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#TheOriginals 4.9 - "Queen Death" live blog #vampires

“Queen Death”

A SURPRISING ALLIANCE AND A HEARTBREAKING SACRIFICE — When The Hollow sends a terrifying message to Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), he must team with Haley (Phoebe Tonkin) and Freya (Riley Voelkel) to embark on a desperate mission to stop the Hollow once and for all — even if it requires a heartbreaking sacrifice. Refusing to allow anyone in his family to pay the high price of defeating their enemy, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) makes a surprising alliance and enacts a plan that threatens to change the Mikaelson family forever. Daniel Gillies and Charles Michael Davis also star. Nicole Rubio directed the episode written by Beau DeMayo (#409). Original airdate 5/19/2017.

Episode 9:

Did you hear we got a renewal? Season 5 will come midseason.

Elijah suffering in a cabin in the woods. She has him in a circle. Says when you die, so does your sire line, the great sacrifice that will return me to flesh and blood. He says you can't torment my family and survive. She says let them come. As a reward for their efforts, I will let your family watch as you finally die. She twists the thorn and he screams.

Minions arrive early. Witches. They kneel to her. She promises them strength. There's a tree with the ouroboros on it.

Compound. Hayley wakes and no Elijah. Or Hope.

Klaus feeding her sweets. Wants to tell her the story of his first beignet. 3 French nuns came into our courtyard and presented me and your Uncle Elijah with these pastries. We were entranced and set them up quite well. We were regarded as royalty. I was king, which would make you a princess. Hayley says I guess an apple turnover is fruit. Heh. She tells Hope to not eat too many, you'll get a stomach ache. She tells Klaus that Elijah is missing.

Church is desecrated. Vincent told they're losing witches for The Hollow. They think the power is what they need to take control. Sofya enters. How far Vincent has fallen. He tells Maxine to go. She does. The Hollow says hello. Been far too long. We need to catch up.

Freya and Keelin. Freya working on a protection spell for the compound. Keelin wants to not talk about dying talk. Freya says I'm not going to die, certainly not until well after breakfast. Phone text. Keelin is coming with.

Sofya says you knew this day would come. All those years of abstaining magic. But here I am. He taunts her and she floats him in the air. You always had such spine. I enjoyed that about you. Swear loyalty to me. He does not. She sends him flying across the room. He wants a fight. She has an offer for you and the Mikaelsons. Hear me out or die. Choice is yours.

Marcel on the phone. You can come on in, Klaus. To what do I owe the displeasure. Klaus thought they have a truce. We do. Does that extend to my brother? Marcel is willing to play nice. Klaus says last time anyone saw my brother, he was on his way here to talk to you. Marcel says you think I have him? No....I don't. But I'd like to know who does.

Hayley says he's not at Marcel's. Freya does a spell to locate him. He's cloaked by magic, I can feel it. The jawbone is spinning. Vincent arrives. That's the Hollow. She has Elijah now she wants that bone. There's no exchange. She needs Elijah to die. She's already poisoned him. She wants the bone by sundown or she'll come here and take it and when she does she'll burn this city to the ground.

Klaus says Vincent has a plan. But I don't trust him. Marcel says he's our best chance at a plan. Klaus wants to slaughter. Marcel says one of those bodies is Sofya and I want her alive. Klaus says no time to be sentimental. Toss a few beads and you'll find a new girl. Marcel argues about their selfishness again. Klaus says we're in this position because you and Elijah didn't make peace-- Enough!

Vincent going over the plan with Klaus and Hayley. Klaus says your plan relies on my brother's death! Vincent says Elijah is already dead. Our chance to make it count. Freya has the cure for Marcel's bite. Vincent says we still have to worry about The Hollow. My way, we take her out as a spirit. At least Elijah's death would count for something. What about your little girl? This is the best chance we've got. Marcel says this absurd plan is the only one we've got. Let's do a little less fighting and a bit more thinking. Freya says there's always a loophole. Asks Vincent to study her mother's grimoires with her.

Elijah suffering. My family will bury you. Sofya says they'll try but my odds are in my favor. I'll be reborn far stronger than I've ever been. Elijah says Klaus will kill her. Sofya says this dedication to ones own blood is ludicrous. After all, look where it got you. Family is a curse. We inherit sons and they're passed to those that come next, like your little niece. You can't save her. You can't save each other. She has the power to destroy me and that I can't allow.

Hayley in her room. The bed. Hope comes in. I didn't see you there, sweetie. Hope says Uncle Elijah is sick, isn't he? Hayley says he's very sick. Hope wants to help him. Hayley promises they're doing all they can. Hope wants to help Freya do a spell to make him better. That's very brave of you.

Vincent went through Cami's logs. All the dark objects Still wouldn't be enough power. Freya struck nothing, too. Vincent brings up Davina. Freya says She regrets that. She's not giving up. Vincent asks how many more years does Elijah get to live off the blood of those granted a fraction of time. Elijah's 1000 years old! How much longer does he get? You've seen empires rise and fall and yet despite everything you've seen, everything dies, Freya! She says not today. I already lost Finn--- of course. That's it. I can save him. Using this. Her necklace.

She tells the others. Try placing his soul in the pendant. There's a chance he won't survive the process. Klaus says but I would survive. you can channel my death into the pendant. The Hollow will come for Hope. Sacrifice me. We can save Elijah and defeat this thing, it's the only way. We don't have time to debate this. Work your magic, sister. It's going to be okay. He walks out.

**So this explains the blurb for the next episode. I'm scared!

Compound. Keelin holding the cure. Freya working on a way to find Elijah. Track the magic of the thing that's killing him. Keelin makes her slow down. Take a breath. Focus. If anyone can do this, it's you. Freya asks what if you're wrong? I'm never wrong, I'm a doctor. Listen, this spirit is evil. Created the werewolf curse. I'd stab her myself. Since you need me here, do me a favor and watch yourself. And don't hesitate. Take this bitch down for good.

Vincent goes over the plan with Marcel. Marcel says I've got it, and I'm ready. Vincent gives him the knife laced with Hayley's blood.

Keelin playing with Hope. Klaus grins watching them. Freya says it's time. He says your girlfriend seems nice, for what it's worth. They leave when Hope looks over.

Cemetery. Klaus says your silence is deafening. Say it. My death pleases you. Vincent never thought he'd see this day. We grew up hearing stories of the evil Klaus Mikaelson. But here you are living up to the potential Cami saw in you. She'd be proud. Klaus wears the pendant.

**This plan requires SO much perfect timing. Scary! Will we have another shocking season death? This show is known for them.

Sofya ready. Marcel arrives. She's got the knife. He says I'm jealous you went to Vincent. This is my city. I should be making deals. She asks if he's ready to bow. He says he wants Sofya back. She says a reasonable request. She'll have no need of this body once she has her own. He is willing to give the bone in exchange. She calls him wise. Perhaps I'll let you live.

Klaus waiting. Vincent says almost time. They're interrupted. Klaus says don't hesitate, kill me now!

Sofya's gathered the bones. She has big plans. All that remains is the sacrifice.

Vincent says we're all New Orleans witches here. You don't have to do this. She's never going to save you. She'll damn you to Hell.

Marcel grabs Sofya. The Hollow promises to kill him.

Klaus attacks the witches.

Marcel has Sofya down.

Maxine saved. Witch burns the thorns. Gone. Vincent can't complete the sacrifice without them.

**How long will that knife keep The Hollow down? Marcel needs to take the knife that kills him back either way, and hide it while she's out.

Elijah still alive. Freya comes in. Hayley attack a witch in wolf form. Elijah tells Freya to leave. Hayley comes in. Freya's not leaving him.

Marcel holds Sofya.

Elijah asks where is Niklaus? Hayley says he's nearby. Hold on. Freya chants.

Wind around Marcel. Blue light. Don't look!

Freya chanting. Grab the cure the barrier is almost down.

Marcel shields his eyes. Hollow calls him foolish and attacks him. I will build my kingdom atop your ashes.

Freya, what's wrong? Breeze splatters the cure. Hollow comes in. Klaus tells her to get Elijah in the pendant. We have no choice. She knew we were coming. Freya can feel him. But it's not working. Hollow magic blocking her. Too strong. Elijah's dying. Then the light is gone. Elijah is gray. They get to their feet. Klaus pulls the thorn out. Where's the pendant? Broken in Freya's hand. WHAT THE HELL ELIJAH CAN'T BE OFF THE SHOW.

Church. Vincent summoned the witches. Everything you heard is true. The spirit that haunts this city is now flesh. You guys have remained strong. There a time to fight and a time to survive. Pull together your ones and family get somewhere safe out of town. Do not come back here until I tell you it's safe to come back. Maxine pleads with him to come with. He won't. He wants to put the thing down for good. She gives him the charm that helped him before. He thanks her.

Elijah laid in a coffin. Klaus walks away before he cries.

Freya with the pendant pieces. Hayley says tell me Elijah's in there! Freya can't tell yet. Klaus says we need to find him and get him back! Hayley says ENOUGH. Freya says there's.....nothing. Nothing there. I think he's gone. Klaus says try again. I know he's in there. TRY AGAIN. Freya chants on it. I just need some time. He says this is not happening. Countless times Death has come for us and countless times we've denied her. he's not gone. He can't be. Hope comes in and asks what's that? Hayley tells her to go back to bed. Hope touches Freya. Uncle Elijah. He sounds so far away. He's somewhere inside, but his voice was distorted, broken.....I just heard....screaming.

Marcel lays Sofya on a bed. Vincent with him. Says there's no telling what she's going through right now. How you holding up? Marcel says you stopped by for grief counseling? Vincent needs the journal back. If we don't get stronger, we're done for. Marcel asks are you sure you can resist it now? Vincent isn't sure. Marcel goes to his safe. Alright, Vincent, if this thing gets a hold of you... Vincent says make it quick.

Hollow blue glow. Out of the tree she busts through. Slimy and naked. Shakes the ground with power.

Next ep - June 2. Elijah's mind is shattered. He could be anywhere in 1000 years of memories. Hayley goes in to reach him. Hopes he's not behind the red door.

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