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05/20/2016 (08:00PM - 10:00PM) (Friday) : A DEADLY SHOWDOWN IS ON THE HORIZON AS BLACK CLAW TIGHTENS ITS GRIP ON PORTLAND - SHAUN TOUB, DAMIEN PUCKLER, JACQUELINE TOBONI, AND HANNAH R. LOYD GUEST STAR - Black Claw makes a strategic move against Hank (Russell Hornsby) that shocks everyone and sends Nick (David Giuntoli) on a war path. Hadrian's Wall ramps up their investigation as they seek out a mysterious man named Bonaparte (guest star Shaun Toub). Meanwhile, Adalind (Claire Coffee) and Capt. Renard (Sasha Roiz) must learn to deal with their new and very unpredictable reality with Diana (guest star Hannah R. Loyd). Bitsie Tulloch, Silas Weir Mitchell, Reggie Lee, and Bree Turner also star. TV-14 V

Episode 21:

Monroe and Rosalee watching the news. Seeing Adalind on stage with Renard. Worried about Nick.

HW. Meisner says Black Claw will use the system at first. Put their people in all positions of power. They'll take down everyone around the Grimm. Eve got as much out of Zuri as she could. Recruited 5 months ago to go after Hank. She gave up a name, Bonaparte. Meisner says he's a founding member of Black Claw. Zuri is going to a safe site. Hank's house has an issue. oh no.

Monroe says turn the TV off. And there's a truck still out there. He's sick of it. Rosalee chases after him. Don't do this! They could have guns. Monroe confronts the men in the truck. They finally drive off. This is our home and we're letting those idiots rule our lives. She's upset. He says this is getting out of hand. She sits. Woozy? He tests her head. You feel warm. She got the plate on the truck.

Return to the house. Diana and Adalind head to bed. Bonaparte congratulates Sean. This is just the first step. Now we need your new life with Adalind to work. Do you mind if I talk to her? Sean says would it matter if I did? Goodnight.

They put Diana to bed. She gets out once they're gone and grabs two dolls.

Adalind asks Sean how it feels? He's happy.

Diana uses magic on her parents. Makes them kiss.

Sean and Adalind removing each other's clothes. Adalind wogues and hits him. Don't you see what's going? You moron! It's our daughter! I didn't vote for you. He says get used to it because this is a position you can't quit. He leaves her bedroom.

Hank gets home. He and Nick enter. Dead guys! Hank has never seen them before. Nick has. The men he killed. They talk to the other detectives. Nick says he's been with me most of the night. Female detective says we have a witness. The neighbor. Mrs. Miller across the street. They say we have to take you for questioning. We need your badge and gun. Nick says these bodies were dumped here. He's forced out of the house. Hank taken away. Nick calls Wu. Meet me at the precinct. I'll be there in 15.

Meisner and Eve looking at the file on Bonaparte. Trubel shows them the laptop. Photos of our team shared on the internet. Monroe calls. Tells them about the guys outside the house. Rosalee got the plate. He reads the info. Meisner will let him know what they find out. The truck is in the system. Map the house and find out everything about it.

Adalind asks Diana why aren't you asleep? I don't know. She finds the dolls under the covers. maybe this is why you aren't asleep? Diana asks why you and daddy don't like each other. Adalind says you can't push people together, especially a mommy and daddy. Diana doesn't like Rachel because she likes Daddy. Will you stay with me? Sure.

Wu and Nick. Tells Wu about it all. Looking up Mrs. Miller. We need to talk to her.

Detectives take Hank to that house. oh no. So we're not doing this by the book. Hank tries to escape and the female Wesen wraps her tongue around his neck.

They drag Hank into the house unconscious. She's on the phone. We've got him.

Nick and Wu get to the woman's house. He tells Wu to take the back. Back door's open. There was no answer at the front. They investigate. There was a struggle in here. No Mrs. Miller. Nick says see what phone called 911.

Sean went to Rachel's. She says you can't stay the night. He knows. He has an image to protect now. She will miss this. He says we don't have to stop. She says we do. He says it's helping me. She's done.

Morning. Nick goes to the north precinct. Asks for Masters and Barribo. The offers are not friendly. I don't think your partner's here. They wogue. You're in the wrong place, Grimm. More wogue. Nick leaves.

Hank cuffed on a chair. The kidnappers are impatient. Male Wesen wants to kill Hank. Something doesn't feel right. She says then call him. He insists something's not right here.

Bonaparte with Adalind. He knows she's not in love with Sean. She's doing the best she can. He wants her to think about the children. She says if I wasn't, I wouldn't be here. Sean isn't my type and that won't change. He takes her hands. Wogues. She gulps. We need to understand each other on a different level. And if you're going to be stubborn about it, then you should look like what you are. He makes her into stone. Now, is this how you want the children to see you?

He lets go of her hands. She says that hurt! A lot. He says sometimes a point has to be made. Offers her a wedding ring and puts it on her finger. One more thing. Do not take this ring off. It will be extremely painful for your children. She says it's very nice. Thank you. He says you're most welcome.

Nick returns to Wu. No call was made. No crimes on Hank's street at all. Nick says the detectives are Black Claw. I don't know where he is. Check id they booked him. Nope. No paperwork. How are we going to find him? Tony is still in holding. Nick says we need someone with a real reason to kill him.

Nick goes to the shop. Tells them Black Claw has Hank. We still have Tony in custody. You can't kill him. Just make him believe you will. I want him to know this is personal. Monroe's all in.

Wu and Nick visit Tony. Nick asks where they took Hank? Tony doesn't know. Repeat the question. Tony says Barbados. Rosalee brought in. Tell them! Tony says you're still so pretty, Rosie. She jumps at him. Nick lets Monroe in. Leave Monroe with Tony. Monroe wogues. Tony screams. There are a LOT of thuds in there.

Wu asks how long do we give him? About that long. Monroe gets an address. Thanks. No, thank you.

Wu and Nick needs to take it to HW. Sean returns to the precinct. Nick tells Wu to keep an eye on Renard. Let me know if he leaves.

Nick at HW. Nick wants Trubel and Eve. Meisner agrees.

After dark at the house. Hank asks what they hope to do here? The cost of whatever you get from this will be very high. Man hit Hank and tells him to shut up. She says back off.

Nick's team arrives. Eve in the white wig. Sneak through the barn. Close in on the house.

Bonaparte wanted Hank. Nick bursts into the house. Eve pulls the male Wesen out through the door. Untie Hank. Dead woman in the tub. That's Mrs. Miller. Eve says this doesn't make sense. This address from 3 sources. We're in the wrong place.

HW invaded!!! Death and destruction everywhere. Meisner fighting best he can. He seems to be the one soul left alive. Surveying the damage. Sean walks in. Answer that. Tell them what happened. Eve. Are you safe? No, I'm with Sean Renard. I think he wants to kill me. Meisner says you chose the wrong side, Sean. Sean says we'd make an exception for you. Bonaparte strangles Meisner with magic. Sean says that's enough. Bonaparte says stay out of them. Sean says that's enough! Meisner bleeding. Sean shoots him to end his pain. Bonaparte says you are compassionate and that's dangerous for all of us.

Diana listening to voices in the hall. She opens the door.

Bonaparte and Rachel talking. He'd like her to spend time with Diana. Get closer. She says kids love me.

They return to HW. Hank says this is bad. Trubel asks how did they know? Eve says Zuri. I should've seen this coming. They find Meisner. Trubel kneels next to him, tears in her eyes. Why would Renard do this? Eve says he has no friends. Trubel says there's no one to fight Black Claw in Portland but us. Nick says grab anything important. Trubel sits and weeps.

Rachel in bed ready to sleep. Diana appears to her and uses Rachel's sheets to wrap around her and kill her.

Diana wakes Adalind to show her something. Killing Rachel. Adalind tells her to stop it. Diana says she won't take Daddy away anymore.

Adalind wakes up.

Diana opens her purple glowing eyes.

Precinct. Wu asks Hank what happened? Too much. Nick charges into Sean's office. Meisner's dead. Sean asks how did that happen? Nick says a coward shot him. Sean says you really want to tally up the dead. Nick locks the door and attacks Sean. Hank yells to them on the other side. Sean and Nick fighting. Sean wogues. Throws Nick out a window. Hank and Wu grab Sean. Nick tries to charge again. Sean says arrest him. Hank stops Wu from running after him.

Nick in a cell. Sees Black Claw on the wall. Hank and Wu enter. Why would you go after the Captain right here in the precinct? Nick tells them to get everyone to my place. Don't try to do this alone. They won't.

Sean tells them to clean up the rest tomorrow. Calls Bonaparte. Nick is arrested. In a holding cell. Bonaparte wants to talk to him. Tells Sean to enjoy his night.

Bonaparte asks his cops to get Nick out and transferred.

Ep 22:

Sean tells Hank and Wu to stay out of it. I had no choice. you're good cops. I hope we can work through our differences.

Monroe and Rosalee. Are you okay in there? She'll be right out.

Positive pregnancy test. She smiles. He says there's no answer from Nick. Same truck outside. There hear a noise. It's Trubel. She had to come around back. She tells them about HW. You guys aren't safe. Meet at Nick's place.

Eve confronts the guys in the truck. Wogues. Oh crap. Truck won't start. Is it hot in here? They're screaming. Wogue. She makes them explode.

Sean goes to Rachel's room. Sits on the bed. I need you to wake up. Something I have to tell you. He turns to the light on. Finds her dead.

Nick's place. Monroe is surprised that Nick held it together as long as he did. Eve says he won't last the night. Get to the Spice Shop and hide anything Black Claw shouldn't see. Rosalee gets an idea. Eve says okay, get back there and hope we have Nick by then.

Adalnd brushes her hair. Looks at the ring.

Sean comes to the house. Rachel's dead, suffocated to death in her bed. Where's Adalind? Bonaparte doesn't think it was Adalind. Sean asks who? Bonaparte says Diana. Sean says she hasn't left the house. Bonaparte asks would she need to?

Monroe and Rosalee doing the work. hiding the Grimm ancestry book. She's thinking....what if Black Claw is successful. What's the world going to be like? He says they won't be, not as long as I'm alive. They'll take the weapons to Nick's house.

Crime spree. 911 calls coming out the ass.

Hank gets a call from Wu. Something weird going on. Place cleared out except for me and a couple desk cops. Hank says we're on our way.

Adalind calls. Wu answers. Where's Nick? He's been arrested. Wu tells her Meisner is dead. She says tell Nick I'm sorry and Kelly's good and I love him. Call goes dead.

Sean in Adalind's room.

She asks what happened to your face? He says hard night at the precinct. Rachel's dead. We need to talk to Diana about killing people. Did you encourage her? She says what kind of mother do you think I am? He notices the ring. She says ask Bonaparte. He will stay in her room. Relax. I'll sleep over there. had enough tragedy for one night.

Wesen cops coming for Nick. Don't make this any harder than it has to be. They cuff Nick. Walk him out. Tell Bonaparte they're on their way. Wu says Renard is on his way here. They grab Wu and he wogues. Hank arrives. Wu! Wu gets back under control. They got Nick. Eve asks Wu if he's okay? He says no, I'm pissed.

North precinct. Nick taken in. We do things a little differently around here. ALL Wesen, and they're taunting him. Sit him on a chair. Bonaparte walks in. Thanks for coming? Nick asks what do you want? Bonaparte says freedom to be who we are. You have a book I want. We tracked it here to Portland. The book dealer is related to a friend of yours. I believe you now have that book and you will give it to me.

All this for a book? Bonaparte says it's one of a kind. Documents every Grimm. Nick says I'm not going to help you. Bonaparte says yes you are, and uses his magic. Nick screams.

In bed with Adalind. 3:30AM. She says go back to sleep. He gets up. No Kelly. Bonaparte takes Kelly. Nick knocks out Nick.

Kelly given to Nick. If you don't give me the book, you will never see him again, and I mean never. It's an easy choice. GIVE ME THE BOOK.

Even enters the precinct. I'm looking for Detective Burkhart. She makes them point their guns at each other. He's upstairs. The others follow Eve. Wu grins.

Bonaparte says arrange for the book to be delivered here and I'll arrange for Kelly to go wherever you want.

Gun fight in the precinct. Nick gets a gun. Eve follows Bonaparte. He wogues. He pushes her back with magic. She strikes back.

Hank and Trubel and Nick and Wu got the Wesen dead or down. Go after Eve.

Bonaparte throws broken glass at Eve. She takes a piece in the gut. I didn't know he's a Zauberbiest. She's losing a lot of blood. Can't take her to a hospital. Nick says to the loft and get Monroe and Rosalee to come. They'll try to kill them.

Adalind says something's not right. Eve, I think she's dying. Sean asks how do you know? She feels it. Sean sees Bonaparte return. He tells Adalind to tell him where Nick lives. He's choking her. Sean pleads. Adalind gives an address. Bonaparte says they all die tonight.

Monroe and Rosalee finish. He wants to hide the chest. She says let it be. There hear someone above in the shop. He grabs an ax. Wesen falls dead down the stairs. Trubel and Wu killed them all. We gotta go now.

Nick carries Eve into the loft. he's going down in the tunnel. Hank keeps pressure on the wound. Nick gets the chest with the magic stick. He climbs back up.

Adalind wakes Diana. I need your help. Get a message to Kelly's daddy Nick. His mommy helped raise you. I need you to get him a message but no one can know what we did, okay?

Nick puts the stick on Eve. Nothing happening. Wait.... Skin is turning white, something is happening. it's healing her. Hank is amazed. How did that work? Nick won't worry about that now. Eve wakes. Something is.....she wogues. Writhes on the floor. She's screaming. Then goes still. Eve? What went wrong? Hank says maybe because she's a Hexenbiest. The others arrive. Rosalee says she has a pulse, but it's weak. They update Monroe and Rosalee. Trubel gets Nick's attention. Diana in the room. Mommy wants me to tell her something. Made her tell where you live. She's sorry. Nick gives out instructions.

Monroe and Trubel on the fire escape.

Diana tells Adalind that she told Nick. Adalind thanks her. Diana asks what happened to your neck? Adalind says someone got angry with me. Diana asks who? Let's get you back to bed.

Black Claw coming. We can't fight our way out. They barricade. Black Claw is in the building.

Nick tells them to get in the tunnel. He'll carry Eve. Black Claw on the roof.

Into the tunnel.

Nick gets Eve up. What is happening to me? I don't understand. Nick....what's happening to me? Juliette? Hank says we gotta go.

All in the tunnel, except Nick. He tells hem to keep moving and shuts the door. Hank gets Trubel to go. Then stays back.

Nick waits for Black Claw. They breech. He shoots. He uses the stove offensively. Gun fight. Out of bullets. Shot in the back! He crawls to a sword and throws it into the head of one of the cop Wesen.

Monroe leading them. Trubel wants to go back. Monroe stops her. Rosalee says he's right, we have to keep moving.

Nick still fighting.

Still in the tunnels. Trubel wants to stay with Eve, make sure no one follows. Good place to defend ourselves. Monroe says be careful.

Takes them as far as got the last time. They split up to look for an exit.

Eve feels a lot.

Nick kills a guy with an ax. Dodges bullets. Wesen comes at him with a sword. Gets a chance to shoot Nick multiple times. Wesen calls and says it's over. Nick standing and strikes with the ax.

Tunnel. There's an opening ahead. Monroe find a way out? He and Rosalee investigate. They're blocked. She says I'm pregnant. Not how I wanted to tell you. Yeah, I'm pregnant. He asks why...? She took a home test 3 times. The last thing you want to hear right now... He says it's the ONLY thing I want to here. Hugs her.

Nick takes the stick out of his pocket. Bonaparte arrives. I underestimated you. I should've killed you when I had the chance. Won't make that mistake again. Sean can't look. Then stabs Bonaparte.

Thank you, Diana!

Bonaparte falls dead. Sean's confused as he looks at the sword. He and Nick look at each other.

To be continued......