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#Supernatural season 11 finale - “Alpha and Omega” 11.23

“Alpha and Omega”

 GOD VS. AMARA – God (guest star Rob Benedict) comes to a decision about Amara (guest star Emily Swallows) that has direct repercussions for Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles). Phil Sgriccia directed the episode written by Andrew Dabb (#1123). Original airdate 5/25/2016.

"Beginning" and "The End", Biblically.

Ep 23:

Carry on Wayward Son.

The Road So Far.


Cas out. Chuck out. Sam and Dean stand. Sam checks on Chuck. Dean wakes Cas. Cas? Is that you? Chuck wakes. Amara ripped Lucifer from Cas's body. Dean gets him up. Sam asks Chuck how he feels? Like the bug on a windshield. My spark, my light fading. Dean asks how to fix you? Chuck says you can't. Rowena enters. Dean pulls a gun. Crowley enters. Rowena asks if they've bothered to look outside. To look at the sky.

What is it? The sun is dying. Cas says without the sun, everything wastes away.

Back in the bunker. Dean gets beer. Sam says really? Really. Dean says Amara walked it off, so... Last call? Right. Dean will shoot or punch or kill until he dies, but how are we supposed to fix the freakin' sun?

Mansion. Woman gets out of the very nice car. Enters the home. Hello, hello! England. She turns the TV on. 6% drop is sun energy output. Nothing to worry about. She turns the TV off. Gets a call. She goes into a secret place below. Office. A board about the Winchesters. Yes, sir. I understand. On my way.

Dean wants more beer. Sam isn't interested. Crowley checking the booze. Rowena offers to make tea for Chuck.

Crowley tells Chuck that she's using you. It's what she does. Chuck says I'm not helping anyone right now, obviously. She's...nice. Nice is all we've got.

The English woman kisses her sleeping son, and is packed to leave.

Rowena telling Fergus stories to Chuck. Kids. Crowley drinking. Sam returns. Mad we're doing nothing! Anything is better than this! Chuck gets it. But I'm dying. And when I'm gone, the cosmic balance between light and dark is over. Sam says if we can't cage her, we have to kill her. Crowley's in.

Cas and Dean in the car. Dean asks how he is? Cas says I was so stupid. Dean says no, you were right. Cas was just trying to help. Dean says you do help. Sometimes we forget about everyone else. But you're always there. You're the best friend we've ever had. Our brother, I want you to know that. Phone rings. Dean is on his way. Sam's got something.

Kill the Darkness? You're cool with this? Sam says Chuck's dying, so we don't have a choice. You take both away and both sides of the scale are empty. Dean is game, but how? Cas says she does seem impossible to destroy. Sam asks if she? Chuck hedges. Sam and Rowena push him. Chuck says Darkness has a weakness. Light. Sam asks how much? Chuck says 10,000 suns set to supernova. Dean says you're God, so.. Chuck says I'm not in the best shape now. Cas suggests souls. Dean asks then what? Rowena says get enough souls and I can build a bomb. They start thinking of how to get enough souls. Dean suggests ghosts. Crowley says this is desperate and stupid. Dean says desperate is all we've got. Sam says let's get to work.

Amara wandering a garden. Her touch killed a plant. She looks up at the sun and seems a little sad.

Dean and Sam at a sanitarium. Got a crystal from Rowena to suck up the ghosts. They prepare. Sam pours salt. Dean yells at the ghosts to appear. Sam offers to go piss them off. Dean gets attacked. Sam shoots ghosts with rock salt. They're coming. Trap the ghosts in salt. Dean drops the crystal. Grabs it. Activates it. Ghosts sucked into it. It's glowing. Go magic word.

Reaper watches them leave.

Cas says Heaven won't help. They know God is dying and they don't think we can win, so they're sealing Heaven and dying with dignity. Crowley says his stash was raided. Someone's coming in. The reaper. Nice digs. Billie? She says hey to Crowley. Sam asks what she's doing here? She was curious....why are you busting ghosts? Spill. Sam says we're collecting souls to build a bomb to blow the Darkness to hell. Billie says okay. You want souls, call a reaper.

Amara sitting in the garden. Old woman sits with her. Like your dress. Fancy for the park, but you made the effort. Want to feed them? Amara says I shouldn't. The woman has been feeding the birds for 20 years. Her husband is long dead and her son keeps sending her brochures about retirement communities. Family....even when you hate them, you still love them.

Billie calls in lots of souls to the crystal. Couple hundred thousand. She raided the veil. Dead folks, kinda my thing. We good? Rowena says very. Dean says see you around. Billie hopes not today. Crowley. Heh. Chuck can track Amara. Cas says someone needs to get close to her, someone with a personal connection. Dean agrees. How do I smuggle this thing? Rowena says you'll be the bomb. We'll put them in here. Press your fingers together like so. Boom. Dean says okay.

Rowena chants and sends the souls into Dean's body. He's in pain. Cas asks if he's okay? How do you feel? Like my insides just got flamebroiled. Rowena says you have about an hour, then you're a ticking time bomb.

The English woman lands in America. Heading for Lebanon, Kansas.

Sam and Dean. You don't have to do this. Dean says of course I do. Just have to get close. I can do that, okay? I can do that. Sam says if this works.... Dean knows. Cemetery. Sam kisses the stone. Chuck is not cool with this. She's still my sister. I don't want to see her dead, but...I understand. Cas hugs Dean. Dean has to do this alone. When this works, Sam will be a mess, so look out for him, okay? Make sure he doesn't do anything stupid. Thank you for everything. Dean wants a big epic funeral. Including Gary Busse reading the eulogy. And he wants his ashes here. Gives the keys to Sam. Sam reluctantly takes them. Dean hugs him. Okay, let's do this. Chuck sends him.

The garden. Dean looks around. And up.

The Lazy Shag. LOL. They stop the Impala. Crowley opens the bar. Your round, Moose.

Amara meets Dean. How did you find me? He says does it matter? I'm here to give you me. She says that's a change. He says I can't stand by and watch everything die, so if becoming part of you... She knows about the bomb in his chest. You've never been able to hurt me, so what makes this time any different? He says I don't have a choice. The sun.... She says that's not me. When God's gone, everything will cease to exist, including me.

News tells residents to stay in their homes. Crowley turns it off. Cas says Chuck looks horrible.

Dean tells Amara that Chuck doesn't want this. You're family! He doesn't want any of this.

Song playing in the bar. Sam goes to Chuck.

Dean asks her if this is what she wanted? She says no. Wanted to hurt him, make him pay. Dean says revenge feels good for about 5 minutes. Me and Sam have had our fair share of fights, but we make it right. I need him, he needs me, and when it all goes to crap, you have family. You're human where it counts. You need your brother. You don't want to be alone, not really. Maybe I can kill you or maybe I can't. Maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe there's a different way. Put aside and rage and hate and tell me, what do you WANT?

Sam tells Chuck to hang in there a little longer. Chuck is trying. Sam gets him some water. And Chuck is gone.

He's in the garden. Amara says in the beginning, it was just you and me, we were family. I loved you and I thought....I knew you loved me. Chuck says I did, I do. She says then you made these other things. I hated them, hated you for needing something else that wasn't me. Then you locked me away and all I could think about was making you suffer. Chuck says you had your reasons. She did, and revenge hasn't made me happy. What you ade is beautiful. Took me a long time to see that. We can't go back to the way things were, but I don't want to. I wish we could be family again. he does, too, and offers his hand. She accepts it. They glow. The sun glows.

They see the sky brighten. Sam goes outside. They all look up. He did it. Dean?

Amara giving God back his power. Chuck says we'll go away for a while and.... Dean gets it. But first.... He takes the souls out of Dean. Better? Dean asks what about us? Earth. Chuck says it'll be fine. It's got you, and Sam. Chuck and Amara hold hands. She says you gave me what I needed most. I want to do the same for you. Darkness and Light swirl away.

Sun setting.

Blood dripping. Bunker. English woman banishes Cas. She's Men of Letters, London chapter. They sent me to take you in. We've been watching you, Sam. The damage you've caused. They've decided enough is enough. Now, where's Dean? Sam says dead. I don't know who the hell you are and what you want? She says stop. He says you won't pull the trigger. She does.

Dean wades through bushes. Hears a woman yelling for help. His mom!!!

See you next season.

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