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#Arrow 5.4 live blog - "Penance"


OLIVER STEPS IN FOR DIGGLE — Oliver (Stephen Amell) and Lyla (guest star Audrey Marie Anderson) team up on a secret mission for Diggle (David Ramsey). Felicity (Emily Bett Rickards) finds out and disapproves of the plan and opts to stay behind. When Tobias Church (guest star Chad L. Coleman) launches a deadly assault against the city, Felicity must decide if she wants to send the recruits out sans the Green Arrow. Dermott Downs directed the episode written by Brian Ford Sullivan & Oscar Balderrama (504). Original airdate 10/26/2016.

Episode 4:

Team Arrow on mission. Green Arrow gives instructions. Rag Man didn't come. Wild Dog shoots instead of letting Artemis take the shot. Curtis engages the perp and gets pounded. Green Arrow shoots the guy in the leg. Then chews out Wild Dog. Wild Dog was in the Navy and dishonorably discharged. Arrow tells them to get the criminal to the ACU then go home.

Oliver chews out Rag Man for not showing up. He tells Oliver that Felicity told him about Havenrock. He gets that it wasn't her fault, but she's a constant reminder of what he lost. Oliver says sorry to lose you. Rag Man is sorry to go. They shake hands. Oliver tells her Rory quit. Lyla enters. Oliver says we're breaking John out. Oliver's been studying the schematics. It'd be easier if we had John's cooperation. Lyla asks to speak to him alone. Is she going to be a problem? He says no. Lyla says there's something that will help. Oliver says he'll handle it.

Russia. 3rd and final test. Anatoly gives him a name. He'll be arraigned in the morning. Anatoly douses Oliver with alcohol, lol. Oliver asks drunk and gets arrested.

Oliver in the Mayor's Office. Thea made an excuse so Oliver can take some time off for gout. LOL. DA there. Vigilantes are a superficial solution. He'll lean on Sergio to get him to turn on Church. Quentin will be Oliver's eyes and ears while he's away. DA leaves. Oliver says he trusts Quentin. Where are you going? Oliver says it's not a vacation. Make sure no one destroys the city while I'm gone. LOL.

Curtis reviewing the evidence log from last night. Why would Church send a guy to steal a common computer chip? He asks Felicity if she's alright. She says Rory is gone. Alert sound. Robbery in progress at Palmertech.

Burglar sneaks in. Phone buzzes. It's Oliver. Felicity calls and asks if he's in the area. LOL!!!

Felicity asks Oliver about Palmertech. He didn't loop her in after she made it clear she doesn't approve. John is making a bad choice. She says it's not your choice. He's not letting John abandon his family. Stop him from making a mistake he'll regret. You should consider doing the same thing with Rory.

Quentin and the DA. Church is ready to move on the location.

Team confronts Oliver. Artemis says this is team business. Oliver says he won't get caught. Curtis says we're not going to let me. Oliver says you're not going to let me?

Evidence lock up.

Church takes aim. Quentin gets the DA down. Wall blows. Church's men break in. Steal weapons. Burn this puppy down.

Oliver says last chance. Get off the street. They charge him. He puts them down easily and continues on the bike.

Felicity didn't think Oliver would hit the newbs. LOL. Curtis asks how she thought this would go down? She thought he would reconsider. HEH. Quentin and Thea arrive. Quentin says the Kord Industries box blew up. Felicity says we need to figure out what Church is up to. Oh boy.

Lyla arrives to the prison. Van is in. Oliver snuck into the laundry tunnel. 25 minutes to extraction. Lyla says get access to the mainframe for the cameras.

Russia. Jail. Oliver talks to a man. You launder money for Kovar. Are you Bratva? I am Bratva and you are going to tell me everything I want to know.

The prison. Oliver among the cells. Transponders in place. Lyla walks him to John's cell.

Felicity comes to Rory. He welds. Sorry about the mess. She's amazed. Rory's father owned a pawn shop. She looked into him. Gulf War veteran, Marine. He wore the rags, like his father before him. She knows her legacy is Havenrock. Rory doesn't know if he can work with her. She says we want to be able to live with what happened so we can move forward. Curtis texts her. She says we could really use you. Rory says he can't, he's sorry. She leaves.

Cell 1138. It's empty. She scans. He's in gen pop. You go in, neither of you are getting out.

Lyla tells Oliver to abort. We're blown.

Russian jail. Oliver pushing. Maybe I'll visit your wife. It can be your wife or child. Choose and quickly. Man says he only talks to Kovar remotely. Gives Oliver the IP address. Oliver kills the man. Police come in. Get the body out of here.

Felicity in the Cave. Wild Dog eager to go. They don't know where Church is. Don't know his end game. Felicity calculates a likelihood of Church's destination. it's the ACU bunker.

Prison. Guards initiate lockdown and return prisoners to cells.

DA talking to Sergio. DA willing to go vigilante for answers. Lights flicker. Gunshots.

Artemis doesn't want to go. We'll get slaughtered. Felicity agrees. Rory arrives. Felicity says take a vote. Wild Dog says we all say yes, Blondie. She says go, do not die.

Prison. John back in his cell. Oliver drops in behind him. We're on a clock. You're my brother, John. What happens to you happens to me. John says I killed my brother. Oliver says I need you, the city needs you. Do your penance as Spartan. Oliver sprays the floor. The compound theoretically will eat through anything. Hole in the cell floor.

In the sewer. Lyla says keep moving. Directs them. Oliver says the comm is being jammed.

ACU. Rag Man inside. Breaks the innocents out. Team Arrow on the other side of the wall.

Oliver and John go up.

Team inside. Felicity guiding them on comm. Curtis takes a knife in the back. Church catches up. Puts on his brass knuckles. Wild Dog tells Artemis to get Curtis to safety and engages Church. Wild Dog down.

Quentin shows up to pick up the team. We gotta go now! Felicity says they have to leave Wild Dog.

Oliver gives John a harness to put on. Plane swoops in. Oliver says don't move. They're drawn up into the plane.

**Nice to see Oliver look competent again this season, isn't it?

John and Lyla reunite. For better or worse, Johnny. John asks how mad is Felicity? Oliver gets a text. i have to go. John shakes his hand before he leaves.

Russia. Oliver gets back in with Anatoly. That man didn't deserve to die. I almost didn't kill him. Anatoly says you trust us, now we trust you. You are Bratva now. Family. Offers a drink.

DA with Thea and Quentin. She says Oliver called in this morning. Quentin asks about Wild Dog. DA says a body wasn't found. So Church has him. Let me know when Queen gets in. Thea asks Quentin if he's alright? He says he's fine. She says if things are less easy, you know I'm here for you. He says noted and appreciated.

Felicity staring at the computer. Can't find Rene. Rory says another impossible decision. We can't let guilt swallow us up. She says deal. Curtis limping on. Oliver is back. John is fine. And we are not going to write off Rene. We'll find him and bring him back.

Church tazes Rene. Wild Dog still giving threats. Church says I'll break that spirit. I'll break your soul. Light him up.

Next week - Oliver is shot. Church says we've got to kill the mayor.

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