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#Supernatural 11.22 - “We Happy Few”

“We Happy Few”

THE FINAL COUNTDOWN – Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) face their biggest challenge yet. Rowena (Ruth Connell) makes her move. John Badham directed the episode written by Robert Berens (#1122). Original airdate 5/18/2016.

Episode 22:

Lucifer asks where were you? Chuck says that's a long story. How do you feel? I healed you. Lucifer says I didn't ask you to. Screw you. Sam and Dean return. Chuck says I know I've been gone for a while. Lucifer can't hurt Sam and Dean now. Sam says can we focus here. Common enemy and all that? Lucifer says Team Amara, go Amara. Chuck says you don't mean that. Lucifer says you're not going to say it....screw you. Screw all of you. Chuck says kids, huh?

Lucifer blasting music. Sam and Dean try to get him to come out and talk to Chuck. Lucifer says if Dad has something to say, I'll here it from him. Until then, I'll be in my room. LOL.

Crowley says together, we can reclaim the throne. Together, we can make Hell great again. Numbers are in our favor. They laugh. Demons says you make promises and never make good on them. Let's recap. We could take Hell, but why bother. The world is ending and this time, Hell is ending with it. Unless you have a plan to defeat the Darkness? If not, this is more of the same. We wanted to see the money dance one last time.

Sam tries to convince Chuck to talk to Lucifer. Chuck says he wants an apology. I can't says I'm sorry when I'm not. Give Lucifer time to cool off. Dean says we don't have a little time.

Grand Isle, Louisiana. Woman reading tarot. Rowena enters. Woman pulls a gun on her. Rowena needs a second for a spell. The world is ending, Clea. Duh. But you're a rat. Find your way off any sinking ship. Rowena says the spell will buy us more life. Clea says you're scared. Rowena says aye. Came face to face with The Darkness. The end of magic. Clea and Rowena dicker. They'll go back in time.

Sam and Dean gets Lucifer and Chuck to sit down and talk. Luci says him first. Dean says let's try I feel statements. Chuck says I am sorry that you feel I betrayed you, that I acted without cause. I had no choice. Sam says could you be a little less lordly? Chuck says I did what I had to do. Lucifer says you betrayed me. When the Mark changed me, you threw me away. Chuck says the Mark made you more of what you already were. Lucifer says I as your son, your child! Do you have any idea how it is to argue with your father when your father is God? Big picture, you did what you had to do. Little picture, you sucked as a dad. Chuck says could I have kept humanity safe with you on the board? Sam says Lucifer is right.....all he wants is an apology and you're too concerned about being right to give it to him. And sometimes apologies are about giving the apology. Dean says You don't have to mean apologies. I lie when I apologize all the time. Chuck says enough from the peanut gallery and puts them in another room. Lucifer says you were my father and you forsook me. Chuck says I did. I wasn't supposed to have favorites. You were mine. I gave you the Mark because I loved you and thought you were strong enough to bear it, and when I was wrong... My choice devouring my most cherished son, I hated myself, and so I punished you. And I'm so sorry.

So, are we good? They nod. Dean asks what now? Chuck says we put Amara back in the box. I won't kill her. She had to be there. Dean wants explanation. Chuck says balance. Dark needs Light, Light needs Dark. Blow one of them up and it's not good. Sam says okay, we do gift wrap Amara. Team is back together. Chuck says with just the two of us, we lose. Michael is in no condition to fight and it's outside my power to bring Gabriel and Rafael back. Archangels are made of primordial universe stuff. It's time we don't have. Sam says okay, then outside help. Chuck asks what do you got?

What will make up for Archangel power? Sam suggests hands of God. Dean suggests Crowley.

Crowley brings Dean to him. Dean says time to sober up. We need your help.

Lucifer says we have the angels. He came to ask a good faith favor, so perhaps you'll lend an ear to my Jiminy Cricket? Castiel is allowed to speak. It's me.

Sam suggests Rowena.

Sam visits Rowena and Clea. Rowena wants to turn him into a moose. Sam says you can't. Clea says here the man out.

Sam says getting them together won't be easy. Dean says can't you compel them? Chuck says free will.

They play the God card. Rowena laughs. Clea is open to it. Rowena says I serve magic, not God. Clea is interested.

Angels want to hear it from Him. Crowley says in good time. Do I have your support? Taking Lucifer in is tormenting me, burning through my vessel, but they will defeat the Darkness. that's my role. You can be part of it too if you join me.

Clea offers to enlist other witches.

Crowley wanted the throne. Dean says wonder why they said no. We have a plan. You can sit on the sidelines and watch the world die, or you can fight. Maybe you need to remember how to be a soldier.

They'll make Amara weak, then God hits her. Dean still doesn't like it. Lot less room for error if you shoot to kill. Sam asks what is this about? Lucifer says it's about his girlfriend. Dean says shut up. Lucifer taunts him. Sam asks is he right? Dean says I tried to kill her, and it didn't work. Chuck says maybe because you didn't want it to work. You didn't want to kill her. Dean admits maybe there's a part of me that can't hurt her. Lucifer says well that got weird. Sam says we always sweat these choices, but for once we have God on our side. For once we can do things His way.

They all agree.

Prophet attacked. Pleads with Amara. I've only been a prophet for 2 days! I won't tell you. She takes his soul. Poor man. She says Kansas.

Bunker shakes. The wards vanish. Amara inside. She kicks the World's Greatest Dad mug.

Lucifer and Crowley and Rowena at the meeting. Lucifer flirts her her. Chuck arrives. Hello, my children. Good to finally meet you in person. Rowena says sorry for everything I've done in my life. Heh. Dean and Sam say no flirting, no deals. Chuck says Amara is expecting a fight and we'll give it to her. Shock and awe. Rowena says shouldn't we try to catch her off guard? Crowley suggests the weakest should go first. Dean asks about Cas. Lucifer says trust me, he's on board. Chuck says once she's weakened, I'll take the Mark from her and seal her away. Sam is ready. he volunteered to take the Mark. Dean is mad. Sam says this is it. Me.

Lucifer and Crowley and Rowena bickering about who can do the most damage.

Sam says this is the smart thing. You're leading this army. Dean says babysitting the bad guys. Then agrees. Okay. God's plan.

Amara snooping. In Dean's room. Rowena spies on Amara. You're still looking for God? I'm with him right now.

Rowena in the parking lot. Amara meets her. Rowena says he's right inside. Our deal holds? Safe passage back in time? Amara knew it was a trap the moment she called and didn't care. All I want is a one on one with my brother. How am I going to repay you? Rowena throws magic at her. Channels the other witches and attacks Amara. Amara fires back. It fries the other witches. Point for trying. Heaven swirls. Angels smite Amara.

Building shakes.

Demons comes in to attack Amara next. Lift her into the air. She's screaming. Struggling. Crowley walks outside and his demon joins the fight. Throws Amara into a car. She stumbles inside. Sees Chuck. Hello, Brother. You cheated, again. Lucifer stabs her.

Chuck stops him from stabbing her again. Says he's sorry for this. She says an apology at last. But what does sorry do for me. I spent millions of years alone, afraid, begging for death because of you! What was my crime, brother? he says the world needed to be born. You wouldn't let me. I had no choice! She says we were equals. You think you made the archangels to bring light? no, you made them to be Lord. You wanted to be big! Chuck says that's true, but it isn't the whole truth. There's a value and glory in creation that's greater than my ego. It was there, waiting to be born. It just is. you've seen it. Felt it. She says it didn't have to be like this. I love you, brother. Well. You've won again. Finish it. Kill me. Chuck says I'm sorry. Takes the Mark off her and transfers it to Sam. Chuck says I'm so sorry. She seizes his throat. Not again! Not ever again! She's tossing them all. Lucifer leaves Cas. Takes her Mark back. If you won't change, why should I? She attacks Chuck. Sorry, brother. The glow......and Chuck's down.

Morning. Rowena down.

Dean asks what have you done? Sam says God's dead? She says no, he's dying. My brother will dim and fade away into nothing. But not until he sees what comes next. Watches this world, everything he loves, turn to ash.

Rowena stands and looks at the sun.

Amara says welcome to the end.

Next week - Making a bomb. You'll be the bomb.

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