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#TheOriginals 4.13 season finale - “The Feast of All Sinners” #vampires

“The Feast of All Sinners”

THE END OF ALWAYS AND FOREVER — In an explosive season finale, the Mikaelsons find themselves out of options as they face the all-powerful and un-killable entity known as The Hollow. With the life of Hope (guest star Summer Fontana) at stake, Vincent (Yusuf Gatewood) proposes a final desperate plan – one that will force Klaus (Joseph Morgan), Elijah (Daniel Gillies), Hayley (Phoebe Tonkin), Rebekah (guest star Claire Holt), and Freya (Riley Voelkel) to make the greatest sacrifice their family has ever endured. Charles Michael Davis also stars. Bethany Rooney directed the episode written by Michael Narducci (#413). Original airdate 6/23/17.

Episode 13:

Season finale.

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Vincent talks to the family about The Hollow. Klaus wants to know how to save Hope. Vincent says you won't like it. We put the Hollow somewhere else. Powerful and eternal. Connected to Hope through blood. He needs 4 Originals. Why? They divided her remains four bones, four destinations. Stay separate for all time. Never go near each other again. That's the only way we'll defeat the Hollow. Klaus says if it'll save my little girl, we'll make it so.

Hope Hollow with her acolytes. At the church. She raises the witch from the dead. Dominic sits up. Takes her side. All of you know that this is the power of the Hollow, the power to transcend death and oppose all who stand against us. They kneel.

Rebekah and Elijah. He's ready to offer blood. She says Kol isn't answering his phone. Can't believe this is happening. She's freaking. Freya says this is not happening. She'll go through more of Mother's grimoires. Rebekah says you wake up with that dull aching feeling of missing the only people that know you. Until it consumes you. Forced to separate feels like torture.

Josh advises the witches and vampires to look for Hope. Dominic comes in and attacks the group. Tells the witches to declare their allegiance to the Hollow.

No Kol. Rebekah says that leaves Hayley. Hope's only other immortal relative. Elijah will leave her if he must. Hope needs her parents. She says without you around Nik will go mad.

Hope Hollow in the street. Dominic rallying the witches to pledge their loyalty. People run. Hollow acts out. Blows the gas lamps. Hayley finds her. Baby, I know you can hear me. I need you to fight her! Hollow taunts her. Hayley says I'm not going to let you take her! She floats Hayley and snaps her neck.

Vincent brought Hayley inside. Witches called him. He needs to talk to her about the ritual.

Marcel and Sofya. Josh awake. Tell me what happened. Josh does. How is Dominic alive? Sofya advises to run or offer the Hollow a deal. Josh wants to ally with the Originals.

Hayley told the ritual. Vincent tells her to pack and leave town, just you and Hope. The Hollow will want that power back. It'll reach out to get access to your little girl. Being near your family will endanger her forever. You've got to go! Take her and run like hell.

Freya in the belltower. Calls...Keelin. Hey, it's me. Uh, I'm losing my mind at the moment. My family's about to be pulled apart and I can't do anything about it. I'm supposed to be the big sister that fixes everything and.....I need you.

Klaus can't reach Kol and Hayley. She arrives. We still need Hope. She's at the church surrounded by followers. We can't charge in there. Rebekah says we have a good plan.

Marcel is handing over the dark objects. Desperate times. We need allies.

Hayley in her room. Elijah enters. Hayley....I can't undo the things I've done. I can't stop being this. But I can't stop loving you. So tell me what you need me to do. She doesn't need an apology. i need you to get my daughter back! He says of course and leaves.

Church. Marcel arrives with Sofya. Dominic says you've come to grovel and bow? Marcel came for a truce. Get rid of the Mikaelsons and we can have peace. They are allowed to approach. Hope Hollow wants him to kneel. He does. Dominic boasts. Marcel knocks her out and Sofya stabs Dom. Klaus addresses the congregation. this dark object seals you in the room. Elijah has a Molotov. They'll burn the church. With very little effort, this place becomes an inferno. Sets the acolytes on fire from the mezzanine above.

Hollow in bed. Chained. Klaus talks to Hope. I want you to listen very carefully. You're my daughter. You're a Mikaelson, and you are strong and brave, unlike anyone I've ever know. You helped me believe in Family is power. Kisses her forehead. Hayley in the doorway. You're a good dad, Klaus. You deserve the truth. Vincent didn't want to tell you. I know you'll do anything for her. Even if it means never seeing her again. He has tears in his eyes.

Rebekah pissed off at Vincent. He says you're not my problem. His concern is Hope. Rebekah says you need to damn well be honest about it! He says you're selfish. Get out of my ear and let me do what I need to do. Freya says he's right. Still no Kol. If they can't get him, we have to use Hayley. Freya says no. Not when there's another way.

Klaus in the cemetery. Meets with Marcel. Vincent said something that makes me rather vexed. I was never a good father to you. Never had a good example. First time I saw something of my self in someone was the day I met you. Should've known you'd grow up to be a better man than I. Marcel says we're 100 years too late for this talk. Klaus says you are family. And your love was a threat. How could you two have room for me. Anyway, I wanted to set the record straight. I failed you, Marcellus, to my eternal shame.

Keelin gets to Freya. You okay? Freya says we need to talk and you're not going to like it. Okay...... Freya takes her hands. I grew up without a mother, without anybody who loved me. I can't let Hope be taken from Hayley. They need 4 vampires related by blood to Hope. I can be the 4th if I turn. Keelin says you'd lose everything. Freya just doesn't want to lose her. Keelin says she won't.

Hayley wants to talk with Elijah. What happened in the pendant doesn't change what we are. He says I know it's over. What are we, anyway? What is the Mikaelson family....searching for humanity under the ridiculous banner of always and forever. You and I were doomed. I could never be what you need me to be. Best thing I can do for you is disappear. She loves him. I love you, too. They kiss.

** Daniel Gillies. Guess he got his wish. He never thought Elijah had goodness or cared.

Freya drinks blood. Keelin says that looks disgusting. Next is potassium chloride. It'll stop her heart. Keelin says what if you don't wake up? Freya promises. I'm ready. It'll be okay. Magic is overrated. Kol says easy for you to say. He figured there might be an emergency. She hugs him.

Rebekah and Klaus happy to see him. Elijah says now we're all here...shall we. Klaus tells Elijah you were always the keeper of our bond and you will feel this pain the most. When I relapse, I need you to leave me to my fate. If you come to my rescue, it'll only serve our enemy and I can't allow that. So, my brother, when the time comes, I beg you, let me go. Elijah hugs him. You have my word. He's devastated.

Vincent positions them. Marcel arrives to make sure this works. Hayley holds Hope in the center. Vincent says we are ready. What you're doing here today will go a long way to setting things right in this city. The Hollow took everything from me. Despite our many differences.....thank you. Freya? Rebekah says maybe this will finally earn us our redemption. Elijah doesn't believe it, but it's a wonderful sentiment. Freya and Vincent hold hands. He gives final instructions. Rebekah says always and forever had a good run. Vincent chants. Lights flicker. Flames up. Chains off Hope. Hollow is out. And into the 4. Hope's unconscious. Rebekah says I can hear it whispering. Vincent tells them to go NOW! They run. Except for Klaus. He needs to know if she's alright. Vincent promises, if he leaves now. Hope wakes. What's happening? Klaus says Hope, I love you. He runs. Dad? Dad! Dad!

**Poor kid has been through so much right back to her birth.

Elijah. The burned out mansion. Marcel says funny being here where it all began. Elijah says it feels like yesterday. Marcel asks if he's nostalgic in his old age? Why'd you ask me here, Elijah? Elijah says I'm a danger to my family. My disease is blind devotion to my brother. I'm at the complete mercy to that devotion. You have to end this for me. Set me free.

Freya asks Rebekah if she's alright. When you're on your own, it'll subside. Rebekah says I better run, then. She asks Freya to give a gift to Hope. Tell her I love her. Freya looks at the pendant. Rebekah says family is sacred, but so is love. What you have with Keelin, don't lose that. They hug.

How do you know this will work? Vincent will allow Marcel to compel Elijah to release him from Always and Forever. I am a monster. You of all people know that. Marcel asks how can I compel an Original? Vincent says you haven't begun to touch the power the Ancestors gave you! Elijah wants this. Vincent chants on him. Do it now. Marcel says your vow, the promise of always and forever, forget it. All the pain that went with it. Flashbacks. All the love. Forget it. More flashbacks. The family you cherish......the vow you have honored, forget it. More flashbacks. Let it go. Let it go. All the way back to the beginning. Elijah?

**That was intense. Who is Elijah without those memories, that heart? Will he still have honor? Any civility? Will he have amnesia?

Compound. Freya gives Hope the necklace from Rebekah. Family heirlooms are very important. They remind us where we come from. I love you. I love you, too, Aunt Freya. Puts her coat on. Hayley is packed. Hugs Freya. Caresses her cheek. Ready? Hope says yeah. They leave. Keelin comes to Freya.

New York. Rebekah. Marcel says you never said goodbye. Sofya is gone for good. Rebekah doesn't want to be second best. He says she asked me to go with her but I'm here. He kisses her objections away. You are free and so am I. No one will tell us we can't be together, ever, so what do you want to do?

Kol commissions a necklace, earrings, and one massive engagement ring. Texts Davina he'll be there soon.

Alaric and Hayley watch Hope fit into the school. Ric says the kids here are pretty great. We teach them discipline, compassion, ethics. He spent a lot of time with supernaturals who were never comfortable with who they were. These kids will be better.

France. Elijah playing a piano in a club. Getting tips. Klaus visits him! Elijah looks. But there's not much there. Klaus smiles and leaves.

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