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#SPN 12.3 live blog - "The Foundry"

“The Foundry"

OH BABY – When a crying baby leads to death in a mysterious abandoned house, Mary (guest star Samantha Smith), Sam (Jared Padalecki) and Dean (Jensen Ackles) decide to investigate. Meanwhile, Castiel’s (Misha Collins) hunt for Lucifer (guest star Rick Springfield) leads him, begrudgingly, to partner up with Crowley (Mark A. Sheppard). Robert Berens wrote the episode directed by Robert Singer (#1203). Original airdate 10/27/2016.

Episode 3:

St. Paul, Minnesota. Couple leaves a restaurant. She hears a baby. Call 911. She runs in. Looks for the baby. A crib with a flickering light bulb. She moves a blanket and there's an old doll. The boyfriend catches up. They try to run out and the door shuts. Then the woman screams.

HQ. Mom reading. Cas comes in. He doesn't need sleep. She wishes she had that problem. Wish me luck. After you left Heaven, when did it start to feel like you belonged here? He's still not sure he does. do belong here. She says goodnight.

Mary in the bathroom. Picks up scissors and starts cutting her hair.

Sam and Dean in the kitchen with breakfast. Sam found a letter from the London chapter house. It's redacted. Cas comes in. Dean offers coffee. Cas says he has to go. Where? He says Cleveland. I have a lead on Lucifer. And he doesn't want back-up. He will call if it's Lucifer. You're needed here. Dean wonders what that's about? Mom's fine. Sam heard her up all night. She's withdrawn, shaky. Dean says she just needs time. She comes in. She eats bacon. Sam asks if she cut her hair. She wants to keep it short for hunting. Dean says he's been trying to tell Sam for years. LOL. She found a case in a newspaper. Minnesota. Been 5 days and there's no cause of death. Seems fishy. Sam is skeptical. Dean says family hunting trip. Meet at the car in 10. If Mom wants to hunt, I say we hunt.

She's in the front seat. Dean admires a bike. Sam gassing up. Dean brings snack food. Jerky. Sam gets in the back. She likes Dean's jerky. Mary turns up Born to be Wild. Dean peels out.

Cas talks to Vince's bandmember. It wasn't just his eyes. His strength was like an MMA fighter. Cas gives him a business card. Agent Beyonce. LOL. Crowley says that makes me Jay-Z.

Mary and the boys are the Partridge family. LOL. Talking to the coroner. Frost bite in a 65F room. Their hearts were literally frozen.

Crowley and Cas. Crowley making his case. He checked Vince's room. Post cards from sister Wendy.

In the ghost house. (I'm not used to Samantha with short hair.) EMF meters keep going off the charts. Mary finds the baby room. Light flickers. Frost breath. She looks at the baby doll. The door slams shut. Dean and Sam come running. She beats on the door. They try the other side. A little boy grabs her. She's got a frost burn on her arm.

Boys on the laptops. Mary wants to go work the case. We still do that, right? Dean says the internet makes a lot of that legwork obsolete. Sam is in the police database. All deaths, all kids. Don't worry, we'll teach you how to do this.

Cas fixing his hair. LOL. He and Crowley visit the sister. She slams the door on him. She calls to leave a message with Vince. Crowley in the house. Lets Cas in. So Vince was here yesterday. Cas says she's been recently healed. Crowley threatens to reverse that gift. Cas says that wasn't your brother. A part of you knows that. We want to help Vince. She says he showed up and fixed me, but he did it cold, like it was an errand. Barely said a word. Then took off with a redheaded broad. Didn't say much.

Cas brings up Rowena. Cas teases him about saving his mother. Crowley says no. She's the only person alive who can slam him back in the cage.

Cabin. Vince's body is breaking down. Rowena tied up. Lucifer is tired of jumping vessels. She doesn't have the Book. I lost it. He says you know damned well where you put it. You don't need the book. It's in your head by now. I'll snap your neck again and rip your head clean off afterwards.

Sam finds the monster. Nordic. Mary says that little boy didn't want to hurt me. He was scared. Sam says the victims were all lured by a baby's cry. If we hadn't gotten there in time... Dean says salt and burn the bodies. Mary has a vision and gets woozy. They ask if she's okay. She says she's fine. Sam suggests staying here. Dean gives her a phone. Boys leave. She picks up the motel phone and calls for the last owner of the house. Please? And thank you?

She talks to a woman on the phone. Lucas, the dead little boy. Had a scar on his cheek. Cheryl thinks it was nice to talk on the phone.

Graveyard. Sam and Dean burning the bodies. Sam is worried about Mom. Dean asks why. Sam says you're not? Dean wants one good thing. Sam is happy, too, but there's something going on. She's struggling. Avoiding dealing. Like mother, like sons.

Back to the motel. No Mom.

Mary went back to the house. She sees the little boy. Lucas. She puts the hunting bag down. I talked to your mommy. She misses you so much. He points to something. A barred up door. Disappears. She goes into the basement. Lucas is there again. Why did you bring me here? Phone rings. Hello? Sam asks where are you? The house. Reception dies. Dean says let's go.

Rowena working on Vince's body to make it strong enough for Lucifer. She can't promise it will last forever. But it will last. She asks what happens after this spell. I can be of value. He says we'll see. She says words. She sped up the decay process. I can send you far, far away. Try finding a vessel at the bottom of the bloody ocean!

Mary asks what's keeping Lucas here? The house shakes. She grabs the shotgun. Cold breath. It's a man ghost. Father of the little girl. He draws her to him and starts freezing her. Dean and Sam arrive. She elbows Dean. Cries a black tear. Mom's possessed.

Ghost attacks them. My house, my children, forever. Starts freezing Dean. He pleads with Mom to fight. She does and releases Dean. Tells Sam to go to the basement.

He runs down there. Sees Lucas.

Dean picks up the shotgun. Don't make me. Ghost tosses it.

Sam beats through the walls.

Dean wraps Mary in chains.

Sam burns the skeleton in the wall.

Ghost burns surrounded by the dead children ghosts. They float up to Heaven. Lucas is last. Mary and Sam exchange a grateful look.

Cabin. Crowley and Cas arrived. Rowena still there. Cup of tea? She tried to forget about Lucifer. I loathe him. But she won't help. If you get Lucifer cornered, I'm there.

The bunker. Dean and Mary. He apologizes. this was your case, and you kicked ass. She says you saved me. He says but you were right. She says when the ghost possessed her, she felt it. He went mad. Buried himself alive, walled himself in, and starved to death. He coveted the children of the new owners and took them. It bound their spirits to his. Greedy, twisted. Dean says you're home now. She says no. I'm not. I miss John. I miss my boys. Sam says we're right here, Mom. She knows. In her head. She's mourning the babies. Feels like yesterday. And now I'm here, John is gone, they're gone, and every moment here is a reminder of what I lost. I thought hunting would clear my head.... Sam asks what she's trying to say? She says I have to go. I'm sorry. I'm so so sorry. I just need a little time. Dean backs from her. Ouch. Won't look at her. She picks up John's journal. Tells Sam she loves him and hugs him. I love you both. Walks away and upstairs. Outside. Sam flinches at the door opening.

Next ep - A cult.

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