fog reaches her. She gasps and gets the veins. UH OH.

Chuck at the pool table. Metatron pours a drink. That bad? Metatron says there are great bones. You're giving the wrong stuff too much detail. Like that chapter as Chuck. Chuck says I did great stuff as Chuck. Girlfriends. Boyfriends. Learned to play guitar. Metatron says you're neither grounded or a person! Juicier stuff people will want to read. Like the archangels. You've got 2 paragraphs and that's it! Don't you think they deserve extra words? Like your favorite, Lucifer? Chuck says he wasn't my favorite. Metatron lists it all. If Amara's off limits, fine, but every great hero is defined by their villain. Chuck says Lucifer wasn't a villain. Metatron says real talk. Safe place, right? There are two types of memoir. Honest and not so much. Chuck wants to tell the truth. Metatron says there's no revelations! No soul! You invented them. Souls. Souls! How did that make you feel? Chuck says nauseous. Metatron says no, that's Chuck talking. it's time for you to get back into character. Chuck says this is me. Metatron says no. The guy I worked for - total badass. And a dick. That guy had stories to tell, and He has a lot to answer for. Chuck says what do I do? Metatron says hold up a mirror and show us. Audience of one. Dance like no one is watching. I'll help either way, but you gotta pick a lane. Richards or Wilson, Chuck. Chuck says Richards, all the way.

Sam and Dean get to the new crime scene. Sheriff called. Deputy didn't show up. Looks like Harris shot her husband point blank in the face then ran. She called in about fog yesterday. Dean asks to be notified about any more reports like that.

Metatron is happy with the new pages. It's gold! Kind of angry with a side of bitter, but it's real. Something I've always wondered. Why? Chuck says can you be more specific? Metatron asks why you created life? Chuck says I was lonely. You created worlds. Chuck says I was stupid, naive. Thought I could show her something better than us and maybe she'd change. Stop being her. But she'd destroy every new world. So she was locked away and Chuck got down to unfettered creation. Takes Metatron to a lake. Nature is great on its own. Metatron says if Amara wipes the slate, everything is destroyed. All your great work lost forever. Chuck says we should enjoy it one last time before it's all gone.

Fog heading west toward town. Dean gives instructions. Sheriff asks what is it? Dean says it's an infection in the fog. Sam found Harris on Main Street. Dean pushes his instructions.

Dean and Sam confront the deputy. She has a message for you, Dean. Her words have been echoing in my head since I breathed that fog. She says it's a mirror. She's showing us all the truth. The light was a lie. Sheriff shoots her. She says it'll all be over soon. it's all going away forever. But not you, Dean. Sam sees the fog coming in.

Chuck says nature, divine. Human nature, toxic. Then they never take responsibility. Training wheels have to come off. No one likes a helicopter parent. Chuck says Amara being out is not on me. Metatron says you'll let her win? Chuck says it's her time to shine. Metatron says it's stupid to write a book no one will read!

Back in the bar. Metatron understands now. You're hiding! Chuck says this is super cute. Second, I'm not hiding. Metatron says she can't touch you in here, can she?! Chuck says I get why you're upset, but let's get back on my book. Metatron says at least I was never a coward! Chuck tosses him out the doors. He's mad. Metatron reenters. There He is. There's the guy I know and love. The feeling of your light was beyond measure. And then you picked me to help with your tablets. Chuck says you were the closest to the door. There's nothing special about you. Not then. Not now. I've been called many things. Coward? I'm not hiding. I'm just done watching my experiments and failures. Metatron says your failures. Chuck turns on the TV.

Sam trying to save people. Gets a toddler Inside, now, go! People overtaken by the fog. Sam and Dean run. Indoors. Radio's dead. Dean asks for duct tape.

Sam watches through the window. Dean tosses him tape. They seal the place up. No cell signals. Tape comes loose and fog enters. Sam says you hear that? People screaming outside. Sam locks the door. Men beat on it. Sam spots the open vent. Dean blocks the inner doors. Sam gets the veins.

Sam tells Dean to get back. Dean tells everyone to get in a different room. But he's not leaving Sam.

Chuck says you're a terrific editor, Metatron. He says good I've got something going for me. Chuck says why did uyou try to be me? Metatron says a sad attempt for attention. Yours. You picked me. Your light shined on me, me! The warmth... But then you left me, left all of us. The angels prayed, too. So did I, every day. Tell me why you abandoned me, us. Chuck says you all disappointed me. Metatron says you're wrong about creation. They're better than you are! They give and create and sing and dance and love and above all, they never give up. But You do. Chuck resumes typing.

Fog busts a window. Sam says we were never going to make it. You were going to choose Amara. Sorry. Go before I hurt you! More things breaking. Dean didn't seal the other room. He yells out to stop this! Everything quiet. He stays with Sam.

Chuck prints the latest page. Metatron drinking next to the dog. Chuck stretches. I lied before. I didn't learn to play guitar. Gave myself the ability. Did the same when I learned French. Look at the new pages. You're really going to like them. Chuck strums the guitar. And sings. Metatron gets up off the stool.

Sam has the glowing amulet in his pocket!! He's saved. So are the people in the other room.

Chuck sings while Metatron reads.

Sam and Dean go outside. Amulet still glowing.

Metatron looks moved. Is he gonna cry? Chuck still singing.

The town is back to normal. People get up from the dead. Dean carrying the amulet in his hand. See Chuck! We should probably talk.

Next ep - Dean and Chuck discuss Amara. In Chuck we trust.

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