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#TVD Finale 7.22 - "Gods and Monsters" #VampireDiaries

"Gods and Monsters"

THE ULTIMATE SACRIFICE — Despite their best efforts to help Bonnie (Kat Graham) through the harrowing predicament she now faces, Damon (Ian Somerhalder), Enzo (Michael Malarkey), and Caroline (Candice King) realize their options are running out and drastic measures need to be taken. With their only chance of saving their friend lying inside the Armory, Stefan (Paul Wesley) breaks the news to Caroline that they may need help from an unlikely source – her and Alaric’s twin daughters. Elsewhere, Enzo (Michael Malarkey) keeps Bonnie preoccupied by bringing her back to their cabin but when his plan takes an unexpected turn, it’ll be up to Damon to make the ultimate sacrifice to save his closest friends.

Episode 22:

Armory. Damon and Stefan on the phone. Matt failed and Bonnie's in the wild. Enzo on the call. Caroline says if you kill the everlasting, Bonnie dies and so do we. Enzo says he's been told differently. Enzo's on the vault info. Damon sets off a bomb at the door. No entry. He tells Stefan to call Valerie. Stefan doesn't know where to find her. Caroline says no! My kids are staying out of this, Damon. Damon says these scars link Bonnie to us. She can probably hear us right now.

Matt asks what's it likes when you see them? She tells him. Mostly I can feel them. They're scared. And they should be. The urges are getting stronger. And I don't want to hurt them. Matt says then untie me. I can stop you. She knows she should, but sorry, Matt.

Enzo visits Alex's sister. Asks what it is so we can fight it. She says you can't fight or kill it. He compels her to tell him what it is.

Caroline on the phone with the girls and Ric. The girls wanted cookies. They miss Caroline. He says be safe. She ends the call. They're 3 years old. They shouldn't be involved in this world, not yet. Lizzie syphoned me the other day. She grabbed my arm. Didn't mean to. I want them to have a normal childhood. Stefan says it's your decision, period. She says thank you. This doesn't let you off the hook. He says not a little bit? No. He says he feels a thaw. She disagrees. Bonnie calls and says drive faster and don't stop I'm gaining on you!

There's a pile-up on the highway. Stefan has this. He reverses the car. Heads against traffic. Let us drive by you, Bonnie. She says she can't. Matt says she can't. Stefan says you can. Matt breaks free and grabs the wheel. They crash off the embankment.

Damon on the phone. Enzo says there's no tentacles. Heard from Valerie? Damon says unnecessary. Small runway. Meet me there. Bring cowboy boots.

Caroline worried about Matt and Bonnie. Stefan says get going. I haven't heard from Damon, which means he has a bad plan. I should handle it.

Damon and Enzo. Pilot was told to leave. Damon compels the mechanic to get the pilot. Damon calls Stefan. Stefan figured out Damon's on the way to Dallas. Damon says he's going to talk to Ric. Stefan says the right thing is to let Caroline decide because she's their mother. Damon is not happy.

Caroline calls Ric. Bonnie almost got us, but I'm okay. She says Damon and Enzo can fix her. It involves Josie and Lizzie. They could siphon Bonnie's spell. I said not instantly. But then I talked to Bonnie and she's scared and in pain. But they're your kids. He says they're our kids and we need to decide together. Caroline says she doesn't know what to do. He says it's been a week. If there's something we can do....tell me.

Bonnie awake. Matt comes to. She asks if he's okay? He sits up. Yeah. He's stuck. Asks if she's okay? She says of course. We're not that lucky. He says if you die, they die. I can keep stopping you. She says you're human, Matt. You don't belong in this fight. She says sorry and leaves him. His leg is pinned. He pries the metal up, but...

**Let's not have poor Matt lose a leg, okay?

**Official convention Burbank June 24-26.

Stefan and Damon. Damon's quiet. Stefan says Caroline's bringing the kids. Damon asks what happened to you? We actually agreed. And then one night with Caroline and you're back to yourself. Stefan says I thought my love for Caroline was so strong, I'd do anything to protect it, but that's fear. That fear was so powerful that it overrode any love for me or Bonnie or anything else. You turned your back on me like I was nothing. I refuse to be ruled by fear. I refuse to be you. They're here.

Ric and Caroline and the girls. Ric tells them there's something inside really important that we need, so we need your help. Caroline says you two are special because you two are keys. Put one hand on the door. Now, how would you feel if someone took me away? They say mad, sad. She says that might happen if we don't get in. They siphon. Caroline says keep going. Spell down. They hug the girls.

Enzo calls Bonnie. She knows what they're planning. He says not everyone's waiting at the Armory. Think about me. She says no. He says you can focus. Chase me and only me and it'll give our friends time. Come on, love. She complies. Okay. I see you. He says come and get me.

Girls are away and safe. Damon opens the Armory door. Shall we? Caroline stops Stefan. He says say it when this is over. Goes in there. Door shuts. This looks.....promising. Damon says I've seen worse. It's a mess. And a bloodbath.

Stefan asks what it is? Damon says yep, bad. Let's find the coffin and get the hell out of here.

Bonnie finds Enzo. He thought if she came here, they could share a meal and a drink one last time. She says I can't do that and aims the shotgun. So sorry. She shoots. He dodges.

Damon says Enzo said don't go in the vault. Stefan says we've looked everywhere else. Are you ready to do this or what? Damon says yes, but I'm doing it alone. Stefan says like hell. Damon says let me do this. There's a girl out there waiting for you. Stefan says I can help you! Damon knows, but it screws you up, so I need you to let me go. Let me succeed or fail, but let me do it by myself. You're right, I was scared. I know my choices suck sometimes, but this time, I need you to believe in me, okay? You don't want a life ruled by fear? Then this time, you walk out on me, and don't be afraid. Trust I'll be okay. One way or another, I'll be okay. Stefan sighs, nods. Okay. They hug. Listen, if you need me, I'll be -- Right outside. Yeah. Stefan walks away. Damon enters the vault and shuts the door.

Caroline pacing. Stefan comes out. She hugs him. Ric sees. Stefan says it's not over, yet.

Bonnie shoots again. Then tries to take Enzo's head. He's fighting back. She's ready to shoot again. He deflects it. I can't move. She presses a stake into him. Fight me! Fight me! Push me off of you! He's trying, but she's stronger.

Damon enters the cave.

Bonnie says please, please. Enzo says I'm at my limit. She says sorry. He says when this is over, don't think of this. remember the other moments. The good things. I had over a century of pain and loneliness before I found you, then 3 glorious years of love. I love you. She says I love you, Enzo.

Damon searching. There you are.

She's crying.

Damon gets the body. Douses it.

Bonnie struggling.

Damon trying to light his lighter.

Gets it lit.

Bonnie stops and pulls the stake out. He did it! She kisses Enzo.

Damon smiles at the flames.

Bonnie and Enzo making out.

**20 minutes left.

Armory. Waiting. Caroline has no more scar. Ric's going to take the kids home. You should stay. You changed my life. Know that, right? Completely turned it around. For that, I will always love you, and I know you don't love me the same way. I always knew. We had these moments where we were perfectly in sync....I guess part of me thought maybe those moments might become something more. But that wouldn't be fair to you, or me. She's sorry. Part of her loved the idea of a perfect family and I didn't want to let that go. He says you should be happy. Deserve everything. No matter what, you, me, the kids, we're a family and will always be a family. They hug.

Matt's SUV. He's still stuck. Sees Penny. Quite the mess, isn't it? He says this isn't real. She says really? You won't consider I'm a ghost. He's so sorry, he didn't mean. She knows. Caresses his face. He says I can't escape this life. She says you haven't really tried. So what do you want to do? He wants to be with her. Please take me with you. She says sorry, Matt. You don't belong with me, either. There's a better life out there. Wake up and find it. Wake up. WAKE UP. A paramedic is with him.

Stefan pacing. She says he's Damon. Always survives. She has things to say. Stefan gets a text from Damon. Have my bourbon ready. Stefan's relieved. She says I lied earlier. There was a thaw. He leans closer. They kiss. Short. Then again. Wrap arms around each other.

Bonnie's phone rings. Damon. You're kind of forgiven. Enzo says couldn't you have done it 5 minutes sooner? ha. Bonnie thanks him. Damon says thank me in person. Damon hears Elena's voice. Bonnie says she's in a warehouse in Brooklyn. Damon wants to make sure. Enzo says Damon get out of there! Elena says help, I need you, I'm so alone. There's something running around. He asks where are you? She says right here. Something coming at him.

Bonnie and Caroline and Stefan. Why didn't you bring Enzo? I did.

Enzo opens the vault. Damon? He closes it. Locks. Looking for Damon. Something.... Damon. Enzo doesn't leave people behind, and my girl thinks you're her best friend. Damon says it doesn't always work out so great. But don't worry. It only hurts at first. And after that, it's kinds fun. Enzo is grabbed and pulled into the shadows.

Caroline writes. We were so close. Damon actually did the right thing. We waited for days. Stefan didn't sleep. Throwing everything at that door. After a week. Ric cracked the code. We were prepared, except for what we saw. Empty. Cleaned out. Bonnie yelling for Enzo. Her magic never came back. She feels helpless.

Matt reached to his contacts. Then left. This isn't my fight. If I'm going to be happy, I have to recognize what those are.

Stefan says 3 months. String of missing persons on the west coast. Then numbers grew. 60 people missing. I know it's them. I promise you, we'll get him back. Just know whatever happens between now and then, it's not his fault.

Bloody body. Damon and Enzo's latest victim. Drain the blood from the body. Hasn't gotten old, yet. They've hung up a LOT of bodies.

See you in the fall!

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