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#Arrow 5.23 - "Lian Yu" live blog #ArrowSeasonFinale

"Lian Yu"

DEATHSTROKE, NYSSA AL GHUL, MERLYN, AND DIGGER HARKNESS JOIN OLIVER’S BATTLE AGAINST PROMETHEUS — The war between Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Adrian Chase (Josh Segarra) culminates in a final epic battle on Lian Yu. After recent events, Oliver decides to recruit a group of unlikely allies — Slade (guest star Manu Bennett), Nyssa (guest star Katrina Law), Merlyn (John Barrowman), and Digger Harkness (guest star Nick E. Tarabay) — to defeat Chase. However, Chase has his own army – Black Siren (guest star Katie Cassidy), Evelyn Sharp (guest star Madison McLaughlin), and Talia al Ghul (guest star Lexa Doig) — and the forces collide in an explosive season finale. Jesse Warn directed the episode written by Wendy Mericle & Marc Guggenheim (AR523). Original air date 5/24/2017.

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Ep 23, Season finale:

This is the culmination of FIVE YEARS tonight. "Arrow" isn't what it once was, but at least with all the characters involved tonight, we should get a hell of a fight.

Lian Yu. Mandarin for Purgatory. Oliver visits Slade's cell. What brought you back to the island? Oliver says I need your help. ARGUS guard comes in. Oliver tells him to evacuate. But he won't. Oliver knocks him out. Slade asks for an explanation. Oliver says you seem.... Mirakuru wore off a long time ago, kid. I remember everything. I'm not trying to escape that. Feels like a bad dream. Why do you want to help me after all I've done? Oliver tells him about Chase. Including Thea, and my son. Since when do you have a son? Oliver asks if he'll help or not. Slade wonders why now, why help him. Oliver gives him info to find his son. I want us to find both our sons. Oliver gives him the mask. Slade says you and me, kid, like old times.

Nyssa and Malcolm. Bickering. She says when she disbanded the League I freed us both. Malcolm says if you want applause, clapping is a little difficult today. He asks Oliver about their weapons. Oliver is not here for a fair fight. Digger crude to Nyssa. Nyssa threatens Digger with feeding him his eyes. Their plane gets blown up. There goes our ride home, kid.

Kovar and his men. No Oliver. find him. No one kills him but me.

Oliver running away into the hills. to the stash, his old chest. Checks the watch to see how much time he has. Men catch him.

Oliver says the RPG came from over there and the call from my son was that way. Malcolm and Nyssa check one. Oliver and the criminals the other. Digger wants a weapon. Oliver threatens him. Slade spots something. Movement. Cages. Oliver's friends. Slade says keep your voice down. Wants to know why they're unguarded. Digger says it's a trap. Talia and Evelyn dropped in. And Digger is on Chase's side. What will it be, Slade? Care to side with the winners?

Slade says put a gun to Oliver's head. Then punches Digger and it's a fight. Nyssa and Malcolm arrive. Talia escapes.

Oliver told to get on the ground. He starts killing the Russians. 6 men are dead. Kovar says nothing is impossible with him. I'm going to end this.

Malcolm lets Thea out. Evelyn locked in. Slade says you should choose your friends more wisely. Felicity wants to talk about Slade. Oliver asks Evelyn where the others are. She's still boasting. Oliver tells Malcolm to fly the friends to the mainland and come back. Then tells Evelyn he will come back to her. She says you'll be dead. Thea tskes him aside. We are orphans because of those two! Oliver needs you and Curtis to keep Felicity and Samantha safe. There's nothing ideal here. I need your help, Speedy, and this is how you help me. Nyssa returns. Felicity snipes at Slade. Oliver gives Curtis and Felicity assistance. Just in case. She kisses him. Just in case. He says we'll make it through this. She didn't want to regret not kissing him. Enough to regret as it is. Oliver hugs her. We'll talk about it when we're off the island.

Quentin and Diggle taken into a Chinese temple. Siren brings them to Dinah and Rene. Dinah has a sonic dampener preventing her power. Diggle says Oliver will get us out.

Nyssa and Slade and Oliver. you marry Ra's Al Ghul's daughter? Nyssa talks too much. LOL. Oliver says my past is coming back to haunt me. Slade says you suffer survivor's guilt. Everything has to do with your father. The only way to bury that ghost is to forgive yourself for his suicide and everything since. Forgive your sins. It's the hardest thing in this world. Nyssa picked up the trail.

Samantha tells Felicity she's not leaving William behind. I can't abandon my son. Felicity wasn't in favor of sending him away. Not that I was consulted. it's complicated. Samantha doesn't think it is. Malcolm tries to reach Thea and Thea insists she and Malcolm are nothing to each other. She activates a land mine.

Malcolm says the trigger's rusted over. Curtis says we can't disarm it. Malcolm wants to take her place. Thea? She says no one is doing this! So he pushes her off. What the hell are you doing? He says he'll catch up. She knows he won't He says from the moment you were born, all I wanted was to protect you. A child doesn't have to ask. You'll always be my daughter. Boomerang in a tree. Malcolm tells them to go. They run. Digger stops at him. What kind of ass-backwards strategy is this? Malcolm says let me show you.

Boom. Thea looks back in his direction.

Nyssa and Slade and Oliver see the old plane. Slade says for Shado this was a lifetime ago. They spot the temple.

Russians looking for Oliver. He set a trap. kills them. Helicopter above him. Firing at him.

In the temple. Nyssa asks about a tactical advantage. Nope. Slade suggests splitting up. Nyssa doesn't trust him. Oliver told her to go ahead. Can you blame her? Slade says No. He punches Oliver out. Siren comes in. Tell Mr. Chase I have a gift for him.

Oliver taken to the others. Siren says Mr. Wilson gets the credit for this trophy. Oliver says I never should've trusted you. They didn't know anyone else was here. Oliver tells them William is on this island somewhere and we need to find him.

Oliver being shot at still. He shoots at the helicopter and shoots it down. Crash.

Thea and Felicity. Thea doesn't know how she feels. Now I miss him. That's insane. Felicity says he's your father. Thea lists his sins. How can you miss someone you've hated so much? Felicity has a complicated dad, too. Malcolm wasn't a good person, but in his way, he loved you. Today he proved that. Thea saw the father he could've been but never will get to be because he's gone. Curtis points out the plane Fantasy Island style. Who will fly the plane now? Thea finds C4. And there's a network of hundreds of bombs.

Oliver gives Dinah Curtis tech. Quentin calls her Black Canary. Aww. She screams the chains.

Talia hears. Nyssa says we have unfinished business, sister. Talia calls her a foolish woman. Nyssa says your selfishness forced me to grow up alone. You left knowing I would suffer at Father's hand. Talia tells her ninjas do not interfere. Nyssa pulls her sword. fight! Nyssa gets her down. Slade takes out the ninjas. Talia tells Nyssa Father would've wanted her to kill her. She knocks out Talia. Slade is late. They're not. Oliver and crew. No William still. Chase enters. Hello, Oliver. Welcome back to Purgatory.

Where is my son? Where. Is. My son? WHERE IS MY SON? Adrian says you know what you have to do. Oliver says I will never kill you. Chase says never say never. The fight begins. It's a brawl.

Oliver finds Kovar. But he's out of bullets. Kovar says the boat will be here soon. Stabs him. I only need to make sure you never get on that boat. Burns him with his pistol.

Diggle punching. Slade slicing. Siren vs Canary. They scream and blow each other across the temple. Siren says you thought you could replace me? That's cute. Quentin knocks her out. I did, for so many reasons.

Curtis can't reach Oliver. Thea tells him to keep working on comms. We need you two to genius.

Oliver and Chase on a balcony.

Oliver's back burned on the helicopter.

Oliver yells at Chase again. Beating on him.

Kovar and Oliver pretty beat. Oliver gets him down and grabs his neck.

Has Chase in a choke hold. Tell me where my son is!

Oliver's watch beeps. Kovar says this island will remain your prison forever. Oliver breaks his neck.

Oliver holding Chase. Chase prods him to kill. Oliver won't. Let's go. Disarms him. It's who I was. WAS before! Not who I am now. You can blame me for your father's death for the rest of your life. I'm done blaming myself for mine. Chase knew..... Your son is dead, Oliver. Slade takes off the mask. Oliver grabs Chase. I don't believe you. You're a liar. You're lying to me to manipulate me. Here's the thing. If you're telling the truth, if you killed my son, I'm never going to be the person you want me to be. Not ever. Felicity radios in. tells him about the explosives. If he dies, it detonates all the devices. Chase escapes. Oliver tells them to get to the plane. Leave when you get there! I'm going after my son. I can't believe him. Either way, Adrian Chase is not getting off this island.

Oliver running.

To the outfit. Becomes the castaway. Runs to the beach.

Sees a boat. Chase is leaving. Oliver runs at it. Jumps on it. Attacks Chase. Where's William?!

Oliver trying to make it to the beach as fast as possible. Lights the bonfire. Fishermen see it. Rescue him.

Oliver punches him. Where is William?! you really love that kid, don't you? For an absentee father, your devotion is impressive. the island is about to blow up. Oliver says my people can take care of themselves.

Plane won't start. Hydraulic system ripped out. Felicity tells Oliver. He tells them to run for an ARGUS supply ship. go now! Chase says they'll never make it in time. He has William. I die, everyone you care about dies except your son. But if you don't kill me, I kill him. Your son or everyone else. Choose right now. Proves me right, like I told you. Everything you touch dies. Oliver puts the blow down and shoots Chase's leg. Grabs William. Don't talk to him, don't even look at him!

Oliver calls Moira. Mom, it's.....Oliver. She says my son has been dead for 5 years. Oliver says please listen to my voice. It's Oliver. I did not die on the Gambit. I'm alive and okay. Oliver? Is that you? It's me please don't hang up, okay? She calls him her beautiful boy. Is your father alive? No. He and Sara didn't make it. Moira can't imagine what he's been through. Where are you? I'm not entirely sure but I'm on a bot. I love you and I'm coming home. She sobs she loves him, loves him so much.

Chase says you won. your son learned who his father was. Like you learned who your father was on these same waters. You have each other, which is good. That's good, because it's going to be lonely without Mom and Felicity.... Adrian shoots himself in the head. Explosions on the island. Over and over all over the island.

See you in October.

With that, Arrow says goodbye to Wednesday nights. Season 6 will be Thursdays at 9PM.

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