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#TheOriginals episode 3.21 - "Give 'Em Hell Kid"

"Give 'Em Hell Kid"

A MAN ON A MISSION - After receiving new visions of the looming prophecy, Freya (Riley Voelkel) uncovers that her family is on a collision course with a dangerous new enemy. Meanwhile, with the help of Detective Kinney (guest star Jason Dohring), Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) and Kol (guest star Nathaniel Buzolic) travel to the ancestral world to put a stop to the witches and take back their city once and for all. Elsewhere, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) and Elijah (Daniel Gillies) confront Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) after a heartbreaking plan gone wrong has sent him spiraling. Phoebe Tonkin and Danielle Campbell also star. Jeffrey Hunt directed the episode written by Ashley Lyle & Bart Nickerson (#321). Original airdate 5/13/2016.

Episode 21:

One by friend, one by foe, and one by family.

Band plays on the street. Camille's wake? Or Davina's? Vincent giving a speech.

Elijah and Hayley getting ready to go.

Kol staring into space.

Josh and Marcel in suits.

Klaus and family walking with a coffin.

Cemetery. Vincent speaking at Davina's grave. Josh speaks. I told Davina a story about my first boyfriend, but I never shared that story with anyone else. She was a sister and best friend and I loved her. I wish..... Kol is sorry. He can't speak. Marcel has a paper. He puts it away. Words aren't any good. The Mikaelsons will answer for this. I promise.

Band plays at the wake. Hayley tells caterers we can't run out of whiskey at an Irish wake. Elijah says I'm sure Camille would've appreciated all this. She asks about Klaus. Kinney approaches Klaus. You look so familiar. Did you know her well? Klaus says I did. Kinney says she was a special girl. Klaus says no polite summation will do her justice, but you're brave to try. Kinney asks how she died? Klaus says an accident. Kinney just came to pay his respects. Klaus sees Marcel. Marcel walks out without a word. Elijah says give him time. Klaus says time won't bring Davina back. His anger is justified. Best I reach out to him before that anger hardens into something worse.

Freya alone. Kol enters. I hot my funeral quota for today. Davina's was this morning. What's your excuse, sister? She needs to know if Lucien was right about the prophecy. Kol hopes it's true. You can all rot in hell for all I care. There's nothing for me here. She says that's not true. You're family-- He says Don't lecture me about family! I never for a second wanted you.

Kinney asks Vincent for the truth about the city. What happened to Cami? Vincent says she died. Nothing to stop it, that's it. Kinney says all deaths leave a trail. Not this time. No death certificate or coroner report. Vincent says you don't want to know. Kinney needs to do something when he knows something isn't right. I'm not letting this go. Vincent says okay, come on.

Josh getting drunk. Tells Marcel to pump the brakes on that declaration of war. Marcel says maybe they need to worry about me. Josh says oh, so you die soon, too. If you take that, it's an open declaration of war. You're going to kill all of them? Even Hayley chooses them. Are you really going to take down everyone. Do you think that's what Davina wanted?

Elijah and Freya. She only has pieces. Then Elijah touches her, and she gets a vision. He says finish it. She grabs his hand. Sees Marcel killing them.

Elijah wonders what he saw. She says vincent stole the serum. If he gave it to Marcel.... We're in trouble.

Marcel and Klaus. Klaus thought his presence at Davina's funeral was inappropriate. Knows how much Marcel cared for her. Marcel says that doesn't sound like an apology. You're always willing to watch the world burn as long as you survive. Klaus says Lucien had to die! Marcel says I'm supposed to accept that? No other choice? Klaus says there wasn't. Marcel asks what am I to you? Ally? Sidekick? Friend? Klaus says we're bonded my blood. We quarrel, but that's what family dies. Marcel says no, once you were my mentor, my savior, my sire, but never my brother. And now you're nothing to me. Klaus says give me one chance to prove you wrong. Come with me. Marcel puts the serum in his pocket and follows Klaus.

Freya with the body. No trace of the serum in Aurora. We need to warn Klaus. If Marcel takes that serum, I won't be able to stop him. Elijah will find Marcel.

Kol closes a music box. Who's there? Matchbook on fire. Who's doing this?! Mirror cracked, door closed. He sees a ghost. I didn't mean to hurt you, I loved you! Then it stops. All gone.

Vincent's old house. He brought Kinney. You're telling me magic is real? Vincent says we're supposed to be keepers of the balance, but power corrupts. He pulls out a box from a hole in the wall. Once upon a time, my crazy ex-wife created a mystical battery cell. Kinney asks how it helps us? Vincent says our Ancestors made a deal with the devil and that got Cami killed. They want to start a war with the Mikaelsons and the only way to stop the bloodshed is to wipe the slate clean. Sever the Ancestor's connection to the living.

Klaus brought Marcel to the bridge where they scattered his father's ashes. The threshold of your past and future. Your hatred only marks you as my kin. When you scattered his ashes, you released your hatred to the wind. I saw your full potential and knew you to be my son. Marcel chuckles. Being a part of your life hasn't been a gift and any debts, I paid a long time ago. If any of us is standing in the red, it's you.

Marcel says nice view. Pretty sunset. Why ruin it with more talk? It's just noise. Klaus says you're so like me. I raised you in my imagine, then feared you would become my better. Marcel never wanted that until Klaus tried to hold him down. Klaus says he hasn't done well enough when it comes to you, but you and I are bonded, and you, Marcel, will always be my family. Elijah arrives. Am I interrupting something?

SWAT busts into a witch place. Vincent grabs things. Got what he needs. Kinney asks what that is? Vincent says there are sacred places for the Ancestors to access this world. One of those places is a tomb. It's the seat of their power. I'm going to go into their world with this and crack the foundation. Handle things here, alright. It'll send shockwaves through all the cemeteries. Kinney asks how Vincent will get in the spirit world. Kol appears. He has to die.

Marcel says how is it my job to prove myself to you? Elijah says tell me where it is. Marcel says this? Klaus is surprised.

Kol wants to come with Vincent. Davina brought me here. Fragments remain. I saw her! She's reaching out to me and I have to reach back. I need to see her. Vincent agrees.

Klaus asks what the hell is that? Elijah says a wicked little gift from Vincent? Marcel considering it. I'm family, right? Why would this have to change anything except I'd be your equal? Klaus says hand it over and I'll forget this defiance as your grief. Marcel says you still have to be the king, don't you! But all kings fall. Even you, Klaus. Lights flickering. Elijah remembers this moment.

Josh joins Vincent. Brought Davina's favorite record. They cut their hands. Vincent takes hemlock. They link hands and Vincent chants. Into the spirit world. Josh is their anchor.

Elijah says give it to me now. I won't ask again. Marcel refuses. Elijah says I saw his betrayal with my own eyes. Marcel says I begged for help! You MADE Lucien, then you blamed him. But maybe you were the villains in his story. That is the Mikaelson way. Always and forever. I used to admire that vow. It gave me faith in those you love. I was a fool. Always and forever is just an excuse to do what the hell you want. Maybe someone should put an end to that. Elijah says You're at the precipice of a dangerous choice. I'm asking you to choose wisely. Marcel says fair enough. And tries to take the serum. Klaus dives at him. Marcel knock Klaus back. You will never be safe as long as I'm alive! I'm done being your family. From this day forward, I'm nothing less than your worst - Elijah rips out Marcel's heart. Marcel falls into the water and Klaus screams.

**Another death of a regular? Geeze! Poor Marcel. He's had a hell of a journey on this show and I don't want to see the last of him.

Kol and Vincent. Vincent works on his spell. Kol sees Davina. She says it hurts. He catches her.

The bridge. Night. Klaus says the current took him. I could've talked him down. Elijah says you could've watched our extinction at his hands. Klaus says he was one of us! Elijah says yes, and we betrayed him. I had no choice. Klaus glares at him. Do you really believe that? Walks away.

Vincent ready. Davina says you've done enough. You should go. It'll be a new beginning for the witches. You should lead them. I'm not asking. Vincent back with Josh.

Elijah comes to Hayley. Falls to his knees, sobbing. Forgive me. She asks what happened? Tell me please. He says it's Marcel. I took his life. She holds him.

Kol and Davina. She says tell Josh not to be sad. One really good friend is more than enough. And tell Marcel thanks for being my family. He will, all of it. She doesn't know how to say goodbye. He says I was dead for ages, and it was a mess, and this anger i couldn't shake. And you left the church like the whole world was on your shoulders. You saw dead flowers, brought them back to life, you smiled, and something cracked wide open inside me. Only then did I feel alive again. I love you. They kiss. I love you, too. She backs away and he's back with the living, tears on his face.

Davina chants over the device. Cemetery shakes. Josh says that's our cue. Kol says give them hell, Davina Clare.

She's chanting. Pauses. It all blows up

Fire plumes in the cemetery as the guys run for safety.

Hayley finds Klaus. He prefers to be alone. She says he's hurting more than you know. He says Marcel was a son to me. She says Freya showed me what Elijah saw. He's always forgiven you. You have to forgive him. Klaus says you sound like Camille. He walks away.

Cami O'Connell. 1 Corinthians verse on her stone.

Kinney meets Vincent. We're free. Now to get things moving in the right direction on this end. I couldn't have done it without you, man. Kinney felt he was losing his mind for months. Thank you, Vincent, for trusting me with the truth.

Eliah....Hayley returns. Says it was the only way to be sure. Part of Klaus sees that already. You have to forgive yourself. He turns to her. Walks away. Stops. And kisses her.

Klaus reads a book. Vincent and Josh return to Marcel's. Klaus says Hamlet. We taught Marcel to read with this very copy. He's dead. Josh says Marcel didn't take the serum because of me! Vincent says you think that because he wanted them to think that. Marcel took it the moment I gave it to him. Didn't hesitate.

Next Friday - Marcel conducts a trial of Klaus's sins. Rebekah says you will not judge him until I have had the chance to speak on his behalf.

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