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#Supernatural 12.2 - “Mamma Mia” #SPN

“Mamma Mia”

RICK SPRINGFIELD GUEST STARS — Dean (Jensen Ackles), Castiel (Misha Collins) and Mary (guest star Samantha Smith) have a lead on Sam (Jared Padalecki) and set out to rescue him. Dean is uncomfortable with putting Mary in danger but she insists on going along. Meanwhile, Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard) is tipped off that Lucifer has taken over the body of rock star Vince Vicente (guest star Rick Springfield). Thomas J. Wright directed the episode written by Brad Buckner & Eugenie Ross-Leming (#1202). Original airdate 10/20/2016.

Episode 2:

Sam in bed with a woman. Whoa, Toni. (And Jared's furry.) Toni and Sam talking in bed. With wine.

Sam on the phone with Cas. Still looking for Sam. Dean says check real estate offices for a bought or rented place. It's weird here with Mom. We make small talk and act normal, but it's so not normal. He doesn't know what to say to her. Cas says don't make things needlessly complicated. I'll call you. Mom comes in in a robe. Dean says they're somewhere in Missouri. She overheard. Are you afraid of overwhelming me? He says he's thrilled she's back. So damn happy, I can't stand it. She says it'll take me a second to catch up. He knows. It is what it is. She wonders how she'll face Sam? Yellow Eyes wouldn't have come for him if I.....I started all this.

Toni and Sam in bed. She's messing with his mind with pillow talk. He starts remembering the truth. The torture. He's awake. She says it was fun while it lasted. he asks what did you do to me? She says a hallucination created by a potion and powerful spellwork. She can't do the spell again. Your brain would liquify. We have to resort to less pleasant methods. She's got a knife. Traces it along his skin. And stabs.

Dean and Mom. She had dreams of John. He was a great father. Heh. Cas calls with the location. It's powerfully warded. Where are you? Cas will text the address. Mom will grab her coat. Dean doesn't want her to go. I can't do my job if I'm worried about you. She says she can handle herself. Okay? Good talk.

Sam awakened. Toni has lots of torture devices. She wants all he knows. Even his relationship with Ruby. Mick calls her. I've come to fetch you. You disobeyed orders. And your miss is quite dead.

Rowena in a cafe. With a man. Crowley shows up. They talk in private. She's happy with her rich boyfriend, so don't muck this up. He wants a favor. help me with Lucifer. I have a score to settle.

Rock concert. Vince Vincente. In Cleveland. He goes to his dressing room, pours a drink. Doesn't want to go party. Bandmate tells him to live his life. You perform, you drink, you sleep. It's been years since Jen died. Don't you think she'd want more for you than-- Vince tells Tommy to get out. Go see Cleveland. Lights on the fritz. Frame falls over.

Dean and Mom in the car. She says they'll be expecting you. I'm the last person they expect. He says you were good at this, weren't you? She says very. But hunters end up the same way. He says when you died, it changed Dad. The hunter life took him over. I was the same. But Sammy wanted out. Went to Stanford. When Dad disappeared, we looked around, and the only thing we had besides this car was each other.

Vince's hotel room. Storm outside. In the bathroom. Blood out of the faucet! He splashes his face, looks in the mirror, and screams.

Vince clean again. Lights fritzing. Thunder. TV haywire. He tries to call the front desk. Photos float. A woman saying his name. She's in the bedroom. Jen? How? She says she's sorry. Swallowing those pills was selfish. He says all I want is you. She says that can happen. You and me together. he asks if she's a ghost? She says I'm an angel. I can take away your pain, bring you peace. You only have to do one easy thing. Will you invite me in? He sobs yes.

Rowena chanting. Crowley is impatient. She's trying to scry for Lucifer. She retired to Boca Raton to get away from dank holes like this. She gets something. Crowley wants to know who Lucifer is in. We've gotta put Lucifer back in the cage. She says no. He threatens to tell her boyfriend, or kill him. Bye bye, Boca. She calls him a hateful snake. Lucifer can't be sent back to the cage while he's in a vessel. Crowley says he won't be.

Sam unconscious and bloody.

Dean reaches Cas. Cloaked warding. Cas isn't sure anyone's inside. Dean wants a closer look. Mom, I've got this. Cas asks for company.

The hotel. Bandmate knocks for Vince. Pretty dressed up for rehearsal. Vince says he can't make it. tommy is serious. Vince's eyes glow red and he throws Tommy through the door. I have plans.

Dean inside the house. Hears a noise. Outside. The cellar. It's locked. He's on a ward. It glows. Son of a bitch.

Toni caught Dean. He's in chains. Can you watch it happen to Dean?

Vincifer in Hell. Tells Crowley to get off his furniture. Crowley thought Bieber was more your style. LOL. I have a proposal. Why would you want to rule over a motley crew of demons? You could reclaim Heaven. Lucifer isn't interested. Rowena chanting. Paralyzing spell. Crowley has sulfuric acid. Throws in on Lucifer.

Toni hits Dean with brass knuckles. She wants to know about Benny. She's patient.

Vince's face melted. And Rowena can't send him back to the cage. And the paralyze spell isn't working. Lucifer lights up. Heals himself. Crowley disappears. Lucifer grabs Rowena. You spoiled that boy.

Dean and Sam. Who's Angry Spice? Sam says she's British Man of Letters. Toni returns. You live in the bunker, and yet you know nothing. Never read a single book. In London, we've taken up exhaustive studies or the most obscure topics. The body's most sensitive area of pain. It's possible to die from pain. Mom says get away from my boys. Drop it. Ground. She hits Toni. Toni fights back. Dean works on getting out of the chains. Toni beating up Mom. Mom fights back. Dean fires the gun into the ceiling. Mom gasps for breath. Dean says kill the spell now. I'm not kidding. She says shoot me and your mother has no shot. The gun. Dean knocks Toni out. Mom's okay. British man says well played. Cas is behind him.

Chatting with the British man. Toni went too far. She'll face consequences at home. Dean offers to do that now. Man says she's ours. He's here to extend an olive branch. Sam asks why would we believe any of this? mick says he came unarmed and powered down the wards. Give Cas his card. Take the time and think it over.

Home with food. Thank you, Mom. She doesn't cook. Dean says your meatloaf was amazing. She says it came from the piggly-wiggly. But she did get pie. Dean's very happy. Sam keeps staring at her. Mom says could you eat that any faster? Dean says no, I could not. She says we should call the internet and find out more about these people. LOL.

Lucifer and Rowena. He's decided against killing her. She says she's done with this. She'll stay far, far away. Lucifer says you miss my point. you're much more valuable as a prisoner. Keep your friend close and your enemies closer.

Mom's room. Sam visits. Hope I didn't wake you. Brought tea. If you ever want to talk, I know what it's like to come back and feel like you don't really fit. She has a lot to catch up on. First tooth, first crush. A lot of blanks to fill in. Sam brought Dad's journal. It helped me. It keeps him with us, sort of. She thanks him. She says Dean said you got out of hunting, yet here you are. He says my family hunts. it's what we do. Mom? For me.....having you here...feels in the biggest blank. She hugs him.

Dean sits on the kitchen floor with beers and photos.

She opens the journal. John's old war photos in front.

Sam stares at the ceiling fan.

Mick and Toni. She doesn't want to get on the plane. He says the home office wants trust. Honey, not vinegar. She says the American hunters are no better than the monsters they hunt. They need to be eliminated. Mick says worse comes to worse. He's sent for an assassin.

Next week - haunted house?

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