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#TheOriginals 4.12 - "Voodoo Child" #vampires

"Voodoo Child"

THE BOOK OF THE HOLLOW - When The Hollow targets the most vulnerable Mikaelson, Klaus (Joseph Morgan) is forced to rely on Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood), who believes he can use The Hollow's own dark magic to defeat their enemy for good. Meanwhile, as Marcel (Charles Michael Davis) worries that Vincent's plan might backfire, the King of New Orleans decides on a deadly backup plan of his own. Elsewhere, after falling victim to The Hollow's manipulations, Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin) struggles to figure out Hope's (guest star Summer Fontana) future in New Orleans, while Freya (Riley Voelkel) must confront her darkest fear. Michael Grossman directed the episode written by Michelle Paradise & Christopher Hollier (#412). Original airdate 6/16/2017.

Episode 12:

The bad book. Vincent chanting in a bone circle.
He's in a blue forest. Hears a baby cry. Night and a hut. He enters.

Men enters on both sides. Vincent stands. You'll have to kill me first. He attacks one. Then stabs the other. 3rd puts him in pain and steals the journal.

Compound. Elijah throws books off a desk. Klaus says you should be celebrating. Elijah says perhaps later. Hayley's not talking to him. Klaus says give her time. Rebekah says enough sulking. It's a lovely day. She wants to enjoy New Orleans. She thinks Marcel would agree to them staying if asked nicely.

Keelin leaves an ER. Freya has coffee. Needed to see you. Keelin wonders if she should be worried. Freya says we defeated the Hollow yesterday. She confronted me with a vision, my darkest fear. Saw you. Lying there dead. Your blood on my hands, and I couldn't save you. Keelin tries to reassure her. Freya wanted to tell her what she hadn't.

And go to bed. Freya strips off her top.

Marcel with a syringe and mortar and pestle. Tells Rebekah he's busy. She gets to the point. Opportunities lost if we stick to those terms. Like what? Mending relationships. He says your brothers aren't trying to kill me. That's as far as they will be mended. She disagrees. Marcel is sticking to the deal. Rebekah says tell me you feel nothing for me and I won't ask again. Marcel says Rebekah.....go.

Hayley wants to talk about Hope's future. What's best for her. Klaus says yes. But we're late. Elijah stands, waiting. She doesn't speak to him.

Hope on her bed. Drawing something? Yes. Page is blank. Hayley sits with her. Thought we could have a chat about what happens next. A normal life..... Hey, you okay? I'm fine. If you're worried about the Hollow, don't be. Everything's okay now, I promise. Hope wants to go back to her drawing. Sure. Yeah. Hayley leaves the room.

Syringe into Sofya. She wakes and grabs Marcel's throat. He tells her what happened. How you feeling? She says out of it. Crying. When the Hollow grabbed me, it was like I was shoved down into a dark corner of myself. Lost. Slipping away. It was all darkness. I wasn't sure I'd make it back. He says you did. Thanks to you. Kisses her. She doesn't think she's gone. I can feel her. The Hollow's still out there somewhere. I know she is.

Cemetery. Klaus says impossible. Vincent says it's not enough. The Ancestors didn't imprison her spirit. She had a plan B. Klaus accuses him. Marcel says back off, I trust Vincent. Vincent says like all of you, I've been doing something! He used the book to go into a trance. The journal. I met with the spirit of her mother. The same spell to put her down. But the acolytes took the book. It's as eternal as she is. I can lock her in that book and put her down for good. It's with the acolytes. Where she was reborn. Elijah and Klaus leave. Vincent tells Marcel he needs him.

Rebekah and Hayley. He adores you, Hayley. She knows. Knows the sacrifices he's made. I saw things in his mind. Not just memories. His impulses. I think that's who he really is at his core. And that scared you. She worries Hope will see I'm okay with it. What am I teaching her if I allow her to grow up here? I don't want her learning to become that. Phone buzzes. Klaus tells her the Hollow is still out there.

Vincent does a circle. Need to see the mother without the book. I need to channel your power. You know me. For 5 years. Marcel says you also told me to kill you if you asked for that book back. Vincent knows, but do I look like one of them? No. Marcel gives his hand. They're in the circle.

Back to the night woods. The hut. The wailing baby. It disappears and he's out. The living aren't meant to be there. Your power isn't enough. So now? Vincent has to be dead.

Hope throws her bracelet in a fire. Rebekah asks what is she doing? Hope says I can't protect my mommy and daddy without magic. Rebekah says in a thousand years our family has never been bested. There's nothing that can defeat us. Hope says there's one thing. She stabs Rebekah in the back with flying wood.

**Hope's actress is doing a nice change of acting with the superiority of The Hollow.

Keelin and Freya. Freya says when I die, I'm not going to wake up 5 minutes later. Neither are you. My life is going to be so short. I didn't want to waste it running anymore.

Forest. Elijah and Klaus. Klaus asks him to wait. We're heading to the place you died. Elijah wouldn't have come if he couldn't do it. He asks Klaus to take Hope and Hayley away from all this. She won't accept me. What are we, Niklaus? An endless parade of slaughter, until your daughter came to us. She's worth every sacrifice. Klaus says wiping The Hollow from this earth will ensure her safety. Everything else can wait.

Freya wants to dish, but Hayley's not right. Hollow took my blood and left. Linking spell..... She gives Freya Hope's brush. Do a reading. Freya concentrates. It's The Hollow's magic. She turned the blood into a strength. What do we do?

Vincent has a neurotoxin to stop his heart. Marcel asks how do I bring you back? Vincent tells him to jam his heart before the last grain of sand falls. I die and getting rid of that monster goes with me. Vincent gets in the circle and drinks. See you soon. Lays down. Marcel listens to his heart slow. Flips the hourglass. Has the syringe.

Night woods. The hut. Crying baby.

Elijah and Klaus enter the house. Chanting acolytes. We've come for that book, and to kill the lot of you. Witch says you will stop nothing. The spell is already begun. Elijah rips a heart out. Witch says the Hollow has taken on another body. You won't dare kill the body she's taken. Even now, she's locking herself in the greatest witch ever known. Someone you'd die to protect. Klaus bites him.

Freya sageing. Made a safe room for Keelin. Only I can enter. Keelin insists on fighting with her. Freya kisses her. Keelin says please don't try to stop me. Freya already did. Keelin passes out. Lays her on the bed. Leaves.

Hayley finds Hope. Hey, sweetie. Let's play chess downstairs. I'll fix us a snack. I want my daughter back.

Marcel paces. Hears voices. In the cemetery. Acolytes. You're getting to Vincent over my dead body, and I can't die. I tried, right?

Hayley says I will get my daughter back. Hollow shows the arm. you won't. Hope is fighting, but once this is complete, I'll be in her body permanently. You won't hurt me. I'm your daughter, you can't. Freya puts her to sleep. We need to work fast.

Sand running. Marcel fighting and killing. Witch puts him in pain. Bleeding from the eyes. Sofya rips her heart out. Marcel runs in and grabs the syringe and stabs Vincent. He gasps to life. Did you get what you needed? I did. And very bad news along with it.

Hollow appears and attacks Freya.

Klaus arrives at the cemetery. With the book. That thing is in my daughter. Sofya says while she had me, all I wanted to do is give up. You can't let that happen to Hope. You have to reach her, or all of this is for nothing. Vincent can craft a spell to get you to her.

Hayley battles the Hollow. Hope will fight you. Hollow says her love for you is not enough. She's gleefully bloodthirsty.

**Good job with casting The Hollow, too.

Vincent chanting. Klaus asleep.

Enters Hope's room and finds her. Can't touch. She says the Hollow came. I tried to fight her, but it's so dark and cold. I'm so tired.

The compound. You guys know what to do. Lights flicker. Hollow appears to Sofya and makes her bleed from the mouth. Is she dead?

Hope, listen to me. You need to stay awake. You have to stay with me. Can you do that? She says I'll try.

Elijah finds Hayley staked. Hollow won't hesitate to kill him again. Marcel taunts her. And attacks him. Breaks his neck. Vincent puts her in a circle. Vicious even for you. He must've struck a nerve. He kept you occupied enough to trap you. Hollow says once Hope gives in,. I'll be more powerful than you can imagine. Vincent tells her your mother gave me the spell to kill you and I'm going to put you in your cage forever. He chants.

Hope, open your eyes. You can't fall asleep. I'm going to tell you a story and you have to stay awake to hear it. Before you were born, I was cruel and mean. Reveled in terror. But the moment I saw you, I wanted nothing more than to be worthy to be your father.

Hollow screams. Vincent taunts her. Chants more, louder.

I'm afraid, Hope. Without you, I'll return to the darkness. I need you to fight. I will, Daddy.

The tattoo disappearing. Hollow blasts out at Vincent and he drops the book.

Klaus wakes.

Hollow disrupted the circle. Reenters Hope. She's awake. Gets off the sofa. To downstairs. Sees the book. Reaches out and burns it with magic. And walks away.

**More chanting, less taunting. Don't get cocky! You can't gloat when facing something this powerful.

Night. Hayley wakes. Marcel up. Where is she? Vincent says I couldn't save her. Hope's gone. She's the Hollow now. The book is destroyed. The only thing powerful enough to house her eternal spirit. He doesn't know any other way. Hayley's going to find her daughter. Tells Elijah to not touch her. He says I am on your side! Hayley says she should've never brought her back here.

Church. Hope stops at an ouroboros altar. the witches bow to her.

Vincent stares at the charred remains. Klaus enters. Marcel was comforting Sofya. Klaus says we made an eternal vow to protect each other, always and forever. Includes Freya. My daughter. She's my heart and soul. She's alone in the darkness, fighting. We can't give up. I'm begging you, all of you. If there's any chance..... Vincent knows. If we go this route, it's the end of your family. The end of always and forever.

Season finale next week - The Hollow in 4 siblings. Never see each other again. Klaus says we will make it so.

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